Tachyon Healing and the Physics of Love

ABSTRACT: A new kind of energy is discovered that has, among other things, amazing healing properties. It is compared to other subtle energy modalities such as homeopathy and Chinese medicine. An attempt is made to understand it by referencing unusual theories of advanced physics and spiritual traditions. It is hypothesized that this is the energy of crop circle formation and an embryonic clue to a coming global transformation.

On a quiet, peaceful evening during the summer of 1993, an inventor was driving his electric blue sports car through the beautiful streets of Santa Rosa, California, a clean, upscale community of 100,000 residents about 50 miles north of San Francisco. His wife had jokingly told him that the fast car would probably kill him. He, on the other hand, credits it with saving his life. That evening without warning someone in a rented car, so the police said, pulled up beside his car and attempted to blast him with a shotgun. Fortunately, the man was not hurt but his car will definitely have an “autobody” experience. The reason he is still alive is that he had placed a huge crystal in the passenger seat of his car with the intention of using it, ironically, at a peace meditation.

The gun blast hit the crystal instead. This man has no known enemies and Santa Rosa is not Florida. The identity of the attacker and the reason for the attack are not known. The man says that he knows who is responsible but won’t say who it is. There are, however, suspicions. He says this isn’t the first time he’s seen them, that his attackers often follow him hoping to find the location of his laboratory. I guess if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em. An assassination attempt on an inventor is the sincerest form of flattery. It says that not only is the invention genuine, it is threatening to some powerful interest. Such an invention must be so revolutionary that it threatens to replace current technology in which perhaps millions of dollars are at stake. Just what the hell is in this man’s laboratory?

Glass beads, water and some cloth.

In case you’re wondering, it isn’t just any beads, water and cloth. These materials have been altered in some mysterious way to emit an energy – he calls it Tachyon energy – that has the power to heal many conditions faster and more effectively than anything your doctor has in his office. Well now, this is the medical cartel’s worst nightmare. For years they have been warning us against anything not sanctioned by the medical profession. They have searched out and destroyed every variety of what they term “snake oil” from the Hoxsey remedy to Willard water. Now there is water, beads and cloth for crying out loud that some powerful interest believes enough in to shoot at its inventor. Talk about a quack that ducks! It can’t be real, can it? It can, but let me explain it for you, and any skeptical doctors who might be reading this.

Today there are theories to explain those healing energies though they are found at the speculative frontiers of quantum physics and even beyond the borderlands of respectable science. Better yet, as though to give our “own worst enemy” species yet another chance, unorthodox inventors have emerged to make healing energies even easier, cheaper and more effective. The man who survived the shotgun attack, David Wagner, PhD., a blonde, boyish looking man of thirty something years is one such inventor. With his ponytail and warm smile he looks more like a facilitator from some New Age Astrology/Channeling/UFO (pick one) workshop than another Tesla. My introduction to David came as a literal shock, almost a blast in itself.

To me, crystals are like some ex-wives, pretty to look at but cold and hard. Still, when a friend of mine invited me to go to a crystal fair in San Francisco I agreed. Why not? Looking isn’t dangerous. My friend feels vibrations from crystals. He thinks they have different personalities. I tolerate that because he has redeeming qualities and not many insurance men can or would put a crystal on their foreheads to see visions – not even in California which has a certain reputation for such things. It was at the fair that this story began.

Tachyon, Dude

At the fair I noticed a sign that mentioned “Tachyon Products.” That stimulated my interest and I approached the proprietor, one David Wagner, PhD. He asked if I knew what a tachyon is. “Sure, it’s a hypothetical construct of quantum physics that explains the supraluminal results of the Aspect experiment of Bell’s theorem.” It didn’t roll off my tongue quite that easily but he got the idea that I knew something about physics. Actually, although I am a pharmacist, not a physicist, my hobby for years has been investigating the nature of reality. Alain Aspect, a French physicist, proved that complementary particles separated by any distance in the universe, even light-years, will change both their polarities simultaneously whenever either one of them is changed. To explain this startling fact, some physicists (who still think the vacuum is empty space and like to reduce everything to particles) postulated a particle called a tachyon that flies faster than the speed of light from one particle to the other to change its spin. The latest epoxyed notion in physics is the formerly radical Relativity theory of Einstein. Relativity says that 186,000 miles per second is not only a good idea, it’s the law. Nothing is faster nor can it be. Apparently being a physicist means living with the chronic uncertainty of a blind man in a fun house. Still, I hadn’t heard of anyone selling subatomic particles.

