Podcast 397: Skin Sorcery

Our skin is our largest organ, and our first line of defense! Taking care of the condition and appearance of our skin is not an act of vanity, it is a necessity!

Scott: Welcome everybody. This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! I’m your co-host, Scott Paton, joining me, as usual, is Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast. This is a very special episode because we’re going to be talking about the outside of the body: things that we put onto our skin as opposed to things that we put into our mouth and ingest, which oftentimes we cover on this show. But before we get to that, Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Well, my voice is a little hoarse but other than that, I’m doing great. Thank you for asking.

Scott: Good. All right. So one of my favorite products from Life Enthusiast is by a brand Skin Sorcery. And you wouldn’t know that I’m 94 years old based on the way my beautiful skin is. (laughing) Not quite 94, but one of the reasons that I have good skin is because of Skin Sorcery. I use it every day. When I get up, after I shave, and when I go to bed. And I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted with it. So there’s my unrequested testimonial for the brand. Martin, let’s talk a little bit about what these products are.

Martin: The material scientist behind this brand was actually working in the electronics and has a few patents to his name, but somehow his wife got him interested in making a decent skincare product. They wanted to find or make something that would not have any nasty ingredients, but that would still protect the oils from going rancid. So there he went and he settled on silver, colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a strong antibacterial, anti-microbial agent. He ended up mixing his products in such a way that they actually are automatically self-preserving and they automatically also protect the skin itself from unwanted microbial invasions.

Scott: So he was able to make the product with no toxic ingredients?! I mean, it’s amazing to me how often we hear about this ingredient or that ingredient that is in skincare products that’s actually really toxic for you.

Martin: Yeah, they’re known as the parabens and they have all the names we can’t even pronounce, but this product has nothing in it that’s got that nasty chemical name whatsoever. He uses regular oils like Argan oil or beeswax… things that are of plant origin, natural origin, these are well known and well trusted in cosmetics. The part that’s different and novel and wonderful is that they are not poisoned with anything toxic. There might be only like 2% of the bad stuff in the ordinary department store cosmetics, but still, why would you want to put it on your skin?

Scott: And also Martin, if you are doing it for 60 years, a lot of this stuff accumulates in your body.

Martin: Yes, it will add up, that’s absolutely correct.

Scott: So let’s talk about Skin Sorcery products, the one I’d like to start off with is the Actif Protection Complex.

Martin: There are two moisturizers, one that we call Actif, and the other one that we call Chic. They complement one another; the Actif has an outdoor protection to it, so when you spend a lot of time in the elements like sun, wind, rain, if you’re going to the beach or golfing or that sort of thing, you would want to have that on hand. Whereas the chic is a little simpler, costs a little bit less and is great for indoor life. Either way, they have been enriched by an important ingredient, hyaluronic acid (HA). The hyaluronic acid is this magic tool that the department store cosmetics only contain a tiny amount of, and then proudly announce: “we have HA.” HA holds about 10 times its volume in water. So whenever there is a molecule of hyaluronic acid, about 10 molecules of water will be attracted to it, which is wonderful if you’re trying to moisturize. Moisturize is really just a fancy word for keep water in.

Scott: That’s right. And one of the reasons that we get all wrinkles and everything else is because as we grow older, we’re less moisturized, that we have less moisture in our body. We’re drying out. So the more that we can keep the water in, the plumper our skin is, the better it looks, and when you look at my skin as a 62-year-old man versus my skin as a 4-year-old toddler, there is a huge difference in the amount of moisture that’s in the body.

Martin: Yeah, the babies are something like 90% water, and 85-year-old person is something like 75% water. So we definitely do dry out as we age. We don’t need to, we have ways to replenish it. And this is definitely one of them, this hyaluronic acid. It’s actually found in cartilage. If you make great chicken bone broth with the bones and cartilage, you will end up with hyaluronic acid in the soup, it’s what holds that jiggliness when you let it go cold; it’s collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skin Sorcery products are using 100x the concentration of what the typical product would use. Because it’s actually not expensive, so why not put it in there?

Scott: Cool. And hyaluronic acid has been shown to inhibit inflammatory activity on the skin’s surface. It has a low molecular weight and so it penetrates deeply into the skin, boosting hydration and repairing the tissue.

Martin: Exactly that. In fact, some people use it to get rid of age spots. We sell hyaluronic acid by itself too. You can use that and just apply it to the skin and it takes about a month, it doesn’t happen overnight, but if you consistently apply it every day you will see that the skin blemishes, the browns spots and the likes, will diminish and eventually disappear.

