Podcast 433: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 6

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 433: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 6

CIRSTEN: Hello, everyone! Welcome! Martin sent me two bottles of Nano Soma, but I don’t know how to use them. This is the stuff that will help with your immunity. How do you do this? You have this big tube…

MARTIN: Oh, no, no, screw it back on, and then pull it apart, pull the lid off. There’s a lid on top of a sprayer.

CIRSTEN: Oh, okay. How much do you spray?

MARTIN: Five sprays. Well, start with less. Don’t overdo it.The product itself works great. This thing that she is talking about, is called Nano Soma, it comes in a box like this, and she showed the sprayer. It is a policosanol-based product, it is coming to us from an inventor in India, they actually make it in Switzerland, and bottle it in the United States. 

CIRSTEN: I just wanna heal up before I do my show in Pennsylvania. So let’s talk about a few of the products that I am taking.

MARTIN: We’ll have you fixed up. So, somebody just right at the top of the chatline said: “What about those crystal pearls,” or whatever they said…

CIRSTEN: Oh, the water, the prills!

MARTIN: We can talk about that. We always try to get into the basic principles of healing. When you get the major things right, you will have an easier and better life. Oftentimes I tell people: “You are majoring in minor things, get back to basics.” Or another line I like to use is: “It is hard to fix with pills, which you screw up with your fork.” Anyway, about those crystal pearls, one of the things we do is hydration. Hydration is important, and we have this gadget that you can put in water that helps to structure your water so that it is more hydrating. Your skin will look better, your cells will be more hydrated. It is like turning old raisins back into grapes.

CIRSTEN: The pearls come in two different bags, one is the white pearls and then there’s another bag, right?


CIRSTEN: Yeah, they clean your water, you just put it in your water. I can see my water is alive because I see bubbles. This is the most inexpensive way to treat your water. I have a Japanese Kangen water machine, which is $4,000. How much are these pearls, Martin?

MARTIN: Oh, $37. And they are good for five years.

CIRSTEN: They are amazing. Here’s a Kangen water system with seven titanium plates, and it is used to produce some bubbles, but your little pearls produce more bubbles to show that it is alive than my whole $4,000 machine! That stuff is fantastic. I missed Martin last week because I was itching to death and I am still, it seems like when you get those bites from those bugs or whatever they are, they might be laying eggs in where the bites are, and you have to kill those off too, it is really crazy. I never had that many since I had chickenpox when I was a child in Singapore. So my gosh, God is really allowing me to go through it, which is fine.

MARTIN: That is rough, right?

CIRSTEN: It is unbearable. I had bites here and there, they seem to recess, but you know, I need your stuff, so please send me the stuff for the itching.

MARTIN: Yeah, we will get rid of that. So somebody’s asking again: “What is the link?” The link is on the chatline, and the link is on the screen, it is www.life-enthusiast.com, this is where you can find all the products that we will be discussing. And so we started talking about the prills, and I’ll come back to this Nano Soma, it comes in a box like this, it is actually in a spray bottle. People are asking questions like: “Will it fix the DNA damage? Will it fix the harm done to me?” I can’t answer that directly because the research that we have is really about genetic repair, and DNA repair. this thing has been on the market for 10 years, it has been working just fine. In the end, we really don’t worry about what caused the damage, because we repair all of it. You don’t take it as “one and done,” this is more like a nutritional supplement, much like the way you take vitamin C or the reason you exercise.

You don’t just exercise for a month and then say: “Okay, I am done for the rest of my life.” You exercise because you need to maintain, you take a vitamin supplement because your body needs it. As long as you take this supplement, you have its protection. It fixes two things. The cell membrane receptor sites, meaning that it regulates how you deal with vitamin D, how you deal with vitamin C, and several other things. The body will need to work correctly in order to keep it healthy. So please understand we cannot make a claim about it taking stuff out of you. All we know is that it fixes what is going on inside of you. There are a lot of people coming to harm from various silly things that they do and shouldn’t do. That could include alcohol and smoking for all I care. This will reverse the degenerative changes from that, too.