Rather than trying to explain it, he said he would demonstrate it for me if I had two minutes to spare. I did, but I warned him that nothing works on me. I am an incense survivor. I have tried every “New Age” technology from lucid dreaming, brain machines, channeling and hypnosis to holotropic breathing, left handed writing, shamanistic drumming and reverse speech without success. I had a strong suspicion that all these things were delusions for people with the imagination of a four year old child. I decided to humor him and put a small bag of glass beads that look like opals smaller than your little finger nail on my chest. Within a few seconds I felt heat. I looked down and David laughed, “Looking for the wires?” I nodded. Then it happened: the shock. Strong “thrill chills” surged up and down my body! This was accompanied by euphoria and a spaciness that bordered on being drunk. “Don’t tachyon and drive,” will someday be a new truism. “What is it?” I slurred.

He told me that it was tachyon energy, a kind of energy that exists all around us but beyond the speed of light. The beads act as a conductor or antenna for the energy. Before he put the beads on me he had me put my thumb and forefinger together. He promptly pried them apart. After I got tachyonized he had me do it again. Neither he nor my friend could pry my fingers apart! Superhuman strength is a side effect, he matter-of-factly explained. Well, he certainly succeeded in getting my attention. Something worked on me after all and it was something my knowledge of physics couldn’t explain. Much later I was to see a video from Japan in which a small female Japanese reporter donned a tachyon jumpsuit and lifted a substantial barbell she was previously unable to budge. I sympathized with the look of total surprise on her face. David explained that tachyon energy is the life force or chi, prana, ki, orenda or mana, as various esoteric traditions have referred to it. Traditionally, it has been notably difficult to come by. You’re born with some obviously, some you get from your food, and some you get by breathing it in, but not much. To get therapeutic or spiritually significant amounts of it requires years of meditation, exercises such as chi gong, or a breathing discipline called pranayama.

Many more modern researchers have also come across this energy. Inventors like Rife, Priore and Lakhovsky invented machines that emitted a mysterious healing energy that was well documented to cure even cancer. Of course that was before allegedly being suppressed by the medical cartel. Another example, Wilhelm Reich, who was thrown into prison to die and his books burned by the United States government for his research into this energy, called it orgone and built layered boxes to concentrate it. Reich believed that the proper amount of this energy is vital to good health. Too little leads to disease but so does too much. Interestingly, Reich said that the orgasm is a means of discharging excess orgone energy. The tachyon “thrill chill” feels like a less intense, prolonged orgasm. Not only that, but I have noticed that wearing a Tachyonized jogging suit for a few hours definitely increases my libido. Score one, posthumously, for Reich.

Actually, it makes sense. I remember reading in an advice column many years ago that overly promiscuous sex depletes vitality and ruins your health. At the time I thought this was more Puritan mythology designed to dissuade young people from following their strongest natural instinct. Evidently, there was something to it after all. Abstinence is not much better, though. We all know what kind of state that leads to. Moderation, as with most things, appears prudent. Sex between people who are in love with each other, on the other hand, is seldom moderate. As we shall see later, love is the strongest source of life energy and that might explain the rather frequent need to, uh, discharge it.

Historically, awareness of this energy is anything but new. Pythagoras called it pneuma. Later it was called od by Von Reichenbach, animal magnetism by Mesmer, vital force by Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy and the ether by pre-Relativity physicists. Lately, the Russians have been referring to it as bioplasma, and even Star Wars called it the force. Post-Relativity physicists like David Bohm now postulate its existence and call it the superquantum field. On the other hand, modern medical science, still mired in 19th century Newtonian-Cartesian mechanics, calls it vitalism and says that it’s hooey. Chemical reactions and the laws of electromagnetism are sufficient to explain living things, even the mind which is an epiphenomenon of the cerebral gray matter. Well, maybe not as we shall see.

Whatever you call it, tachyon technology is the latest and by far the easiest way of accessing this energy. Of course, it could be something different but it feels the same as the surges you sometimes get in deep meditation. Moreover, healers have told David that it feels the same as the energy they use in healing. This implies the possibility of a revolution in health and spiritual progress. What used to take years or special talents can be had through simple technology. Many expensive and dangerous medical therapies could be replaced with simple, inexpensive beads! It sounded too good to be true, so I had to know more. Does tachyon energy heal like Rife’s rays or Reich’s boxes? Could it raise your vibrational state and facilitate spiritual experiences? David said yes, indeed, and had then already treated over one hundred people with a diverse range of illnesses. Many of these people’s lives changed in the process, often in a more spiritual direction.

