Podcast 409: Detoxify with Zeolite

What is Zeolite? Why should you use it? Is it safe for human consumption? Is it the same thing as the pool cleaning zeolite? Find out today with the CEO of Zeo Health, Micah Portney! Zeo Health brings us the best quality zeolite products you can get your hands on!

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MARTIN: Hello, everybody! This is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast Podcast, and with me today is Micah Portney, the CEO of Zeo Health. Micah and I have been together for decades, working in the health industry. Micah is the grandfather of the US Zeolite industry, but I’ll let him tell you the story in his words. Micah Portney, welcome!

MICAH: Thank you for having me, Martin. I’m not quite happy about the grandfather comment, but we will go from there. I am the pioneer of Zeolite supplementation, you say in the US, but for the most part, it was in most of the world, from a commercial perspective, I am the first person to create the supplement industry using Zeolite. The difference between our company and other zeolite sellers is that most are supplement companies that decide to add a zeolite product to their line. They are not really experts in zeolite. Zeolite manufacturing is all we do. We are experts on zeolite and as you know, there are companies that have tried to copy us over the past 22 years. I can tell you a little bit more about that as we go.

MARTIN: Sure! First, I would like you to address the point of why should a person know about Zeolite. Some people listening to us maybe don’t know what it is. So why should I care about zeolite? What’s the big deal?

MICAH: That’s a great question. Zeolite is a natural mineral, it is actually a sodium aluminosilicate, which sounds scary, but it’s not. It always maintains its compound form. It’s formed  when lava or volcanic ash meets the sodium in seawater, and it goes through  a chemical reaction, which creates this cage structure, and a negative charge, which is natural. Not a lot of minerals have a natural negative charge, but zeolite is one of them. And it uses what’s called cation exchange. Which, if you actually take a look at those numbers for different products or minerals, it shows the magnetic charge, the strength of the magnetic charge to pull in the toxins and heavy metals from your body.

MARTIN: Yeah, so it’s more like magneto-physical, as opposed to electrochemical. The reaction is more like a magnet as opposed to chelation in a sense, right?

MICAH: Absolutely. Zeolite has this cage structure, and this magnetic charge pulls toxins and heavy metals into the structure and then pulls them out of your body. Other detoxifiers will pull the heavy metals out of the cell, but your body doesn’t know what to do with them. Your liver has to refilter it, and your body has these reactions as if it was poisoned with heavy metals because they’re all floating around your body, and can be redeposited somewhere else. Zeolite actually traps them, and they are out of your body within six to eight hours, so your body is never exposed to them, or has reactions to them.

MARTIN: Right. Actually, I went through that process when I was toxic with mercury, back in my early days, I used some homeopathic, and it stirred up whatever my body managed to sequester. And all of a sudden, I was just toxic as heck. It felt like I was walking under a glass dome, my sensory perception was distorted, I couldn’t tell whether my urine was flowing or not flowing, so I was peeing myself, all kinds of beautiful things going on.

MICAH: Heavy metals, as you know, our bodies can’t do anything with them. And it actually compromises our immune system, which during this time of our life, especially crazy time, it is very important to have our immune system strong and to allow the body to function the way it’s supposed to, not be overloaded with these toxins and heavy metals.

MARTIN: Do you want to address how most people acquire these heavy metals?

MICAH: Well, there are naturally occurring heavy metals, but there are also some not naturally occurring ones, right? They are in the ground, in water, in products we use, and our bodies don’t have any process  to deal with that, so the body kind of just collects them in our fat tissue, and then this totally disrupts the way our body is functioning. Heavy metal poisoning is different for every person, so it’s very difficult for someone to say: “Oh, well, I’m poisoned with heavy metals.” I know some people may get pancreatitis, other people may get bad acne, bad skin, everybody shows toxicity differently. But there’s something else about zeolite, which is quite amazing. Zeolite is not really just a one-trick pony. Zeolite is also an alkaline mineral. If you have ever seen a swimming pool, what happens when the pH is out of balance? Well, it turns green, and all kinds of things start growing in it. Our bodies are mostly water. So what happens when our pH is out of balance? The food we eat is acidic, stress creates acidity, and as we know, foreign cells thrive in an acidic environment… So with Zeolite, over time, not only is it removing the toxins and heavy metals, and boosting your immune system, allowing the body to function the way it’s supposed to, but it’s also balancing the pH in the body, which is really allowing the body to be a place where foreign cells are not going to grow.

