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Podcast 454: Notice of Liability

When it comes to your personal health, a lot of it depends on the choices you are making in your kitchen. When it comes to you liberty, a lot of it depends on the choices you are making with your interactions in commerce. Your personal freedoms depend on the choices you make. Learn about the seldom discussed merchant and commerce language that controls our liberties.

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MARTIN: Hello, Life Enthusiasts. This is Martin Pytela coming in with the Life Enthusiast Podcast, and today I have the distinct pleasure to introduce to you, Cal Washington. Cal comes back to us, or to us with an illustrious and lengthy career. In my mind, Cal is one of the heroes of this society. You’ll soon find out why, but before anything, let’s just say hello.

CAL: Oh, I’m happy to be here, Martin. Honored and I’m looking forward to our conversation.

MARTIN: Yeah. My story, as you may know it, is wrought with great many problems. You know, the classic hero who first starts by being totally broken, and if you overcome the brokenness, then you’ve become stronger. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. Cal is one of those people too. Cal, would you just tell, why do people need to care about the message that you have worked so hard to be able to now deliver?

CAL: Well, if we continue on the path that we are as a whole, as a whole society, as mankind, we’re headed for destruction. You can see it in all aspects of society. And so something has to change, and it has to be a pretty drastic change on all fronts. Health, wealth, social interactions, education. We need a wholesale change, because we’re headed down the toilet as far as, if you just look around, it’s not looking good. There’s good things happening, but yeah, we have to actually change something and it’s got to be big changes.

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah. Interestingly, like I have been helping to educate people about their own personal health, which is great. Right? So, on Titanic, I get to tell you that you should choose this food over that food because you’ll be healthier after that dinner. But we are on a Titanic. Cal’s here to talk about what we need to tell the captain before we end up in the ice field.

CAL: <laugh>. Well, yeah. Well, we need to tell the captain to, we’re taking over the ship is what we really need to do. And we don’t want to head for these icebergs, there’s a better way. So a part of what I discovered is going to be part of that change, among other things. It’s not just, what we’re doing is the be all and end all, but it’s an important piece. We have to change some of our thinking especially, and then take our position, on earth that is ours by our birthright. Because we’re here and because we are mankind. So.

MARTIN: Yeah. This is an important bit. I don’t know if it translates immediately into the thoughts that, that you need to understand, but when you heard me talk in 300 or 400 different podcasts about voting with your wallet, about taking your money where it belongs, this is one of those places where what Cal’s going to talk about next is where the rubber meets the road. And when you personally get to withhold your support from things that do not deserve it, and instead turn it toward where it’s needed, you will see change. First small, but incrementally large. And it doesn’t take much. Only 20% of us have to do this uprising or this change, and the whole world will follow us.

CAL: Absolutely. And the more people that can understand that, the better. Because it doesn’t take everybody, it just takes a critical mass, and that’s all it is. And the rest will follow. They have to. Yeah, it’s crucial that we figure out what’s going on and then take action based on that knowledge.

MARTIN: Yeah. So let’s break it down. You have a whole website that you’ve built, right? What’s it called?



CAL: Both. We have both domains. Yeah. So.

MARTIN: Okay. In power, as in I am in power.

CAL: <laugh>. Well, you too. <Laugh>.

MARTIN: Alright, so what do you do there? What do you offer?

CAL: We’re teaching this hidden jurisdiction called Law Merchant. That’s the crux of it. They hid this ancient system of commerce from, they took it basically out of history. I mean, it’s in history if you look for it, but they stopped talking about it. So we’re unaware of this jurisdiction, but it’s still operating in full.

MARTIN: About when?

CAL: About the 1700s is when they fused it with the Common Law. And then they just pretty much stopped talking about it. They don’t teach it at law school, and it just kind of went mostly unnoticed. But once you see it or become aware of it, you’ll see how prevalent it is. It’s just everywhere. So they managed to hide this from us, and then because of our ignorance of what’s going on, we ended up being taken advantage of.

MARTIN: Yeah. You know, this probably is best explained on a live example in a parable, right? Could you try a specific example in life, how this is reflected?

