Podcast 418: Nano Soma Updates

Nano Soma assists in improving the immune system, enhancing wound healing, stimulating cell regeneration, and promoting healthy energy levels. It reduces pain, and helps repair our DNA. Listen to Martin chatting with Richard Presser about this life-supporting substance!

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MARTIN: Hello, this is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast podcast. And today I have the distinct pleasure and honor to be visiting with Richard Presser, the CEO of MagicDichol, which is the company that distributes Nano Soma, which is also known as Metadichol, at least that is the main ingredient. I personally have been using this product for about six months, and I have been enjoying both subtle and profound personal changes. So we will dive into that here today. Dr. Richard Presser, welcome!

RICHARD: Martin, thank you! Thank you for inviting me. And firstly, let me say thank you for how you have embraced Nano Soma and helped to get it out into the world. My vision for this product is that perhaps in the 10-year timeframe, when people truly understand this product, everybody in the world will use it. And I thank you for the efforts you’ve been making to share it with people on a very broad basis. It is very exciting.

MARTIN: You know, Richard, you may be very prophetic here because when you say that ‘everybody in the world will be using it,’ the dark vision that I could embrace is that only the remaining living will be here remaining because they are using it.

RICHARD: I think you understand my view on all of that. I think indeed it could be that dark, and you’ve touched on this, so I will open it up a little. Firstly, looking at Nano Soma, I am now satisfied that the little particle in this product brought the blueprint of biological life to our planet. And I have two key pieces of data to support that. The first is that this is a lipid, and you can’t have biology without lipids. The lipids create the envelope within which biology can exist, whether it is a virus, a cell, or us, our skin is made of lipids. They play this profound role, but they had to come before biology because without the lipids to form the envelope, there is no biology. So we certainly know it is older than biology.

Earlier this year we had a Zoom call and one of the participants was a woman called Lorraine Mill, who is a fellow Aussie. She describes herself as a ‘master intuitive.’ She started out as a medical intuitive and has gone way beyond that. So in fact, I took her words and edited it into a video, but she wasn’t willing to let me share it because you know, she wasn’t ‘dressed for the occasion.’ But I’ve now got a still photograph from her, I will put that out shortly, it is profound. She describes what this is doing in the body, including correcting the DNA, because she could witness it. But at the end, she quietly says: “This particle does not come from here,” and I am confident that is true. So on a broad basis, this little particle brought the blueprint of life here, and is now emerging in the middle of the fallout from these jabs or injections, they are not true vaccinations. And this, in my opinion, is a PSYOP of the first order. And it is a eugenics exercise. This is what you are referring to. People who simply get the jab will probably not be with us in five years, and more likely in only two or less. It is that dark.

MARTIN: Yes. Well, I wanted to put it in my own words in this way: The bi-lipid layer represents the sack within which the guts of every cell are contained. So without that sack, there is no separation of one cell from another. Even a single-cell organism requires this particular sack to contain itself, and then of course it is extended into every more complex organ. Each cell is a little entity that has a layer of lipid on top. Bruce Lipton, the most brilliant man who described how DNA in the nucleus is like the testicles or the gonads of the cell, whereas the cell membrane is actually like the brain because it is the membrane that allows input and output, stuff to get in or out of a cell. And there are these little gates called receptor sites, and these gates are either opening or not opening like a relay, and if that is not working correctly, nutrition doesn’t get in, toxins can’t get out, and the functioning of the organism is just inadequate. Hence when Raghu, the inventor of this, speaks of a receptor site regulation, he is onto something.

RICHARD: You are absolutely right. In my view, and in Raghu’s view, when Bruce Lipton finally connects with this product, he will be blown away because he will understand it exactly. So in truth, it is managing, from what I can tell, all of the receptor sites, it is like the key to the functioning of our bodies we didn’t know was missing until it showed up. In truth, it was there forever, whispering to our bodies, documented in the Rigveda in its more complete form in 5,600 BC or wherever it was, and it effectively got removed along with all policosanol from our food when we started refining it. In my opinion, it is no accident that it is emerging as these jabs are being implemented in the world. To be honest, I thought it was about stopping the virus, that is how naive I am. The higher plan was never to do that. It was to deal with this jab.