MARTIN: I remember when I was first doing the Zeolite detox, my urine was all kinds of interesting colors, like purples and greens, but also different smells. One day it was like dry cleaning fluid, the next day it was like gasoline, and stuff like that. Do you know much about the affinity for volatile organic compounds? Does that also work on that?

MICAH: It does. The way Zeolite works with heavy metals is because of that cation exchange, it goes by atomic weight. People are always asking if this is like charcoal, but it’s not. Because of this cation exchange capacity and its affinity for heavy metals, based on atomic weight, we pre-load it with calcium and potassium. So what that means is when the Zeolite goes through your body, it’s not going to take up the positive minerals, like calcium or potassium, and remove them from your body. It’s only going to swap that out for an element that is heavier in atomic weight, like these heavy metals. It is not going to remove calcium from your body.

MARTIN: All right. You mentioned that it actually is created in seawater. That’s actually a fairly rare occurrence, right? That volcano has to be erupting underwater on the seafloor for it to come about, right?

MICAH: Or the lava has to come down into the water, like in Hawaii. You can see those great pictures of the lava flowing into the sea and all this steam, and when we see this, we say: “This is Zeolite happening.”

MARTIN: So we will not run out anytime soon! Let’s talk about the fact that Zeolite is actually an industrial thing. There are Zeolite mines all over the planet, and it is commonly used to deal with industrial spills, right?

MICAH: That’s true. Zeolite has been used for air filters, water filters, water filtration plants still use zeolite in order to filter water, and then there is cat litter, oil spill cleanups, all sorts of different ways Zeolite is used commercially. And that’s the problem. As I said in the beginning, we are a company that is focused just on zeolite, and these other supplement companies have no idea how to source it properly. They will go to a local mine that’s using it for commercial purposes, it could be very low purity… As a matter of fact, there is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, whose own distributor sued them, because not only were they only putting in less than 10% of the Zeolite, they also only had only 50% purity, they were using a commercial grade! Our zeolite is 94% purity, which is extremely high, so it is safe to consume.

MARTIN: I guess you could picture it as 100 of these little sodalite cages that are within the mineral, and only six are occupied, so the remaining 94 are looking for something to grab.

MICAH: Right. Also, there are over a hundred different types of naturally occurring Zeolites. There is also a synthetic version they actually use for oil spill cleanups, so it’s very important that people are only using Clinoptilolite, which is the natural Zeolite. There were two types of Zeolite, shown by the universities around the world, that had benefits for human health. One was the Clinoptilolite, and the other one was called Morganite. Both had a lot of scientific studies supporting them, but when we took a look at it closer, Morganite actually had a crystalline structure, which is very sharp-edged. We believe that over long-term use, it would wear down the esophageal lining, and stomach lining, and that would not be beneficial at all. So we only use Clinoptilolite in our products.

Russians actually used Zeolite during the Chernobyl nuclear accident, to remove the radioactivity from the townspeople, the children, and even the cows! But as I said, these other companies selling Zeolite are just dietary supplement companies, they don’t really know how to source it properly. We have been mining specifically for human consumption since we started, which is very important. When we tested some of the other products from other companies, we found mold, diesel fuel from diesel fuel spills, because they don’t care, they use a product that is not pure enough for human consumption! Nobody is supposed to be ingesting Zeolite that has been mined for commercial purposes! There is a lot of quality control checks, and safety precautions, that we use to make sure that our Zeolite is fit for human consumption, and like I already mentioned, we fill it with elemental calcium and potassium, which will be swapped out, at the molecular level for the heavy metal. I want to point out that this is very important.