MARTIN: I try to be really careful about how we describe it and what we say about it because we don’t really want to be making a medical claim here. Someone is asking: “Can I wash my hair with it? Because I have pimples all over my head.”

CIRSTEN: That would be a very expensive wash. How much is one of these?

MARTIN: 60 dollars. It works on the skin, you can spray it on things, you can spray it in your eyes…

CIRSTEN: Oh, I could spray it on my breakouts!

MARTIN: Yeah, you could.

CIRSTEN: Oh my gosh. Now that I know it is 60 dollars, I am going to put little drops of it. I knew it was expensive, I just didn’t know how much. But it works, so it is fine. All of your stuff works. I was on vacation, I got eaten alive by bugs, and I still took the Aurasil and the Strata Flora, and it did help. They have so many bugs there, and they have so many more bugs in Charleston, holy moly, I had no idea, those miniscule mosquitoes. I can’t really take it, I couldn’t live there, thank God I went there and tried it before I got some property there, I would’ve offed myself. It was awful. But yeah, all these products are wonderful. And Martin has over 600 products on his website! All his products are wonderful, he puts a lot of research into them. I mean, how many ingredients does the Aurasil have, or the Strata Flora, that really help your digestive system. You have to be a genius to figure that out.

MARTIN: Actually. You know, this was divinely inspired. Back in 1988, when our main formulator was only 31, he was suffering from horrible spring allergies, he was just so insane with itching, that he essentially prayed: “Dear God, either take me out of here or show me a path.” And God mercifully showed him a path, and the path was: “Here are 12 things you must put together,” and those were the building blocks of the first superfood blend, and we still sell that on our website, it is called Excela. And those building blocks essentially help to bring the immune system back under control. If you have a runaway immune system, you have to worry about it just going crazy on you and putting you into overdrive. So anyway, that is the beginning of the story of the Exsula Superfoods, and you are now talking about the Strata Flora, or the Aurasil, both of them are excellent.

What we have here are custom products that are targeted for a specific issue and a specific body type. We have people who are already speedy that we need to slow down, or we have people who are kind of sluggish that we need to lift up. And we have solutions. Judy says: “Do you have something for eye floaters?” Yes, actually, we do, it is called Bright Eyes. So if you go to this link that you see on the screen, and you type ‘bright eyes’ in the search bar, you’ll find the product. And it works on floaters like you wouldn’t believe. Christie says: “What is the spelling for crystal pearls?” Exactly as you spelled it. “Would that spray work against the crap in the UK?” Yes, Joyce, that stuff is the same for humans, dogs, and even British people, it works on everyone. I’ll say it one more time: We don’t so much care what caused the damage, we repair the damage, we repair the humans, we don’t fight with what is causing the harm, we fix the person and make their body work right.

Alexa asks: “Will this work on Morgellons?” That one, I don’t know, I don’t have enough data, but I would love to talk to you. If you can, give us a call, and we can talk about it. I don’t know if this works on the silicone bugs or not. 

“What can you use for nail growth?” You need to get more silica in your body, silica is the building material for collagen, and collagen is the building block of nails, hair, skin, and other connective tissue, so we need to get that. And Cirsten has been taking this thing called Aurasil, that is what you would be ordering for healthier hair, healthier nails.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is fantastic. I mean, it saved me because I would’ve lost it from the two weeks of basically suffering, that was really crazy.

MARTIN: And so somebody has put the word “arthritis” up, you know, arthritis is an inflammation in the joints. And so of course the standard principles of health apply. Number one – if you find yourself in a hole, you need to stop digging. Let that sink in. First – stop the toxins. That means stopping the foods that are increasing your inflammation. Right now, we have a problem with the industrial food producers, the industrial agriculture, because they are making grains that are making us sick, and they are making dairy that is making us sick. So we need to essentially go gluten-free in order to stop the nonsense. A lot of people with joint pain are also allergic to nightshades, which are tomatoes, potatoes, bell pepper, and so on, so you may need to do less of that. We do have a product, if you type the word “arthritis” on the Life Enthusiast website, you will see, type in the word and it’ll find you the advice you need.

