Rice Bran

Unique phytonutrient in rice husks protects rice seeds genetic material from oxidation. A superior antioxidant that helps protect other nutrients. Provides significant increases in energy and fat burning. Supports optimal muscle building from minimal exercise. Contains B Vitamins, Minerals, Gamma Oryzanol, Trans Ferulic Acid.

Rice bran extract: the water extracted components from protease stabilizes rice bran contains naturally occurring glycolipids, pentosans and protease-produced peptides.

Tocotrienols in rice bran help in maintaining the anti-inflammatory properties inherent to Vitamin E for those suffering with any type of chronic pain disorder. It contains superior forms of Vitamin B Complex, which are crucial for energy metabolism. Lipoic Acid is an essential key that unlocks energy from the food we eat while at the same time can help to normalize healthy blood sugar levels. It can also help protect the body against the damage that can cause heart disease, cancer, aging, strokes, arthritis and many other degenerative diseases.

There are many Essential Fatty Acids found in rice bran that can help improve some skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis. They also help in the normal function and development of the brain. A deficiency of EFA’S has been shown to impair the ability to learn and recall information. Gamma Oryzanol has extremely positive effects on blood lipids and metabolism. It is a natural replacement for anabolic steroids that helps build muscle. These nutrients reportedly flow through your body in a surge of regeneration moments after they are ingested. To date, Gamma Oryzanol is only found in rice bran. Phytosterols are natural phytonutrients which help to modulate hormone levels. Hormones are involved in nearly all our bodily functions.

They carry messages to cells all over the body, influencing activities such as growth, metabolism, cholesterol transport, bone building and sexual development. Phytosterols are natural plant compounds that are converted during the normal digestive process into hormones. A healthy cell knows precisely how to grow, when to divide and when to stop. If the genetic information within the cell is injured or altered, the cell may begin to behave erratically. This often leads to cancers and tumors, which can grow malignant and spread throughout the body. Researchers have discovered that phytosterols may help manipulate the hormonal environment in a favorable way, and by doing so, may help prevent hormone related cellular changes from occurring. Rice bran will provide a healthy person with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Author: Jevari Oberon