If there is a product that is using synthetic Zeolite, stay away from that. First of all, that would be considered a drug in the United States, because it’s not naturally occurring. Also, these other companies are out there touting the ‘nano-sized particles’ of Zeolite, which is kind of a ridiculous thing, because it’s against physics. A nanoparticle of Zeolite would be smaller than the heavy metal particle it is trying to pick up, so it wouldn’t work! It’s just not physically possible! It would be like trying to carry an elephant in a matchbox car! We have confronted these other companies, and they said: “Oh no, it’s not nano zeolite particles, it’s nano water!” They dance around it. A lot of these multilevel marketing companies do this, these marketers are not really about the products, they are all about the profit.

MARTIN: My thinking about it is that once you crush the Zeolite into small enough particles, you can actually destroy the cage, right?

MICAH: That’s correct. There are two different types of what you would call ‘grinding,’ to make the particles smaller. One is called milling, which is actual grinding. And then there’s micronization, through collisions. Collision will slice the particles, so you have a broader surface area, which allows the magnetic charge to pick up and pull in more toxins. It is a very specific science, it’s not grinding. At the mines, you will get grinding, they don’t have micronization equipment. Also, there are companies selling liquid zeolite, but you can’t really liquefy zeolite without destroying the cage structure, so these companies are creating products that have a small amount of micronized Zeolite powder suspended in the liquid.

Everybody is racing for this smallest particle possible, which as I told you, doesn’t really make a lot of sense. What we have done in Zeo Health over 22 years of experience is that we have created what we call “Zero to 40.” It tells you what the smallest particle is, and it tells you what the largest is. 80% of our Zeolite is micronized below 10 microns, which means that it will get into the bloodstream, will cross the blood-brain barrier, it will do everything it’s supposed to do, at the cellular level. But also, our gut is a huge place for toxins and heavy metals to accumulate! You have to be able to address all areas. 80% of our particles go into the bloodstream, but the remaining 20% are large enough, from 10 to 40 micron, to stay in the gut, and give you a full body detox.

MARTIN: Right on! Yes! So let’s get into the specifics. What happens with the situation, when somebody runs an analysis on your Zeolite and runs up the flag up the pole saying ‘this thing has lead in it, this is dangerous!”

MICAH: Yeah, well, I knew that was coming when I first started the company, so I worked with the geologists, FDA consultants, some Zeolite experts, water filtration people, medical people, and doctors. No one had ever done it before, nobody was able to get all of the details surrounding it, and do a lot of testing back then. The testing continued all the way up until about 2015, when a competitor decided to pretend to be a journalist, and attack the zeolite industry, so he could take it over with his product, which he didn’t tell anyone about. The bottom line is – yes, Zeolite is a volcanic mineral, there are a lot of different elements in it. But as I said at the beginning of our conversation, it’s a compound, like water. When we drink water, it stays as water. It’s excreted as water. You don’t say: “well, how much hydrogen or oxygen is in my water?” You don’t worry about it, it is a compound. With zeolite, the compound remains intact, and when it’s formed, any of these other elements are actually bound in the walls of the structure, it’s never broken down, it’s never released into the body, those potential heavy metals, that may be present in the Zeolite, are not bioavailable.

There is something called ‘the full digestive analysis,’ which is like the industry standard. What they do is they take whatever herb, mineral, whatever, they expose it to pure hydrochloric acid, and break it down to a pool of elements. And of course, they say: “Oh my God, there’s lead and arsenic in it!” Well, in normal use the compound remains intact, it’s never bioavailable, the metals will never be released into the body. It’s kind of like saying we shouldn’t drive cars, because there’s an explosive liquid in the tank, and if you drive a car it’ll explode and you’ll die. But no, it’s in a structure, the gasoline is actually beneficial for the use of the vehicle, and it’s in a structure, that, while maintained intact, keeps us safe! It is the same thing with Zeolite, it works together as a complete structure. The lead is never exposed. And by the way, when the FDA came to us, when this journalist decided to go out and start making false claims, and misinforming and scaring people, the FDA came to our door, as did  the state of California, and the state of Tennessee and they tried to shut down the Zeolite industry.

