Podcast 393: Zeolite Improves Your Health

To remove toxins that are currently present in your body, you can use an effective natural detoxifier called Zeolite. Zeolite binds toxins and heavy metals to itself and safely removes them, to support your body’s ability to remineralize, and to increase vitamin and mineral absorption. It helps to improve overall health, both physical and mental. It is the world’s most powerful detox agent that is safe for human consumption and is very affordable.

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Hello, this is Martin Pytela, and today I would like to talk to you about the toxic burden – industrial society’s toxic burden. I have prepared a slide presentation, so I’d like to go through it with you. The title is Detoxing from toxic heavy metals with Zeolite: how our industrial societies have brainwashed you into giving yourself heavy metal poisoning with mercury, lead, cadmium, cesium, uranium, plutonium, and more.

So, Who am I? Well, my name is Martin Pytela. I work as a Health Coach. I’m also the CEO of Life Enthusiast, and I’m a CMTA – Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. In functional medicine, we focus on root cause resolution. This is a really important point. And the metabolic typing advisor is a person who has been educated about how genetics and nutrition intersect. (** please note I am not a doctor, and cannot give medical advice. I can use my training to help you observe and understand your own body**). We have gone far and wide to understand how there are genetic differences in people and how some of us are adapted well to certain diets.

In fact, that is critical. Biological individuality overrides the statistics. We will talk about that some other time, but let it be known that there is no such thing as the ideal diet. There is an ideal diet for you, which may not be the same diet for your neighbor, your wife, your husband, and so on. Back in my earlier life, I also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, and I also did a whole lot of training in my earlier incarnation, when I was in the computer industry. My bachelor’s degree is in computer science and business administration. I spent 20 years working in the tech field. I was engaged in the PC revolution. Those were interesting times. My background… I want to share some of my life, just so you understand where I’m coming from. I grew up in a typical family. My dad was a veterinarian. I was raised believing in science. I was raised believing in the rational mind. I was raised to trust professionals.

I went to the university, got myself educated, and I believed in society, that it was built for everyone’s benefit. When I was 25, and freshly immigrated into Canada, I got my first job: it was a unionized job in a sawmill. I was just learning to speak English, so I took an entry level labor job. It was good. Good for character building. But anyway, 90 days in I got my ticket, and I became a full member of the union, and with it came health insurance and dental insurance. And so I went to the dentist and I trusted the person. I thought that they would act for my benefit. In retrospect, I don’t think it was like that, but because it was all covered by insurance, I didn’t really care. So I came out of the appointment with this recommendation: “you need fillings, you need 12 of them, your teeth look weak and you’re going to need repairs.”

What’s really shocking is that none of the other teeth, that were not filled, ever needed repairing. Well anyway, so I started going to the dentist, and after the first set of three fillings went in, I got the flu, a really bad flu. I didn’t used to get sick, but all of a sudden there I was just ill as can be. And then after the second set, I had a breakout of herpes on my lips. I had been infected from the age of 18, I knew that but I never had a breakout, and all of a sudden my immune system was crashing, and there I was with a herpes breakout. And then three months in, I think that it was after the fourth set was already in, all of a sudden my back gave out, all of a sudden I was in incredible back pain. I couldn’t walk, and I started going to see a chiropractor that put me back together.

And then some months into it I got ill with plantar fasciitis. That’s when the structure of your foot starts collapsing, like a flat foot. So I went in, I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he gave me a cortisone shot, and for six weeks I was feeling better, and then it wore off and I was back worse than I was before. And then I was starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrists were hurting. My structure was falling apart. I was going to pieces, I just didn’t know why. And then maybe two years in, I got periodontal disease, gum recession, and loose teeth. And then it continued, I was getting worse and worse. These back problems, they were getting really bad, for weeks I was unable to walk.

