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About Aura Infusions

About Aura Infusions

About Aura Infusions

Vibrational Aromatherapy to Expand Your Consciousness with alchemical gold (ORMUS) imprinted with Quantum Coherence

Aura Infusions are fragrant sprays formulated with pure plant, gem and botanical oil extracts, that saturate energy fields. Each aura infusion is carefully harmonized to trigger a profound shift in your physiology.

Infuse your aura, change your life

Repair your energy field and balance your consciousness.

Your subtle fields control your emotions. Your emotions control your thinking. Your thinking controls your physiology. Your physiology controls your existence. Here is a tool that lets you shift your reality easily and effortlessly.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • reduced stress level
  • feeling centered
  • opening your heart to joy
  • expanding your consciousness

But that’s just the immediate feeling. Your results will demonstrate the impact of these shifts upon your whole existence, your ability to attract peace, love, harmony, joy, abundance, safety and wealth into your reality.

Do not underestimate the effect of the subtle fields… it is profound

The vibratory imprint creates a resonance that shifts your body mind to higher levels of coherence.

The molecules of essential oils you inhale affect the limbic system of your brain directly, triggering the creation of a “holographic inner reality” – an integrated state of enhanced mood and cognition – activated by the aura infusion.

Bobbi Courtney, Creator of Aura Infusions

Bobbi CourtneyBobbi Courtney is a certified flower essence and gem elixirs practitioner. She also is a licensed psychotherapist with a masters degree in Social Work from Smith College and a certified Reiki master. Bobbi has extensive training in Continuum Movement, Somatic Experiencing, and Sensation and Em’ocean.

While working with clients she developed and thoroughly tested effective infusion spray formulas available here and now. Bobbi has been preparing custom blended flower, gem and essential oil infusions for her clients for many years, to support their growth and transformation. Her therapeutic work is designed to support personal growth and transformation of all her clients.

Mind states are deeply affected by the balance of your energy field, which can be shifted using vibrational botanical preparations. Change your physiology directly using these infusions, and achieve psychotherapeutic changes by using natural plant and gem extracts in programmed fluids.

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, OCP brings a rich background of knowledge as a Somatic Integrative Psychotherapist, shamanic healing (through the Institute for Visualization Research), Reiki Master, certified Tui-Na Body Therapist, Certified Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Practitioner, and certified Aquatic Integrative Therapist from the Center for Somatic Psychology in Wienacht, Switzerland. Other aquatic modalities she is proficient in include WATSU, Waterdance, and Fire and Water. She also has extensive training in Quantum Energetics. Bobbi is the co-author of the book “Nalu: The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork & Therapy”. Through her work with clients over time, she has discovered many highly effective infusion spray formulas that we are proud to bring to you on our site. Bobbi declares her mission to “provide a vibrational, botanical, therapeutic approach to balancing your energy field and improving your sense of well-being.”

Bobbi uses body-based psychotherapy that she supports by natural plant and gem extracts and aquatic integration.

  • You can book your session online
  • Skype Sessions – you can conduct your session with Bobbi via Skype (dreamshifts)
  • 60 minute Psychotherapy & Flower Essence Evaluation $150
  • 60 minute Quantum Energetics & Flower Essence Blend $150

In your session with Bobbi you will experience:

  • Release from Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  • Release emotional energy blockages an integrate your true self
  • Meet your Spirit Guides and interact with them
  • Renew your Sense of Balance, Peacefulness, and Well Being
  • Reach Greater Levels of Energy, Vitality, and Mental Clarity
  • Raise your vibration and perception of yourself

Quantum Energetics

A shamanic process that releases non-beneficial energy imprints, establishes a new blueprint for the emergence of the life you want! The power of quantum energetic restores the essential self by opening your body-mind- spirit system to transformation. It is a cognitive-energy integration process that is supported by gem and flower essence blends that are mailed to you after the session. There are dimensions of inner wisdom and dormant aspects of soul-self that can only be accessed through an expanded state of the deeper self. You will experience your higher consciousness, meet your Spirit Guides, and experience a deep, meaningful connection to them, You will have an opportunity to interact with each of them, asking anything you wish, deepening your ability to receive messages, as well as experiencing transformation of shape-shifting.

Bobbi will guide and support you through a quantum self-discovery process that facilitates the movement of meaningful and valuable information into consciousness. As each guide emerges, a part of yourself is retrieved or strengthened. You will process your journey and how it applies to your life and what essences you need to reach your potential. Sessions are filled with compassion, unconditional love, and divine assistance. Your custom essence blend holds your quantum expansion, and drain away trauma, while you experience new qualities, and improved perceptual states and profound transformation.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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