We work with the government’s own expert, who is a world-renowned expert on the bioavailability of heavy metals. He did a study on swine, and actually showed on two groups that the Zeolite didn’t increase the levels of lead and arsenic, and the group that was taking Zeolite and not placebo actually had decreased levels of lead levels on their blood. He was actually extremely surprised, but he loved that part.

MARTIN: Okay, great! So, under proposition 65, California is not allowing things that may contain lead. Are we allowed to ship Zeolite to California? What’s the status?

MICAH: Well, here’s the deal. When California sued us along with the FDA, the FDA disappeared once they saw the scientific evidence. California hung in there, and we went back and forth with toxicologists, and these researchers, and all of these experts and studies. And we actually made believers out of the California attorney general, and they were laughing that they really thought they were getting rid of this ‘bad company’ that was hurting people, but by the end, they were actually very surprised. We made believers out of them. 

So what they said was that under the state rules we could ship it, but we would have to have the proposition 65 warning on the label. As the CEO of my company, I decided that wasn’t a risk worth taking, because not anyone outside of California really understands what proposition 65 is. If you put a label saying that there’s a lead or heavy metals in a product, that’s supposed to be a detoxifier, people from California will think it’s a joke. So while we can ship it to California, I didn’t want to confuse people with the label warning that people don’t understand outside California. We decided it wasn’t worth confusing people any more than these “Zeolite experts” who were giving this information on the internet.

MARTIN: All right. Let’s talk about specific products now! You make several versions of Zeolite products, right?

MICAH: Yes, we have different products that we have formulated. It’s funny, because we started with a product that was in the form of capsules, and we started getting messages from people saying: “Hey, can I buy the bulk powder?” Initially, the capsules were formulated with calcium and B12, which of course gave us a little bit of a nasty taste of the powders, so I was like: Who would want to be putting this in their mouth? But people kept asking for the bulk powder, so I ended up bottling just the powder, which is now sold under the name Zeolite Pure, and it ended up being our bestseller, people love it. It doesn’t taste like anything, because it is not formulated with anything else. You can put it in food, water, anything you want. It’s really maybe a little chalky, but that’s about it. Then we have the capsule product, which is like I said, calcium, and the B12, which is called Destroxin. We also have Zeolite AV, which has humic acid in it, which is an extreme immune boost. It has a way to encapsulate foreign cells and to keep them from replicating.

MARTIN: We love humic acid! There are plenty of wonderful stories on the internet, especially with Dr. Zach Bush, describing the role of humic acid in the digestive system, the microbiome, the interactions of the molecules, and how it supports a healthy gut.

MICAH: Yeah, it’s very powerful in that product. It’s an amazing product. People just keep coming back for that one.

MARTIN: Yeah, in our shop, the Zeolite AV is the most popular, because our audience is mostly folks damaged with all kinds of autoimmune and long-term health challenges, so they find that the combination of humic acid and Zeolite is very beneficial.

MICAH: It’s a great combination! The other product e have is called Royal Detox, which is a very unique product. I think we are maybe the only company that has partnered all of these comprehensive natural detoxifiers with Zeolite in one bottle. As I said in the beginning, other detoxifiers have different affinity for different heavy metals and toxins, so we combined chlorella, spirulina, apple pectin, cilantro, and Zeolite. They all worked together to pull everything out of the cells, and Zeolite carries it out of the body. It’s a very unique product, very comprehensive for detox, I think that’s going to be gaining a lot of traction over the next few years.