I would have to crawl from the bed to the toilet and then do my business and then crawl back and lay down again, like really bad news. And then in between, I was getting allergies, so bad that I wanted to scratch my eyes out, and I was putting on weight and I had moments when my mind just wasn’t as sharp as I remembered it. So, you know, I was searching for solutions. So first with the orthopedic surgeon, then with the chiropractor; they were competent people, they were doing what they were taught. The chiropractor was awesome. He would put me back together, but I had to come back twice a week to be able to carry on with my physical job. Later on, maybe like three, four years later, I had moved on to the tech industry, out of the labor jobs, and I was seeing a naturopath, and they were testing me and they were recommending supplements and nutritional changes, but my back was still in trouble.

I was frequently in pain, so I was searching. I tried Alexander therapy, Feldenkreis, Bowen therapy, Rolfing – that is quite something, rolfing, you should investigate that. And then I went to a craniosacral therapist, I really liked that, that was very good. And then I started understanding that there actually is a strong connection between emotional health and physical health. So I started into Quantum-Touch, Body Talk, New Method Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Edu-K, and acupuncture. And we were chasing the symptoms throughout this search. All of these well-educated people were addressing the symptoms, like, the back is out, we will put it back together, try this, try that. But we were not asking: what is the cause of the symptoms?

And then, about 10 years in, I actually found a hair analysis that I had done two years in, after the fillings, and I remember looking at it back then thinking: how did I get that mercury into my body? Where did that come from? I was totally not connecting the fact that I had been poisoned by mercury from the fillings because the dentist didn’t tell me. He didn’t call them mercury-silver amalgam fillings. He called them silver amalgam fillings, he didn’t even mention the mercury. So here’s what happened. I found a study that linked nerves, immunity, digestion, and a general loss of function that happens when there are levels of methylmercury in the body.

And finally, it dawned on me, that I was not going to get help from these well trained and well-meaning professionals. I was going to have to go functional. And the solution was in detoxifying metals and other pollutants. There are these five main points. We have to get rid of toxicity, get rid of nutritional deficits and imbalances, overcome stagnation by introducing sufficient movement, and rebuild electric potential. That is really critical. Electrons are the currency of health. Oxidation is the stealing of electrons, and an antioxidant is a donor of electrons, and the way we get electrons is by walking barefoot on the earth, or by eating foods that have grown in the earth that are still raw, like raw carrot juice or salads and things like that. And then the fifth point: we need to resolve trauma, stored trauma, whether it’s emotional or physical, we need to deal with that.

So I was studying, I was reading a lot, on the screen you can see the names of all the smart people whose books I read, and it was a lot of reading. I feel quite confident that I have read enough to be almost as knowledgeable as a naturopath. And in the process I’ve learned how the body works, the physiology, why functional medicine has the most helpful answers, getting to the root of the issue; whereas the Western mainstream medicine is only engaged in chasing the symptoms, never solving the why, never solving what caused them. So through my 30 years of practice, I have now come up with incremental improvements. And here, now at Life Enthusiast, I’m sharing the depth of all I’ve learned in the last 30 years. The detox tools, the nutritional protocols, the understanding of movement and exercise, the understanding of electricity, and how we can protect ourselves from the electromagnetic fields that we are now swimming in.As humans, we have been designed for a life on the prairie or savanna, which is not the same thing as living in a city with a wi-fi and cell phone tower next door. And last but not least, how to deal with emotional healing. 

So I finally understood that the problem was caused primarily by heavy metals. There’s more to it, but the heavy metals are the worst of it. So what do we do? How did we get here? Well, societywide, somehow we have come up with using mercury amalgam fillings. We can also pick up mercury in vaccinations, and we can pick it up by eating fish that are high on the food chain, like mahi-mahi and tuna. There is a really interesting video on the IAOMT.org website, you can see it on the screen now, they show how the mercury evaporates from the amalgam filling years after it was put in.

