Podcast 463: Sleeping Soundly with Biocrystals

Sleep is often underestimated in terms of health, but it plays a crucial role in our well being.  It affects our ability to function properly and can have serious negative side effects on our health and longevity.  For 25 years, Monica suffered from insomnia.  She recently discovered a natural solution called Biocrystals. These products aim to create a better sleep environment, optimizing our immune system and cellular function.

To learn more, please visit: icansleepnow.com

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MARTIN: Hi, everyone. Martin Pytela here for Life Enthusiast podcast. And with me today, Monica Leal. 

MONICA: Hi Martin.

MARTIN: And Monica has got some really cool things to share with us today. So maybe, first of all. Monica, how did you even come to this?

MONICA: Well, I had really severe, debilitating insomnia for 25 years. Really bad. I mean, I tried all the usual stuff that usually works for most people. You know, the melatonin, the essential oils, the calcium-magnesium and all that stuff. And nothing really helped me. I mean, maybe a little here and there, but not really. I had PEMF mats, the best of the best.  I had EMF protection, a lot of things that should have helped but didn’t. So I was continually on a quest to find something to fix my sleep because I was running on 3 to 4 hours of sleep every night. I mean, I was lucky if I got six, maybe once or twice a week. And usually that was because I had wine, which was not exactly a good solution. So it kind of backfired after a while.

MARTIN: Yeah. Insomnia, I tell you, that could be really debilitating for a person, right?

MONICA: Absolutely. And I was very disconcerted to learn that it is linked to a higher risk of just about every chronic disease, including dementia and cancer and brain cancer and obesity and all kinds of things. And I’m super organic health nut and I could not lose weight no matter what I did, no matter what diet. I tried everything, even raw vegan, vegan keto, keto, you name it. And it was all linked to my sleep. It was all linked to my sleep. The nights I got good sleep, which were rare, I’d lose a pound overnight. And the nights I didn’t sleep, I’d gain it right back. So it just didn’t help. And I don’t know, you probably can’t tell, but I’ve actually lost 20 pounds since the last time we talked, but all in the last three months. And it’s because I’ve been sleeping, not because I’m doing anything else different.

MARTIN: Well, it’s important to note that this business of the autonomic nervous system being either in the fight or flight or rest and repair, which would be sympathetic or parasympathetic is the basis of us living a decent life and if you’re stuck in the sympathetic awake, unable to, whatever,

MONICA: Exactly.

MARTIN: We’re actually wearing the body and we’re not repairing the body. And so that’s the physiology of it anyway.

MONICA: Yeah. And I took the herbs for excess cortisol because I knew I had the cortisol thing going on and the stress and stuck in the sympathetic nervous system. And I was getting chiropractic and I mean, I did like everything, you know, the grounding, the going outside in the morning and all of that stuff, trying to fix this and spent thousands and thousands of dollars. And we’re talking 25 years. The closest thing that did help for a while was a PEMF device. And I actually have used and owned two of the very best considered top in the world PEMF devices, and they’re great. And there’s thousands of studies on them, there’s a lot of benefits etc. They have a pretty hefty price tag, but I did get some benefits. For a while there, they were helping me fall asleep, but I was still having a lot of bad nights. And a lot of times I would wake up and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, they helped some, but not completely. They helped but they didn’t fix the problem. Until now, I found a solution.

MARTIN: That’s the discovery. Let’s throw in the name. Show something.

MONICA: Okay. I do want to do the obligatory disclaimer, if I may. Everything I’m going to say is basically my own opinions and understanding and not intended to treat, diagnose or, you know, what’s how do they say it, treat or diagnose a disease. And they’re not necessarily representative of the views of Sleepm or any other entity. And if you have a health condition, consult your health practitioner. I’ve got to say that because I’m going to talk about some health benefits and some other things that are pretty amazing. But not intended to be medical advice. Okay, so this is what fixed my sleep.

