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Podcast 413: Nano Soma for Anti-aging and DNA Repair

Nano Soma assists in improving the immune system, enhancing wound repair, stimulating cell regeneration, and promoting healthy energy levels. It reduces pain, and helps repair our DNA. Listen to Martin chatting with Richard Presser about this life-supporting substance!

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MARTIN: Hello everyone. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast. Today with me is Dr. Richard Presser, and we are going to be talking about Nano Soma! Welcome, Richard!

RICHARD: Hi Martin, thank you for your invitation, and for making me able to share this information with your audience!

MARTIN: I am particularly excited about this! The audience knows I’ve been doing this for 20+ years online, and 40+ years offline, and you don’t get me out of my slumber easily, but with Nano Soma, I am now on the fourth bottle, and I feel confident that this thing is worth everyone’s attention, because it put me on my back legs, so to speak. We will get into the personal history in a bit, but first, would you mind just talking about why the listener should actually pay attention here?

RICHARD: People should pay attention to this because what Martin is bringing to you is literally a transformation of human health in a spray bottle. And I think that is pretty interesting news. And as Martin said, he has been at this for 40 years, and I have to say I honor this man’s courage because he has recognized that this little piece of natural magic will probably with time destroy his existing business, but he jumped on board anyway, because he understands the truth of what is being brought to him. So I honor you, Martin, I have to say you are a very brave man.

MARTIN: Thank you! I’ve been in management consulting before my health career, and we learned that the businesses that do not eat their own mainline end up losing it. I mean, look at Xerox, look at Hewlett Packard, look at IBM or Kodak. Those are my examples from technology, they thought that they could simply stick with what they knew.

RICHARD: And the classic illustration from the tech industry was Steve Jobs. One of his philosophies was to be the one who retires their own product.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is right. Kill your own product before some else kills it for you. So, we have a cute little bottle, it is 30ml, it comes with a very sweet little sprayer on top, it is very unassuming, you just push this little plunger. And in it is 97% water! But it is not just any water. Let’s talk about what it does for a person.

RICHARD: Okay, so what this does in a sense is reset your body, reset it back to the original blueprint, including your DNA. When you put this in the body, this little particle in this nanoemulsion conducts a triage, and whatever is life-threatening gets dealt with first. So simply put, when you put this in your body it doesn’t treat or cure anything. What is being re-established here is a relationship that is as old as life itself. The knowledge of this particle and our biology is incredibly intimate. We just lost it. And when you put this in the body, it triggers the body to heal and clear everything.

MARTIN: Right. I’ve had that sort of experience happening here in my first two bottles. I’ve had a herpes infection in my life, it has blossomed many times many years ago, and I thought I put it out of my body already. And wouldn’t you know – as soon as I got on the product – bang! It came through! And I am thinking: “Oh, look at you bugger, you are doing retracing.”

RICHARD: Exactly! You are not the first one to experience this, Martin! I think you have used the more intense startup protocol, it really flushes these things out. Many of your listeners would understand the notion of a healing crisis with natural products, and you see that with this also. Your herpes was hiding away for whenever it could reemerge, and lo and behold, it is being flushed out! It comes out of the body in the way that you are used to seeing it expressed, so it has one last flourish, you might say.

MARTIN: Yes, hoists up a flag on the pole, and then burns.

RICHARD: Exactly.

MARTIN: You said those words, which was “DNA repair.” That should be unpacked for people to understand better, can we talk about that?

RICHARD: Sure. I’ll try not to go too deep in that answer, but if you examine this little particle of policosanol, to use its technical name, I am pretty clear now that this particle didn’t originate on this planet, and it perhaps brought the template of biological life to this planet. So it knows all about our biology. And when it is put in the body, it has so far been demonstrated to produce a replica of the human genome within 97%. I suspect it is even closer than that, and its developer is currently having more detailed work done to investigate and verify this. There are a number of reasons why our DNA might not be in its ideal, optimal state. We might have genetic elements that have come through from our parents that have been built up over generations. There might be environmental interference, or there might be even intentional interference by certain individuals. When you put this in the body, it basically triggers a repair of your DNA back to the original template. And the developer of this product believes that when women are using this broadly in the community, that the history of genetic defects will disappear within a generation.

MARTIN: Okay. I understand our bodies are evolving through retrovirus injection into the blueprint, right?