CAL: Well, for those of a certain age, when credit cards first came out, like the chargeX and American Express, you would go to your restaurant, you would have your dinner, you would put the charge card down and the waiter would take it away. He would put it into a machine, sometimes at the table. Sometimes he would take it away and bring it back, and he would put a piece of paper on top of that. Then he would run a thing over there, and then he would bring it back, and you would sign it.

MARTIN: Yeah. At the imprint, the physical imprint of the plastic card.

CAL: So on that card was some information, your name, because of the machine, there was information about the restaurant you were at and its address. And then he would write in the amount of the dinner that you spent, and then you would sign it. And there would be a date on it as well from the machine. As soon as you have those elements, you have just created a bill of exchange. In ancient commerce that was considered money. They were writing their own money.

MARTIN: Like a contract, right?

CAL: It’s more like a credit, based on honor, if you didn’t have silver or gold with you, you could write on a piece of paper. I owe you this amount of money, and it had to have certain things on there, which I just explained. It became money, and that piece of paper would pass around in the open market. And then at any point in time, whoever had that piece of paper could go back to the originator and say, I want my silver. But a lot of times it didn’t. It just kept passing around.


CAL: And so this is how the wealthy got very wealthy because they were writing money on pieces of paper and nobody was ever coming back and getting the silver, because they would just pass it to the next person and pass it to the next person. So what has happened in real life with that credit card thing, is that you created money on the spot, but you didn’t know it, and they took advantage of that situation. So the restaurant does not go to Visa or MasterCard and get money from them. You got to really understand this. They just take that piece of paper and deposit it in their bank account, and their bank account went up by that much as if they had put in a hundred dollar bill. They put in this, for the same amount. Visa gets noticed that this has happened, and then they charge you the whole amount back plus interest. So they’re getting money for nothing and they’re charging you interest on it because you created money on the spot, but you handed it over and you didn’t understand what you were doing. And that’s why this ignorance.

MARTIN: Yeah. I guess this is the sleight of hand where I think I’m borrowing money from them, but in fact they are, they didn’t have to lend me anything.

CAL: Anything. You created the money on the spot because of this ancient commercial system that is still operating. They just stopped talking about it, but they’re still running it. And we are all ignorant of what’s really going on, and we get taken advantage of.


CAL: So there’s a real world example.

MARTIN: Okay. And so taking it to today’s practical something, so every time I use my credit card, I still think that I’m borrowing money here.

CAL: But you’re not.

MARTIN: I’m actually issuing money.

CAL: You’re issuing money and then the credit card company charges you the full amount plus interest for brokering the deal, for doing it for you because you don’t understand what you’re doing.

MARTIN: Yeah. And the restaurant owner as the merchant pays a fee to the service provider.

CAL: Exactly. So they make money coming and going. You’re just handing the money every time you use one plus interest if you carry, if you go past 30 days.

MARTIN: Yep. Okay. And so your proposition is that we what?

CAL: Well, I’m teaching you this, so that you understand what’s going on in your daily life, but then we take it a step further and on certain agendas, including the smart meters, the 5G and the forced upon us <bleep> these are also offers in commerce. They’re using the same ancient law merchant system.

MARTIN: So the principle then is, you make me a proposition, an offer that I choose to accept or not.

CAL: Exactly. But if you go silent in this ancient system, you have agreed. So they just put a lot of advertisements out there about all this stuff. And in my opinion, they’re weapons because they’re causing a lot of harm. And so, we’re agreeing to this. So what I’m saying is what we need to do is engage in that commercial transaction and get on top of the contract so that now we’re in control of the contract.

MARTIN: Okay. So the tacit agreement by my simply not protesting constitutes consent. So, that’s sort of like the negative option, right? Like when I go to a particular website and they have this tick mark on it that says, I hereby accept an invitation for your newsletter. If I don’t un-click it, I’m getting the newsletter. 

CAL: That’s correct.

MARTIN: The negative option, right?

CAL: That’s right. So it’s, it’s called tacit agreement and it’s, and it’s done between merchants, and so they turned us all into merchants with a birth certificate, which you probably don’t want to get into right now. But anyway, they did that for that reason. So that merchant law applies to each one of us.


