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At Life Enthusiast, we provide natural health-giving solutions. For chronic and degenerative conditions. Customers have regained lost health and reached exceptional performance. Millions of people are taking care of their well being using Alternative Medicine. Chronic degenerative conditions and inflammation are the source of aging and pain. So many people are frustrated with our mainstream medical system. Their symptom-oriented approach with wide use of prescription drugs does not work for everyone, in the long run. You will find us to be refreshingly different. Your body naturally strives to be energetic and healthy. Given proper, absorbable, life-giving nutrition, your immune system can work efficiently to repair and maintain your health. And keep you free of pain and disease. Unfortunately, even a good diet combined with mainstream supplements, does not contain enough nutrients for optimal health. Natural, high-quality supplements are crucial for health. Now more than ever because nutrients have been depleted from our soils. And destroyed in processing and cooking of almost all food. Many foods are genetically modified, and loaded with hormones and antibiotics. Completely not natural and quite hazardous to our health! We believe in our products enough to use them ourselves. And share them with our families and friends. Our products are not in mainstream marketplaces. Here you may enjoy benefits that are not accessible anywhere else. Life Enthusiast provides clear, fact-based information. On nutrition, cleansing and all our supplements. We can help restore, maintain and improve your health. We seek out and publish current research by experts in many different fields. Experts who focus on finding causes and treating them. To repair your body and prevent future illness. You might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Hair Analysis

    Hair Analysis

    Comes with a Comprehensive Report

    $1.50 Cashback
     By: Life Enthusiast
    Comes with a Comprehensive Report

    Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA) comes with a comprehensive report that includes 35 elements plus: Copy of the test results (graphic illustration of levels and ratios). Completely individualized evaluation and detailed discussion of the patient's metabolic type, current mineral levels and ratios, and their impact upon body chemistry. Recommendations of specific foods and food groups, along with an explanation of why each food is suggested. Supplement recommendations based upon age, sex, metabolic type, mineral patterns and specific need as seen on the tissue mineral analysis and other accompanying clinical test...

    • Learn About Toxins and Nutrients in Your Body
    • Discover Your Specific Metabolic Type
    • Comes With Specific Nutrient Recommendations
  • Quantum Grace Recording

    Promotes Deep Sleep and Relaxation

    $0.10 Cashback
     By: Life Enthusiast
    Promotes Deep Sleep and Relaxation

    This Quantum Grace Recording helps you fall asleep quickly and awake in the morning feeling refreshed. Gently releases emotional blocks by simply listening to the energy conveyed. Enter the world of Harmony, of True and Deep Relaxation With true and deep relaxation, you can experience difficult situations a clear, enlightening way. Extremely effective treatment for sleepless nights and anxiety. Even helps calm hospitalized anxiety patients, and many different types of physical pain. When you make the purchase we will send you the download link by email. The video (Thank You Song) in the next tab...

    • Supports Better Sleep, Feel Good in the Morning
    • May Relieve Anxiety and Pain
    • Enhance Prayer and Meditation
  • Bundle: Energy Support

    Synergistic Nutritional Fuel

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Synergistic Nutritional Fuel

    Bundle: Energy Help to rebuild your energy and vitality. These products work together synergistically, feeding  your body essential nutrients. This bundle includes: 1. Powrtein 2. Intense C60 3. ATP Energy 4. Nano Soma Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products...

    • Feed Your Body Essential Nutrients
    • Helps Increase Energy and Mental Clarity
    • Support Stronger Immunity and Weight Management
  • AO scan

    AO Scan – Initial Session

    Remote Analysis of Your Health

    $0.39 Cashback
     By: Life Enthusiast
    Remote Analysis of Your Health

    AO Scan - Initial Session Remotely analyze your health to determine strengths and weakness. Provides feedback to balance the distortions identified. This non-invasive, remote scan will analyze your body’s energy fields. Uses over 120,000 data points identify your imbalances and distortions. The AO Scan - Initial Session is a powerful tool that analyzes 5 to 15 seconds of your voice. You will receive: Information about your current emotional state of health, that directly impacts your physical body. Customized audio message to balance your emotional and physical state. Harmonizing frequencies may help with concentration, creativity...