RICHARD: Yes, that is the plan.

MARTIN: I guess we could compare it to the mechanics of having an automobile. We take care of a factory-produced car, and then we take it apart and go to the blueprint, and we fine-tune every component to a higher level. Then we put it back together, and we have a race car that looks like mom and dad’s sedan. So the kinds of changes that a person could experience while on this product will be as unique as any one person because it is going to go and do their own individual retracing, I speculate, and it will do their individual fixing. So it will probably go to whatever the immune system determines is the highest need, right?

RICHARD: Yes, exactly that. For example, if you have significantly elevated blood pressure, that can normalize within hours. Some people experienced with the first spray that they feel lightheaded because their blood pressure is dropping instantly. It is that profound. Whereas if somebody only got mildly elevated blood pressure, it could take three months to normalize, because there might be more important issues in the body to deal with. The same with blood sugar. If someone’s blood sugar is off the charts, it comes down to a very acceptable range literally within hours. It is extraordinary. Similarly, if you’ve got major heart issues, which you probably don’t know about until you have a heart attack. The most life-threatening thing will be taken care of first. The focus will be on that and to hell with whatever you think ought to be being fixed, it gets on with what is the most important thing. I find it amusing.

Some people contact me and say: “Oh, I had this condition, and I expected this product to deal with it.” I say: “Well, you probably have something more life-threatening that you don’t know about. And that is what is being worked on. Just give it time and allow these things to get addressed.” Some of the conditions can take months, and I suspect even years to be resolved. For example, if you have Parkinson’s disease, which is triggered by an overactive vitamin D receptor when that regulation of the vitamin D receptor comes into place, it takes about six to eight months or so to deal with. Raghu or Dr. Raghavan to be more official, his mother actually had Parkinson’s, and she was in her seventies. She started to use the product, she used it for six months with no change, but by the eighth month, she was cured! And Raghu tells this lovely story of talking to her on a video call, and she holds up a cup and says: “See this!” And he said: “What are you showing me? It is a cup!” She said: “I can hold it still! I couldn’t hold it before!” And he goes: “Oh, that is amazing!” (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) “Oh, now you’re normal. What am I supposed to notice about that?”

RICHARD: Exactly!

MARTIN: The absence of a problem! That is a good story!. So the mechanism of action… when I am reading through the benefits, it talks about vitamin C pathways being activated, perhaps even recycling the vitamin C more efficiently…

RICHARD: Well, the truth is vitamin C normally doesn’t get recycled in the [human] body. Our bodies throw away most of the vitamin C we consume because it doesn’t recognize it as being its own. It is a little like insulin. Science doesn’t know why, but if you take supplemental insulin for blood sugar issues, you need to take 20 times as much as the body uses to get the same result. No one knows why. Raghu thinks the issue is that we can look at insulin when we take it out of the body, but we don’t really know what its structure is when it is inside the body, and also the body in some way recognizes it as its own. This also applies to vitamin C because historically the body was able to produce its own vitamin C, but we genetically lost the ability to generate vitamin C in the body, I think it was 2 million years ago, but I am probably completely wrong on that number. We share that with primates and guinea pigs, and some people have suggested even fruit bats, but I haven’t gone and checked. The point is we don’t have the mechanism to generate vitamin C in our bodies from glucose in the way other animals do. What happens when you put this little particle in the body, it activates a process whereby the body can take the oxidized vitamin C, which has come in from our food and convert it back into its own vitamin C. There is only a certain level of vitamin C you can get in the body through supplementation because the body oxidizes the rest almost instantly. Whereas when it is endogenous, if you need very high levels of vitamin C for immune reasons, it can sustain those levels of vitamin C when it  is effectively producing its own. That  is an extraordinary little piece of natural magic as I call it.

MARTIN: Great! And it is similar to the vitamin D pathway, right?