CAL: And then, but they didn’t tell us how it worked. So we end up being taken advantage of left, right, and center. So what we’re trying to do is teach people this system and then get them to take action on these weapons that you’re deploying, using commercial means. And we can get them into a contract where they owe us a daily fee if they continue with these agendas.

MARTIN: All right. So I guess you will put the purveyor of service on the notice somehow. Yeah?

CAL: That’s right. It’s called a notice of liability. We give them notice that we feel, it looks like you’re participating in a worldwide agenda to reduce the population or some other kind of control. And we think that this gadget you’re putting on our house or around our house is dangerous. For this reason, that reason, that reason, all kinds of health reasons and other reasons. And we do it in an affidavit form. And then we say, we will agree to your smart meter or your 5G or your [bleep] if you can prove that they’re safe.

MARTIN: So send me your documentation.

CAL: And swear to it. It has to be done in affidavit form.

MARTIN: Oh, so there has to be a counter, what’s the word..

CAL: Rebuttal of our claims on affidavit.

MARTIN: Yeah. Right. They need to be able to prove to me that what I just asked of them is wrong. If they can’t prove that it’s wrong, it must be right.

CAL: Then they have tacitly agreed. So if they go silent, again, they’ve tacitly agreed. Because they started this whole tacit agreement process. They made the first move. We’re doing a counter move.

MARTIN: Right on.

CAL: So we catch them in their own trap or, we feed the snake.

MARTIN: Yeah. The system itself.

CAL: Yeah We feed the snake its own tails and it has to eat itself.

MARTIN: Right on. Okay. <laugh> Beatles, The Yellow Submarine, Mr Nowhere Man. <Laugh>

MARTIN: I don’t know if you people remember this, but it’s phenomenal imagery. This thing just goes sucking out everything into itself until there’s nothing, just void. The only thing that remains is itself. And the thing finally finds its tail and sucks it in. <Laugh>

CAL: <laugh> Yeah. So that’s what we’re doing.

MARTIN: Okay. Okay. Okay. Nevermind Martin’s sidebar. So that’s great. So, is it working? How do you know it’s working? Tell me about that.

CAL: Well, what happened in my personal life, I ended up in court on a divorce thing. And I learned the hard way that this, everything was commercial, including the courts. So I tried, you know, defending myself using statutes and laws and all that. And I spent a lot of time reading and staying up till, working during the day and then staying up to two or three in the morning, just trying to learn, like trying to get myself through law school without going to law school. And nothing was working until I stumbled onto commerce. And my first commercial move, the judge ran out of the room.

MARTIN: Ran out.

CAL: Ran, physically ran like not walked, ran. And it shocked everybody in the room. So we thought we might be onto something here, and then we kept repeating it. And then over a period of a few years of all this strange judge behavior, I realized, no I’ve got the answer, I know what’s going on now.

MARTIN: Got the answer. So the divorce thing ended up going your way?

CAL: Yeah.

MARTIN: Okay. And so you have had many other court appearances that have gone your way?

CAL: Yes. And then I also had a lot of people stepping down from government positions. Same thing as the judge running out of the room. Now I’m sending to, top politicians in Canada, and they’re all leaving their posts. Not all of them. I shouldn’t say that.

MARTIN: So when you send someone an affidavit style paperwork, that tells me okay, let’s just role play. So I’m the politician and I have been issuing regulations telling people how to behave, and you now send me a letter saying, I have a point about your regulation, and I request that you hereby provide me with a proof that your regulation is based on a verifiable fact. And I ask my deputies to provide me with that information, and they will come back to me and say, no, we haven’t any.

CAL: Exactly. So then what we do in part of that notice is, if you can’t provide this to me, then it’s deemed that you don’t have the authority to do this or whatever it is. And then if you continue to do this, and especially arrest me or force me to do something, I’m going to charge you X amount of dollars per day. Do we have a deal? If you go silent, you have agreed to this.

MARTIN: How many days? 10.