You see, once they get enough people jabbed, they think they’ve won because those that they don’t kill off will have their DNA modified to suit the purposes of those who are driving all of this. But they haven’t understood that they are inside a bigger plan of the light, and all they are doing was actually anticipated before life began on this planet. It is why this particle does what it does. So anyone that uses this product will have all of this interference cleared, and will have all of the receptor sites, as you describe, managed, and protected. It is a key, it has a key role in the functioning of our bodies that disappeared, you might say by accident, but there are no accidents in anything in my opinion. And it is emerging now as this ‘scamdemic’ has been dealt with supposedly by these jabs.

MARTIN: You would almost think that the timing of the releases is somehow orchestrated from a higher level, right? Here is an interesting thing: I always try to come up with a metaphor, I am thinking that the Nano Soma is acting as if it were a conductor of an orchestra.

RICHARD: Absolutely. This particle is conscious and intelligent, of that, I have no doubt. I have a very dear, deeply spiritual, deeply skilled energy healer friend in North Carolina, who actually is the VP of MagicDichol in the U.S., she is a silent player. I would describe her as a multi-dimensional being. She now talks to the consciousness of metadichol, which is the development name of the product. Nano Soma and Metadichol are the same things, just different names, one is a marketing name, one is a development name. Becky talks to metadichol, and she tells me: “You really should talk to it.” She knows I can’t do these things. There is a plan here that is older than life on this planet, and this little particle has a key role to play in it. I’ve said it before, I am just humbled that it has come to me to help to spread it in the world. On a level, I understand why, but nevertheless, I see it as a profound responsibility, a very humbling responsibility, and an opportunity to do what I can do to spread it.

MARTIN: Your words echo in my mind with the word ‘anthroposophy,’ Rudolf Steiner and his speculations. He talks about Lucifer and Ahriman, and the energies that set up these concepts, and where we are headed with this.

RICHARD: Yes. I mean, he was a profound man who contributed enormous things. He brought an enormous contribution, and I think his understanding on a level was very, very accurate. I don’t get too caught in the persona, let’s put it that way, of the representatives because, you know, my own personal work and journey have taken me way, way beyond that, in some ways outside of this temporal world. My work really goes beyond those identities. I look at that with interest, but not with great engagement. Steiner made an enormous contribution on many levels, and the world should be very grateful for that man, he has been somewhat demonized and sidelined of course, but his contribution has been very special.

MARTIN: Well, that is the philosophical end of things. On the practical side of things I am truly excited to see that we are hopefully at the end of the first cycle of the existence of this business, where we have gone through two crises already, first was the crisis of delivery, then the crisis of quality of the sprayers. But I think this is mainly behind us, right?

RICHARD: Well, I hope so. I can’t guarantee any of it, and I apologize to all of you that have suffered along with our trials and tribulations. This is a pretty new business. I opened the store for the U.S. business in November 2020, and I bottled I think 350 liters of product. I am now bottling it by 2000 liters at a time, I am shipping out tons of liquid at a time, and it is just going to keep growing. We have had lots of growing pains, we have screwed some things up, and again, I apologize to everybody that has been impacted. The supply issue I thought we’d got on top of, but the growth of demand got ahead of me. I think we have got a handle on it now, but I make no promises because, in terms of the total U.S. and Canadian population, our volume is still very small. So as it spreads, one person will tell ten other people, those ten people will tell ten people each, so you only have to do that a couple of times, we don’t need any marketing.

MARTIN: Right, the product does sell itself! We should address this. I have some people who call me on day three (of use) and say: “I am astounded, I have more energy, I am more stable, I sleep better. In fact, I wake up bursting into song,” and then I have another person who says: “I am now on my second or third bottle, and I cannot say that I am feeling any different.” Or I have a guy who writes to me saying: “Well, I used  one bottle and it didn’t change my diabetes symptoms, so I gave the rest of it to my wife.” I wrote: “Well, you know, it took three bottles for me before it fired up.” I just happened to have used up three bottles inside of four weeks (doing the fast start).

