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Blushield provides advanced EMF (electromagnetic field) protection. This helps you maintain health, emotional balance and mental clarity.

Sensitivity to EMFs is on the rise. And symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered. EMFs come from many sources. Computers, cell phones and all wireless devices. Microwave ovens and radio waves (AM and FM). Electric motors (fridges, photocopiers, hairdryers). Power lines, transformers and smart meters. Even household electrical wiring.

Blushield devices use a proprietary microprocessor to generate a multi-wave scalar output (torsion field), comprised of natural wide-spectrum, bio-compatible frequencies that your body uses to counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Development of this gentle and highly effective technology took almost 25 years. And over 2 million dollars to refine into its present form and function.

These effective products have been available in Europe since 2014. Blushield is a company based in New Zealand. The technology has developed continuously over the past decades. Resulting in products that effectively protect against harmful EMFs.

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