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October 2, 2002. The Boston Globe reports on new estimates of AIDS cases worldwide. These projections were done by the CIA, through its think tank, the National Intelligence Council. “The increase in cases in India, China, Russia, Nigeria and Ethiopia could contribute to well over 100 million HIV cases worldwide by 2010, said David Gordon, director of the CIAs Office of Transnational Issues.”

Translation: The depopulation campaign is going well.

Which answers the question, why is the CIA in the forefront of making these projections?

HIV and AIDS are a smokescreen for depopulation efforts through other means. HIV does not cause AIDS. AIDS is a label which covers the entire waterfront of deaths from immune suppression. There are many causes for immune suppression. In the Third World, we are talking about starvation, contaminated water supplies, poverty, covert localized chemical warfare OPS, highly toxic pesticides (some of which are banned in the US), wars, vaccines, and other medical drugs, including AIDS drugs. The promotion and maintenance of these killing factors can be concealed behind statements about the devastating effects of HIV.

“All we can do is try to find a cure for AIDS.”

Yeah, sure. Whether or not HIV was originally a biowar-germ development project of the US government – which some analysts assert – it is a failure as a disease-causing agent. With these new projections, the CIA is basically saying: “Expect many, many deaths. The real and obvious causes will be covered up, and the deaths will be blamed on a harmless virus.”

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff