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QuickSilver Scientific products nourish your cells with superior nutraceuticals. Efficiently and fast. The power of intravenous therapy in convenient oral delivery. Effective products for optimal health. Made from the highest grade ingredients available. Discover the power of Liposomal Delivery. Where modern science unleashes the curative power of nature. QuickSilver Scientific is an industry leader in developing and producing the Liposomal Delivery system. The nutrients are protected and delivered straight into your bloodstream. Potent bioavailability for maximum absorption and benefits. QuickSilver Scientific has improved basic Liposomal Delivery technology. Creating even smaller, more stable, and tightly distributed single-layer spheres. Nutrients begin absorbing as soon as they hit your mouth. You get high absorption, before alteration by harsh digestion. Based on U.S. standards. And the growing body of scientific evidence generated from thousands of research studies.

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  • Topical Replenishing Serum

    Progesterone +

    Topical Replenishing Serum

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Topical Replenishing Serum

    Progesterone + Benefits of taking may include: Protecting the endometrium (lining of the uterus) Preventing uterine tumors Maintaining HDL (good) cholesterol Reducing symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, mood swings) Reducing adverse side effects of synthetic hormones. Low levels can cause: Infertility or miscarriages  (may indicate ectopic pregnancy, resulting in miscarriage) Headaches (sometimes severe) Mood changes and anxiety Menstrual cycle irregularity Weight gain. Progesterone is important during childbearing years. Without enough, a woman might struggle with getting or staying pregnant. After an ovary releases an egg, levels should rise. Progesterone helps prepare the uterus to...

    • Reduce Menopausal Discomforts
    • Can Help Infertility
    • Helps Prevent Uterine Tumors
  • Topical Estrogen Replenishing Serum


    Topical Estrogen Replenishing Serum

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    Topical Estrogen Replenishing Serum

    Estriol is a synthetic form of a type of estrogen. It provides some protection without the risks associated with stronger estrogens. Used as hormone therapy for symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, frequent urinary tract infections). Fast and enhanced absorption (compared to conventional creams). Bypasses your liver metabolism for optimal...

    • Natural Women’s Hormone Therapy
    • Ease Menopausal Symptoms
    • Fast and Enhanced Absorption