MARTIN: I’ve been having a hard time getting people to understand just how potent this thing is. I tried to explain it like this: “This is sort of like having the broom, the dustpan, and the dust bin all in one.” Because it’s the synergy of all these things all playing together that makes it so powerful.

MICAH: Right. Also, this product has something called ‘crystalloid electrolytes’ in it, and they help increase the absorption at the cellular level. With normal dietary supplements, you may be only absorbing 50-60% of what you’re taking in, but for the Royal detox, it is more like 90%, or even higher.

MARTIN: Fantastic. So when would I recommend a person to take it? Should everyone with an immune system-related challenge take this?

MICAH: Well, the detoxification of heavy metals and toxins is the foundation everyone should be doing, before doing anything, before you see doctors, before you do anything. Because like I said before, people show heavy metal toxicity in different ways. If you have an illness, until you detoxify and get rid of all these things and allow your body to function the way it’s supposed to, you don’t really know what you’re dealing with. Is it really pancreatitis, or is it heavy metal toxicity? Is my skin really bad from genetics? Or is it that I have heavy metals and toxins, and it’s coming out of my skin? So again, that’s something that everyone should always start with. That’s the foundation of good health. Always start with detoxifying. We always say: Do it for at least 90 days with Zeolite itself. And I’m not just talking about the Royal detox, you can use whatever Zeolite product you want, that would be your choice. But Zeolite should be used on a daily basis. We are exposed to toxins and heavy metals every day, and Zeolite is a gentle detox that works over time. I already told you about the alkalinity, it also balances the pH in the body. It’s something that should be taken every day to keep our health.

MARTIN: You mentioned that it actually excretes out of the body in a few hours, so that suggests that you should be taking some in the morning, some midday, and some in the evening…

MICAH: Well, it depends. Dr. Howard Piper, who was an independent expert in zeolite supplementation, made some therapeutic dosing recommendations. He has a website, www.zeolitedosing.com, and on that website, he tells you, based on what your situation is, what your dose should look like. Are you just looking for maintenance? Here’s the dose! If you’re just looking for ongoing detoxification, I think twice a day is good. If you have an acute health issue, three times a day is optimal. I try to stay away from that ever since the FDA thing, we try to be as vanilla as possible, so they have no excuses to come after us anymore.

MARTIN: All right, we can put links to the website in the show notes. So what about the Esdifan?

MICAH: Esdifan was actually developed originally for me, I have irritable bowel syndrome, so I’ve been dealing with chronic diarrhea my whole life. I also was hypoglycemic, which is a side note of this. The company started as a ‘hangover company,’ (laughing) because whenever I drank, I have an extra enzyme in my liver, so  I got dehydrated, and I was getting a really bad hangover. So being into detoxifying, I figured that it would take the toxins out of alcohol, which is what causes hangovers. And it actually worked really well, but we found that we were kinda helping people who created their own problems. As we did further research into Zeolite and saw all the beneficial things it did, we pivoted the company to really focus on helping people. But one of the studies I found was something called Enterex, a drug that was focused on chronic diarrhea. I decided that I was going to take the basis of the information I learned from that, and formulate the product with calcium carbonate, and vitamin B12. B12 is always lost, when you have chronic diarrhea. It’s a loss of energy. So we put B12 in there, and the calcium for alkalinity. It lowers the acidity, and it pulls the water out. Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it’s over a few days or a week, but the reaction and success of that product have been tremendous. People who buy it tell me it has changed their life dramatically. From my perspective, I went from using it all the time, to now only taking six capsules if I’m going to eat something I know might cause me problems.