And then there’s a person asking about a nail fungus. Nail fungus is a problem of a stagnant lymphatic system. When you get accumulation of toxins in your feet, that is what you get. If you come by a swamp, what do you notice about a swamp? It stinks, putrifies, it is a stagnant pool. Most people’s feet that have lack circulation will be smelly and have fungus. So you need to move, and you need to get the lymphatic system working again. 

How do we deal with the lymphatic system? There’s a concept called ‘dry skin brushing,’ which means that you take some kind of a vegetable bristle brush, and you brush dry skin, not wet, and you brush toward your heart. So from the fingers up, up the hand, to the elbow, and from elbow to shoulder, and on the feet to the ankle, and ankle to knee, and knee to hip, and you just keep brushing upward. That is one method. The second method is, of course, exercise. Walking, rebounding on a rebounder, bouncing… You need to move up and down against gravity. When you move up and down, that is when the fluids are moving, and you need a movement of fluids, that is what is going to decrease the stagnation. We do have stuff for it, you know, that thing that I started talking about, called Amazing Soak, it is a rapidly oxygenating fluid, you can use that on fungus.

CIRSTEN: Does it get rid of bacteria and viruses, or just fungus?

MARTIN: It is always a cascade of things. Whatever happens in the gut is affecting what happens in the liver. And the liver affects what happens in the kidneys, and the kidneys affect what happens in the lymph. So it is a cascade of things that keep piling on, and everything is connecting to everything else.

CIRSTEN: Okay. How much Fulvic acid should I put in my drink?

MARTIN: About 20 drops a day.

CIRSTEN: Okay. We went through this on the last show, I love the oil of Oregano. Then I found something stronger, which was Black Seed Oil. And now I found the ultimate antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, this Fulvic Acid, and Martin carries it. This is my new favorite! I am going to drink some of this right now. And we have another thing he sent me to clean my pineal gland, so you can think more clearly with your third eye. You can see things very clearly. And how much should we take of the Pineal?

MARTIN: Well, it is one or the other, you take Pineal or the Fulvic, you don’t need to have both at the same time. You would be taking about 20 drops. I mean, you can pile it on, it is not harmful. I have a bottle here of the Divine Vine, which is also from The Doc of Detox, with living crystals. There are three different ones, we have one called ATP, one called Pineal, and one called Divine. The ATP goes after the thyroid, that is your expression, the Pineal goes after your third eye, would be your vision, and the Divine goes after the crown chakra, that would be your connection to your higher self. So I’ve been hitting myself with that.

CIRSTEN: The ATP sounds like something I would like to try because ATP is what we Chinese call the Chi, which is the electricity in your body. We sold machines that would activate your ATP, which means it is going to give you energy, I can already tell. It is going to give you more energy, more Chi, and more electricity, so yes, I need some of the ATP. But these two are fantastic, Fulvic acid and Pineal, and I even love the bottle, it is done in periwinkle purple color, you can’t beat it.

MARTIN: So the ATP is mainly for the masculine energy. It just gives you more drive.

CIRSTEN: Okay, I don’t need that. (laughing)

MARTIN: No, you are already there, honey.

CIRSTEN: I don’t need it. Also, we have that stuff that I take that burns the fat, let’s talk about it.

MARTIN: Oh, really? Okay. We have this thing called Thermo Burn. You see, for people who should be on the keto diet, but are too addicted to starch, to carbohydrates, the Thermo Burn will just burn off the sugar, or the glucose, and allow the person to not be so tempted, and to get rid of the excess energy. However, it will crank you up.

CIRSTEN: Okay, Paula McKay has a question: “What is good for cholesterol?”

MARTIN: Oh boy. Cholesterol is usually a reaction of the digestive system, or of the whole body, to fuel that is too hot. If you can think of your body like it was a fireplace, if you start burning kindling and newspaper, it is going to go whoosh, lots of flames, and right up to the chimney, but it is going to be out quick. But if you put on big logs, it is going to burn slowly, and with more heat. 

