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Podcast 399: Karma Cleanse

Karma Cleanse is a blood purification tonic made famous by Edgar Cayce and Harry Hoxsey, it helps by clearing blockages from the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, intestines, joints, skin, and supports the immune system as well.

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Scott: Welcome everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet. I’m your co-host, Scott Paton, joining us, as usual, is health coach Martin Pytela. He will probably be asleep in this entire presentation because in our show today we are going to be talking about something that comes from Edgar Cayce, who is famous as the sleeping psychic. (laughter)

Martin: (laughing) Oh Scott, you are really milking this one, the sleeping part!

Scott: I am! But he was absolutely amazing, correct me if I’m wrong, but he got into a deep trance-sleep state, and I believe he talked while in this trance, and what he was saying was absolutely amazing in terms of prophecy, but also for the clients that he was doing it with.

Martin: Yeah. Cayce was quite an unusual character because he had absolutely no medical education whatsoever. And yet in the trance, he was channeling some consciousness that was giving medical advice to people. And the advice was uncanny, and it had a lot of success. He was very successful, and he really tried to help people. Cayce’s own life was a series of disappointments. He tried to open a clinic that would help people, and they managed to open it just as the Great Depression hit, I think it was 1929, within three years they had to close the facility down, and he just tried so many times to help people. He really was a good, good soul.

Scott: He had good karma!

Martin: Maybe!

Scott: Which segways right into a new product we have at Life Enthusiast that we want to share with you, which is an herbal product called Karma Cleanse.

Martin: Right! I actually have an empty bottle of it here, so I can show it on camera. It’s empty because I used it up!

Scott: So Martin, in your professional opinion, did you notice any differences? Did it help? Did it do what it was supposed to do?

Martin: It tastes very pleasant and it’s very herby. It is supposed to cleanse all systems. It’s supposed to be a blood cleanse first and foremost, with many other organ cleansing properties as well.

Scott: So it helps the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, your stomach, your intestines…

Martin: Yeah, and also joints, and skin, and the immune system, yes.

Scott: Okay. I’m going to get a bottle and give it a whirl because I have some joint problems, and I’m always worried about my liver, because I had hepatitis when I was in my twenties, and my liver just stopped four and a half years ago. But I’m still here, I’m still doing good. So this Karma Cleanse is quite an amazing product. It’s not something that just appeared on the market last week, it was actually 1924 when Mr. Cayce started talking about this particular group of herbs.

Martin: Yeah. This formula has a very storied history. It was based on a reading about a young man who had sarcoma caused by blood poisoning, and to treat him Cayce used some kind of a vibrational electric machine called Abrams machine – I don’t know if that exists anymore – and this herbal formula. And then later, like after WW2, a fellow called Harry Hoxsey in Texas put together a formula that was essentially a knock off of this, but he told nobody that this was the knock off of Cayce’s formula. Instead, he cooked up a story about his veterinarian grandfather having observed horses and treating them with this herbal mix, which was just hooey. But anyway, he was serving this formula to people, and they were getting better. He had in those years in Texas the most successful clinic that was healing people.

Scott: That didn’t go well with the local authorities, I’m sure.

Martin: No, it didn’t. I mean, they really fought him hard, because of course he was not licensed and he was not inside of the system. And his clinic was eventually forced out of business. But he moved himself to Mexico.

Scott: Yeah, he went to Tijuana and he started the Hoxsey clinic, which was the first American cancer treatment center in Mexico.

Martin: Yeah. And to this day, they use that formula, and to this day, they are very successful in treating people with cancer.

Scott: Awesome.

Martin: Of course we cannot say any such thing, we don’t treat or mitigate or prevent anything. We just have this juice of a few roots and cherry and herbal syrup, that’s what we’ve got. What we do know, and we’re allowed to say at that, is that it’s a blood and organ cleanser.

Scott: When someone says it’s a blood cleanser, cause I’ve heard that often, I have this picture of needles in both arms and the blood comes out, it goes into a machine and gets washed up and then it goes back in the other arm. And obviously that’s not what this does. But when we talk about this being a blood cleanser, what are we cleaning out of the blood?

Martin: Well, if you could visualize that the blood is the transport system of our body, right? I mean it picks up stuff from the lymphatic system, which is the sewer system of the human body, and transports it to the cleaning organs. And it’s the liver and the kidneys and the spleen that do the cleansing of the blood. If you didn’t have these filtration organs running, you would soon end up with the electrolytes being out of balance, and all the toxic things you’re supposed to get rid of through your feces, urine, or sweat, they would just accumulate and you’d just end up poisoning yourself from within.

Scott: Okay.

Martin: So blood cleanser then is anything that will demonstrably show that the blood contains less and less toxins. And in order to do that, it has to be supporting all of the organs that we mentioned at the beginning: the pancreas, the spleen, the liver and kidneys.