MARTIN: Upside down.

MONICA: <laugh> Okay.

MARTIN: Yes, we can see the logo and we can see a pattern that looks vaguely,

MONICA: Can you see the mandala? Yeah.

MARTIN: Looks very much like the flower of life design. 

MONICA: Exactly. And that’s intentional. So these are bio crystals. What are bio crystals? Everybody’s familiar with crystals. We know that crystals have a frequency. That’s why they’re used in wristwatches and electronics. It’s a very stable frequency. However, crystals also have a lattice structure that is programmable. That’s why a lot of people carry their crystals and they put their affirmations and they have a lot of benefits to the crystals. Benefits to the person utilizing the crystals. So what makes this different than just having crystals on your nightstand or under your pillow? Just put an amethyst under your pillow. Right. And people do that. They say, Oh, it’ll protect you and all that stuff. And that’s nice, but what this is, is bio crystals. Because bio crystals are very carefully selected crystals for their specific properties because different crystals have different properties. And these crystals are ground into a very fine powder, 1.3 to 0.6 micron in size, which is about like talcum powder. So what you saw, and that was just a felt pad. Okay. But that design, that mandala design is the ground bio crystals. Ground into this fine powder and mixed with gold and silver for conductivity and intensification of the frequencies.

MONICA: So what that does is it increases the surface area of the crystals, exponentially. And when you increase the surface area of the crystals, the frequencies are intensified. So when you sleep on this and this is a very thin felt pad and you can just get the pad, put it under your sheet, or they have bedding, mattresses and toppers and pillows and whatnot, heating pads, stuff like that, that has the crystal technology embedded in it. So either way, the least expensive is to just get the pads. But there are other benefits to the topper and the mattress because they have EMF protection as well. They’ve got carbon charcoal in there for additional benefits. But what happens when you put this pad under your sheet? It emits a field that goes out about three feet in all directions. So that’s similar to what you get with a PEMF mat. You’ve got this field. Okay? And so one pad can benefit both people in the bed. And then there’s a smaller one, which is for the pillow. Both of them come in this beautiful silk,

MARTIN: Satin.

MONICA: Yes, it’s actually silk, pillowcase. So the pillow one is similar, but with a different pattern and a slightly different formula of crystals.

MARTIN: You know what’s interesting? I just came home from a week away sleeping in hotel beds and stuff. And so last night I slept in my own bed with a sleeping pad in it. And I feel way better rested than I had been in the last five nights. So.

MONICA: There you go.

MARTIN: There’s definitely something to this even noticeable in just one night, right? Like it’s the difference between wherever I was and in this. So I would say I can feel it. 

MONICA: Great. Yeah. Nothing like doing without to figure out how much it helps. And there’s also an eye mask that has the crystals in it. It comes in this really nice packaging velvet box and this is my demo one, and the eye mask also has a pad in it. Okay, so all of the Sleepm products have the bio crystal technology, all of them. And it also has like a cold pack you can use for your eyes in the morning and you can plug the mask into a USB port and you can put it over your eyes for relaxation and the heat intensifies the properties of the crystals. But getting back to what you were saying, how you could tell a difference after being in a hotel. We just got a new German Shepherd puppy, and when we first got her, well, actually she’s still next to my bed. We have her crate right next to the bed on my side. And it’s one of those wire crates. Well, I didn’t want the mask. I mean, it’s real comfortable. It’s silk also, and generally it stays on. But occasionally I wake up and it’s fallen off during the night, so I didn’t want it to fall off and get torn to shreds by my little velociraptor puppy. Right. So I didn’t wear it for two weeks because the crate was next to the bed. And I could tell a difference even with this. And I’ve got two of the large pads in our bed because I didn’t know at the time that one was enough.