Anyway, mercury is really toxic. The other supremely toxic metal is lead, and we pick that up from water pipes, either lead pipes or soldered copper pipes, and we also pick it up from paints. Older houses, until I think about 40 years ago, were painted with paints with lead added to them to limit fungus growth. It’s really effective, but unfortunately, it’s highly toxic. When we get heavy metals inside of us, we trigger problems. There are other metals like cesium, uranium, and plutonium commonly in our environment. Cesium you can pick up actually from jewelry. And then we have organic chemicals like hexavalent chromium. The industrial production continues with the rising levels of toxicity. 

There is a thing called LD-50. LD 50, Lethal Dose of 50 means that 50% of the subjects that received the dose will die.So if for example, we give two mice an LD-1 of mercury, as in one in a hundred would die, and we can combine it with the LD-1 of lead, as in one in a hundred would die, it then becomes an LD-100, because both mice, 100% subjects in the group of two, will die. And the reductionist scientists of the mainstream kind like to study things in isolation. So they study mercury toxicity in isolation, and lead toxicity in isolation, not putting the two together. But that’s what we have to do, we are living the experience of being exposed to all of the toxins at the same time. Now, we don’t get these doses this high, but the effect is cumulative because the body is not able to eliminate heavy metals without support. And so as we move forward, we put more and more of these toxic elements into our circulation and we see rising levels of problems.

And we see that in the nervous system, where we have Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, and ADHD. We see it in systemic problems like lupus and arthritis, endocrine problems like Addison’s, Sjogren’s, and Hashimoto’s, physical problems like the migraine syndrome, back pain,  carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis that I was getting. The point is that toxicity can affect practically every system in the body, any or every part of your body can be the one. Why? When stress is applied, the body breaks at the weakest (genetic) link. We all have genetic strengths and genetic weaknesses. It has now become generally known that epigenetics is more important than genetics. Epigenetics is the lived experience. A gene is a switch that can be turned on or turned off, with its positive side strengthened or its negative side strengthened, and it happens based on how we live. And toxins, as they are deposited in the body, can indeed be those levers that affect how the switch moves.

When you see illness in a person, like on the screen now, you might see the pictures, there is a picture of a little baby with the vitiligo, where the pigmentation is missing, the face of Michael Jackson with rosacea on his face, another person with lichen planus on their hand, and another face with dermatitis of some sort, or eczema. Perhaps those are all visible signs of autoimmune disease in progress in the body. When we have these complications, we actually need to deal with multiple aspects. We need to deal with malnutrition, stagnation, emotional trauma, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), and grounding. But most of all, or at least with the most payback, we need to deal with the toxicity, especially with heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, plastics, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). When we solve that, we see a huge benefit.

I’d like to direct you to an article that you can look up in the New York Times, The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare. It illustrates the mindset of the corporations and of the industry. There is a movie on the subject called Dark Waters, with Mark Ruffalo, I recommend it to everyone, watch it. It’s the story of DuPont in Pennsylvania, and how they dealt with the chemicals or the leftovers of Teflon production. They poisoned fields and rivers, they’ve done it since the 1950s, and they knew what they were doing but hid the facts, and poisoned the land and the people. They lied about it, tried to hide it, and tried to defeat the weak, small people with lawyers and money. Anyway, I don’t hold the industry in great regard in general, because they have taken shortcuts, and they are responsible for the rising levels of toxins and poisons in our environment.

So there are multiple ways in which we can tackle this issue. There are detoxification methods that involve EDTA. EDTA is a substance that binds electropositive elements. It’s somewhat discriminatory in the sense that it will bind calcium which is 2+, and lead which is also 2+, which means there are two electrons missing. EDTA is an ingredient in Medicardium, a product by Remedy Link, and we have it available on our website. It is a suppository – it is used rectally – and it’s very effective at binding. There is another way of administering EDTA, it is done intravenously, which would be much less convenient because you would have to go to a doctor’s office, have yourself plugged in through an intravenous drip; it is typically done through a dozen of sessions, each session can cost you up to $150, and it is usually accompanied by testing.