Scott: So basically what you are saying is that toxins might accumulate in your kidneys or your liver, and this product is going to come in and help break the toxins down, so that they can be transported out of the body?

Martin: Right. Well, toxins don’t get stuck in the kidneys, the kidneys are either filtering it out, or not. So if the function is great, they’re filtering it out and you pee it out. If I support the kidneys to do their job better, then I will have improved health of the blood.

Scott: Right, and of course the health of the blood affects the health of every part of your body. So one of the ingredients is wild cherry bark. So that comes from a large tree which can be about 30 meters tall, grows all throughout North America. Edgar Cayce recommended the wild cherry bark for pulmonary conditions as well as an aid to digestion. It was also noted for its role in cleansing and building blood cells.

Martin: Yeah. And the important thing is that it will rebuild the hemoglobin within the blood and give more leukocytes to the blood.

Scott: White blood cells, okay. So another herb is stillingia.

Martin: Yes, stillingia sylvatica.

Scott: Also known as Queen’s root, a very, very important herb.

Martin: Yeah. Again, native to North America and again known as a blood purifier, digestive aid, an immune enhancer. So we’re pushing up on the ability to get rid of stuff, and that makes you more resilient. And similarly, yellow dock root is another blood cleansing tonic and a blood builder. We are just hitting the same issue with multiple plants. What else do we have here? Poke root, that’s a bit of a controversial plant. It’s been used for arthritis and hemorrhoids. Those are essentially the decline of the circulatory system, right? Like the arteries and veins are not holding together as well as they should.

Scott: Yeah, and it stimulates all of the systems that help get unwanted stuff out of the body.

Martin: Yeah, exactly. Helping the body get rid of stuff. And then the other thing that’s in there is burdock root. Burdock is an interesting plant. We see a lot of it all around. It’s like a little ball of velcro; it has little hooks that like to attach to your clothes anytime you go through the forest or brush the root of this plant. Again, it supports hormone balancing, liver purification…

Scott: …a digestive stimulant to the stomach, the intestines, the pancreas, and the liver.

Martin: Yeah, right. So again, you know, hitting the same function, cleansing, getting rid of stuff, detoxifying.

Scott: So, Martin, this brings up an interesting question: is there a reason why we would use different plants as opposed to just a lot of one plant?

Martin: You get more angles…

Scott: …with different plants.

Martin: If I have a liver-gallbladder-pancreas-kidney cleanse in mind, I would like to attack it from every possible angle. I guess if I put 10 guys around you, each one of them with a bow and an arrow, the chance of them hitting the target correctly is greatly increased. Right?

Scott: Right. Rather than one big guy with one big bow and arrow. So, sugar beet is another ingredient in the Karma Cleanse.

Martin: They use the beet juice from Germany, not North America. I don’t know why we’re growing genetically modified sugar beets in the US. So we tell people: “do not touch sugar beets in America,” but these guys are importing it from Germany where it’s not modified.

Scott: So what’s nice about this is the taste, oftentimes the stuff we tell you try tastes terrible. (laughing) But this is the one that tastes really good, not bitter or too earthy.

Martin: All we have to say about that is this: whenever a body finds itself in a disease state, it’s toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, or a vibrational imbalance, it can be one or more of these conditions. With Karma Cleanse, we are hitting the toxicity issues, supporting the detoxification pathways. And so when you get rid of things that are blocking proper function, normal function can resume. So whenever there is a disease state in the body, something like this product would be helpful.

Scott: So if you took something like this, would you notice any difference in your weight? Would it help you to push out excess toxins so the body might start releasing some of the excess fat?

Martin: Yes, exactly. It will do that. A toxic body tends to be more acidic and store more of these toxins that cannot unload in the fat cells. So when you unload the toxins, you have a much better chance of getting rid of that fat.

Scott: Is there anything else you want to share about the Karma Cleanse?

Martin: It tastes pleasant, it’s not expensive, and it’s effective.

Scott: So how much would you suggest somebody takes?

Martin: A whole bottle represents a month’s supply if you take about a teaspoon every day.

Scott: Did you notice any difference in how you felt?

Martin: Yeah. Oh yeah, absolutely. I felt lighter, more together. I mean, it’s been a few months since I took this the last time, and maybe I was asked by the Universe to talk about it today to remind myself that I’d better go and do another run of it.

Scott: So if somebody wanted to know more about Karma Cleanse, what should they do?

Martin: Visit our website! You can find a direct link to Karma Cleanse in the description box of this video. If you are watching this on our website, the link is going to be on the left. If you are listening to audio only, you can type the word “karma” into the search box on our website and find it, it’s listed under detox products. And if that doesn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to call! It’s (866) 543 3388.

Scott: Wonderful. Thank you, Martin! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to share this new product with all of our listeners and viewers. Thank you for joining us, everybody! This has been the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! See you next time!

Note: this interview and the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

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