MONICA: So I thought, oh, we each need to have our pads. So I bought one big pad for myself, one for my husband, and then a pillow pad for each of us. And an eye mask for each of us. So we’ve got a lot of crystals in our bed. And then later I added the topper because of the EMF protection properties, and it seems like I could notice even better results. Well, during the two weeks that I wasn’t wearing this, I was still sleeping really good. I was falling asleep, sleeping through the night. Usually I’ll wake up like an hour and a half, two hours later to go to the bathroom. Right. And a lot of times I couldn’t go back to sleep, once I’d fallen asleep. I’m not even waking up usually until like 5 or 6 hours later, not even to go to the bathroom and then I’d fall back asleep. But when I wasn’t using the eye mask I could tell a little bit of a difference, I was still sleeping good. But the more the better. It’s all good. And I was a really, really tough case because my insomnia was so bad, I couldn’t even. I mean, it was just really bad. I couldn’t even drive more than 20 minutes on the highway without nodding off, even with heavy metal music blasting. That’s how I lived for 25 years. So.

MARTIN: Okay. So having had this for now, what, a few months?

MONICA: Yes. Yes.

MARTIN: So what’s your situation in regards to sleeping?

MONICA: I’m sleeping. I’m sleeping. I feel great. It’s like I’m seeing the world in color now. Was seeing the world in black and white before. I was never at my best. I would always dread doing anything in the morning. I would have event anxiety. And now, I mean, I’m not going to say I never have a bad night. I mean, occasionally I do, but only if I do something stupid. Like I’m up really, really late on the computer, I’m wound up or something. And even then, maybe I don’t fall asleep instantly, but I do fall asleep. Whereas before, sometimes I wouldn’t go to sleep until seven in the morning, and sleep two hours. So yes, I rarely have a bad night.

MARTIN: That’s great.

MONICA: I feel great. My energy’s better. My vision has improved. The first week or so, maybe two weeks when I was using the eye mask. I got everything at once except the topper. I got that later. I had a little bit of a headache and I thought, well, is this detox? Does this stuff detox you or what? And then I noticed I was getting the headache when I was wearing my reading glasses. I don’t know if you noticed, but last time we met, I had reading glasses on and now I don’t. So I realized I was getting the headache when I was using my reading glasses and I had to drop them down to, I might still use them at night, but I can pretty much read without them. And I’ve been wearing reading glasses for 15 years. But if I have bright light which I don’t at night because I use the yellow light. Anyway, I had to go from a 2.5 to like a 1.75 on the strength. In other words, I had to use weaker reading glasses because the stronger ones were giving me a headache. So once I figured that out, the headache went away. So it was the eye mask helped my vision.

MARTIN: All right. So let’s try to do a bit more formal explanation of what we’re dealing with here now then. Yeah.

MONICA: Yeah. So basically, I’m going to explain, well, I kind of already did. Bio crystals are basically crystals ground up into a fine powder. And we can maybe talk about what crystals are used. 

MARTIN: Yes please. Let’s run through. I mean, it’s a pretty long list.

MONICA: Yeah. Now I’m going to have to consult my notes for that because I don’t have these all memorized. Okay.

MARTIN: Well, it’s a long list. I remember Amethyst, and I remember,

MONICA: Amethyst, Aventurine, Jasper, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Dalmatian Jasper, it’s like three kinds of Jasper. Bloodstone, Fluorite. So we can go over each one if you like. But basically some of the crystals. Well, all of the crystals are grounding, first of all. You know about grounding, I know you’re into grounding and most of your people watching this are into grounding and walk barefoot out in the grass and you get extra electrons, helps with inflammation. And mainly it’s dissipating the static excess, static electrical charge that you have accumulated. And that’s what people used to do is walk barefoot or they wore natural fiber or leather shoes, whatever. And we’re not doing that anymore. We’re running around in synthetic soled shoes. So grounding is really important. But who among us does it enough because we’re busy? And then what do you do in the winter? You don’t want to go barefoot in the winter, right? So grounding has a lot of properties. And then you can buy these little things like a bracelet or an anklet, and it plugs in and there’s these little gadgets to help you ground and there’s these sheets and stuff and they’re good. But with these, 

MARTIN:  We have grounding tools.

