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Podcast 414: Star Chamber Technology

Podcast 414: Star Chamber Technology

Podcast 414: Star Chamber Technology

  • Fill Your Space with Harmonizing Energy, Clear of Electromagnetic Chaos
  • Protect Yourself From Negative Environmental Energies
  • Energize Water in your Bath or Hot Tub to Experience Supreme Hydration

Life Force Energy is all around us, the Star Chamber Receiver pulls it in and connects you to it! But what it is exactly and how does it work? Find out with Martin and Rashid!

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RASHID: Greetings, health and wellness seekers. Welcome to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am your co-host, Rashid al-Ameri, your wellness advocate and guide, speaking from the Middle Eastern country of the United Arab Emirates. With us today is the Life Enthusiast founder and health coach, Martin Pytela. Welcome aboard, Martin!

MARTIN: Thank you, Rashid! I have known Rashid for 15 years I think, we have had many conversations, and I have watched Rashid grow from an enthusiast to a dedicated student. It is an impressive growth!

RASHID: Thank you! I have consumed a respectable number of products over the years, Martin, and I kid you not, the vast majority of them really stood with me and affected my wellbeing in really special ways. Today I would like to talk about a very interesting technology, a sacred one indeed. It is called the Star Chamber. But before I do that, I would actually like you to start off by telling us a bit about yourself. What led you to initiate the Life Enthusiast as a company?

MARTIN: I think the relevant part to this story would be that back in 2003, we were introduced to Jim Carter, who at that point was running his TWLT company, which he ended up calling Twilight, but then later revealed that that stood for The World’s Largest Test. Jim came to us with his personal history of being primarily into mining, his specialty was precious metal extraction. Myself, I had been in pursuit of health. My story starts somewhere around 1977, when I got poisoned with mercury in a dentist’s office, and the next 10-12 years I spent trying to figure out how to get better using the mainstream methods. And by about 1989, I had this realization that there’s just no way that I am to get better just following the mainstream, and I decided to apply my own study.

My original education is in computer science and business administration, so as a systems analyst, I had the training to apply research. This was before the internet, this was library times, reading books, and doing it the hard way. Eventually, I figured it out. I figured out that healing is possible, and that the information is readily available, just not publicized in the mainstream. So by the time about 1997 or 1998 rolled around, I had reversed most of my health problems. By about 2001, I was ready to essentially begin my mission as a health advocate, rather than as a management consultant, which I was up to that point.

RASHID: Yeah. Similar to the position that I am here now, being a health advocate. I started all the way back in 2008, and without having to blow your horn, Martin, you were my main influence. You were the first to help me on my path to become a better version of myself through health and wellness solutions. So with that being said, Jim Carter gave us this lovely technology, may his soul rest in peace. With my basic research it seems that he decided to give it a good number of names, either the orgone energy accumulator, or solid sunshine, or yin energy… so tell us, Martin, what onEarth is the Star Chamber?

MARTIN: Well, Jim Carter started with being introduced to all kinds of technologies that are found all around the Earth that are either of ancient origins or perhaps imported from off our planet. He told me that he was introduced to the most interesting things, and one of them was what he called The Artifact, which he attempted to replicate back in the 2000s. When I visited him in his office, I actually held it in my hand, and I interrogated it. I asked it to tell me how old it was, and it is about 4,400 years old, so that would be around 2,400 BC, about Moses time.

RASHID: You did this through a dowsing method, Martin?

MARTIN: I use muscle testing or pendulum. I use that in my practice. You can ask the universe to tell you whether any statement is true or false.

RASHID: Wow, it requires a little bit of investigating from my side, although it is something quite impressive to most people who don’t understand the science of dowsing very much.

MARTIN: Well, in our Western culture, David Hawkins with his book ‘Power versus Force’ really made it famous. But there are many, many, many people, thousands, perhaps millions, of people who just do this. The universal truth is out there, the universe or the universal consciousness of all human beings of the whole planet together can be interrogated. You can ask it to tell you, and it will, and your body will reflect that. When you make a true statement, it will have a different reaction from a false statement.

RASHID: What kind of energetic force does the Star Chamber access? What does it accumulate, so to speak?

MARTIN: There are several traditions going back millennia. In India, they speak of prana. In Japan, they speak of QI, in China, it is chi, life force, or love, sometimes even light. Not light in the sense of photons, but in the sense of life-affirming energies. One of the terms that also was promoted was orgone. It would be the energy that keeps living things alive. This force can be attracted, accumulated, and transmitted. For example, a Reiki master will channel this energy through themselves into the subject. They don’t try to project it. They just channel it. In the process of trying to understand the water-changing technology that this artifact represented, Carter was trying to find a way to replicate it. When he chipped this stone and looked at the structure of it, he understood that it is some kind of ancient concrete that has embedded in it shiny material that he later called laminar crystals. Laminar because it is very flaky, there are multiple thin layers.

