Podcast 054: Zeolite Detoxifying Benefits – Part 2

Managing Your Emotional State through Detoxification

Non-toxic mineral called zeolite, and its specific form called clinoptillolite, removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body by capturing them in its honey-comb like structure. It also interferes with viral cell replication. Zeolite is easy to take – you simply take it with a glass of water, or take it with any beverage, or on your food. You can take it anytime, with anything, with no exceptions.

Natural Cellular Defense is no longer available on this website. Waiora’s products are focused on fighting the primary causes of aging, through solutions that help you restore and maintain your vigor, vitality and youthful appearance. Age-related health concerns are the focus of product development.

Podcast 054: Zeolite Detoxifying Benefits – Part 2

Scott: Welcome back everybody; you’re listening to the life enthusiasts co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Doing good Scott actually with a qualifier I must say.

Scott: What’s that?

Martin: I’m noticing that I sometimes allow the busyness of the day get the better of me. There are always something’s happening that are not necessarily what I want or what I like and I get to remind myself that’s the reality I’m creating. I have to remind myself I need to center, I need to focus and not attract all these business issues that crop up, a problem with an order or a phone call from somebody who is not in the best space, upset people at times and it’s not that we’ve caused it in such a direct way yeah know. This mess up, I guess everyone is familiar with that.

Scott: Well things always happen and I think that it’s kind of interesting that you bring it up. A little bit different than we normally talk about but I often tell people be careful what you wish for because you may get it and often times we want our business’s to grow and that sort of stuff, of course when that happens things change in terms of time and I remember I ran a number of grocery stores in previous lifetimes and I remember being in one it was February or March and it was a small town and there was no tourists that came that time of year because it just poured rain and it was quiet. You would walk around the store and all the bottles were turned the right way and shiny and clean and then of course in August the fishing fleet came, the tourists came and the place basically doubled or tripled in size in terms of population and there would be line ups to the back of the store and every till would be open, it would be absolute chaos and we would be running.

Martin: Shelves barely restocked.

Scott: Just throw it on the shelf as fast as you can because people would be pulling it off as fast as they could and it was like forget about anything being neat and tidy or anything else. Often times our lives are like that where we have busier times and quieter times. It’s interesting when you look at it and you’re like wow this is going really good, all these things are going really well but with them comes more customer issues, more shipping issues, more. We are not used to it.

Martin: Yep, operational.

Scott: So it’s good news.

Martin: Yep its good news. Life Enthusiast Co-op is definitely growing, which is probably going to be good for our customers. We’ve already experienced one of those wonderful things in launching of the new product line in the TransDerma Minerals. The magnesium products that we’re selling, we used to sell a gallon of magnesium oil for 120 dollars. In fact our competition is still selling it for 120 dollars and we are selling it for under 60.

Scott: A whole gallon? Half price practically.

Martin: A whole gallon yes. Yes. So of course that’s thanks to the volume purchasing that we are able to do, the volume production and all of the advantages of getting it done with greater efficiency we are able to pass it onto the consumer. For about four minutes we were just tempted to keep the money in our pockets and then I said no, no, no we can’t do that, we need to treat our consumers how we would want to be treated.

Scott: That’s wonderful. The last couple of podcasts have been on a very interesting topic I thought. About the new Natural Cellular Defense product that you just launched and I thought it would be good now to kind of go over it a little bit more and kind of book end it because we talked about it on the first one and then we had a bunch of doctors talking about different aspects of it in our last one and so I have been using it and I have say I’ve been noticing as did you some pretty dramatic results.

Martin: Did you have an initial detox reaction to it?

Scott: Well I’ve had a little bit over the last couple days, I really don’t want to discuss it because it’s not particularly polite company but it was just. Well when you clean out a couple places where it comes out.

Martin: Well listen this is episode 54, if people can’t handle us by now, then we’ll give up.

Scott: I’m just noticing that I’ve been going to the bathroom like tons and it’s not necessarily a lot coming out but it’s quite a bit different than what I’m used to seeing coming out. Like more, you don’t know because we’ve actually never talked about this. It just seems like my colon, my digestive system is cleaning itself out. People talk about, like we’ve talked about, is it hydro therapy? Where basically you get them, I forget what they call it but anyway, you know I’ve had that done and I’ve talked to people and you know way more about it then I do but a lot of us have because of our poor eating habits over the decades have all this stuff caked on the inside of our colon and all that intestines and stuff.