MONICA: Yeah, you do. Yeah, I figured you did. So all of that’s good. These bio crystal pads are essentially grounding as well. And it’s because of the crystals they contain. The crystals themselves are grounding. So some of them have different properties, but some are more grounding than others. Like the Bloodstone for example, that correlates to the root chakra. All the different crystals correlate to your chakras, to the organs, to the different minerals, to the endocrine system, to your hormones. There’s a correlation with all of this stuff. Okay, so it’s about tuning. It’s a-tuning. So instead of having to walk outside barefoot, which is still good to do that obviously. But this is essentially bringing the earth to you because the crystals are of the earth, they’re from the earth and dare I say, still connected to the earth and may even have a primal consciousness. I think, I believe they do. Kind of like water, rivers and oceans. But getting back to the crystals. Okay. So amethyst helps with the endocrine system. It helps with addictions. I remember years ago I had a friend, her husband was an alcoholic, and she said the amethyst really helped him, carrying an amethyst in his pocket. And keep in mind, these bio crystals are amplified because of the fine micron size and the exponentially bigger surface area.

MONICA: Okay, So amethyst helps with addictions. It helps balance the emotions, helps dissipate fear and anxiety and anger. So that’s amethystv and of course the colors correspond to the chakras again. So amethyst being purple is for the crown chakra, very high stone, very high vibration stone. Aventurine transmutes pollutants, both physical and emotional. Dalmatian Jasper, they call it dalmatian because it looks like a dalmatian dog, it’s got the little black dots. Those are actually black tourmaline and black tourmaline is very powerful in transmuting the really dense, dark, deep negative stuff, whether that’s physical or emotional. You know, stuff you take in from the environment or just really like, I call it psychic baggage. You could call it karma, you could call it emotional trauma, whatever. tourmaline is really powerful for that.

MARTIN: Yeah, I just went to my shelf and fished out a piece of amethyst that I have sitting around in my office. So this is what amethyst looks like, just in case you wondered.

MONICA: And I’m wearing some crystals today, I’m wearing lapis. Anyway, I don’t think there’s lapis in this. Okay. Orange calcite transmutes anxiety into creativity. And rose quartz that’s the stone for the heart, it’s all about peace and tranquility, calm and love and forgiveness. Rose Quartz is just a very gentle, soothing kind of frequency. Jasper leopard or leopard jasper is, okay, I mention grounding because some of these stones, I mean, any stone will have some grounding properties. But jasper leopard in particular is specifically very grounding and stabilizing. Okay. natural jasper counteracts stress and electromagnetic frequencies, or the bad EMFs. Selenite is about purification. It’s a clear crystal and you can find these, they call them wands because these tall straight stones and you can find those in some of these crystal shops because it’s for purification, okay? And serpentine jade, of course we know jade, royalty and sacred, right? Serpentine jade specifically is for cellular regeneration. And citrine, the yellowish orange color of citrine corresponds to the second chakra, which is where all the digestive organs are. So that specifically helps with digestion.

MONICA: It helps detoxify the spleen and the pancreas. Fluorite. Fluorite is another crystal along with tourmaline that people tend to carry with them because it’s very protective. Carry a fluorite with you and hopefully it’ll kind of protect you from negative stuff out there. Negative vibrations, energies. Flint is another one for grounding and that’s specifically for the bones and the joints, helps with neutralizing calcification. Red jasper is very grounding. That’s another red stone for the root chakra, which is of course grounding and that’s also good for dream recall. And I definitely am having better dream recall. Of course, when I couldn’t sleep, I never remembered my dreams because how are you going to remember your dreams if you’re not sleeping enough? Okay, sodalite is a blue stone, so blue corresponds to the throat chakra. So I’m wearing blue, this isn’t sodalite. But blue for the throat, and that’s all about communication. And clear quartz is the master healer. And clear quartz is the most popular stone that people tend to use and carry with them. 