The point is this: There are two different dominances, two different body types. Some people are super-efficient at converting food into energy, and other people not as much. And the highly efficient people are burning starches too fast, so when you eat a diet that is too starchy, it is creating temperature too high, which then causes inflammation in the body, which then leads to these cholesterol levels going up. So I would suggest that high cholesterol is caused by a diet that is too rich in carbohydrates. Switch to keto, and you’ll see it come down.

CIRSTEN: Agnes is asking: “Do you suggest anything for cough? I have a bad cough.”

MARTIN: Well, the Amazing O was one of the things that really helps to clear any infections. Is that caused by a viral infection, or is it caused by the presence of fungus in your home or work? Or are you allergic to pets, or house dust? Or are you allergic to… You know, the cause of the cough can be manyfold? How do we know?

CIRSTEN: “Can people with transplants take your products?” Of course, they are totally natural, Margie.

MARTIN: Yeah, you can. It will not make you worse, it will make you better.

CIRSTEN: It will make you better. It will help. His products are the best, I mean, I wouldn’t have him on every week if his products were not the best, that is all I have to say!

MARTIN: Well, to that point: We have been around since 1988, and we have worked the system hard, and we have kissed a lot of frogs and found a few princes. There is a lot of bad stuff out there being offered, saying: “Oh man, our products are wonderful.” No, they are not, they will sell you stuff that is spiked with all kinds of artificial things that pretend to be really good quality, but they are not. So I would say these are hard-earned things, hard-earned knowledge.

CIRSTEN: Okay. A lot of things are going on at one time, I am still itching like crazy on certain spots, but before I was itching everywhere, now it is just certain spots. But I think the Fulvic acid will really do it its number.

MARTIN: Yeah, that will help you detox pretty quick.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Oh, we have something for people that have constipation, it is the Apple Pectin! It is amazing, it is not very strong, it is very soothing, and it just gently pushes your bowel movement. It really is amazing, I love that. Apple Pectin is a smooth detoxer.

MARTIN: Yeah. Soudebeh says she is using the Amazing O, and it cleared her nose the first time she took it. It works quickly.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it does. It works fantastic.

MARTIN: “What about acne?” Well, acne, my dear is a problem of the liver.

CIRSTEN: Okay, wait one second, Jessica Newberry, you get 10% off when you start ordering from Martin.

MARTIN: New customers are presented with an offer, and the code that they have to use is LEMOB10, if you use it on the website at checkout, it will give you a 10% off on your first order. 

Somebody asked here about tinnitus and acne. Oh yeah. I was saying that acne is essentially a liver disease. I started talking about the diet being too hot, you know, and there’s too much fire burning in your gut. Well, that fire will damage your liver, and the liver will then damage your lymphatics, and the lymphatics will blow up on your skin. It is a cascade of things. Most of these problems are nutritional. We can fix the breakouts, we have a product called Trauma Gel, but then you are just sort of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. What you really wanna do is fix the gut. And for that, Cirsten already mentioned it, there’s the Strata Flora. It will fix the terrain, it will do a marvelous job of it.

CIRSTEN: You need to take that first. I think you got to get your digestion going first, and then you can work on other stuff. That is the first step. Because your digestive system is the one that absorbs all the nutrition. If you are not getting any nutrition, then forget it. The code is LEMOB10 for 10% off on your first order at Life Enthusiast. “What about ear ringing?”

MARTIN: Well, again, multiple causes. Is it high blood pressure? If that is the problem, you need to figure out that. Or if it is toxicity, we need to figure that out. If it is the neurological damage, damage to the proprioceptive nerves, then what we really need is the Nano Soma, get that and try that. 

“Can the diabetics with type 1 take a keto pill?” We don’t offer a keto pill. We recommend a keto diet. And you can certainly be on a keto diet as a diabetic, be on a diet that is a low glycemic index, that is the best I can suggest because that will help to balance the glucose levels. 