CAL: You can give whenever you want. But three is the minimum. But I usually give 30 days.

MARTIN: Okay. So we give him the 30 days’ notice to come and get us the proof that his behavior is based on fact. Okay.

CAL: Right. If he doesn’t provide it, here is now the new contract. You don’t have the authority to do this. And if you force this upon me, then I’m going to charge you X amount of dollars per day.

MARTIN: And you yourself, as the petitioner, have the standing to put any number you want on it?

CAL: Absolutely.


CAL: That’s what they do.

MARTIN: Does it have to be reasonable?

CAL: It should be reasonable. It should be. You know, I’ve seen some documents, where they have numbers to the 12th power, which I don’t even know what that is. I don’t even know what you call that, but well, it’s not, it’s not negotiable.

MARTIN: Six power is a million. So this is million of millions. So that would be quadrillion.

CAL: Quad. Okay.

MARTIN: Quadrillion. Yep.

CAL: Yeah. So that’s not negotiable in practicality. Yeah. So you want to keep it within some reasonable range.

MARTIN: So I will charge you my daily wage or my daily maintenance, like a thousand dollars a day isn’t unreasonable, right?

CAL: Absolutely. $10,000 or $50,000 a day because there’s a tort of as well, because there’s harm being caused by some of them, like in the case of the smart meters.

MARTIN: Oh. So I could be speaking on behalf of my family too.

CAL: Absolutely. And we say that, so it’s for you and all your dependents, and your dependents are defined as anybody in your direct or indirect care.


CAL: And doesn’t have to be a family member.

MARTIN: Right. Very well. Okay. So, apparently you are offering effective help to people to do this.

CAL: Yes.

MARTIN: All right. And this is found on the, inpower.

CAL: or .com. Yeah.

MARTIN: So when we send a person there, they will become a member. They’ll probably part with some money. Yes?

CAL: Yes. It’s around $15 a month, US funds.

MARTIN: Okay. Are you at all familiar with the private member association type of thing? Is that how this is set up?

CAL: This is how it’s set up. It’s actually more than a PMA. It is a church domiciled in the US protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution.


CAL: It’s a PMA underneath the constitution directly. No laws can be made regarding it.

MARTIN: Uh-huh. So this church, church doesn’t have to believe in God, church can believe into whatever, right?

CAL: Yeah. It doesn’t specify in the constitution what a church is. Just says, establishment of religion.

MARTIN: Okay. So we have a religion of believing in personal freedom?

CAL: Yep.

MARTIN: That’s a pretty cool religion. <laugh>.

CAL: Yeah. So these things, I’ve found over the years, with help, I’m not the be all, end all, but yeah, it turns out that Congress can make no law regarding an establishment of religion, first amendment of the…

MARTIN: The separation of church and state remains.

CAL: That’s right.

MARTIN: Right. Okay. So you are pretty confident that you’re unassailable from a constitutional perspective. Right. And then the second layer then is when you mentioned the PMA, the people may not have heard of it. I’ve contemplated often whether I could get Life Enthusiast to function as that. But of course, many people are just confused by the Amazon experience or the Walmart experience. I don’t want no membership, nothing. I just want to buy your stuff.

CAL: Yes. But if you look at how the world works, if you understand who the Freemasons are, that’s a PMA, that’s a private membership association. They can speak very openly in private, and they don’t have to tell anybody anything. And so there are some benefits to being part of something that is considered private as opposed to public. You can do a lot more inside there, including health type things, because most of the public things, you have to have a license in order to operate in the public, in the private, you do not have to have a license.

MARTIN: Right. I think I’m gonna have to hire you to help me.

CAL: <laugh>There’s a lot of people in that boat, because they’re being de-licensed and, and kicked out, and the farmers are all being attacked. And so we need to have a parallel system set up. At Impower we’re at least a part of that. We might be able to cover the whole thing, and we’re definitely able to create the currency for it.