MARTIN: Here’s a sample of it.


MARTIN: I don’t know. Is that, I guess the black background makes it become more visible.


MARTIN: That sure has a nice feel to it.

MONICA: Clear Quartz is the master healer and it amplifies the frequencies or the energies of all the other stones. Okay. And it has a lot of properties of its own. Now, crystals were used in electronics because they have a very stable, reliable vibration. Right? That’s why they would keep time and they would use them in wristwatches. But crystals also have a lattice structure in which, you can store information in the lattice structure. And what kind of information? Well, they tend to absorb frequencies and amplify. Remember. So that’s why what you want to do with clear quartz is you want to use it to amplify your positive intentions, your affirmations. Alright. And people do that, I mean lots of people carry quartz crystals and you breathe into it, you focus on it, you hold it, and you think about whatever you want to accomplish. And periodically you should run it under running water, preferably fresh water of the earth. But hey, a faucet will do if that’s all you got. You can put it in the sun. There’s various ways to cleanse your crystals. Now, these bio crystal pads, what I do, what a lot of people do is periodically take them out and hold them up into the sunlight. Because that way they will clear any accumulation. They don’t tend to accumulate negative frequencies, they tend to transmute frequencies, negative frequencies into positive. Nevertheless, I take them out into the sun to charge them up and revitalize the crystals. So every now and then and, you know, I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems like that pattern, that geometric pattern, it looks a little darker after I come in from the sun. I don’t know. So then, that mandala pattern by the way, there’s energy, there’s frequencies and certain properties associated just with the pattern. Sacred geometry is a whole other topic.

MARTIN: Yeah. We’re talking resonances, right? Each of the Crystals has its own internal resonant frequency. And now that you arrange it in a specific pattern, it’s going to also have resonances. It will vibrate in concert with certain patterns. Certain thoughts. Certain emotions.

MONICA: Exactly. And the pattern itself has a frequency. Yeah. <affirmative> Just having that pattern. Okay. And there’s devices that have different geometrics on it that do things. So just that pattern too. And then there’s gold and silver. So gold and silver, why have gold and silver been so highly revered throughout millennia? Why? And it’s not just because they’re precious metals, although obviously they are. But if I can get a little esoteric here, gold is representative, many people believe gold is condensed solar energy. So crystals are really condensed light. So you have frequencies or energies associated with the colors that connect that correlate to the chakras, so different colored stones have different frequencies. Well, gold is the sun energy, the solar energy. So in Chinese medicine or in Chinese cultures, you’ve got the yin-yang, the yang or yang is the masculine energy. Now, it’s not necessarily, it correlates to male and female, but we all have yin and yang in us. Like right now I’m pouring out information, so are you. That’s a yang energy. The yang. So the gold is the yang. The silver is the receptive, the yin. And so in esoteric traditions, there was a lot of spirituality associated with the sun and the moon. And the gold and the silver are that energy condensed into these precious metals.

MONICA: And I think that’s the real reason they are so highly revered, and used as currency, as wealth. It’s because they have spiritual value beyond just the metals themselves. So the gold and silver are added to the mix for conductivity and intensification of the other crystals. Plus you’ve got those extra properties added as well. So you have all this in these pads, and the benefits from these pads go beyond sleep. Yes, it helps increase serotonin. It helps you get into that deep, deep sleep because that’s where healing occurs is in that deep sleep. It’s not just enough to just fall asleep. It’s that deep sleep. So that’s one of the benefits. There have been clinical studies, one in particular that I know of showed results that rival that of the best of the PEMF devices, which cost thousands of dollars. Right. And I’m talking about improved immune system, improved cardiovascular health, improved circulation, pain relief, relief from anxiety and tension. And let’s see, what else? Weight loss, indirectly, because you’re sleeping better. The weight loss hormones are activated during sleep. So there’s a lot of benefits.