Oh my God, I am just getting bombarded by the chatline here on my website, plus this chatline on yours! “I have a young son with severe ADD.” ADD is a spectrum disease. At the extreme, you have the autistic, and at the minimum, you have these little geniuses who are like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. And everything in between, you know, with Asperger’s and ADD and whatever. Most of that relates to the toxicity in the body. We talked about Zeolite on the previous shows. It is one of those baseline things, you need to get the industrial toxins out of people. Until you get the toxins out, you don’t know what is bothering you. Especially mercury and lead are horrible, and we need to get them out. So look up Zeolite on the website.

CIRSTEN: That is what I take every day, to get rid of the toxic metals, the mercury from the teeth, all that stuff. Yes, I take that every day.

MARTIN: What else could we say about that? Once you take the toxins out, you need to fix the inner terrain, Strata Flora is one of the most wonderful ways to do that. We need to rebuild the microbial terrain. For example, children with autism have a buildup of Clostridium Difficile. It is a microbe that overgrows when you give people antibiotics. You kill off the good bugs, and the bad bugs overgrow. If you disturb a lot, like a city lot, where you just dig it up and leave it alone, you don’t see a lot filled with lilacs, lettuce, and parsley. Instead, you will see weeds. The unwanted stuff, the more resilient crap that nobody cares for.

Likewise in the gut, when you kill off the good guys, the bad guys take over. And that is a problem for a lot of children with these things on the spectrum. And they tend to be very picky eaters, and they tend to be eating mostly junky things, high-carb diets, which is harming them, but they are addicted to it. There are a lot of repairs that need to be done. You probably should be talking to me about the steps you need to take, the intermediate steps. Step one – get the metals out. Step two – fix the microbes. Step three – support the healthy terrain. Step four – fix the nutrition. Again, it is a cascade of things, and if you don’t do it in the right order, it is a mess.

Carol Walton says: “Are these essential oils?” I am not so sure what these would mean. We do have products with essential oils, but I don’t know what these would be. “BP for blood pressure?” Yeah, we know what to do with it, but we have to know the causes. Is it caused by calcium-magnesium imbalance? Or sodium-potassium imbalance? Is it hormonal, endocrine imbalance, stress-related, or hardening of the arteries? If it is all five, we need to fix everything. You can’t really just say: “Oh yeah, for high blood pressure, take X.” There’s no such thing, you need to fix the cause. Hey, is it pretty hot down there in Florida, darling?

CIRSTEN: Oh, it is very hot.

MARTIN: You look like you need a person with a fan, fanning you.

CIRSTEN: No, it is not just hot, it is also humid, but you know I can handle that. It is the itching that I can’t handle. I can handle a lot of heat, I am from the equator. Nancy Parker asks: “Do you sell chlorine dioxide?”

MARTIN: Okay, chlorine dioxide is a ROS, reactive oxygen species releaser, and we did have a product on our website called Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen, that is made with chlorine dioxide. But I also mentioned to Cirsten this product called Amazing Soak, which is about an order of magnitude more intense than the basic chlorine dioxide.

CIRSTEN: And you take a bath in that, right?

MARTIN: You can either take a bath in it, or you can inhale it. We ship the concentrate, it needs to be diluted, you don’t use it straight. Although, if you are going to put it on toe fungus, you can use it straight. In a whole body soak, you use about an ounce of it in a bathtub.

CIRSTEN: “What do you think about arnica for the healing and non-scarring?”

MARTIN: Yeah, arnica is awesome. Paul says: “I am still waiting for an answer for the vitamin D3 with K.” What answer do you want? Vitamin D3 and K are important, take them. The normal dose is about 5,000 IU D3 and some K. The Nano Soma fixes the vitamin D3 metabolism, so you actually won’t be needing it once you are on the Nano Soma.

CIRSTEN: “What about hair loss?”

MARTIN: Well, it depends. If it is men’s hair loss, it usually has to do with the liver because they make dihydro-testosterone, which causes the hair to fall out, which is a liver problem. In women, most times we see that as a thyroid function issue where they are thinning on top, like thin from here to here. So we need to fix your thyroid.