RICHARD: All of those happen and more. Probably the worst review we got was: “Oh, it tastes like vomit. I don’t want to go near it.” The thing I say to people is there is a journey with this product. When people truly understand it, they will not look at it through the lens of allopathic medicine, looking for a point solution. “I have these symptoms that I know about, and I want to fix them within two days.” You know, that may or may not happen. I mean, I have seen people who’ve got extreme blood pressure, and they can see it normalized in hours. There is an example we had of a woman who had extreme blood sugar levels since about the age of six, and she was in her fifties. I think she may have lost a leg along the way. I am no medical person on any level, let this be clear, but the numbers she talked about were blood sugars of I think 530 or something, which meant nothing to me, but Ragu said: “Oh my God, that is coma territory.”

MARTIN: Yes, that is terminal!

RICHARD: Yes. So she sprayed five sprays in her mouth in the evening, went to bed, got up in the morning, and her blood sugar was 90. She has never seen it at 90 in her life. But if someone has got just a little bit of elevated blood sugar, it could take three months to regulate. This particle is conscious and intelligent, and when you put Nano Soma in your body, the body and Nano Soma conduct triage and find out what is a life-threatening issue, and it will work on that first. You may not even know about it. Elevated blood sugar might not be your most urgent issue, you might be within a week of having a heart attack. We know about heart issues, we don’t have much awareness of it until it manifests in a pretty serious way unless we had some tests done. So you might not know what is going on. But the body does know, especially in the presence of this ‘Godfather particle,’ as Raghu describes it. He says: “This comes into the body, and it says to the cell: ‘Hey, listen, I taught you 2 million or billion years ago how you should be working, you are not doing it, get on with it.'”

So people may have issues that are life-threatening they may be aware of, or they may not, and you don’t know what the priorities are. And if you do have pretty good nutrition, there is a good chance that the energy transfer into your cell is working relatively well, so you may not experience much. But when the mitochondria in your cells are not working very well, it is one of the first things that gets fixed, which supplies energy and nutrition into the cells. And this is why many people say: “Oh my God, almost the moment I started to use it, I had this incredible boost of energy.” It is because when mitochondria are repaired, the transport of energy and nutrition into the cells is fixed. Some people don’t experience much. You can have people who say: “I am not seeing anything, so I gave it to my wife,” because they haven’t understood what they are playing with. They haven’t understood what this is doing.

With time, that lack of awareness will go away. When people truly understand this product, when they use this product, illness and disease and aging will not be part of the human experience anymore. Not because Nano Soma is fixing anything, it doesn’t cure or treat anything, it is simply triggering the body to operate at its optimum in a way that we never understood was possible until this showed up. It is like the key to the functioning of our body, as I said, that has gone missing. Some people experience one thing, some people experience another, some people can experience weird flavor reactions, for some it will be bitter, or coconutty, or soapy, the last one I mentioned was vomit, which is not common, but it can happen. People don’t understand that it is about their bodies. Because when you use it for a while, a couple of weeks or a couple of months, depending on what is happening with your body, it tastes like water, energized water. This lady sent me an email saying: “I started using this, it has no taste for me.” I said: “Well, that is a good sign, you’ve got some fundamental balance in place.”

MARTIN: Okay. Please understand that the product may take a while to manifest, and just because you are not having a dramatic shift in your symptoms doesn’t mean that it is not doing anything. It just means that you haven’t taken enough yet. What a perfect marketing ploy, right?

RICHARD: Raghu has gone through this a lot, he has been working with this for over 10 years, and he had people who said these sorts of things, and he sent them off to get a blood test done, and then compare some before and after. Lo and behold, their blood markers have normalized. It is only one of many tests you can do, but it is a good indicator that the body and all the systems are being normalized by this. We have been taught to treat symptoms or markers as single points of illness when really they are just a reflection of the underlying malfunction of our bodies. When you take that broader view, understand it, and use it for a bunch of years, you will probably stabilize with a biological age of about 35 for as long as you want to stay on the planet.

MARTIN: That is not such a bad deal!

RICHARD: And that works for me, I’ll tell you! Raghu is now 70, he has been using it for probably 11 years. Two years ago, his measured biological age was 51. It is now 48, so his biological clock is running backward! It is not just Raghu that this will happen to. It will happen to all of us! Everyone who is going to take this. This is to be expected, in a way it was the promise of life on this planet. We just didn’t know how it would come, it was all part of a much bigger plan. And here we are living out the crescendo, the climax of the game of the dark on this planet. They thought they could come here and dominate humanity and in doing so survive in creation. Well, guess what? They fell into a trap that was even smarter than them. So I am actually a total optimist about the outcomes. I don’t know what the journey will be like to get there, but you should expect that many of those people that are not aware probably won’t be with us in a few short years.