MARTIN: Yeah. You are naming all of the things that reflect on lowered inflammation, lowered stress, improved function, better repairs, all of that. Right. Like you’re aging slower or perhaps even reversing it and you’re just giving your body a better terrain, better balance to to work with.

MONICA: Exactly. Exactly. I think it goes beyond even those benefits because I’m looking at these benefits and I’m experiencing these benefits and I’m thinking, hey, this looks so familiar. And I love PEMF devices, don’t get me wrong. And I’ve had two of the best ones. But those devices, and this goes for any frequency device and they have their place, I own several frequency devices. And I use them for certain things. But at their best, I don’t think they can compare to the bio crystal mass. And here’s why, they are artificially generated frequencies. They’re generated from mathematical algorithms. And the whole point is to simulate the natural frequencies naturally occurring in the Earth. And they do a great job. But there are contraindications with a lot of these devices. Not very many. Most people can use them just fine. But the bio crystals, like I said, are from the earth, connected to the earth. They’re more dynamic. I believe there’s a bio feedback mechanism. I don’t know the exact science of this. Okay, but since the crystals are programmable by your intentions, and they also have their own properties that we just went over. As your energy changes, as your mental state, your emotions change, your health changes. That’s putting new information into those crystals. You see?

MONICA: And there’s a dynamic exchange of information. Quantum physics recognizes the information field. And the information field, we all are connected to the information field. So bio crystals, they’re part of the earth. And the earth, I believe, is a living entity. I believe all the celestial, planets and stars are actually living entities. That’s my personal belief, I can’t prove that. But you’re connecting to something bigger than yourself. You’re connecting to something bigger than just a mathematical algorithm. I think the crystals are a conduit to connect you to the earth, when you are on a concrete slab in your house, so you’re not lying in the forest. So this is a way to bring the earth to you. And for that reason, I think it goes beyond what you can get with any artificially generated frequency device, as good as they are. And I’m a fan of those. But what I feel when I’m nestled in these bio crystals, it’s hard to explain, but it feels very nurturing. It feels very primal. Like, I don’t know, being in the womb of the mother, maybe something like that. It’s just different. It’s just different. You really can’t compare this to these. I guess that’s what I’m doing, I’m comparing. But you know, it goes beyond what you’re going to get from artificially generated frequencies.

MARTIN: Okay. So Monica, this business of vibrations and the business of interacting with nature and being one with the planet, that has a lot to do with how the stars move around, how the sun moves around, how the moon moves around and all of that. And we have evolved in that environment. Right? So that gives a lot of credence to the rhythms of life, tides.

MONICA: Yes. We used to be connected to those rhythms and women’s menstrual cycles, obviously. I mean, that’s proven. That’s known. They’re connected, or they used to be anyway, connected to the moon. And now not so much because everybody’s so cut off from all of that stuff, because we’ve got all these artificial signals, the EMFs, the Wi-Fi, the smartphones.

MARTIN: I still think the diurnal, nocturnal changes, the sun, the 24 hour turning of the world. That still stays with us regardless.

MONICA: It does. I think there’s some impairment there because of all this artificial stuff which is why these bio crystals come in. They really help reconnect us to that. But yes, obviously we still prefer to sleep at night, unless people are on the night shift or something.

MARTIN: How do these crystals interact with these rhythms?