MARTIN: Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah. The words that came to my head were, people ask me, are you a doctor? And I say to them, I’m not a doctor. And if I were a doctor, especially a licensed doctor, I would be only telling you what a licensed doctor can tell you. I am a free person and I’m able to tell you whatever I want. That’s right. However, I’m limited by regulations. So for example, in my health terrain, I cannot treat, prescribe, diagnose, any of that. But I can teach you about how your body works.

CAL: Right.

MARTIN: Right. So I guess for you, you’re not a financial planner, are you?

CAL: No. <laugh> I was, I mean, I was for a while, and so I know a little bit about that, but yeah, it’s more these words like diagnose, you know, you just can’t use those words. So words are very important, especially in the public. But in the private you can do pretty much whatever you want, depending on your PMA and where you live in the world. 

MARTIN: Well, so let’s tell people more, a few more examples of what this means. So you mentioned that you focused on three areas so far, the unauthorized or unwanted bodily assaults, which can be anything. But popularly known as the jab, the household electronic assault, which was the smart meter. Right. And then public electronic assault, which is the 5G antenna everywhere. 

CAL: And these things are all related. So, they’re really one thing. They just look like they’re three, but they’re working in concert. The jabs, part of what they can do with that is they can put nanoparticles into your body. And those can become what are known as the internet of bodies. And that’s an IEEE designation. You can look it up. It’s an actual thing. And there’s lots of different gadgets that fall under that category.

MARTIN: Yeah, I remember reading the patents that was issued to Microsoft about that.

CAL: Yeah. Yeah. So this is a real thing in the real world. They want to have the internet of bodies, so they want to have all the bodies hooked up to the internet. And they do that through the 5G. Now, the 5G can also, depending on what frequency is coming out of that thing, can cause different things to happen in your body, depending on the resonance. And so at a certain frequency, your skin will burn because of your hair follicles. Because they get them to resonate. They can get your heart to resonate, they can get oxygen where it’s not ”breathable”. It becomes unavailable to our body. So even the air, it’s, and I’m not trying to scare people.

MARTIN: Do you have studies to point to that actually? And where would I reference that?

CAL: We have it in our document. I don’t have that off the top of my head.

MARTIN: No, I didn’t expect that. But if you can point me to somewhere where I can verify that that’s…

CAL: You can probably just do a search engine on it. It’s more available than you think. We’re just not looking, when we went and researched 5G and even [bleep]. When we got to the university level, they were speaking very openly about all this.

MARTIN: Yeah. I remember listening to Dr. PhD, Martin Pall, who was explaining the, for example, the calcium channel. No, the voltage gated calcium channel, which gets triggered and that when it’s triggered, the body goes into this fight or flight signal mode and anxiety goes up and inability to sleep goes up and inability to settle and control thoughts and stuff like that happens.

CAL: Yeah. It’s all verifiable. So, that’s the 5G, the smart meter, the same thing, it’s wireless. So you’re polluting your house, plus it’s also spying on you. So it’s a data collector. So it’s collecting all the data that’s available through your smart devices, your smartphone, your smart computer, your smart fridge, your smart stove. Your smart tv, it knows what you’re watching. And with the TVs, they could actually even probably monitor you through that, through that smart meter.

MARTIN: I wonder if you can volunteer even further and bring into your house Alexa and Siri and Hey Google.

CAL: Yes.

MARTIN: Right. I mean, that’s a voluntary information sharing device that you put in the middle of your home.

CAL: That’s right. And all it’s doing is spying on you. And this is how they’ve done it. They’ve done everything through commerce and through advertising and make it sound like it’s a really good thing. And we’re agreeing to all of this. We’re actually wanting it, but it’s actually weapons to destroy us.

MARTIN: Oh, okay. So I guess we need to create awareness that there is a problem. How do we outline to people that they should just try and wake up to this? Like, are we just cuckoo for cocoa puffs here to try and tell people that this is not friendly, that this is in fact really going to suck you into a matrix, that you’re going to have a hard time getting out of?

CAL: Yeah. You have to tell people, that’s the only thing you can do. I mean, there are a lot of people who are hypnotized, in my opinion. And just can’t see, like they’re kind of deluded. Especially around [bleep] can’t figure out what the so-called, died suddenly syndrome that’s happening. That it’s not related to the vaccines. I’m not sure how you can’t make that correlation or at least ponder it. But some people just aren’t connecting those dots.