A Subtle History

So started my investigation into subtle energy and the tachyon technology in particular. It turns out that the only products then available were being imported from Japan where they were invented by an anonymous Japanese inventor through the Tachyon Energy Corporation formerly in San Leandro and now in Beverly Hills, California. Calls and visits with this corporation revealed almost nothing. They would not, and still will not, reveal who makes it or even where in Japan it is made, much less how it’s made. Revealing the name of the inventor would expose him to the forces of suppression, they said. Paranoia, I said then but that was before David was shot at. Among their products are small tachyon beads, tachyon water, and a kind of tachyon wrapping cloth. Lately, they have added tachyon sports attire and even a tachyon box for cigarettes. This presumably prevents a smoker from being laid out in the flip-top box smoking leads to.

In a kind of reversal of the usual pattern, David found out how to make the technology to create Tachyonized glass, water and cloth, even better, stronger and faster than the Japanese. Did he steal it from the Japanese? No, instead he told me an even more unbelievable story. Dissatisfied with the price and availability of the Japanese products which he was using in his healing practice, he asked his spirit guide to tell him how to make his own. Well now. If I felt that this technology would have a hard time being accepted by the REAL scientists this was definitely not going to help. First I find a glass bead that emits a powerful energy of some kind that I certainly cannot explain and now he tells me that some spirit told him how to make it. My reality check was about to bounce. “I have been channeling since I was young.” He informed me. “My guide, John, has given me a lot of helpful information through the years. My problem now is that he gives me too much too fast. I’ve told him that I can’t complete the projects he already gave me fast enough!”

Perhaps this isn’t as strange as it seems. History is filled with people who received information they did not understand from some source within their minds. It seems to be a part of genius. Tesla saw his finished inventions in his head. Socrates talked to a voice in his head he called his Daemon. Mozart heard the music and simply wrote it down. If David wanted to couch his source in “New Age’ terms who was I to argue? Besides, the Tachyon Energy Corporation people told me that their Japanese inventor received his information from a channeled source also. This entity gets around. Evidently, if the spirits are about to speak, let them. On the other hand, the one who gave Rife, Lakhovsky, Priore, and Reich their ideas is, after their shabby treatment, probably not on spooking terms with us anymore.

Not being a physicist nor a physician, David’s background certainly did not seem to suggest that he would be graced by the spirit world with such an invention. But this is largely true of the other healing device inventors also. David spent his youth with his grandparents in the missionary fields of Mexico. Despite being spiritual in orientation (he’s a minister in a nondenominational Christian church) and having a doctorate in religious philosophy, his adult life was spent in various electronic engineering jobs. One day, like me, he happened to come across a booth at a fair advertising tachyon products. Out of curiosity and a strong personal attraction he took some home to apply to his intractably painful back. Disk problems had almost made a narcotic addict of him at one time but he applied the tachyon beads and the symptoms disappeared. The rest, as they don’t quite say, will be history.

Inexplicable Symptom Abatement (Only doctors can “Cure”!)

Being a gullible skeptic I had to test his claims for myself. After all, California has a certain, uh, reputation and the bay area is the gullibility capital of the world. There is a flourishing industry here to service vain hopes and fantasies and it’s recession proof. I selected for my first subject my younger son, Nathan, who had Osgood-Schlatter syndrome in the knee and drove him to David’s office, the Tachyon Health Center (THC), now Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT) (800 966-9341), in Santa Rosa. This syndrome is a painful swelling of the knee brought on by growing too fast. For some time now he has been drag-racing with Jack’s beanstalk. If they put him on the rack they couldn’t crank it fast enough. You get the picture. I also took my mother who had at that time many things wrong with her including fibromyositis, COPD, ulcerative colitis, and cardiovascular disease. David’s offices seemed more like a comfortable living room than a clinic. Shelves along the walls were replete with crystals, many from the mines David owns.

He applied the beads to the acupuncture points on my son’s knees. “Acupuncture moves and unblocks the life force to let it flow normally in the body. But it’s actually a trickle.” He explained. “Tachyon beads are like sticking a life force garden hose on the same spot. It blows massive amounts of energy through the body.” Within an hour my son’s knee would bend halfway for the first time in months. By the next day he regained full use of his leg. My mother was another story. Cynically doubtful from the start, she reluctantly went along with the program which also involved drinking large amounts of the water as well. All of her symptoms subsided but she insisted that it had nothing to do with the treatment.