MARTIN: Speaking of not being with us, if or when Raghu gives up his physical body, is the business going to carry on?

RICHARD: Well, his plan is to live at least to 180-200, so I am not overly worried about it right now unless he falls under a bus, but I don’t expect that either.

MARTIN: I am just curious if there is some kind of succession planning in place.

RICHARD: I don’t know, I never asked him, I haven’t worried about it because I don’t look at life on that level. When you understand that we have all chosen our life journey and life path before we incarnate, all these people that are going to leave the planet courtesy of these jabs chose it before they came. And so when you look at it like that, you don’t operate quite in the same fear-based reaction that says: “But what about if something happens to Raghu?” Because I know he is not going anywhere, I know it was this man’s mission to bring this to the planet, I know where he is walking.

MARTIN: Okay, that is a lovely faith-based statement, which may well be true.

RICHARD: You could call it faith. It is not the word that I would use.

MARTIN: Okay, inner knowing maybe.

RICHARD: That is better.

MARTIN: Well, let’s run with that. Let’s hope that you are prophetic. There is this wonderful new development happening by the time this is on air. I am hoping that the Metasomer product, the gel version of Nano Soma, is going to be out. What can you say about that?

RICHARD: Well, simply put, if you think about Nana Soma and you understand it fully, you realize that its action on the skin is very powerful. We have seen people with psoriasis over 80% of their body get cleared. We have seen people with all manner of skin afflictions healed. But spraying water on the skin is not really the best way of getting this stuff on your skin, it runs everywhere, it is messy, so we made a topical version of Nano Soma in a gel form. The only additional ingredient is edible xanthan gum. So we have a gel that you can apply to the skin, that has the same efficacy as the spray, but is much more convenient for that kind of application. And we will only be announcing it as a topical product, but there are other things you might do with it.

MARTIN: Is this more concentrated or less concentrated?

RICHARD: Same concentration, in fact, same efficacy. Let’s talk about concentration for a moment. People get caught in this. When Raghu started making this product he started with a 40 mg product. 40 milligram per milliliter of volume. The first product that was released was 10 mg per ml, the next version was 5 mg per ml, and we are now using 2.5 mg per ml. I expect it will be 1 mg per ml in a year or two. If you understand that in large measure, this is working at a homeopathic level. All of this makes some sense. If you think about that, five sprays in your mouth represent about 50,000 times the number of particles as we have cells in our bodies. A huge number of particles compared to the number of cells. I am not saying you only need one particle per cell, I don’t think you do, you might need 20 or something, but not 10,000.

MARTIN: I was getting more effect by taking 20 sprays in a day rather than five.

RICHARD: Well, there are two different issues. There is the frequency of use and concentration. The concentration doesn’t change things much, but the frequency of use does. Particularly if you are going through the healing process, dealing with things that are effectively using up the product in a way. This is why if someone was dealing with the virus, five sprays every four hours is a good thing to do. If people have been jabbed, it is good to use it every four hours for at least three days, just to be sure. Frequent usage is not the same thing as concentration. They might sound like they are overlapping, and maybe they are slightly, but in essence, if you are taking 30 sprays at a time versus five sprays six times a day, there will be a different outcome.

MARTIN: We should start a poll! People, those of you who are willing to experiment, if you are not lazy like me who takes five sprays in the morning and gets on with his day, if you are willing, I would like you to try and compare and be in touch and let us know what you find.

RICHARD: It is very interesting. I’ve had some kinesiologist who said to me: “All I need is one spray a day.” Well, that is okay, that may be true for him. There is a man, who is also a wonderful kinesiologist, his testimonial is the first in my list of documented testimonials, a guy called Howard Wallen, who lives in Chicago, an 80-year-old, wonderful man. There have been times on his journey where he used a bottle in a day. Was he wrong? I am not saying he was wrong, I am saying we don’t fully understand all that is going on here. But certainly, all the experimentation that Raghu has done says that when you are effectively in a stable health situation or you are working with longer-term healing and health issues, five sprays once a day is enough.