MARTIN: No, it couldn’t possibly be. I know that the people that are having a hard time with it are the ones who say it’s not possible for our good leaders to be this evil or this ignorant to allow this to happen.

CAL: That’s right. But unfortunately, the fact is, they are.

MARTIN: I think there’s more ignorance and the evil is kind of concentrated in some places, right?

CAL: It’s concentrated in more places than you think. But ignorance is definitely a part of it. And we have that in our document too. The document is to teach people who are ignorant, you are now not ignorant. And also to flush out those who pretend to be ignorant using plausible deniability, we flush them out too. Sorry. You can’t pretend like you didn’t know when we put it right in front of you. 

MARTIN: Yes. Very good. Okay. So the person who has taken the benefit of the membership at your site, what do they get?

CAL: They get to use the documents. We don’t charge for the documents, we don’t charge for anything else. But it’s a membership. You have to have.

MARTIN: You have to be part of the movement.

CAL: Yeah. You have to, in order for it to be an actual PMA, you have to, everybody pays dues if you’re a part of anything else, you pay dues, like any club. So that’s part of it, in order to make it so it’s an actual thing. Plus we need funding to be able to roll out what we need to roll out. And we’re not charging a lot. It’s not a money-making endeavor. So you get all the documents in an automated builder, because we put the documents out just analog and a word document years ago in it. And we had a lot of problems with that. So we learned that we can’t do that. So we have an automated builder that will reduce the mistakes that are made, but you can also track exactly who you sent to, how much your daily fee is. And you know, where you are, your mail, we can track everything that’s happening so we can prove that you sent to that person and all that.

MARTIN: Oh my god, I just had an illumination. So, okay. So let’s just say that I have become a member. I have sent 10 letters out and eight of them got tacitly accepted. So I am now defacto sending bills to these people who have consented to be charged.

CAL: That’s right. And now going back to that credit card thing where you got the cha-ching.


CAL: You are now keeping the piece of paper.

MARTIN: Well, all right. But in order to collect on a bill, I need to be able to collect it.

CAL: Well see, we have the idea that we have to collect it because this is not money. And that is, and therefore I need to collect. The BILL Is The Money. And that’s the part that we have not been trained into thinking. When the restaurant took that piece of paper, it acted as if it was a hundred dollars bill. It doesn’t look like one, but it acted the same in the same fashion.

MARTIN: Yeah. I understand the concept of the IOU written. Cause the IOU is signed and therefore it’s the bearer of the IOU can ultimately take it to the issuer. Right.

CAL: To the debtor who’s on there. Because anybody can issue it. Yeah. So the respondent will be named as debtor on this instrument. And you are issuing it and you’re keeping it too. That’s another thing we’re doing. We are, um, we’re not telling you to send it to us. We, we have everybody keep your bills. We will record them, but it’s decentralized. Nobody can grab all this wealth and manipulate it in any way. So it’s decentralized.

MARTIN: Alright. But I still go back to, okay, so I now have a whole bunch of paper that has the equivalency of somebody having an obligation.

CAL: Mm-hmm. <affirmative>

MARTIN: But can I get them to perform?

CAL: We don’t need to. Like I said, those bills are just passed around. So.

MARTIN: So, okay, but are they not just worthless pieces of money paper?

CAL: Nope, not in their system. This is the ancient law merchant system that they stopped talking about.

MARTIN: Okay. So let me say it this way. So, okay. So I have now figured out how the minister of health for state X or province Y has obligated himself or herself to me to the tune of $10,000 a day.

CAL: Mm-hmm.

MARTIN: I take this paper and I take it to my bank and I buy a house with it.

CAL: You could, if you had the connections to do that, they’re supposed to do it, but they won’t. But here’s what will happen. Here’s what has happened in recent times. There are other so-called currencies out there right now. Digital type currencies. We can issue that based on the whole amount of everybody’s bills and issue it back out equally. If we get enough people who are trading with these, like going to a health practitioner and saying, I will take these as payment, we have just created a parallel system.