    • Determine Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Measure and Optimize Health with 120,000 Points
    • Includes Audio Files for Further Balancing
  • LifeEnthusiast, Water Works

    Water Sticks

    Energize and Polarize Water

    $2.50 Cashback
     By: Life Enthusiast
    Energize and Polarize Water

    Water Sticks will energize and polarize the water in a whole building. For drinking, cooking, bathing/showers, pets and plants. Improve the taste and quality of everything you make with water. Water Sticks Brings LIFE back to water! Energized Water has its molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants. Superior hydration is one major key to body repairs. And the maintenance of health and vitality. Water Sticks: Harmonize water from private wells, or from public...

    • Improve Water in a Whole Building
    • Simple Installation on Any Pipe
    • Any Building and Water Wells Too
  • Bundle: Zadiol – 6 pack

    Helps Relieve Inflammation, Pain and Anxiety

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Helps Relieve Inflammation, Pain and Anxiety

    Bundle: Zadiol This bundle contains 6 bottles of Zadiol. Get Serious - Save...

    • May Reduce Extreme Anxiety, Increase Calmness
    • May Relieve Pain from Inflammation
    • May Improve Mental Clarity
    • May Boost Immunity
  • Bundle: Immune Support

    Daily Immune Support

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Daily Immune Support

    Bundle: Immune Support This bundle provides natural support for your immune system. A healthy immune system results in fewer colds, flus and infections. This bundle includes Strata-Flora (4oz) Biome Magic  (2oz) Immunagen (1oz) Strong Immunity Promotes Quality of Life Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products...

    • Three Essential Immune Supplements
    • Fewer Colds, Flus and Infections
    • Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products together.
  • Bundle: Fibromyalgia Support

    11 Synergistic Products to Rebuild Health

     By: Life Enthusiast
    11 Synergistic Products to Rebuild Health

    Bundle: Fibromyalgia Support The ultimate combination of synergist products to assist your body in rebuilding its energy and immune system. And reduce pain from inflammation and over-stimulated nerves. May help strengthen immunity. Cleanse and detoxify with ongoing support. Address a particular condition, lifestyle issue and/or stage. These essential nutrients are designed to improve your general well-being. This bundle includes: Abzorb (150 caps) Body Biotics (90 caps) Fibrenza (60 caps) Fibro-Ease (Drops: 30ml/1oz) Fulvic Acid (Drops:...

    • Reduce Pain from Inflammation
    • Helps Improve Memory
    • Dense Nutrition Helps Restore Healthy Tissues and Normal Functions
  • Bundle: Mobility

    4 Products to Promote Joint Health

     By: Life Enthusiast
    4 Products to Promote Joint Health

    Bundle: Mobility Natural support for connective tissues. Helps reverse hardening of joints, tendons and cartilage. This bundle includes: Magnesium Oil (12oz) Vitalzym (360caps) GaiaThera Opti-MSM (20oz) Arthritis-Ease (1oz) Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products...

    • Natural Support for Connective Tissues
    • Helps Revers Hardening of Connective Tissues
    • 10% Discount When Purchased Together
  • Bundle: Cardio Support

    Helps Increase Your Endurance, Flexibility, Strength

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Helps Increase Your Endurance, Flexibility, Strength

    Bundle: Cardio Support May help if you're low on energy and endurance. May increase your flexibility and strength. Helps rebuild your vitality. This Bundle: Cardio Support includes: ATP Energy (4oz) AuraFit (Ecklonia 300 14oz) Barley Gold (Level 1 or 2: 16oz) H2 Elite (60...

    • Get Your Life Back
    • Finish Your Day with Leftover Energy
    • Cutting-edge Products
  • Life Enthusiast, Biodynamic Water Filter System

    Biodynamic Water Filter System

    Combines Filtration with Softening and Energizing

    $59.95 Cashback
     By: Life Enthusiast
    Combines Filtration with Softening and Energizing

    Biodynamic Water Filter System 3 in 1 Whole House Water System Combines filtration with water Softening and Energizing. Enjoy mountain spring grade water for pennies/gallon. Hydrate, cook and shower with pure crystal clear Energized water, right from your tap. Soft Water Water is considered hard or soft based on the amount of minerals it contains. Soft water has certain minerals removed (like calcium, magnesium). It then requires less soap for cleaning. Energized Water Has its molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants....

    • Superior Hydration for Your Body
    • Keeps Healthy Minerals
    • Removes Toxins