Martin: Yes, it’s just sitting there waiting for the opportunity to finally be dumped.

Scott: So a number of people, like this lady I went to said usually people drop ten pounds just from coming and seeing her because that’s how much of this stuff is stuck in you and a lot of times when you see people with huge stomachs a lot of that is not actually fat, it’s that hard crap that’s just there. When I was younger I traveled and one of the places I went to was India and when I was in India I ran into some problems because of food and cleanliness and everything else and it just was a thing that I ate and it was unfortunate but I learnt that one way of really telling how you doing is to look at your stool. If it’s nice and it’s firm and if it’s this and that, it’s good right and so I’ve always just taken a quick look and I’m like okay it looks alright or euw it doesn’t look very good and made adjustments based on my observations. What I’m observing now, it’s kind of like if you can imagine your intestines and the stuff in your and it’s caked on and it’s not caked on looking like an ordinary stool. It’s basically kind of round and hard and that’s what I’m seeing come out. I was like wow that’s interesting. I can’t remember if we talked about this in our first podcast on the natural cellular defense or not but you had mentioned that you had over did it right. So I made sure I didn’t over do it but I didn’t under do it either. I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as you but I wasn’t taking one drop I was taking a few.

Martin: Interestingly enough on my side I noticed it mostly in my urine. I drink plenty, I drink structured water so I’m in good shape here and as soon as I started taking the natural cellular defense the color of the urine darkened and the smell of it was just something else and it took maybe two to three weeks of that before it started dropping off to some sort of back ground level again. So the early stages were quite a rich soup that was getting drained out of me. So I certainly had no hesitation attesting to the fact that this stuff is working. I’m on a very good health program, you know I take top grade stuff and plenty of it and yet when I added this to the picture it certainly made itself very noticeable.

Scott: Made a huge difference.

Martin: Yes, sir. The biggest thing it’s getting out of me I’m certain is toxins and I’m thinking toxic things, that’s what causes cancer. It’s not that cancer is caused by any one particular thing. It’s really caused by lack of oxygen at the cellular level but the lack of oxygen at the cellular level is actually caused by the pollution that’s blocking the oxygen from free flow or arriving where it needs to arrive.

Scott: You’re basically talking about our environment, you know if you’re walking down the street and cars are going by and trucks are going by or the inside environment, I mean there is a lot of people now talking about the types of, well we’ve changed the types of paint we are allowed to put in our homes but you know you’ve got all the stuff that’s built somehow.

Martin: Well you know the indoor environment where we spend eight, nine, ten, some people more hours in an office every day and the carpets where the carpets are gassing off, all the computer equipment and all the ozone that puts out and all the electro-magnetic radiation comes off of it and now with the Wi-Fi, that’s another huge issue.

Scott: Cell phones or how cell phones transmit information through the air. Those are all issues too, right.

Martin: Yeah, well right we did not develop in that environment. So we are not adapted to it one bit. So anyway, speaking of the toxins there certainly are many that get on board just by breathing the indoor office air or by walking around in places where coal-burning plants or natural gas burning plants are putting out all these pollutants into the atmosphere. So I guess to make it really simple I can’t think of anybody who’s living in an industrialized world that shouldn’t take this at least once a year for a month to do a cleanup.

Scott: One of the reasons that I think that you’re seeing the differences that you’re seeing is as we’ve talked about before you just had the mercury taken out of your mouth right, so you’ve been fighting toxins, you’re very sensitive to toxins right or heavy metals.

Martin: Yes, thirty years of that.

Scott: So like heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic those sorts of things, there’s a process of removing that from the body it’s called chelation? Can you just describe what that is because to me it sounds like that’s a little bit like what the natural defense does?