RICHARD: When you are getting started, five sprays, four times a day until you use up a bottle, five sprays twice a day till you use up the second bottle. Again, this has come out of the testing that Raghu has done over a period of time. If some people feel drawn to use less, that is okay. One thing I will say is that some experiments have been done in Switzerland using different dosage amounts across a whole range, and within a few hours that all normalized. This stuff recycles itself in the body, so it goes in as alcohol would. It gets oxidized and the body recycles it back, so it goes through this natural cycle, as many things do in the body in a state of homeostasis. That is why vitamin C gets produced in the body when this is present, because it is effectively part of the homeostasis process of the cells, to take oxidized vitamin C and convert it back. But without this product, it doesn’t happen.

MARTIN: So speaking of ingredients, this new Metasomer is applied topically. Should I expect that the most useful way would be to put it on over my face to deal with signs of aging maybe?

RICHARD: You can! Down the track, the cream will be a better option for that, but you can put the gel all over your face. If you have a cut, for example, you can use it, it heals up incredibly quickly, within a day you would see the healing that you would normally see in a week or two. This stuff is triggering the production of stem cells in the wound. It heals incredibly quickly. It works on burns, psoriasis, eczema, acne, all these things get transformed by the use of this product. The gel is the more practical version for topical use. Some people have told me this is the best hemorrhoid cream they’ve ever tried!

MARTIN: You also mentioned lotion or cream, right?

RICHARD: The cream is really a facial cream, it is a really high-quality cream that is currently in development. In the U.S. it is dragging its feet, I just had a conversation with a lawyer who needs to document these things in a formal way and give people access to it.

MARTIN: So this has to be tested on humans because we just don’t like to waste it on rats.

RICHARD: (laughing) We don’t have to do any of that. Any of that kind of work was done 10 years ago. In a way, these products are old products, but we need human rats to test them on. People like you and me will be good rats for it. I will tell you I have yet to share this with a woman who is not in the cosmetics industry who doesn’t love it. I have had three women so far who didn’t like the cream, and they are all in the cosmetics industry.

MARTIN: We are in a terrible situation here because just having said this is going to create a huge problem for me because I will be having to answer the calls of: “When are you getting the lotion?”

RICHARD: The gel will be in the store next week I expect.

MARTIN: We are speaking in September of 2021 for context.

RICHARD: We are indeed, so in mid-September 2021, we will have a good stock. We have only bottled a quarter of a ton so far, but we have enough of it.

MARTIN: How do we justify the premium price of it?

RICHARD: Well, it is a different product, to begin with, it is more expensive to make, as I mentioned, the packaging is different because the application is different, you can’t really use the spray bottle for a gel formula. So it has a different positioning in the market.

MARTIN: So to position it straight out, this is something you want to have on your bathroom shelf, but you won’t necessarily need to use it every day.

RICHARD: Correct. You know, you can use it every day, if you wish, but you don’t need to. I tend to use it if I have some issue going on my skin. One of the things that people have discovered is that the products, in general, are very good for pain relief. The base practice, in my opinion, is five sprays once a day in your mouth of the spray as an underpinning for everything else you do, plus the gel added to that. So if someone is dealing with acne or eczema or psoriasis, then clearly you will use it quite a lot. But in general, I don’t see it as being something that people will use every day unless they have a need to.

MARTIN: Alright, and for the lotion, please don’t call me before the beginning of 2022.

RICHARD: That is a good line in the sand. If we do better than that, treat it as a bonus.

MARTIN: Right, we will let you know if we have managed to get ahead of the deadline.

RICHARD: So that really is the gel, it is taking the spray and turning it into a topical, easy to apply gel. It is a water-based product just like Nano Soma is, there is no oil in it, it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and easily. You rub it on and it is gone.

MARTIN: That sounds great, I have a few ideas on how to test it, so we will put it to a test. I will try and do a few visuals.

RICHARD: Very good. I look forward to that. We have quite a lot of feedback because Raghu has been using it and testing it. In his large body of testimonials there are 60 pages of testimonials for both Nano Soma in liquid and in the gel form.

