Probiotics in the Media

‘Healthy’ bacteria help keep you in balance (
A daily dose of good bacteria may be just what your doctor orders. A probiotic supplement or food product helps to replenish the good bacteria in our bodies, help fight infection and boost immune function.

Probiotics show promise in treating colitis (
A new Canadian study has found that simple “probiotic” bacteria are effective in treating ulcerative colitis, a painful disease caused by an immune system attack on the body’s intestinal tissue and colon.

Bacteria find could lead to bowel disease therapy (
Although typically we think of bacteria as being bad things, there are many, many bugs in the bowel that are good bacteria, and in fact, we need to have that balance to keep the bowel in check and to fend off bad bacteria.

Nova Scotia teen’s paper published in the CMA Journal (
Lindsey Edmund’s work on probiotics began as a Grade 10 science fair project. Lindsey, 17, is now in Grade 12. She became interested in the subject when her sister Andrea had digestive-tract problems after taking antibiotics to treat a sinus infection.

It had turned out that the antibiotics had killed all of the friendly bacteria that you need in your intestines to keep you healthy, and that just made her really sick and the doctors just didn’t know that’s what was going on, so they just kept giving her more antibiotics, which was just making the process even worse, said Lindsey on Canada AM.

Diet helps control inflammatory bowel symptoms (
People with inflammatory bowel disease have too many bad bacteria, and not enough good bacteria (probiotics).

Probiotics: Beneficial bacteria? (
Researchers believe that at least some of these native bugs crowd out invading organisms that cause illness, by using resources that the bad bugs need and producing chemicals that kill them. Eat more of the helpful bacteria, the theory goes, and you can stave off stomach problems.

“It seems to work with the body’s natural defenses to prevent the overgrowth of a bad bug,” says Dr. Sherwood Gorbach, a professor of community health and medicine at Tufts University in Boston.

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