CIRSTEN: And what would you use to do that?

MARTIN: Well, again, it depends. The Nano Soma is going to be great for that. We also need to supplement seaweed and aloe vera, which usually helps a lot.

CIRSTEN: How many sprays of the Nano Soma should I take?

MARTIN: The maintenance dose is five sprays a day, the bottle would last a month when you do that. Fulvic acid? That is about twenty drops a day. But those are two different things, right?

CIRSTEN: Okay. So what did we not cover?

MARTIN: Well, you should always start with the Strata Flora, again, that is what will set the digestion and elimination on the right track.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Let’s go down through all the things we’ve covered. This one will help return your body to the right DNA, and it can help with your thyroid problems. This is called Nano Soma, but it is currently sold out, so if you want some, you will have to wait for a few weeks.

MARTIN: Yeah. The manufacturer says that they are sold out and won’t have anything for four weeks.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Then we have this Fulvic acid, which is great antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. This is the strongest stuff you can get, stronger than Black Seed oil, stronger than the oil of Oregano. Then we have the Pineal that will help your thinking and your eyes, your Pineal gland will get cleaned out. We have the Aurasil, which is the super greens that I love and I take every day, and of course the Strata Flora, I actually take these two together, and it really helps to get your digestive system going. I also take the Zeolite to get rid of the toxic metals. That is what I take daily.

MARTIN: I see a note here from Pixie Webster: “My whole body was crushed, I have severe nerve damage. Do you have something for that?” I would be using the extract of hemp, which we can’t talk about, but we have a website for it, call me, please, I will help you, I just can’t address it here. My number is (866) 543 3388.

CIRSTEN: Nancy Parker says: “Scott McKay uses chlorine dioxide.” I used to use it, and it is very harsh. It dried out all my skin, all my hair, it was like straw. So be careful. I think whatever Martin has is much, much less harsh than taking the chlorine dioxide directly.

MARTIN: Yeah. The chlorine dioxide is kind of hard to control, but it is not difficult, right? I will explain it this way: When you take something that generates a high amount of reactive oxygen species, it is like walking down your hallway or into your barn with a flamethrower to clean off the cobwebs. You are actually taking fire to it. As long as you don’t keep the fire on one spot for too long, it is okay. But if you keep it on one spot too long, you burn down the whole thing!

CIRSTEN: What is your alternative? You have something else that is less harsh, right?

MARTIN: Well, the Amazing Soak! It works.

CIRSTEN: Can they take that internally?

MARTIN: Well, when you introduce this fire into your barn, you need to be careful with it. For example, if you have a stomach problem, like an infection, if you take this, you age yourself two weeks in one hour.

CIRSTEN: Oh wow.

MARTIN: The microbes don’t survive it because that is like a fast-forward button for their lifespan, two weeks forward. You will kill them.

CIRSTEN: I see. There you go.

MARTIN: Then you need to take stuff that is going to reverse the damage, because oxidation is the process of stealing electrons, now that you’ve made all the damage, you need to come up with some way to reverse it.

CIRSTEN: Okay, he has something for you, the Amazing Soak. “Anything for gout?”

MARTIN: Yes. Stop eating red meat.

CIRSTEN: There you go. That is a free prescription, people, stop eating red meat.

MARTIN: Yeah, absolutely. And also cauliflower, asparagus, trout, salmon, dark turkey meat… But all the red meat, that is what is causing it. There are different body types.

CIRSTEN: The turkey and the salmon are not red meat though!

MARTIN: No, but they are high and purine, so they will cause this.

CIRSTEN: Okay. “What about morgellons?”

MARTIN: I would like to run an experiment, I would like to see if the Nano Soma can be effective against it. I have no idea. You know, Morgellons are silicon-based life forms, not carbon. They are weird stuff, and I have no data on it, there’s no research, so we just need to kind of try one thing at a time. “Can I take Humic and Fulvic together?” You bet, they come from one place, so they are compatible.

CIRSTEN: “Are these products safe for horses?” Of course, they are all-natural, John Milton.