It also helped with my hypoglycemia! Now that I take Zeolite all the time, my blood sugar levels dropped. I would keep these sugar tablets, these glucose tablets, that I would eat in order to stop the jitters, it was horrible. I don’t know how that works or why it works, but for some reason, they say that zeolite helps balance blood sugar. And I don’t know the technicalities behind it, but it’s been something that’s shown over the years. There’s also something else with Zeolite that is huge, that I’m going to focus on soon enough because it’s alkaline, it brings down lactic acid when you’re working out, so it actually increases stamina, because the lactic acid buildup is reduced. And we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people. There was a study done in Europe about it, but before I even focused on it, I had people who were athletes, contacting me and saying things like: “I’ve been doing tests, I go in the pool, and I hold my breath underwater. And the difference between when I have the Zeolite and when I don’t is amazing, when I am taking Zeolite, I can stay underwater way longer than I can when I don’t take it.” And these are just amazing stories.

I mean, I can’t tell a lot of them, because the FDA considers them drug claims. But what I will tell you is I sleep very well at night with the information I get in testimonials, from people who say that I have changed their life, allowed a family member that was given two weeks to live to spend an extra two years with them, and not in bed, but being able to function properly, and giving them the quality of life over years of using our products. I mean, the testimonials have been amazing. I’m a pessimist at heart, but this really helps me feel that we are doing a lot of good in the world. And that’s all that matters. This is why I saved a lot of money because I knew when the FDA came around, that we were going to be able to not only fight them, but beat them, and continue having Zeolite in the marketplace for people to use.

MARTIN: Yeah, I guess it was not an easy situation, when your company is told to cease and desist, something like this would have probably put a big hole into your bank account.

MICAH: Yeah, it did. I saved money for many years, about 15-16 years, knowing that one day it would come, and we had to have all the resources for investigating, for the best lawyers in Washington, DC, and we were ready for it. My lawyer said she had never seen any dietary supplement producer collect the amount of scientific evidence that we had for the FDA. And they tried! They had so many agents on the phone line that we had to have them go into shared offices because there wasn’t enough space on the line for my attorneys and the toxicologist experts to get on the line just to talk! But when they got on the line, their scientists were dumbfounded. They had no way of even answering the questions of our toxicologist. I mean, it was the perfect scenario for us. They got frustrated. I’m sure people lost their jobs because they weren’t able to put us out of business, it was a very tough fight. No one else ever won, no other Zeolite companies that were selling Zeolite wanted to step up and join us, even though they were being attacked as well! So we did it ourselves with no support from other Zeolite manufacturers.

MARTIN: You know, it may not have been a question of step up, because I couldn’t afford the kind of process that you have gone through. I would have to just say: “yes, sir, I’m out of here.” Because I don’t have the resources you had. That is quite impressive. I keep speculating that this has got to be the pharmaceutical industry prosecuting people like you and me.

MICAH: Of course, it cuts into the drug-selling profits! Natural products, and helping people cuts into drug profits. It’s simple, plain, and simple. I don’t really want to go off on a tangent, and I’m sure everybody watching this knows that. I didn’t take a salary for three years, I didn’t take any money from my own business, I let go of all employees except for two, who were able to hang in there and help with resources, we stopped shipping, we had agents come in multiple times, sit down, and talk with me in the conference room, we gave them all the product they wanted to test, and they asked us if we wanted to bill them, and we said: “No, no, feel free to take what you need.” (laughing) I mean, the last thing you want to do is make them more angry, and billing the FDA for the products that they take to test would make them angry. It was a wealth of knowledge for that experience. It has given me some experience that many other people on the planet don’t have. And I always take everything from a positive perspective, and it was an amazing experience. Of course, I’m glad that I was able to win. And on top of everything that we went through, being able to have the California attorney general actually say that we made believers out of them, was a really good feeling.

MARTIN: Was that still Kamala Harris, or was it the person that came after her?

MICAH: No it was Kamala Harris.

MARTIN: Well, good! So now she’s in the government! (laughing)

MICAH: Yeah, it was great, my favorite. When she was running, you can believe, I didn’t want to vote for her. (laughing)

MARTIN: Hey, maybe she will learn, right? Maybe she is one of those people who is willing to say: “I have learned something new.”