MARTIN: Well, I look forward to hearing from our listeners and followers with their stories. We already have a good number of them, you can find them on the product page. And of course, we have been sending out by email the commonly shared list of testimonials that you are referring to. That is usually sent by our newsletter because we don’t put them on our website. I think the stories that we could tell would probably not withstand the scrutiny of the regulators.

RICHARD: Well, I think when people are simply sharing their testimonials, that is fine. Just from a business perspective, one of the problems that the multi-level marketing people got into with testimonials is the people that were sharing them were being effectively paid to tell good stories. That is where they got into a problem. Legally we don’t have those issues because people are buying the product and using it for their own benefit and sharing their stories. You are allowed to do that. That is not a problem.

MARTIN: All right. Let’s hope that that statement holds.

RICHARD: There are lots and lots of testimonials on Amazon, I won’t use Amazon for many reasons, but there are lots of product testimonials up there. There is a bit of fear in the nutritional supplement industry about it because of the MLM experience.

MARTIN: The biggest challenge that I have is that under the FDA rules, we are allowed to make a structure or a function claim, but not a medical claim. So I could say something like: “This supports healthy heart function or healthy metabolic function,” because it is a statement of fact, but I couldn’t say: “It lowers blood pressure,” because that is a medical condition.

RICHARD: Yeah, I understand. I am very careful to claim nothing. And we don’t need to, because people share their experiences. Humanity deserves this product, and humanity is waking up to this product. We are just opening a few doors, and the right people grab it and run, like you have. So we don’t need to make claims. If anything, I am actually reducing the things that I put on the packaging, an example of this is the term ‘nutraceutical,’ which is a very kosher word in the U.S., it has been tested legally and defended for natural supplements, but it is a no-no word in the UK and Europe, which I found out the hard way. I couldn’t open a bank account in the UK! And then I did some homework, and I am taking the word ‘nutraceutical’ off the label everywhere so that it doesn’t trigger these reactions. Again, the word has a different meaning in different countries. But it is not going to affect the rollout of the product in any way.

MARTIN: Speaking of international, as of our conversation right now, your European store in Germany is up and running, right?

RICHARD: Yes, yes it is.

MARTIN: Fantastic. Your Australian store open?

RICHARD: It is open. The Australian store was actually the first one that I opened. I had it closed once or twice along the way, but it is open.

MARTIN: Wonderful. And so the UK store is coming soon also, right?

RICHARD: It is weeks away. The constraint is bottles. Things seem to take forever to make happen in the UK. I was organizing the people that are bottling the product, we are organizing all the packaging, but until I get the bottles, I can’t do anything.

MARTIN: Are you not able to ship the German product to the UK?

RICHARD: I don’t want to do that for a number of reasons. You have different regulations in every little space around these kinds of products. What you put on a label in Europe is different for the UK, I don’t want to get muddied up with any of those kinds of issues. I don’t want to be importing a bottled product into the UK. My model is to buy the bulk out of Switzerland and ship it to the market and bottle it in the UK. In South Africa, I am working with some people who will put it in a bottle themselves, and I will just supply them with the bulk product. I am also talking to someone in Singapore who will spread it across large parts of Southeast Asia. She is a powerhouse who understands this space.

MARTIN: I have been getting calls and orders from all over the world, and I keep telling them: “wait, wait, wait,” so there will be links in the show notes where you can go to order directly. I don’t necessarily want to be shipping orders from our US warehouse to wherever you are in the world, because it is really an experience.

RICHARD: Yes it is. If the vision is that this is in the hands of everybody in the world in 10 years, I just don’t know if we are going to become like Coca-Cola bottles around the world in a sense, I don’t know how that is going to happen or how it will be. One of the big issues on a broader scale is you really need to be able to produce the product in all those places, which means an integrated plant, and we need water, we need pristine water. If the plan is for this to be available across the world, then the water will be there, we just have to find it. I don’t know what it looks like yet.

MARTIN: Awesome. Have we forgotten something?

RICHARD: Not that I can think of.

MARTIN: Alright. Okay, dear listeners, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast and Dr. Richard Presser for MagicDichol. You can find us on www.life-enthusiast.com, and we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. That has been our motto since our opening 25 years ago. Thank you for being with us!

RICHARD: Thank you, Martin!

Note: this interview and the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.



Author: Nina Vachkova