Intrigued, I began to experiment with my friends. A business associate had a bad knee that became painful after exercise. After he applied the beads to the knee, he played softball with no subsequent pain. Another friend had bad PMS and a back so bad that she could not sleep on a bed. Within a half-hour both problems disappeared. A nurse in the clinic I worked at had a painful neck for which she regularly saw a chiropractor without much improvement. An hour with a tachyon scarf around her neck enabled her to cancel her chiropractor appointments. An elderly lady’s legs were so arthritic she could barely walk. She ambled along slowly with the aid of a walker. Despondent over her doctor’s inability to help her I suggested that she see David. The next time I saw her she was walking around normally. She cried in gratitude. Another person with carpal tunnel syndrome had the tingling and numbness disappear overnight. Everything I applied it to was helped, usually dramatically.

David says he has now performed over 700 treatments with a 90% success rate. He says there have been only five people for whom he could not determine the cause of failure. The other failures were caused by failing to stick with the program. 75% of his cases have been for musculoskeletal problems where the effect is distinctly anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but other conditions are also amenable to treatment. An employee in his store with a long history of migraine headaches is no longer bothered by them. One small boy was so relieved to have the poison oak rash on his body disappear that he dove back into the poison oak again the next day. He adds that chicken pox reduces much faster. He has files of such clients. He will talk about the woman, for example, who was scheduled for a hip replacement operation. Now she is dancing ballet. Spastic colon, hearing loss, the cases roll by. His files contain an impressive collection of testimonial letters.

One of the most dramatic cases concerned a woman who had lost some teeth in an accident. Having heard that they could be placed back into the jaw by a dentist she took them in for implantation. The dentist informed her that part of her jawbone was missing and that part of her hipbone would have to be removed and grafted onto the jaw before the teeth could be implanted. Unwilling to have the operation done she saw David instead. He put her on tachyon therapy and after a time she returned to the dentist. The dentist was startled to find that her jaw had grown back again! Moreover, the bone density was greater than the rest of her jaw. Now like other health professionals who have encountered David’s miracles, he wants to know all about it. Among his clients have been four doctors and several doctors are now sending their special patients to him.

He has yet to try it on cancer (which Reich said is an Orgone deficiency disease) but if the energy is the same as the energy emitted from the gas tubes, he could hit the jackpot. Dr. Hans Nieper in Germany is an authority not only on alternative cancer treatments but also tachyon energy. According to him such creatures as sharks and insects are little changed over millions of years, nor do they get cancer despite not having an immune system like ours with its white blood cells, antibodies and complement. Apparently, their genes are extremely stable and that’s why they don’t have mutations or cancer.

Dr. Nieper believes that perhaps as much as 90% of the energy output of these animals comes not from their food but from tachyon energy. Certainly, no one has explained the ruby-throated hummingbird which flies non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Central America. According to scientists the bird could not possibly store enough fuel for the trip. It’s metabolism is a blast furnace. The ignorant bird makes the trip anyway. Perhaps certain birds also translate tachyon energy into kinetic energy. In any case, Dr. Nieper believes that the reason for their gene stability is tachyon energy which apparently activates powerful gene repairing substances. He speculates that the cancer curing Priore device operated this way. Dr. Nieper utilizes some of these gene repairing substances highly successfully in his German cancer clinic. His source is exotic carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly-trap which accumulate it by ingesting their insect prey.

Turbo-Charged Meditation

But what about the spiritual dimension? Reasoning that if this really is the vibrational energy that lifts Yogis to spiritual heights I decided to try another experiment. I applied tachyon beads to the chakra points on my body and meditated. Within a few minutes I had my first out-of-body experience. I also found that it made me more sensitive to other sources of spiritual energy. For another experiment I visited an Indian saint, Mata Amtritanadamayi, who was in town for a visit. I felt a bow wave of energy as she passed by. Even stranger, a visit to a local metaphysical bookstore produced strong vibrations from the books of the Indian Avatar Sathya Sai Baba! It was identical to the energy I felt from the tachyon beads. Clearly something was going on here that astonished me and made me wonder about my own suggestibility. David reassured me that my responses were not uncommon. Not everyone feels the energy, though. It varies from strong to not at all with myself, often within a few minutes. It seems strongest when there is ambient subtle energy to transmit as at a crystal store or spiritual location.


