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Thai Deodorants are all natural and effective odor control. Guaranteed to be free of synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers and solvents, synthetic perfumes, propellants and aluminum. They deliver effective, non-staining, hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly, and body-friendly products. It's the reason why dermatologists and oncologists across the nation recommend our deodorants to their patients. 100% natural and safe. The problem with mainstream deodorants today is that they stop us from sweating. They unnaturally clog our pores with harmful, aluminum-based chemicals. Thai Deodorants are made to work naturally with your body. They are NOT an antiperspirant. Your body naturally sweats to rid itself of internal toxins and waste. Why stop that process? The main ingredient is a natural mineral salt known as potassium alum. Alum is NOT absorbed into the skin, but alters the pH level on the surface to kill and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. No clogging of the pores with chemicals. No fancy fragrance oils to irritate the skin. No animal testing. Only pure, natural deodorant which works with your body in perfect harmony.

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  • Well Tested and Well Liked - It Works

    Deodorant Stone, Stick

    Well Tested and Well Liked – It Works

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    By: Thai Deodorants
    Well Tested and Well Liked - It Works
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    The real thing - well liked and well tested Potassium Crystal Leaves an invisible layer of deodorant protection that keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day, by inhibiting odor causing bacterial growth on the body. The Stone attacks the problem (odor), not the results of the problem (bacterial growth). It does not cover-up or clog pores. Disagreeable body odors will be eliminated. Accept No...

    • Natural Deodorant Stick – Potassium Crystal – Effective, Safe
    • Not an Anti-Perspirant – it is Aluminum Free
    • Very affordable, lasts a long time – in two sizes
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