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All natural, aluminum free, effective odor control. 100% pure & natural, made from the best natural rock-crystal stone available. They are free of paraben and aluminum chlorohydrate, made from potassium alum, which is not the same form of aluminum that can be absorbed by your body, known to clog pores and cause disease. This is the real thing... well liked, and well tested.

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  • Deodorant Stone, Stick

    Well Tested and Well Liked – It Works

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    By: Thai Deodorants
    Well Tested and Well Liked - It Works
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    The real thing - well liked and well tested Potassium Crystal Leaves an invisible layer of protection that keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day, by inhibiting odor causing bacterial growth on the body. The Stone attacks the problem (odor), not the results of the problem (bacterial growth). It does not cover-up or clog pores. Disagreeable body odors will be eliminated. Accept No...

    • Natural Deodorant Stick – Potassium Crystal – Effective, Safe
    • Not an Anti-Perspirant – it is Aluminum Free
    • Very affordable, lasts a long time – in two sizes
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