MONICA: Well, I think it’s because they are the Earth. They are part of the Earth in the information field. How do you connect to those rhythms? The best way to connect to those rhythms is to go out early in the morning. And when the sun is bright, barefooted, some people do sun gazing, but just standing barefoot in the sun and turn your lights off at dusk. Just have some amber or red or orange lights to simulate sunset. That’s a way to do it. Because when you have your bright lights on late at night or you’re looking at your phone, most people are looking at their phone late at night. Some people take it to bed with them. Those lights are stimulating the wake up hormones, right? So we’re disrupting that to a large degree. Yeah, we still do fall asleep, hopefully. So we’re not totally cut off, but it’s definitely disrupted or 75% of adults wouldn’t be having trouble sleeping. And they wouldn’t be giving melatonin to children because children are even having trouble sleeping. So there’s clearly some disruption going on. And the way around that is to go out barefoot in the morning with the bright sun and in the evening, don’t be looking at your cell phone, because even looking at it for a few seconds disrupts your sleep for two nights, that was in some study I saw. So that’s a way to do it.

MONICA: But most of us don’t do that. So why when you’re standing outside, why is that connecting you to those rhythms of the earth? Because you are connected, it’s like you are plugged in. Your feet are on the ground barefooted. You’re plugged into the earth. The bio crystal mats essentially are plugging you into the earth without having to stand outside plugged into the earth. And the different colored crystals correlate to the chakras like we just talked about. And it also correlates to the endocrine system and the hormones. Now, the hormones are what activate or keep your body clock in sync. When I had bad insomnia, whenever I’d see this one particular chiropractor, he did all kinds of cool stuff besides just chiropractic. And he would do kinesiology and tests and he would always say: “Oh your body clocks off again.’ And he would test me based on which muscles were strong or weak. He would tell me: “Oh, your body thinks it’s 2 a.m.” And it would be 2 p.m. It wouldn’t even be a direct opposite. It might be 5 p.m, or or 11 in the morning. And he’d say: “Yeah, your body thinks it’s 2 a.m.” So what time did my body think it was when it really was 2 a.m? My body thought it was 8 a.m. or whatever. So you have,

MARTIN: Yeah, this is interesting because of course, Chinese medicine has studied this extensively and they have discovered how different meridians are amplified with different two hour blocks on the clock.

MONICA: Exactly. Exactly.

MARTIN: And of course, the meridians have both major organs like the meridians have been named by, for example, gallbladder or lung or kidney. But each of them also has a major muscle associated with it. So when you test the strength of the muscle, you will know whether that is either activated or not activated, strong or weak. And so at the right time of day, a certain muscle should be stronger than a different one.

MONICA: Exactly. And so there’s yin and yang with all the organ systems and the meridians. The energies flow from one to the other. And at certain times of day, certain meridians are activated and they’re taking in, the meridians correspond to the organs, and the organs are taking in nutrients. And at other times of day, those particular meridians are activated for detoxification and your vital organs, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the pancreas, those get activated for detoxification. Guess what? During sleep. And so when you’re in a deep sleep, your organs can detoxify. And when you’re not in a deep, if you aren’t reaching that deep sleep, even if you think you’re sleeping good, but you’re only sleeping 5 or 6 hours and you’re not really getting into that deep sleep, then the organs aren’t completely detoxifying from the day’s waste. And that’s why there’s a connection to increased risk of chronic diseases. Right? Because your natural detoxification pathways get plugged up. But even beyond that, there’s the brain. That was really disconcerting when I learned this. You know, your lymphatic system is what flushes out the waste normally. And of course, exercise helps and jumping on a trampoline and skin brushing. There’s different things you can do for the lymphatic system, but that’s ongoing. All day long your lymphatic system is at work, hopefully.

MONICA: But the brain has its own lymphatic system. It’s called the Glymphatic system. G-l-i-a for Glia, pertains to the brain. And the Glymphatic system is what detoxifies the brain’s waste. And that primarily happens at night during deep, deep sleep. It doesn’t really do much during the day. It’s almost all done at night. That was very disconcerting to learn that, because I was thinking, Oh my God, all these years I’m not getting to that sleep. And so that’s why poor sleep affects memory and emotions and depression and increases the risk of dementia and all that kind of stuff. So it’s really vital that these detoxification pathways do their thing at night when you’re asleep and it’s all synchronized. It’s supposed to be synchronized with the Earth’s rhythms, with nature, and that is the internal body clock or circadian rhythms. And my body clock was always out of whack. And guess what? Lately when I go to the chiropractor, my body clock is fine. So that says a lot about what’s happening in my body now that I’m sleeping.