Martin: In a sense yes. Chelation is a process by which you will cause a reaction between one thing and another, meaning the toxic metal where ever it sits you’re hoping that it will react with the compound that you’re introducing into the body and that compound will then allow that to be taken through the body and out the natural elimination process like liver and kidneys because the body will not touch a toxic metal or heavy metal molecule by itself. It’s just so dangerous because it’s so electro positive. You can imagine it as if were a, it’s sort of like a guy with a machine gun who shows up to fight a band of Indians who only have spears and arrows and so the only way they can possibly eliminate you, the fellow with the machine gun is if ten thousand of them run at you all at once and just jump all over you. Half of them will die because your fire power is so good but finally maybe they will just smother you. So that’s just what one molecule of mercury in your is essentially behaving, your vitamin c jumps at it. Bang taken out, vitamin a, vitamin e all of these, this whole team of vitamins and antioxidants and whatever you have is trying to deal with it and all they are doing is they are not accomplishing anything because the mercury continues to remain untouched, unreacted so that’s where the chelation comes in, you introduce an agent so powerful and so potent that it will actually bind to the molecule of mercury. So that it turns from an electro positive to a neutral or a electro negative element that can be taken out through the natural pathways without causing intense havoc. These zeolites, the natural cellular defense works in a similar principle by means of these electro negative cages. What they do essentially is trap the electro positive pollution that’s in your body so rather than having a chemical reaction this is a physical reaction. It just is attracted to it electrically and gets taken out mechanically taken out of the place where it is and hidden inside the cage and since the cage has an overall electro-negative charge, your body doesn’t have a problem with it and allows it to flow through. It’s sort of like a sponge, a sponge with holes that is able to pull in these bits of unwanted toxic matter. These could be viruses, these could be parasites or these could be the toxic metals. So the cleanup is very effective. In fact I was just talking to a friend he was doing chelation therapy and the doctor was charging him 150 dollars per session and the minimum was 35 sessions to do it. The program required 35 sessions.

Scott: So it’s a five thousand dollar program.

Martin: So yes, it’s a five thousand dollar program. So I said to him look at here, I’ll send you a three pack of the Waiora Natural Cellular Defense that is 150 dollars and that’s his one month supply and it’s the equivalent of four sessions that would have cost him six hundred dollars. So he said I’m ahead by a huge margin and the result is every bit as good apparently. So, yes it’s a saving and you don’t have to sit there for one and a half hours with the intravenous drip getting all these things dripped inside of your body and all that.

Toxins, huh? It’s interesting how it ties right back into the intro where I started talking about which has to do with toxic thoughts. I would like to have some emotional sponges there to come inside of me so I am able to mop up any toxic thoughts just as they come up.

Scott: Maybe you just need to take a couple more drops.

Martin: Yes, just a couple more drops. You know what’s interesting after all these years I’ve come to realize that toxic bodies do produce toxic thoughts. The more polluted and acidic people get the more they are prone to miserable depressed unfriendly thought processes and interactions. Nine days out of ten I’m waking up with a joyful expectation of what good things my day is going to bring and I completely assign it to the change from the acid body to the essentially alkaline body.

Scott: I’m sure it works both ways, if your body is very toxic and your energy level is down and you’re not feeling all that good then how can you think all that beautiful loving thoughts? It’s hard, I mean you can, well you can obviously do it, but it’s hard.

Martin: Well you are naturally driven to the miserable thoughts and the depressed concepts so I would even venture to guess, we can’t make it as a claim I would venture to guess that when you clean up your body and get rid of a whole bunch of toxins if you may have suffered with depression you will not anymore.

Scott: What a nice thought that is. I noticed on the Life Enthusiast co-op web site there was some results of some research that was done zeolite which is of course what’s in the natural cellular defense and I thought I would just comment or mention a few of the highlights of the research that has been done so far because I thought it was really interesting. Before I do, the person that did it talked about because we were talking about a toxic environment so even if you do eat organic and you do eat fresh and you do eat live food and it’s raw and it’s all these sort of things and what you’re putting in your mouth is good. What’s in the environment and what’s in the water if you bathe or the rain also gets absorbed into the body.

This person was saying that there is almost 70 thousand chemicals being dumped into our environment, 65 thousand of these are potentially hazardous to our health so we live in a virtual sea of pollutants and we carry these toxins within us and this is what amazed me, they could be even found in unborn children. You think a child is in the perfect environment, I mean unborn babies in the perfect environment. A 2004 study by the Environmental working group identified 287 industrial chemicals in babies’ umbilical cord blood, including 180 that are known to cause cancer and 207 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system. I mean if that isn’t just a total indictment of what we did our environment and what we’ve done to it I really don’t know what is when babies who haven’t even come out of their mom yet have hundreds of chemicals in them already that we know are not good to have. What a way to start off life.