MARTIN: Yep. Horses, dogs, and humans are physiologically very similar. Like, 95% of our physiology is the same. I mean, a dog is a little bit more on the carnivore side, a horse is a little bit more on the vegetarian side, we are kind of in the middle.

CIRSTEN: Another message: “Martin, your products are great!” Thank you. “What helps with energy?” You should take the one that Amanda Grace takes! That would be Powrtein!

MARTIN: Yes! Also, we have formulated this crazy product, I will tell you about that. It is called Auralite (now PowrSlim), and it is like a superfood monster drink, you know, the Red Bull kind of double caffeine shot. We formulated a superfood that has got as much of a kick as that, but it is healthy.

CIRSTEN: I guess, I shouldn’t take that…

MARTIN: No, no, no, not you! (laughing)

CIRSTEN: I’ll be climbing the wall! (laughing)

MARTIN: But people who are kind of oversized, built like linebackers, weightlifters, big, heavy, sumo-wrestler type, they would be very well advised to take that because it would crank them up, give them the oomph to go, and feed them well. It has got a whole bunch of things in it, it also trims back appetite. If you have somebody who is like a hundred pounds overweight or more, that is the ticket.

CIRSTEN: Rebecca Beck says: “I just got my order from you, I got the Nano Soma, I take it, it is amazing.” Thank you! Also, we have this question: “Anything for metabolism?”

MARTIN: We have Martin for metabolism! (laughing)

CIRSTEN: What about that ‘burn’ product, what was it called…

MARTIN: That Thermo Burn?

CIRSTEN: Thermo Burn! That is what I take. One pill is enough for all day.


CIRSTEN: Yeah, there we go! I am already climbing the wall. (laughing) We already covered acne, it is most probably a liver problem, you need to take the Strata Flora. When you guys come in late, I am sorry, but we covered it already.

MARTIN: Well, we can come back in a… When am I back?

CIRSTEN: You come back Wednesday, but we can change the day if you want.

MARTIN: Oh no, I don’t care, I will make myself available.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, during the week is better, I think Wednesdays are a perfect time.

MARTIN: “What helps with energy?” Well, you know, energy is a question of the mitochondria, and if the mitochondria don’t get enough glucose and oxygen, they will not convert food into energy. That is a problem. So we need to make sure there’s enough oxygen. If the cell membrane is messed up, then you are not getting stuff through the membrane. It is also possible that if you have chronic fatigue, you are actually deficient in sulfur, so try MSM.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I mean, it is amazing. “Did you guys discuss dark spots on the face?” No, we did not.

MARTIN: Are we talking about the liver spots, or are we talking about the raccoon eyes that you have, like black circles around the eyes?

CIRSTEN: I think she is talking about liver spots.

MARTIN: Well, as soon as we can get the Nano Soma back in stock, we’ll be looking good. In the meantime, you need to deal with the Strata Flora to heal the gut, and the Liver formula to clean the liver. Once we clean the gut and the liver, then all of a sudden the lymphatic system cleanses, and once the lymphatic system clears up, you are looking 10 years younger. Look at this face, this is a 69.

CIRSTEN: You can spray it on your face, right?

MARTIN: Oh, yeah, yeah.

CIRSTEN: Wow, this is amazing. Yes, we have great information, we are on every Wednesday, I mean, Martin has taught a lot of people a lot of things! “Black circles around the eyes, how do you get rid of that?”

MARTIN: It is an allergy, you need to deal with the allergy. 9 times out of 10 it is gluten sensitivity. You can probably call me, we can play detective, and figure out what the problem is.

CIRSTEN: “I am going to watch you every Tuesday.” It is on Wednesday, Nancy Parker, we are doing this on Wednesday! It is not Tuesday, it is Wednesday. I like to keep the day regular. So, does everyone know where to find Martin on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM? Okay. I think we covered everything. I think the phone calls should start, Martin is on Pacific time, so don’t keep him on the line for too long. What is the number? It is (866) 543 3388.