MARTIN: Yeah. I mean, if somebody will treat it as equal to money, then it is money.

CAL: By law it’s equal to money.

MARTIN: It just needs to be recognized. Right?

CAL: That’s the problem. We don’t see it that way. We’ve been trained again away from it. That’s part of the training you have to go through to be able to see this, because it doesn’t feel right to us, that you can just write on a piece of paper and it becomes money. But it does, that’s the thing. So I’m not saying I agree with it, this is their system. So we want to take their system, use it against them, take the wealth away from them, and create a parallel system where things are a lot more equitable, not controlled from the top down.

MARTIN: Interesting.

CAL: Yeah. And the time is now and the time is like, the time is ripe for it. Like the opportunity is here now.

MARTIN: Yeah. Well, they have handed us the opportunity by creating technologies that are based on a false premise, right?

CAL: That’s right. So again, we’re taking what they were thinking to use for their advantage. Now, we’re going to be able to take it and take it away from them and, and use it for all of humanity.

MARTIN: Alright.

CAL: All mankind.

MARTIN: Well, I think that’s about as explained as it’s going to get. Right?

CAL: <laugh> There’s a lot of details, but yeah, you got it.

MARTIN: Well, do you want to dive into something? Like making it real, making it obvious, making it something that somebody who has not had an exposure to this? Like can you tell a story of something happening somewhere that kind of is well translatable to world experience?

CAL: Well, when I was doing it, um, I was owed 300 million when I came out of … I was held in jail for 60 days.


CAL: Pending trial.


CAL: So I was held without bail. So I wasn’t sentenced, I was just held because they wanted to make sure I came to court. So through that, a promissory note was put in. So that was just written by my friends on a piece of paper, bond paper, nice paper, but still paper. And they put it to the court, the court took it.


CAL: Then, on my last day she gave me one day in jail and 59 days credit. So I said, in commerce, the credit has to equal the amount of the promissory and all because you’re trying to balance the books here. And she says, okay, how much was it? I said, $300 million. And she, you know, went like that. And then we tried to collect. So when we got out, we wrote a document, we wrote a couple documents, they didn’t work. And then we wrote a document that did work because they panicked and they had to reconvene the legislature. They put it in the newspaper that they lost 300 million in one day. And didn’t say why, but it was right at the time that I sent this document. And so through all that, I ended up going after the federals. Because this was all provincial. And when I sent it to the clerk of the Privy Council, he’s like the top unelected official. He’s really running the country. And his previous job was CEO of the IMF.


CAL: Yeah. A big wig.


Yeah, serious connected guy.

CAL: Yeah. He’s in the room with all the top people in the world.

MARTIN: Rulers of the world.

CAL: Yes. He knows these people personally because he is running one of their main banks. So now he’s running a country called Canada behind the scenes, not hidden, but he’s actually calling the shots.

MARTIN: So he’s essentially the guy with the strings that he attaches to the ones that are standing in front of the microphone. Yep?

CAL: Exactly. But he still does press conferences and all that. Like he’s still the clerk of the Privy Council, which means the Secret Council.

MARTIN: Okay. Privy as in private.

CAL: Private, yeah. So on the day that he got notice, he did a press conference in the morning, nine o’clock, and the mail got delivered around 11:30, by noon he left his position. No notice. This is a connected guy.

MARTIN: He retired?

CAL: Without notice.


CAL: So this is real world. It was written up in all the papers. Nobody could figure out what made this guy run because they said, who could make a guy like this run like that? Right. What was it? And they tried to figure out what made that guy run like that?

MARTIN: So by giving up his position, he gave up his liability?

CAL: He thought he was, or that was his..


CAL: His idea. All I’m saying is, he knew more about commerce than I did, and he ran.


CAL: On the day he got mail. So when you add up all the coincidences that I had, it’s not a coincidence. There was just way too many of them. Like 20.

MARTIN: So the judgment that you had, the 300 million, that’s not in your bank account, is it?

CAL: Nope. I never got paid. But what I’m telling you is they reacted to it. Now I took all of that and I put it on the Queen’s lap because they all swear an oath to her.