Scott: Oh, that’s very cool. I happen to have a couple of age spots, and I happen to have a bottle of hyaluronic acid on hand, so I’m going to try that out and I’ll let you know in a month.

Martin: You bet. Yeah. I used to have a really ugly, nasty spot up here [points to]. It’s almost gone.

Scott: Cool. And so for those of us that want to look even younger, there is a Wrinkle Removing Complex. Let’s talk a little bit about that one.

Martin: It’s a funny product. It’s a bit of a gimmick. It is an analog of something known as Hollywood magic. And the magic is that you apply this product that contains a particular silicate that upon drying will actually stretch all the tissues, like an instant face-lift, so your wrinkles disappear immediately. Of course, it is temporary, it’s like a Cinderella effect. You put it under your eyes and within two minutes the stuff just clears up almost magically. There is a demo on our website, so you can check it out. The good part about it is that the silicon that’s inside is biocompatible, so it stays in and over time will support the building of new collagen. But you’re putting on such a small amount that it’s going to take a long time. So the Cinderella effect is this: you put it on and you go out to town and you’re looking 10, 15, 20 years younger, but when you wash it off, at the end of the day, you’re back to your old self.

Scott: But what you’re saying is if we do this over and over, over time, we will actually reverse the appearance of our age.

Martin: Well, yeah, you nourish your connective tissue, so there will be more structure, more firmness. It’s actually a benefit to the body rather than a detriment. It’s not a bad gimmick. You know, there are some gimmicks that you can apply to yourself that will make you worse, like amphetamine, you take that and all of a sudden you don’t have to sleep for two, three days, and you can think fast and act fast, but you’re actually causing yourself a complete depletion of your resources. So when you run out, you crash, and you crash hard into a hell hole. So this is not one of those tricks. This trick actually does nourish you as you go.

Scott: And we want to emphasize that the products are full of only beneficial ingredients for the skin, for your body. So there’s no detoxifying that your liver has to do with the stuff that you’re putting on your skin, which is not the case with a lot of makeup and other skincare products that are out there. And I want to take a couple of minutes and talk about the last product in the line, which is Trauma Gel. As you can expect, it’s for trauma. And I was walking in the mountains of Colombia and I had this walking stick with a little knobby on it and I had to go down a steep incline of about 15 feet. And as I did, the stick got stuck and it jammed into my hand and it ripped a bunch of flesh. As you can imagine, it wasn’t very pretty. So we cleaned it all out, and when I got back, I started putting Trauma Gel on it. This colloidal silver kept all of the infection from occurring and kept it clean, and within a very short period of time, it was totally healed. And I just thought, wow, like this is a really good product to have if you have young kids and they’re coming in with scrapes, and where you’re cooking and you might get a burn. So it’s one of my favorites.

Martin: Yeah, it works on all of that, it works on all skin damage. So if you happen to have scarring or if you happen to have inflammatory skin conditions, like eczema, you can apply it to that and it will start building new skin. It’s a very different product. Like it is actually building a new matrix. So this one is applied in a slightly different manner. Like you put a blob of it on your finger and you just gently dab it onto the wound or whatever you want to put it on, and just leave it on there. You don’t massage it in, you don’t spread it around, you just dab it on. It will help the body knit a new structure and repair itself very effectively. So that’s the whole line. Those of you who are really interested in the fast restoration of aging skin, get the hyaluronic acid, you can combine it with whichever moisturizer you like, the ones that we sell or any other that you may have, but you do need to accompany it with a moisturizer because the hyaluronic acid will draw water toward itself. So if you don’t cover it with a moisturizer, it may actually make you look like you’re wrinkling, because it’s pulling moisture from the top layer of your skin. So be careful. Use it in combination with a good moisturizer.

Scott: So don’t slather it all on the first time, just do a nice and gradual application and see how it works.

Martin: Right. And interestingly, all of these products are packaged in an airless pump, it works on the principle of vacuum, the air is pressing on the bag in which this product is contained, so you will be able to squeeze every last bit of it from the container.

Scott: Great! So, Martin, if somebody wanted to take a look at the Skin Sorcery product line, where should they go?

Martin: We have it on the Life Enthusiast website. All the links are in the description box of this video, if you are watching us on the website, check direct links in the sidebar. If you have any questions, call me at (866) 543-3388. The brand is Skin Sorcery. We named it Skin Sorcery because we wanted to find a name that suggests a technology beyond understanding. There was a famous quote by Isaac Asimov who says that “a sufficiently advanced technology will appear as magic to the person who has never seen anything like it.”

Scott: That’s very true! Well, thank you, Martin, for taking time out of your busy day. Thank you for joining us, everybody. This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! We’ll see you next time!

Author: Nina Vachkova