Let’s talk about other detoxification methods. Fulvic acid, for example, is a wonderful tool, because it binds cytotoxicity, so it helps the body detoxify the cells. Next is sulfur in the form of either DMSO or MSM, it is also very helpful because it helps the body methylate. Methylation is the process by which we neutralize toxins, and also move ions across the cellular membrane. In the natural world, cilantro and chlorella have been recommended a lot. Cilantro helps to knock the heavy metals out of hiding, and chlorella with its thick cell wall is used to scrub the toxins out. And then sauna and heat mats, these are the methods by which we try to boost the body’s ability to get rid of things, sweating them out. I personally have used Zeolite, and I have recommended it to many, and I can assure you that it’s very easy to use.

Compared to the intravenous method, it is a walk in the park, because all you do is just take it orally. We have it available in liquid form, in capsules, and as a loose powder. The important thing is that it actually binds the large molecules, it is not a chelating agent like EDTA. It attracts things electrically, almost like a magnet. I will show you in just a moment what it looks like. The point is, as soon as you start getting rid of the heavy metals, your mood improves, your energy levels improve, your allergy symptoms go away, the immune system starts functioning, and the inflammation levels go down. You are removing the free radicals, so of course, it also means reducing the risk of all manner of illness, and the big deal about Zeolite is that it’s quite inexpensive and quite convenient; it can be used by everybody, adults, children, even pets.

Here is what it looks like when it is mined for industrial use. Zeolite has been used to mop up all kinds of toxic spills. It’s absorbent, it absorbs all kinds of things. It was used in Ukraine, they used it in rivers to mop up the uranium and other toxic things that were coming off of the blown-up reactor in Chernobyl. The crystalline version looks something like this. You can see the structure, it is made out of aluminum, oxygen, and silicon. This is what it looks like. It is called the sodalite cage. The molecule is made out of atoms that are built in this organized way. It looks sort of like a sponge in a way. Each of those little cages will hold an electropositive element because it maintains an electronegative stance. Here is another way of showing it. Berend Smit, professor of chemistry, has done this study to show what it looks like, and how the negative charges attract and hold the electropositive toxins. So as these bits of Zeolite travel through the body, when they encounter these large electropositive molecules, they become attached and the Zeolite takes them out of the body when it is excreted with urine.

Here you can read one of the reviews that we received a while back from Anisa. She writes: “About a year ago, I unknowingly used some very impure magnesium for about three months, and until I put two and two together and realized that, I was dealing with some strong heavy metal toxicity. I have not felt like myself for a year. I’ve tried many things on my journey to detoxify, and the Zeolite is the only thing that seems to have made any lasting difference. I am starting to feel like myself for the first time in a year and I’m seeing really positive changes.” So that is Zeolite, available in liquid form, in capsules, and in powder. It’s well supported by the fulvic acid that we mix it with to give it the ability to both remove the toxins from the outside of the cells and the inside of the cells.

Your body will sequester the heavy metals, it hides them first in fat, then in cartilage, and then in the bone tissues with low circulation. Unfortunately, our brain is made of fat, so it tends to get into the brain as well. The good thing with Zeolite, as long as it is milled into a fine enough powder, is that it will get everywhere through the body, and wherever it counters the heavy metals, it binds them, holds them, and you excrete them. Don’t be concerned about some articles on the internet that claim that Zeolite contains heavy metals. If the Zeolite comes to you with, say, 5% of the sodalite cages already occupied by some toxins that it picked up along the way, these will not be released into you. We have studies that show that when you take the Zeolite through a living being, it never leaves anything behind, it only picks things up, and it takes them out of the body. All of the Zeolite products are on the Life Enthusiast website, and we have set up a coupon code for you. It’s ZEOWEB, and it will get you a 10% discount on products purchased here.

This was Martin Pytela, the health coach at Life Enthusiast. You can reach me at (866) 543 3388, I will be happy to answer any questions you may be asking, feel free to call!

Note: the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.


Author: Nina Vachkova