I needed some kind of proof that it isn’t all placebo, which is what most of the people I tried it on claimed it must be. I reasoned that the “thrill chill” spaciness could be a massive endorphin release and that would also account for the analgesia. Then David showed me a middle-aged employee that had muscles a female bodybuilder would envy. She got them by drinking tachyon water everyday. Evidently, growth hormone, and who knows what else, was also being dumped into the blood stream. Would a placebo do that? I put the question to David. “How about this?” He says. “I took a rose and put it in water. Within three days it wilted. A similar rose put into tachyon water lasted nine days. In fact, I put the wilted rose into tachyon water and it straightened right up.

“Take animals, for example. I had a saltwater tropical fish that had torn its pectoral fins and belly on a net. Normally a fish like that will die very quickly in the closed confines of a saltwater tank. In any case, they can’t go more than nine days without feeding. I placed tachyon water into the tank and the fish just sat there week after week without moving. Finally, during the fourth week it started moving and eating a little. By the fifth week it was fine. Now all the fish hand around the intake where the tachyon water comes in. Their colors are brighter and, oh yes, I don’t have to clean the algae out of the tank as much as I used to.

“Or how about dogs? I had an epileptic dog as a client. It convulsed for eight to ten minutes every two or three days. We timed it. We put a tachyon cell (his word for the beads) on his collar. It had a two minute seizure two days later and that was the last one. It’s been over five weeks now. Another dog had such severe arthritis and degenerative disk disease in the neck that it couldn’t lower its head to eat or drink without pain. We put four large cells on his neck. The next day he was fine. The Vet was speechless.”

Apparently, there is more to this than placebo. I tried my own sneaky test. I intuitively guessed that children would be more sensitive to the energy than adults since they tend to be more open to unusual experiences. My pharmacy assistant’s eight year old son visited the pharmacy one day. Without telling him what I was doing I gave him two large tachyon cells to hold in his hands. A few minutes later he practically jumped out of his shoes and started laughing uncontrollably for about five minutes before I determined that he was “overdosing” and took them away. He told me that it felt like ants on his arms at first, then it made his whole body tickle. You could picture furtive adults hanging around school yards selling this stuff to kids. Placebo? yeah, right. Scientists would not be so easy to convince, though. They would want experimental proof, not anecdotes. Again, I approached David.

Quest For Proof

“I spent six hours one day dowsing in a double-blind experiment involving tachyon water and ordinary water.” He said. “Every two minutes I tried to determine which was and was not the tachyon water. I missed twice.” While that’s impressive, using one subjective measuring device to objectify the existence of a subjective energy would not convince any scientist, though it might have comedic value for him or her. Similarly, a study done at Pacific University in Hawaii compared tap water with Evian bottled water and tachyon water. The device employed in the comparison, called an SE-5 spectrometer, measures the bioenergetic potential of different substances. Tap water had an amplitude of 80%. Evian water measured 265%, an impressive jump.

Tachyon 21 water (the Japanese version,) measured 895,000% and David’s Tachyonized water measured an astounding 1,558,000%, the strongest substance ever measured. Then I found out that the spectrometer is a psychotronics device, another subjective instrument that depends upon the “sensitivity” of the operator. Although such devices can be amazingly accurate, as you’ll find out in the next chapter, establishment science ranks them with perpetual motion machines in their esteem. It turns out that subtle energies like tachyon energy cannot be measured by electronic instruments that depend, after all, upon moving electrons through wires, something subtle energies don’t do. For the physicists and engineers among you capable of understanding this, Physicist Moray B. King in his book, Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, cites several reasons for the inability of conventional technology to detect what he calls ” zero-point energy.”

  • It is incoherent.
  • The energy is everywhere. Its detection requires measuring an energy difference.
  • Less than one quantum of energy is cohered at any one node.
  • It flows orthogonally to our space (virtual).
  • It rapidly changes frequency. Linear detectors cannot resonate coherently with it to follow signal.
  • The very high frequencies do not readily interact with matter.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be detected, however. Nonlinear instruments and systems, especially biological ones, can detect them. Remember, until Marconi built his radio, radio waves weren’t detectable either, despite the fact that they fill the universe. Different energies require different detection systems. Kirlian photography is definitely affected, though. An aura camera revealed a dramatically brighter and more extensive aura in subjects exposed to tachyon energy. They lit up like a Christmas tree after wearing a tachyon necklace. (See photo below. Top photos are before and bottom are twenty minutes after tachyon treatment.) As described in his book, Energy Medicine, Laurence E. Badgley, M.D., working with the ideas of Dr. Paul Nogier of France, has devised a simple biological way of detecting subtle energies which he calls the “Life Energy Field.” In doing so he has validated radionics or radiesthesia.

