Prescription Drug Slaves

Reports I get from doing consultations have put me in a position to have direct awareness of how desperate medicine has become to invent new ways to force people into unending programs of prescription drugs. I really didn’t want to know all this. Had a recent interview with a patient who was told in April she had vertebral artery thrombosis, possible aneurysm. Follow up CT in July reports thrombosis, no aneurysm, no dissection. They also told the patient she has a vertebral artery dissection, which she didn’t.

The thrombosis, described in both studies, was of “indeterminate age.” Meaning she could have been born with it, or at least have had it for a long time. Treatment: PT, and lifetime Warfarin (Coumadin). PT, not that it would be effective, but because it is a profession with a very clear idea of its objectives, lacking our 100 year old identity crisis and self-destruct program.

The patient tells a darkly funny story about her report of findings. This older woman in a white coat, acting very doctorly, with all the condescension that entails, comes into the patient’s room and asks her in a fake accent if she has “seen the film” about Coumadin.

She’s talking about this very intimidating, frightening NLP-type video they make everybody watch, any patient with any real or imagined circulation problem.

This doctor, who looks like an Asian Morticia Adams, apparently is The Closer for coumadin in that hospital. Her job is to go around and make sure of patient compliance, which is a standard obstacle with prescribing coumadin – patient resistance. Hence the video.

The plan is that everyone, no matter what the diagnosis, understands that they will be on coumadin for life. No getting better, no improved health, you now live in the shadow of the threat of what might happen, this rule by fear that ensures a lifetime marketing plan for coumadin.

These guys are the past masters at marketing – they’re locking in the life-or-death necessity for a permanent prescription before they even get the diagnosis! Turns out, it’s the worst false advertising. My new PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference manual) just came in.

Now of course any sane human should read the entire section on any drug they planning on taking. But with Warfarin, we should all read the entire entry- page 2666.

Once you do that, you will have about 10x more knowledge of what coumadin really does than your doctor, count on it. This is one of the most dangerous and debilitating drugs ever invented.

All most doctors know is the cliché they learned back in medical school: coumadin is a “blood thinner” that is required in any case of heart or circulatory disease, to keep the blood thin enough to pass through the clogged arteries.

This simplistic metaphor is the extent of their knowledge 99% of the time, believe me. Try questioning them. They know nothing further.

In reality, that’s not what coumadin really does at all. It is not a blood thinner – it is an anticoagulant, which is something entirely different.

An anticoagulant interferes with certain steps in the vitamin K/fibrinogen clotting cascade. The drug’s only remotely beneficial effect would be that it prevents clotting, if you would ever have occasion to want that. Which would only be when you cut yourself, or some internal bleeding is happening.

At that point, clotting might save your life. But it’s certainly not a condition you would want to be in all the time. Why would anyone want to take a drug that makes him a virtual hemophiliac?

We looked at the live blood of this coumadin patient on the monitor and saw anything but thin blood. We saw the typical rouleaux and red cell aggregation associated with the standard processed American diet. These glued-together cells definitely have a deleterious effect on normal circulation, but they are completely unaffected by coumadin.

That’s not the worst of it. Wait till you see the PDR’s pages of side effects and tissue destruction that are common with coumadin – weakening of arteries, hemorrhage, liver diseases, respiratory disease, skin necrosis, organ deterioration, GI symptoms, tissue death, emboli, etc.

See if any of the symptoms you live with are listed as effects of this drug. Stop believing these unlettered vampires.

You can read it by yourself. Just do it – the Physicians Desk Reference is in every community library. Forget the online version – it’s for retards. Read the book itself – it’s not that difficult, and very complete.

If you don’t protect yourself, you deserve the fate they have reserved for you. Natural selection – survival of the informed.

Seems like at least one of you should read it, because it’s a virtual certainty your doctor is not.

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Author: Dr. Tim O'Shae