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ADR Systems devices neutralize the adverse effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). It is an unusual European company, quietly winning accolades for decades. Extensive scientific research has produced devices that harmonize and cleanse your space. Food and beverages too. Reduce friction in your environment. Clear blocked energy flow in your body. EMFs are everywhere and they negatively impact us at the cellular level. Help your body combat EMF stresses from all wireless devices. Cell phones and wi-fi. Overhead power lines and electric motors. Computers and monitors. Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. It can cause pain from inflammation, and chronic degenerative conditions. Symptoms decrease when EMF levels are lowered. ADR Systems devices can block EMFs. And add harmony to our bodies through water. It’s nature's communication and data storage medium. Treated water, all beverages and food will taste better. Re-harmonize even microwaved food. Take it everywhere to increase the quality of your food. Take a look at our full line-up of EMF protection devices.

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  • ADR Protect, Electrosmog Protection Device

    ADR Protect

    Energy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device

    $0.25 Cashback
     By: ADR Systems
    Energy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device

    The ADR Protect is a revolutionary Electrosmog Protection Device that reduces the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human body. It can equalize the environmentally disordered energy levels in your acupuncture channels (meridians). With balance restored, your protective mechanisms are able to compensate for nearby harmful electromagnetic pollutants. The ADR Protect is about 1" in diameter, with an adhesive backing to place it on various devices that you keep near your body (e.g., cordless or cell phones, computer mouse, wallet, watch, etc.). Inside is flexible magnetic foil with precisely located, mathematically...

    • Stop Energy Loss, Life Force Decline, Fatigue
    • Reduce Adverse Effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
    • Balance Energy, Reduce Aches and Pains from Inflammation
  • ADR-3, Neutralize Energy, Harmonize Energy

    ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions

    Neutralize and Harmonize Energy

    $0.30 Cashback
     By: ADR Systems
    Neutralize and Harmonize Energy

    Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection The ADR-3 influences its surroundings, neutralizing and harmonizing energy forces. This leaves you with less geopathic stress and your energy flow returned and renewed. Use it in your home, office, car - surround yourself with calm and peace. We are all exposed to negative energies and geopathic stress from the earth (radiation of underground water, storm or sewage pipes, caves or mineral bodies), and human generated sources (electromagnetic fields in computers, appliances, cell phones, power lines, etc.). These negative energies can sap your strength. The ADR-3 consists of a magnetic...

    • EMF Protection from Wi-fi, Cell phones, Microwaves
    • Neutralize and Harmonize Energy Forces, Geopathic Radiation
    • Create a Positive Living Environment
  • ADR-4, energize water, energize food

    ADR-4 Harmonizer

    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

    $1.00 Cashback
     By: ADR Systems
    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer Energize All Water Molecules for Superior Hydration, Tastes Better Taste food and beverages like your never did before. Proprietary internationally recognized technology that turns ordinary food and drink into delicious feast! It only takes a couple of minutes! Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia - improve the quality, taste and health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and all food containing water. Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, improving or increasing vitality. Positive impacts...

    • First Aid for Microwaved Food
    • Take With You to Eat Out and Travel
    • Improve the Taste of Your Food and Beverages – Salads, Soups, Drinks
    • Superior Cellular Hydration to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing
  • Bundle: ADR Pack

    EMF Protection for Home and Away

     By: ADR Systems
    EMF Protection for Home and Away

    Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection ADR Protect, ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions, ADR-4 Energizer This Bundle: ADR Pack is a popular package - Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection - for your whole family from electronic pollution, neutralize negative energies and energize your foods and beverages too. The Bundle: ADR Pack includes: Two ADR Protects Highly Advanced Personal Health Protection Device Electrosmog protection device reduces adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution (cordless or cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, wifi, etc.). It can equalize the environmentally disordered energy levels in your meridians (acupuncture channels). With balance restored,...

    • Popular Package to Supply Your Whole Household
    • Harmonize Your Food and Your Space
    • Protect Yourself When Away From Home
  • ADR Mat, Electronic Radiation Shield

    ADR Mats

    Electric Field Shield

    $0.79 Cashback
     By: ADR Systems
    Electric Field Shield

    Safe and Sound, Good Night's Sleep These ADR Mats are an electric field shield, which utilizes ADR advanced technology to protect your body from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation during sleep. When we sleep (and in daily life) we're constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields that are emitted by electrical cables (within walls too) and electrical devices (even turned off) that are not visible, but can still have a negative effect on your health. With an ADR Mat - an Electric Field Shield - under your mattress, the negative impact of electric fields are...

    • Electric Field Shield to Block Harmful EMFs
    • Put it Under Your Mattress or Inside Your Duvet Cover
    • Even Hang It On your Wall