MICAH: We can only hope! But it’s funny, because the attorney general of California actually sent the information, the warning to the head of the health department in California, and she was a tough cookie, that one. She reached out and said: “I want every scientific study you have.” I said: “Well, we are in the middle of doing some other things for the attorney general…” She says: “Everything that you have. Today. I want it in my hands immediately, or I’m releasing a statement to California that Zeolite is dangerous, and everybody should stay away from it, and it will destroy your company.” And I said: “Here is everything we have.” And guess what? Three days later, she came back to us and said: “We told the attorney general that there’s no risk here. And that’s between them and you, and we are not issuing any kind of warning against you.” So they actually were not politically motivated. They did exactly what they were supposed to be doing, which was evaluating the research and the information and to make a judgment call. And they made the right one.

MARTIN: Very good! So we can continue to detoxify people who are getting themselves poisoned by eating mercury-loaded tuna and inhaling coal burning exhalations, and taking flu shots, all of that stuff that people do to themselves, that loads them up with heavy metals! We have an antidote here!

MICAH: I guess you can call it that! It is what it is. It’s a tremendous mineral gifted to us by nature, and it has just shown that it has so many benefits. It’s something that people should be using on a daily basis to really take care of themselves. I’m the guy that pioneered this, with a company that has done all of this research. People keep asking me about other suppliers, and I say to them: “Don’t buy our product, buy theirs, see the difference for yourself, or buy both of them and try out to see the difference. You don’t have to believe me. I’m not here to persuade you, I’m not a salesperson, I’m giving you facts.” And people love that because I’m not here to pitch them a sales pitch. I’m giving you scientific facts. You do with it what you like.

MARTIN: I’m taking some every day, all the time, and I have been for years. I did a heavy dose for a year, and then a smaller dose ongoing. Would you say that’s about the strategy that you recommend yourself?

MICAH: Absolutely. It’s what everyone should be doing. It’s a foundation of having your body function the way it’s supposed to, taking out these things that are compromising our bodies and our immune system. It is non-toxic and safe. So yes, this is something that people can be taking on a daily basis, for the rest of their lives. My grandmother took it until she was 98!

MARTIN: Well, Micah, thank you very much! I think if we haven’t convinced our listeners that they should be on Zeolite, I don’t know what will! Thank you so much for being here!

MICAH: Thank you for having me!

MARTIN: Thank you so much for doing what you did, because people may not realize it, but if it were not for you, this whole thing might’ve been just gone.

MICAH: That is true. I’m not one to toot my own horn, I’m more ‘lay low’ kind of guy, but there’s a lot of people out there who like to take credit. There was a guy from an MLM saying he pioneered it like seven years after I did.

MARTIN: Yeah, they pioneered it in a way, they busted the door open and made a lot of people aware, but you were quietly building before that. What I’m talking about is you saving the industry, if it weren’t for you, it would have been probably banned countrywide.

MICAH: Oh yeah, of course. The second they would have made us close our business, they would have gone after other Zeolite companies. They already did go after some of them, and these companies were coming to us for information and recommendations, and we helped them. These other companies settled out pretty easily with California, just to get away from the whole thing. I really appreciate you saying that. They probably would have gone after everybody. There was a reason they wanted Zeolite gone. We don’t actually know what the specific reason was, it may be a bigger issue, that we don’t know, but that was the bottom line. It was a planned attack.

MARTIN: I’m going to just throw it out there, this is speculative, but if it weren’t for Zeolite, the vaccines would have worked a lot better as a population reduction tool.

MICAH: I’ll stay away from that thought…

MARTIN: Well, it is pure speculation. Anyway! Thank you for being here! This was Micah Portney from Zeo Health and Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast! You can check all Zeo Health products on our website, links are going to be attached to this podcast! You can reach me at (866) 543 3388.

MICAH: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you!

MARTIN: Thank you! We restore vitality to you and to the planet. That’s our Life Enthusiast motto. Thank you, Micah, and thank you, everyone, for listening!

Author: Nina Vachkova