RICHARD: Yes. This substitutes for vitamin D in activating the vitamin D receptor, so you can forget any supplementation of vitamin D when you use this product. Raghu still recommends you get a bit of sunlight because that is producing natural vitamin D in the body. But if the vitamin D receptor is overactive, which happens in a range of conditions, I mentioned Parkinson’s earlier and a whole range of autoimmune diseases, vitamin D can do nothing. This little particle will turn down the vitamin D receptor such that it is operating at an optimal level. In other words, if it needs to turn it on, it turns it on. If it needs to turn it off, it turns it off. This is unheard of! And when you understand this particle is much older than vitamin D in evolutionary terms, I think the vitamin D receptor is actually a policosanol receptor, and vitamin D came along as a substitute. We have something like 48 or 49 nuclear receptors in our cells, and from Raghu’s analysis, he is confident that it regulates all of them. So it is really like the missing key to the functioning of our bodies that we didn’t know was missing, until it turned up. It is that profound. This particle is described in the Indian spiritual text from 5,600 years ago, so this is not new in that sense, we just lost it, and now we are re-discovering it.

MARTIN: I saw a story about a shrine in India, where they are using either rice or was it…. what was it…?

RICHARD: Sugar, it was cane sugar.

MARTIN: Right, cane sugar! They were dumping cane sugar into this little fountain… What is the story exactly?

RICHARD: The story is a bit more interesting than that. It was what we could translate as a doctor’s temple. It is the only Hindu temple that is dedicated to food, and the food it is dedicated to is unrefined sugar from sugar cane, which the Indians called ‘jaggery.’ You can buy jaggery, it is recognized as having some significant health and healing properties. And so the devotees of that temple bless jaggery and throw it in the pond. There are no pathological bacteria in that pond. The traditions of the temple say that the water of that pond can cure 4,448 diseases. And as Raghu says, he doesn’t know how they got to that number, but he has figured out using his analysis of Nano Soma, that this can trigger the body to heal 4,448 diseases. Exactly the same number.

MARTIN: Well, I don’t know how we count disease, but okay.

RICHARD: I agree with you there! They’re really just symptoms of a diseased immune and body functional system. I agree with you completely.

MARTIN: It is interesting to me, you’re mentioning the sugar cane, it is a raw sugar cane. And when I looked it up, I went online and searched ‘policosanol’ just to see what comes up, it says it is in plants. It is for example in milk thistle, in silymarin, in sugarcane, in peanuts, and a couple of other plants. The industrial version of policosanol has been tested as analog to drugs to deal with high cholesterol or dyslipidemia, which essentially means not dealing with glucose very well.

RICHARD: Yes, that is absolutely true. Policosanol, as Raghu says, is in the sun-splashed parts of pretty much all plants, and it plays a range of roles in nature. The other very common one is unrefined rice. The key is when you take this and make it into a nano-emulsion, stabilize it, and put it in the body in that form. This magic doesn’t happen unless you do that.

MARTIN: It reminds me of the story of trying to put golf balls into a water bottle, but the opening is too small for the golf balls.

RICHARD: That is a perfect illustration. These nanoparticles travel through the body. You put five sprays in your mouth once a day, and the nanoparticles pretty much instantly travel through the body. They pay no regard to the blood system, the gut system, the lymph system, the blood-brain barrier, the bone marrow… If you get cancer in the bone marrow, nothing can get it out, except for Nano Soma. So basically it disregards the whole formal structure of the body, and it communicates directly with the cells.

MARTIN: Right, so therefore with this crude policosanol from the industrial process, the doctors have been testing 5mg, 10mg, 20mg per daily dose, but here we are dealing with a much smaller dose, but much more effective product because of the particle size, right?

RICHARD: Yeah, 2.5mg is where we are, 2.5mg per ml. Raghu started out at about 40mg, and gradually worked his way down. It is pretty clear that for many conditions it operates at the homeopathic level. He is currently testing a version with just 1mg in India. I suspect we will move there in a year or two. He thinks it will eventually go to half a milligram with time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets to 0.1, that obviously helps the economics of the whole process. He made his first product literally on his kitchen bench, and he began to test it and work with it. And what he found was that the particles tended to clump, and it wasn’t delivering the results he wanted. He had a broad spectrum of particle size. 

He checked with a Vedic scholar friend and asked him what the word is in the Rigveda that describes the water used in this product. He came back and said: “Oh, well, there are 280 different words in Sanskrit for water,” which I find extraordinary! The word that is used for the water in this product is ‘pristine’ water, basically water from the mountains. In fact, it quite specifically mentions the meltwaters from Mount Kailash, which is a mountain in Tibet. It is a mountain you are not allowed to climb, but you can walk around it. And intriguingly in 2017, I received a call from a yogi friend of mine who said: “My family planned to go and walk around Mount Kailash next year, will you come?” And the answer inside me was an instant YES. I didn’t know why I was going, whilst I was there I didn’t know, but now I do.