CAL: So I escalated now to the queen. So, and then brought her oath into it. So the whole thing is, what I learned through all that is there is a whole hidden system. And I know it because I’ve seen enough top people run from this that they know about it. And so I’m trying to get everybody to get involved and they’ve left themselves wide open with these, with these agendas, which are weapons being deployed as in a commercial way..

MARTIN: Yeah. Weapons masquerading as commercial products.

CAL: That’s right. Exactly what they’re doing. So that’s the beauty of it. It’s a perfect storm. And we have the opportunity to do this en masse. Like you said, we only need a critical mass of this doing it. And it has the potential to bring down the system as it is.

MARTIN: I’m running out of questions. <laugh> Should I have asked you something else?

CAL: No, that. Well, I think we’ve got it.


CAL: You got it. I mean, you really understand this.

MARTIN: I do understand it and yet it’s very difficult for me to live it. Because I’m straddled between my personal desire for freedom and my limited commercial resilience, because I am exposed. Running a business as I’m running, I cannot really be picking on fights that I cannot win.

CAL: I’m telling you, you can win though.

MARTIN: Right. But this the thing, right?

CAL: Yeah. And so, setting up a parallel system, if you understood that, like you wouldn’t have some of the problems that you’re having now, or some of the issues. I wouldn’t say they’re problems, but you’ve got to be very careful once you’re in a whole other system, that you can be a lot more open and be a lot more, have a lot more going on as far as running your business, right? So because everything’s done in the private, so there is an opportunity there as well to get away from that whole system where they can’t touch you. And what I’m telling you, in the United States, Congress is clear language. Congress can make no law. That means no law in respecting an establishment of religion. That’s once you’re in that protection, they can’t make any laws. That means none.

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah. Your power is not here.

MARTIN: Well, okay, I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. But they do control soldiers and they do control police and they control thugs that they can hire and so on, right? Like there have been plenty of people of various importance who have been either harassed or outright eliminated.

CAL: I can attest to it. I’ve been pepper sprayed from this close. I had a SWAT team at my house. They beat up my brother by mistake. They mistaken identity, almost beat him to death. I’ve been there. I’ve been through all that. I understand it 100%. I’ve been arrested, I’ve spent time in jai. In jail, I was put in harm’s way at least twice.

MARTIN: Just exposed on purpose. Yeah?

CAL: Yep. This is your cellmate and this cellmate is a,

MARTIN: Violent offender

CAL: Violent murdering offender who doesn’t, who will go off at the, and then he didn’t go off and then they change his meds to make him go off. So I’ve been there, I know what they’re capable of. I’m not ignorant of this. I’m not trying to blow smoke up people’s. I’ve been through that, I know. But I prevailed, because I refused to back down and they started running from me. And I’m not outspoken in the public. I don’t have a lot of YouTube things out there. I keep everything in the private as much as possible, but they can’t tell me, and I’m very open with what I say, and they don’t come after me.

CAL: Like they leave me alone. And if you ever wanted to be left alone, I’m teaching you the way to be left alone. Because I think that’s the main thing, is they’re everybody’s business and they stick their finger on the back of your neck the whole time. And sticking it in the other hand in your back pocket. So what I’m trying to teach people is we can get out of this because I got out of it, and I’m not anybody special. So we can all get out. You just got to use the right methods.

MARTIN: All right. So I’ll say it this way, people, you have been listening to me about health and wellness and health coach and whatever, because I have earned it. I worked hard at learning what works and what doesn’t despite the pronouncements from the mainstream, the media, the organizations that control it and so on. Because many times they’re just wrong. Sometimes through ignorance and oftentimes willfully. So I’ll just try to do the transference. Here’s Cal Washington with information about how law and finance works and how you can learn. I guess I’m going to, how to operate in the world, but not to be of it.

CAL: Right.

MARTIN: Cal, repeat the website again.

CAL: or

MARTIN: All right, thank you very much. This is Martin Pytela (866) 543-3388 I’ll see you on the other side.


Author: Life Enthusiast