MARTIN: Yeah, I would say that it’s likely that these crystals by resonance will help you resynchronize with the resonance of the world, of the planet.

MONICA: Oh, I believe so. Absolutely. Absolutely.

MARTIN: Alright. Well, very well then. So, all this sounds really cool. How do we get people access to this?

MONICA: Well, give me a call. You can go to my website that is going to be shown right there. And it’s not a real fancy website, but it’s got some videos that talk about the bio crystals. It talks about the different products. And when you go, you’re going to see some information about their mattresses and their pillows. If you happen to be in the market for a new mattress. Hey, cool. There’s a few showrooms across the country. You can get the bio crystals in a mattress.

MARTIN: But that’s pretty fancy, right?

MONICA: Yeah, well, about, like any good quality mattress, they’re not really any more than the usual ones that are out there that people buy, they’re competitively priced. But they’re not just good mattresses. They also have the bio crystals in there and they have the EMF protection. Right. But I didn’t need a new mattress. I had a good mattress. I wasn’t, I didn’t need a new mattress. You don’t have to buy a mattress. But I did buy the topper, this is a little cutout of the topper. And it’s wonderful. It’s a memory foam and latex and carbon. The activated carbon or the EMF protection. And of course, it’s got the bio crystals in it. And it seems like when I got that, my sleep got even better and my husband noticed a difference too. Because he’s a kung fu master, so he always sleeps with one eye anyway. He’s a very light sleeper. And I noticed when I got that topper, it used to be that if I got up to go to the bathroom or something, he’d wake up. If I even barely moved, he’d wake up, and now he doesn’t. He is out. He’s a deep sleeper. So anyway, if you don’t  need a mattress, you can accomplish a lot with just the pads, and it’s a lot less money. Okay, so you get the pads. The topper is the sweet spot. I recommend a topper and a pillow pad and an eye mask. Those three things are optimal because you’re going to get all the benefits. They also have a heating pad. For aches and pains and discomforts.

MARTIN: And so this is the electric plus the crystal?

MONICA: Yeah this is electric, but this is for pain. It’s got this conductive material on the inside and inside of this is the bio crystal pads. So the idea is you heat the bio crystal pads and it amplifies the crystals for pain. And I don’t really have pain, so I can’t really say too much. Occasionally my neck might be a little out or something, and so I have used it. It did help. But I do know some people who do have severe pain that swear by it, they say it’s great. But don’t be scared off thinking, Oh, no, they’re selling mattresses. No, no. We’re selling bio crystal pads. And the reason I’m selling it is because it’s the only thing that really, really, truly fixed my sleep. So I’m shouting from the rooftops, but remember, you get all these other benefits as well.

MARTIN: All right. This sounds really delightful. I mean, I can say for myself, thank you for facilitating me getting one of these things to sleep with, and yeah, it works for me.

MONICA: Oh, yeah. One last thing, they do have an organic mattress too. If you happen to be looking for an organic mattress. And that’s competitively priced with other organic mattresses, but again, you’re getting the bio crystals in there as well. So.

MARTIN: All right. Awesome.

MONICA: Well, thanks for having me Martin.

MARTIN: So, Monica, how can people get a hold of you?

MONICA: Well, they can go to the website. www.Icansleepnow.com which has my phone number on there. Icansleepnow.com, and I really can. It’s really true. Or they can call me directly at (210) 646-4821.

MARTIN: Awesome. This is Martin Pytela, For Life Enthusiast podcast you can find me at life-enthusiast.com and call me at (866) 543-3388. Monica, this has been awesome. Thank you.

MONICA: All right. Thank you, Martin.


Author: Life Enthusiast