MARTIN: Poor Greta, her father has come down with Alzheimer’s suddenly, and it is accelerating. I would go with the Zeolite, and we have a thing called ALZ Ease in the store, come by and visit.

CIRSTEN: I am telling you that Zeolite is fantastic, my gums have stopped receding.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is a good thing. Well, our store is in the Pacific time zone, we are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Leah says: “Hey, dogs can take aspirin,” somebody else said: “Dogs cannot take aspirin,” and then somebody says: “Dogs shouldn’t take chocolate.” I know that dogs don’t do well on some sugary things, in nature, dogs don’t really eat cake. You don’t see coyotes sitting around a fire, roasting their rabbits and eating cake after. So even though dogs will eat it, it is not really a good thing for the animal.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. “Is Zeolite safe for kids?” Yes, I think it is. “What about teeth sensitivity?”

MARTIN: Well, that is usually along the gum line, so you need to worry about the toxic metals.

CIRSTEN: “What would help with sleep?”

MARTIN: That depends. What is causing the problem? Is it stress? Zeolite is absolutely safe for children, we have the liquid Zeolite, and it is totally safe for children. “What reverses damage?” Well, the best thing I can tell you is that the Nano Soma reverses a lot. “Can you get Nano Soma in GNC?” No, ma’am. “Do you have something for COPD?” Yes, I do, it is a complex thing, it is not like there’s a pill for that, but there’s a lifestyle for that.

CIRSTEN: Any more questions people?

MARTIN: They have a lot of questions that we have not addressed, the questions are endless! I was running a forum with 100,000 people on it, and I could spend 24/7 there answering questions.

CIRSTEN: Okay, question: “I itch, but it is not from bites, what can I use?”

MARTIN: Let me explain. Itching is a sign of over-alkalinity. So if you have itching, there’s this word called histadelia. Hista as in ‘histamine,’ it is the same thing that triggers allergies. Anyway, you need to understand your inner works, the balance between fats and proteins in your diet is incorrect, you are causing yourself to itch. Change your diet. If you don’t understand what that is, call me.

CIRSTEN: I’ve heard that if you start to itch, it can be circulation too. Like, first you feel something, you feel some itching, then you feel pain, and then the third level of lack of circulation is numbness.

MARTIN: Yeah, those are the degrees how it goes, yep.

CIRSTEN: And then what else do you have? I heard that candida die-off makes your skin itch also.

MARTIN: Yes, of course! The lymphatic system, as it overloads with toxins, will push to the surface. It is like pressure building up in the lymphatics, and you end up with itching. Do I have something for neuropathy? Yes, we do.

CIRSTEN: I can’t wait for the soak, and I can’t wait for the neutralizer for my skin.

MARTIN: Okay. What else do we have?

CIRSTEN: Well, I don’t see any more comments…

MARTIN: Here we go, Judy, anxiety is caused by acidity, it is a pH balance problem. When you heard me talk about the itching, that that is too much alkalinity. Anxiety is too much acidity. Again, it is a nutritional thing. Nancy asks: “Where is the store?” Our warehouse is in Washington state, but there’s no physical store, we are online. “Lin Wood looks good.” Well, yeah, Lin Wood looks great, he looks and he sounds good. And he sounds clever, too.

CIRSTEN: He is, yeah, and he is not getting eaten up by all the insects over there… (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) You know, I was in Las Vegas in a hotel, and we ended up with an infestation too, it was not fun.

CIRSTEN: It was bed bugs!

MARTIN: It probably was. But they were just phenomenal, they moved us to another room, fumigated everything, dry cleaned everything, it was awesome.

CIRSTEN: Okay! So, thank you for coming, thank you very much! Thanks, Martin! Do you know what I need?

MARTIN: Yeah, Cirsten, I got my notes right here on a piece of paper. Well, my dear, thank you for spending the time with me here!

CIRSTEN: Thank you! Thank you for coming and explaining everything to everyone. One of these days I will know what causes what!

MARTIN: We will get there! Thank you, see you next week!

CIRSTEN: Bye, bye!

Author: Martin Pytela