Martin: Yes it is quite sad actually, because this is a very large scale experiment that we are running, this industrialized society. On one side we are doing so great, we are introducing all these comforts and all these advantages and we can feed so many more people because of the industrial advances and can clothe clothe us better and we live in so much more comfort. I don’t really want to give up my living room for a cave. But on the other side of it we have not managed the full cycle, we have not taken care of not dumping the toxins into the general environment. The research is not suggesting that levels are at the cancer causing levels or anything. They are detectable but still it won’t take too long before they are at high level. Take example of Autism, autistic kids in general are those that have been polluted either in utero in the mother or by some kind of an assault typically an injection. Frequently it’s mercury in an immune shot or something like that.

Scott: In a vaccine.

Martin: Yeah, a vaccination. Anyway you were going to go ahead and read some more of these bits and pieces as they relate to the toxins.

Scott: Yeah, on the page it says the results of research on zeolite are very impressive. It appears to prevent and may become a very important treatment for cancer. In one study 78 percent of the 65 participants with terminal cancer, all types of cancer I guess are now in complete remission for twelve months. That was a study done by a Life Link pharmaceutical in 2005.

Martin: Life Link is the original inventor of the zeolite. Waiora is licensing the technology.

Scott: Zeolite had a chelating effect on removing heavy metals particularly lead, mercury, and cadmium and arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs and other toxins from the bodies. These toxins are strongly correlated with lots of different diseases, cancers, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, autism and dementia and I thought also that it was interesting because we are talking right now about putting a couple of drops in a glass of water, drink it and away you go. Pretty simple and pretty easy but it was used during the Chernobyl disaster where tons of it were taken to remove radioactive now cesium and strontium 90 where they contaminated local water systems. So I guess they were concerned that the local water would get contaminated and they used zeolite to stop that.

Martin: Yes, because zeolite has the phenomenal absorbing capacity to bind toxins within itself.

Scott: It was very interesting to see how you are in very shortly. According to testimonial zeolite promotes a sense of well being, clarity and happiness so I think this emotional stuff you’ve been talking about today appears to be going away very quickly.

Martin: Well you know, we talk about detox and cleansing and cleansing reaction. Every time you pull something out of the place that it’s hiding it, first as it comes up, it hits you in the face and then it’s dealt with and then it’s eliminated.

Scott: Zeolite also neutralizes the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach. Found in processed meats, they are one cause of stomach cancer.

Martin: Nitrosamines – you remember how you heard about the nitrates and nitrites being bad for you because they are in salami and wieners. When they react with amino acids, nitrosamines are the metabolites that form. That’s the stuff that actually causes the carcinogenic effect of the wieners.

Scott: Anyway, there is lots of information on the Life Enthusiast podcast about zeolite and Natural Cellular Defense. I think its fascinating reading personally and well worth the time to go through it.

Martin: For anybody who is at all curious, we have two types of customers calling. We have one type that calls and says just tell me what I need to do and the other type asks how we can support the statements we make with serious science. So we try to accommodate both. I can say “you ought to take this” and also “here is why” in glorious technical detail.

Scott: That’s right, if you want any information about any of these things it just goes on and on almost forever. That’s one of the wonderful things about the Life Enthusiast Co-op web site in my opinion it’s such a storehouse of information.

Martin: Here’s an interesting thing that came up, someone called the other day and said did you know that Waiora is being sued, so I had to go look into that and lo and behold it is being sued. It is being sued by the granter of the license so I called the head office to ask what’s up with that. They said well you know we made a deal and now that we’ve made such a success of it the license issuer is not happy with how much he’s getting. Well a deal is a deal isn’t it? So they are suing each other over whether this was or was not a deal done in good faith but as far as that goes it has everything to do with money and nothing to do with product quality which it relates to.

Scott: So they are all human beings after all.

Martin: It’s interesting that it does come up. That it didn’t take somebody more than a week checking into it to find it and call and say Martin, we have a problem when in fact we don’t.

Scott: Well I think we’ve come to end of another fascinating Life Enthusiast podcast, Martin. Do you have any last comments before we sign off?

Martin: Well just to wrap it up, I would recommend to everyone to stand on guard of their consciousness to only allow thoughts that are in harmony with the purpose that everyone wants to set out to. You know we do design our days and we do design our lives. Our thoughts will create our emotions and our emotions will control our states and our states will essentially dictate how our life is going to turn out. In fact I would even venture to say that emotions are responsible for 80 percent of the health problems that most anyone shows up with.

It starts at the thought level and it’s controlled in great degree by the purity or the toxicity levels that we have both as thoughts or in the organism on the whole.