This material works really well at attracting the force. Many people make orgone accumulators. This orgone energy is the organizing energy of the universe. It is capable of  structuring water correctly, and supporting life. When Carter put this artifact in water, it changed the structure of the water. It changes it in such a way that we could measure it. It would lower the surface tension, which is as if you put soap in the water, but there was no soap added to it. It lowers the acidity as if you added baking soda, but none was added. It would lower the ORP, the electric charge as if you added an antioxidant like vitamin C, but none was added. And it would also make the cluster size smaller, for which I don’t have a chemical or physical example, but when you make the cluster smaller, the water becomes more absorbable at the cellular level.

Cells have what is called the aquaporin channel. Each cell will absorb water into itself. There are tiny openings in the cellular membrane, and it will only accept one molecule at a time, rather than big clusters. So when you are encountering water that has a high static electric charge, those molecules are clustering together into bundles of multiple molecules, and they will not go through the opening. So even though you may be irrigating your body with water, you are actually not hydrating yourself at the cellular level. Maybe only a small percentage of the water is in this unclustered state. After processing the water with these crystals, the clustering falls apart. People who make orgone devices know that it behaves opposite to the electric current. Materials that are conductive of electricity, like copper or silver, are blocking the orgone energy. Objects or materials that are insulators to electricity, such as silica or silicates of every sort, are actually conducting or accumulating this orgone energy. Hence this material that Carter ended up calling laminar crystal, which he then ended up mixing into a potter’s clay, and used to create these objects, these tools you can use at home.

RASHID: Can you just run us through the process of how a person would actually achieve some healing using Star Chamber technology? Is there some way of effective personal healing? Explain it to us, please.

MARTIN: Jim Carter was partnered with Dr. Norman Shealy, and they were doing this research together. Shealy was a well-known longevity researcher. The process itself was at some point called ‘two naps and a dip, or a bath.’ They took a black crystal, which is paramagnetic, and created a bed of it, large enough that it would hold a human body, so something that was maybe like one meter wide, two meters long, about 10-15 centimeters deep. They would lay the person on top of it, on top of this paramagnetic material. It would organize human energies in such a way that detoxification was possible, they were discharging the energies that hold stuff together. Then they would take that person and put them in a very large bath, it was holding something like 1500 liters of water.

RASHID: Any particular reason for the size?

MARTIN: Jim Carter just liked to go big. This water was charged in what he called the Star Chamber, meaning that it was unstructured. I described how when you discharge the water, you make it more hydrating, you lower the surface tension, you lower the acidity, and so on. He dissolved magnesium chloride in that water. Magnesium has the profound effect of activating the parasympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system. That is the side we call rest-repair-digest, the opposite of fight-or-flight. When you are in the magnesium bath, you are activating repair and healing in the body. And then in the third phase, you would be placed on another bed made out of these laminar crystals, which accumulate this orgone energy, this life force, so when you are laying down on that, all cells in the human body are being charged up. You can think of every cell in the human body as a little capacitor, and you can charge it up, fill it with energy. I remember when I was done with that treatment, for the next six weeks, I had an abundance of energy. I couldn’t tire, I could stay up late and get up early and think clearly… it was phenomenal.

RASHID: Wow, that is tremendous! Why do you think it lasted for that long?

MARTIN: I couldn’t tell, I am just one example of many. We have installed some of these Star Chambers elsewhere, and I have some data from Dr. Sergio Focone from Turin, Italy, he treated many people, and he kept meticulous notes. He also developed a method by which he measured how people were doing. What he showed me is that after six sessions, the immune system changed profoundly. All of a sudden he started seeing the markers that are associated with aging to reverse.

RASHID: That makes a lot of sense! That would probably happen once they jack up your immune system, you could feel the proper cellular communication coming into place in a very harmonious fashion.

MARTIN: Yes, that is a reasonable speculation. The stress levels go down, the immune system starts working better, and the body starts repairing itself, so it does make sense.

RASHID: So most customers come out of this experience fresh as a daisy, and they go through this process of cellular rejuvenation?

MARTIN: It is not all roses, there is a downside to it. All of our memories, emotional and otherwise, are stored in soft tissues of the body. When you take this bath, you are releasing things that have been stored. So if you have some unresolved emotional problems or some unresolved trauma, you will be dealing with it.

RASHID: Could you give us a simple example, Martin?

MARTIN: Well, myself, for example, when I got back from the treatment, my phone wasn’t ringing. I was there sitting in the office, but nobody was calling me. So I had to call my spiritual friend and ask him: “Can you please take a look at what’s going on?” And he came back with: “You’ve picked up some dark energies that are blocking your full expression. We need to purge it.” So we did an equivalence to an exorcism. We worked on releasing these stuck energies and sending them back to the light.

RASHID: Wow, that must have been very unusual and strange.