MARTIN: How long a walk is that?

RICHARD: The trip takes about 10 days in and out, the walk itself is three days. And I cheated the second day. It is a serious climb with a serious altitude. I was knocked out by the altitude, so I rode a little pony pulled by  a local. I could not fathom why I had been drawn to go and do this. I’ve been walking a deeply spiritual path like you, Martin, for 30 odd years, and I do what I am prompted to do, but I didn’t know why. I wondered if there’d be certain experiences that I would have, but there was nothing. Now I know the reason!

MARTIN: Okay! Let’s go back to the word ‘pristine’ water. This water has to be somehow structured correctly, right?

RICHARD: Yes. When you have the correct water, you get a very broad spectrum of particle size. This particle is 50nm, plus-minus one. And it is stable at that size. It has been on the shelf for eight years so far, and it is perfectly stable. Raghu found out that there are four countries where you can get water to make it – Austria, Switzerland, Norway, and New Zealand. All mountainous countries. Switzerland proves to be ideal because they have a pharmaceutical industry, so they’ve got the disciplined instructors to make it, and they treat the drinking water with ozone, and all organic material is cleared out of the water. So they just make this with water right out of the tap in Switzerland.

MARTIN: So the product starts in Switzerland. The sugar cane is probably from somewhere in the tropics?

RICHARD: Yes. Raghu effectively organized sources for the raw materials. He doesn’t process the sugar cane himself, but he is able to buy it from a good source. So he buys the policosanol, he buys the other ingredients, and the product is formulated in Switzerland. I then buy it in bulk in Switzerland, I ship the bulk to Utah to be bottled and then shipped to a warehouse in Nevada. But let’s step back a little. This is a lipid. If you understand biology, biology can’t exist without the lipid envelope that contains it. There is a lipid envelope in every level of biology, whether it be a virus or a cell in our body. Our skin cells have a lipid layer, too. Without lipids, there is no biology, which tells us that the lipids came before biological life.

MARTIN: Yeah, I guess the lipid is like a sack that holds the cell together, without it it would just leak out.

RICHARD: Correct. And it does a bit more than that. It is a communication interface as well. So it is a little more sophisticated than just acting as a neutral encasing.

MARTIN: What I was intrigued by is the fact that it looks totally ordinary! It looks totally pedestrian until you look very carefully at what you’ve got. And you already explained it, it is the nano size of it. Plus of course, the selection of just the right mix in just the right medium, without which you just have dirt.

RICHARD: And the key thing to understand is that the relationship of this particle with our biology is older than life itself. I am so happy that this particle brought the template of life to Earth, which is why when you put it in the body, it is able to produce a replica of the human genome. That is no accident. You put this in the body, it communicates, it regulates all of the 48 or 49 nuclear receptors in our cells. That is no accident either. So there is this profound relationship, which has been there since human life started, and I suspect since all life started. And it has been there in the background, in our food, the whole time. Raghu completed the development of it around 10 years ago. There are really now three forms of the product available, I only have one at the moment, which is the spray. But there is also a gel, which is great for topical use because this is profound also for skin issues. Again, there is no health issue that this doesn’t trigger the body to deal with. There are examples of people who have had over 80% of their bodies covered with psoriasis, and they got all healed. There is also a cream, which is really a high-end beauty cream because one of the things that happens with this product is it reverses the aging process.

MARTIN: Well, I better get some!

RICHARD: Yeah! Raghu himself is now 69, he has been using it for probably 11 years now. He has a measured biological age of 48! He went down from 51 two years ago, so his biological clock is running backward, and has been for over a decade. This relationship is really profound. With our biology, it has been whispering to us, you might say, whilst we were eating unrefined foods, but since our food has been refined, one of the things that get taken out is policosanol, and suddenly we’ve had an explosion of all manner of health issues. It is not the only cause, but it certainly is a factor. And so when you bring this back to your body – BOOM!

MARTIN: Right! In my lectures, I am often talking about the five white markers of death, which are refined flour, refined sugar, refined salt, refined fats, and refined dairy. And sure enough, you mentioned rice, right? If you refined the rice, you have stripped it of nutrients. If you have refined the sugar, you have stripped it of nutrients!

RICHARD: Yes, absolutely. And who knows whether there was a plan in all of this. I can’t say.