Scott: Yes, get it out. I think it’s a two way street, you know we want to have good thoughts and everything else and that of course has a positive impact on our body and if we put good things into our body it has a positive impact on our thoughts. I know from conversations you and I have had in private the odd time there are some people who say you’re just trying to sell stuff on your site or on your podcast because you know you have a lot of information on your site and its opportunities for people to read and then you want to sell this stuff and why not just tell people that you can just think good thoughts and be fine and sometimes that will work and sometimes that won’t work and it all depends on all kinds of different factors and I think it is important that we not neglect, I’m a believer so I’m all about balance right, if I don’t go for my walk my body doesn’t feel very good if it doesn’t get it’s exercise, my mind doesn’t feel very good because it doesn’t get to go out and be in the beautiful fresh air by the mountain stream and all the rest of it. It’s important for me to go and do that and at the same time it’s important for me to eat well because if I eat McDonalds hamburgers then it doesn’t matter how much walking I’m going to do I am probably not going to be in very good shape. I think it’s important that when people are looking at what sort of life that they want and how they can have the best life that they have that they be open to what they put into their body and also what they put into their mind.

Martin: Actually as you’re speaking it reminded me I have had a number of exchanges with a number of people who are writing to me to unsubscribe to the news letter, saying well all you’re trying to do is sell me stuff. I subscribed to an informational newsletter and all you’re trying to do is sell me stuff and it’s interesting because every message that we send out is an education component about half of the page and the other half is a commercial message indeed and to me that seemed like an excellent balance because we after all only stay in business when we sell something and so we can’t just put out free information unless these people would like to send us donations for just the information, it just won’t happen. So anyway, it was interesting for me to notice that whatever these folks focus on even though that newsletter is balanced about 50/50 they have focused on that there is a commercial message attached to it. It just hurts their sensitivities.

Scott: What’s interesting too is that the commercial part of it is at the end so it’s not like you have to wade through all this text about why you should buy something before you get any good information. The good information is front and center and then it’s very clear, here’s the information and then here is something that relates to that information. It’s also not like we talk about some problem and then we then tell you to go buy some product that has nothing to do with it.

Martin: It’s related and it’s helpful, but anyway there we are. Some people have been sensitized to perceive or look for the negativity. I guess it goes right back to, is the glass of water half full or half empty and I tell you as soon as you start seeing the water glass as half full, the world starts behaving differently towards you and treating you differently. It’s the toxins again, enough of this philosophy.

Scott: Alright, enough of this philosophy you can head over to www.life-enthusiasts.com to get more information on all sorts of different things but really I encourage you to take a look at the Waiora products which if you click on manufactures and you click on Waiora there is lots of information there, doctors reports, autism information, NCD results, it’s just fascinating and basically all we are asking you to do is do your research and check it out. We have so many people dying, there is different diseases and I don’t think it’s necessary and I think you would agree with me Martin but we need to do something about it and you can do something about it so that’s that. Martin if someone wanted to get in touch with you personally how could they do that?

Martin: Well they can call the company line at 1-866-543-3388 or there is a phone ringing on my desk that is 775-299-4661, 8 am to 8 pm Pacific I’m willing to take the calls.

Scott: Great and if you’ve enjoyed our episode today we have over 50 other ones that are chalked full of interesting information on all sorts of different alternative health issues and you can listen to them at lifeenthusiast.podamatic.com and when you’re there you can subscribe to them and get them downloaded onto your iPod automatically if you so choose and you can leave comments there as well so if you have any questions or any comments that you want to leave about our podcast we would love to hear from you and oftentimes we will talk about them in upcoming pod casts or even try to deal with the issue so if you’ve got topics that you would like to know more about let us know and we will see if we can’t include them in an upcoming pod cast.

Martin: Which reminds me, we need to start talking about the aging male syndrome.

Scott: The aging male syndrome?

Martin: Yep that has been coming up in several phone calls I’ve been getting lately so this is a pre-announcement watch for the aging male syndrome in the next podcast or two.

Scott: Okay as an aging male I’m kind of concerned about what this syndrome would be.

Martin: Oh you’ll be amused; I’m not going to give it away now. Anyway, let’s close it up for today.

Scott: So see you later everybody and Martin has the last 2, 4, 6, 8 words.

Martin: Okay this is life enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet, thank you so much.

Scott: Bye bye.

Author: Martin Pytela