MARTIN: Well, not strange, but certainly humbling, because I was having to admit that I personally didn’t have the power to deal with it myself. We have had some issues with the Star Chambers, mainly with the operators, the staff we hired to work there, because they were not prepared to have this level of spiritual advancement imposed upon them.

RASHID: Well said. All right, so now that you have explained the physical dynamics and the design of the Star Chamber system, or as I would call it the Rejuvenation Station, what else do you think could be a favorable addition to maintain a person’s wellbeing?

MARTIN: You can certainly take a lot of these tools home. First of all, this technology itself is used for charging water, right? You can treat your water at home, it is very simple. We offer products you can buy and use. One of them is called Prills, these are magnesium oxide pellets that have been processed with this orgone energy accumulator, and they have the capacity to clear water, so you can drink water that is more hydrating, has lower surface tension, lower acidity, and so on. The other thing you can take with you is the magnesium chloride in charged water, we call it the Magnesium Oil. Carter had other names for it as well, at some point he called it Vital Drops, or even Magic Oil. These things are available to this day, because we understand the technology, and we are carrying on. Carter himself, unfortunately, passed on in 2005. In some sense, I think that God has a very good sense of humor, taking the man who promotes longevity out at 59.

RASHID: With that being said, I am going to read a part of his biography. “Jim Carter was extremely passionate about his work. He dedicated 30 years of his life replicating and refining the ancient water treatment technology.” It took him that long! Why did he possibly take  that long to figure it out?

MARTIN: Well, I’ll send you the picture of The Artefact, but it is just a piece of stone. You are holding it in your hand, and you are wondering: “Number one: what does this do? Number two: how does this work? Number three: what of this is relevant?” You just don’t know, you are trying to interrogate it, you are trying to figure out what it is, how it works, how to replicate it, so it took him a while. I mean, how do you decipher an ancient mystery? The Prills look a bit like grains of rice, they are magnesium oxide pellets, and we put them into the orgone accumulator. The way the orgone accumulator is built is a toroidal shape, essentially a big donut, it was 100,000 pounds of this laminar crystal, it was about six feet tall, the outer diameter was what the warehouse allowed, which is about 100 feet, or 30 meters, the inner diameter was about 24 meters or something like that, it was big enough to hold a couple of pallets of material at the center. Carter put a pool of water into the middle, that is where he would take his soaks. After Carter died, the landlord was upset and gave us only two weeks to remove everything. I wasn’t able to go there, but a couple of people I know went there to try and rescue as much of the material as possible. And they said that when they were working in the middle of the donut, in the middle of the toroid, it was like standing in the middle of a pyramid. The hair on their back would stand straight, it was just a strong energy field.

RASHID: Okay, and this probably would answer my question as to how it may be able to impact the electromagnetic fields of an environment?

MARTIN: I don’t know, it attracts the life force, and it is willing to give it up. When you are holding it in your hand, it feels good.

RASHID: So it deals with opposing forces, as you had mentioned, one being expressive and the other one being inert or explosive. It could probably help to reduce any form of chaotic activities happening within the environment, electromagnetically.

MARTIN: The electromagnetic forces, the Wi-Fi, the electric currents, overhead power lines, the wiring in the walls, and so on, all have a negative effect on living things, plants, humans, or animals. This other technology has a positive effect on us. It is not that it is interacting with the forces, it is more like supporting the expression of life within us.

RASHID: Well Martin, thank you for that in-depth explanation of all the things related to the Star Chamber technology, its applications, and a little bit of the history as well! I appreciate you sharing all of this valuable knowledge! It is in a sense almost sacred. People have lost touch with these ancient, under-investigated forms of technology, and are not really taking them to the forefront of modern-day health and wellness solutions.

MARTIN: That is an important point you are making. With every inventor that is removed or silenced or eliminated, a lot of amazing technologies can disappear. We have many examples of that, like Royal Rife or Nikola Tesla. Many of these types of technologies have been invented or reinvented or attempted to be introduced, and then shut off and silenced and taken out. This is one of those things that may just disappear because people are just not either willing to invest or explore. It is outside of the Western scientific mindset. But it operates, it exists, it works! We just don’t understand it well. And if we let it go, then it will be lost again until somebody else rediscovers it.

RASHID: Very well said. I think this is a good time to conclude our conversation, and allow the true seekers of health and wellness to get in touch with you and find out more information if they desire. So Martin, how can people get in touch with you please?

MARTIN: Well, I am available at Life Enthusiast, the website is If you want to call me, you can use the number (866) 543 3388, or (775) 299 4661. Rashid, thank you very much for doing this interview with me. I certainly hope that your brothers in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates, will pick it up and contact you or me, with an inquiry to perhaps introduce this technology in your world. Thank you.

RASHID: Thank you very much, Martin. If you want to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to either email me at [email protected] or call me at 0097 150 793 6368. Thank you very much, Martin, we will reconnect soon! Be well!

Author: Nina Vachkova
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