MARTIN: I think it is just ignorance, but who knows, there may be a higher plan.

RICHARD: Well, certainly if you look at the game of getting us out of the sun for fear of cancer, that is absolutely an exercise of weakening our immune systems.

MARTIN: And they have now upped the game by telling people that they must huddle indoors now to stay away from the virus.

RICHARD: Absolutely, it is all complete nonsense.

MARTIN: I would like to actually talk about this: I read through the various stories from the field, and they varied greatly! There are stories about people having pain over here and this product fixed it, or someone having a skin problem over there and it fixed it. Other people having an internal condition of some sort, but no longer having those symptoms… It truly seems to be reversing, as you outlined earlier, almost any sort of a problem!

RICHARD: Part of the issue here, in my opinion, is that we have been encouraged to look at all of these manifestations of symptoms as being illnesses and conditions in and of themselves, rather than seeing them as pointers to what I would call an underlying disease. Raghu says when you put this in the body, it is like the godfather turning up and saying: “Hey, listen, I taught you guys 2 million years ago what to do, you have not been doing it! Get on with it!” And quite literally, that is what happens. So the whole working of the body on so many levels is transformed. As I said, the 48 nuclear receptors have not been regulated when this is not present in the body. When you put it back in the body, suddenly they’re all regulated. They jump to attention and do exactly what they are meant to do, and suddenly everything starts to work properly. And all these symptoms that arise when the system is not working properly disappear, it is as simple and as profound as that. It is hard for us to accept that this is possible. Certainly, no one inside the allopathic medical system can believe it. The same with medical scientists, they can’t hear this, they can’t imagine that this is possible. So it is hard enough for average Joe to accept it, let alone anybody that is trained inside that system.

MARTIN: I’ve been using  the functional medicine model for years. When we step back from the organ level down to the cellular level, we stop talking about symptoms. We start talking about function. And when we correct function, symptoms dissolve. So the practical approach? I ended up buying three bottles [of Nano Soma]. I used up the first bottle in a week, the second bottle in two weeks, and the third bottle in four weeks. And here I am with a new religion… (laughing)

RICHARD: (laughing) Let’s say new spirituality.

MARTIN: That is a good word, thank you for correcting it. I remember one of my favorite philosophers saying: “Religion is what remains  after spirituality left the house.”

RICHARD: Yeah, it is pretty much my view as well. I look at religion as the mechanisms that have been set up on the basis of exploiting our spirituality for the purposes of those who organize those religions, for their power and control over us. I have a little different view of this world than most people, because of my spiritual journey, my view, and my understanding, and I think one of the reasons for the creation of our beautiful planet was a final entrapment point for those who wish to manipulate and control those of the light. And it is no accident in my opinion that this little particle is coming forth in the middle of this world of lockdowns.

MARTIN: Yes, during the biggest crisis that our civilization has faced in a while.

RICHARD: Yes. In my opinion, it has been entirely created for the purposes of those who have created it. I see this little particle as a Ninja particle. If you’re familiar with the martial artists’ practice, where the martial artist effectively is using the power of those coming to attack him to destroy them, to use that power against them. And in my opinion, this little particle is a Ninja particle in that process. I think that is what we will see in the next year or two years, as this flows out and people truly understand what this little particle does for our health.

MARTIN: Well, let’s hope that people are awake enough to understand what we just said.

RICHARD: It will be a gradual process. Those watching your podcast, Martin, are on the leading edge of that. Anybody who is watching your podcasts will almost certainly be what I call an early adopter. But gradually it will spread out. Not overnight, but it will spread.

MARTIN: Okay. Once you see the effects with your own eyes, you are unable to deny, right?

RICHARD: The evidence is it is very interesting. Raghu is an Indian, and he has a deep respect for astrology, Vedic astrology, and his astrologer has told him that this will spread from person to person throughout the world. The evidence so far shows that one person tells ten others. This is the data from Malaysia, where it has been sold since 2015, so they have enough time to witness this. It will spread by the word of mouth. It will spread at the grassroots. This is how it will grow. It won’t be out through the traditional pathways for products that assist with health, let’s put it that way. Thank you for your time, Martin, and thank you for inviting me to join you.

MARTIN: It is my pleasure! Thank you! This is the Life Enthusiast Podcast, my name is Martin Pytela, and we restore vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Nina Vachkova