He found that interaction with this field will cause the pulse to either jump a few beats or become depressed a few beats depending upon whether the substance introduced to the field harmonizes with it or not. He calls this the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) and using it has mapped out the shape of the body’s energy field in health and disease. He has even verified those whirling vortices of subtle energy called the chakra system that act as transducers of subtle energy or life force. Through the endocrine glands, tradition has it, the chakras turn life force into electromagnetic energy that sustains our physical being. Magnets, crystals, colors and homeopathics, as well as ordinary household chemicals such as food, are some of the substances that will cause a VAS response. In fact, it is one handy way of telling whether a homeopathic remedy is likely to work. It’s also handy for finding acupuncture points. Badgley adds that the effect is holographic in that the VAS response is independent of where in the field material is placed.

The VAS response is reminiscent of the initial surge of strength tachyon energy causes when it enters your life field. The strength increase is momentary and it seems to have something to do with resonance. For example, I once watched David experiment with a man who had a lame arm and could not lift it. He systematically placed smaller tachyon cells on his chest and held up his arm. Nothing happened with large cells but as he moved down to a fairly small cell the man’s arm locked rigidly into position on its own! That surprised me since I thought the more energy the better. The same technique is used to determine the proper amount of water to take. The water consumer holds out a hand and receives continual drops of water until a strength surge occurs. Of course the strength surge is dramatically stronger than the VAS response but tachyon technology is VAStly stronger in itself.

This resonance response is another indication that there is an optimal amount of life energy that a body can handle, though David assures me that with increasing health the body can handle ever greater amounts. Recently, David performed an experiment in his laboratory that would be more convincing to a scientist. Using an oscilloscope he measured the waves of random electrical impulses sent through an ordinary glass bead. As expected, the waveforms were chaotic. He then sent the electricity through a tachyon bead. The waveforms emerged in a regular pattern that he had never seen before on an oscilloscope. Unfortunately, his laboratory is the only place the experiment works because the five tachyon “ovens” he uses to tachyonize substances fill the environment with ambient tachyon energy. There isn’t enough concentrated tachyon energy elsewhere for a measurement. Despite the disdain of orthodox science, a wealth of experimentation has existed for years showing the existence of this energy and many of its properties. Experiments with anomalous results are not hard to find.

T. Moray King, an inventor, created a “black box” that produced 50 kW of energy from the vacuum, i.e. from nowhere. He was also shot at. Many others have done the same. Nicola Tesla, possibly the most impressive example of genius in modern times and the inventor of radio (before Marconi,) alternating current, the electric motor, the arc light, television, and many other inventions, was something of an enigma. He seemed to keep his most arcane creations mostly secret. Two which were not kept secret for obvious reasons were an “earthquake device” that fits into the pocket and which shook buildings and shattered windows for miles. Another was a car he drove around a track at better than 80 miles per hour nonstop for a week. The car had no engine.

Eric Dollard of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation has a couple of videotapes you can view yourself. In one he shows the difference between longitudinal and transverse electromagnetic waves. He demonstrates that longitudinal waves travel faster than the speed of light! He then demonstrates how a power plant using such efficient waves could be easily constructed. In another video he lights a lightbulb using this form of electromagnetism which not only glows a strange color but attracts metal yet repels your hand. He then demonstrates an experiment in which power is transmitted through the atmosphere without wires like radio waves duplicating one of Tesla’s experiments.

Yull Brown an American immigrant from Bulgaria discovered that a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases combined in stochiometrically exact proportions (as in water) do not explode when lit as every scientist in the world assured him it would. Instead it implodes and burns with a flame possessing very strange properties. It has no problem burning under water and in fact can weld things under water including things impossible to weld such as metal to brick or different metals. The temperature of the blue part of the flame usually the hottest is room temperature and you can pass your hand through it. Yet it will heat up to whatever temperature is required to annihilate whatever it is applied to. It can become hotter than the average temperature of the sun and vaporize tungsten for example. Actually vaporize is the wrong word. The end of the flame doesn’t become yellow and dance like an ordinary torch. Instead it implodes and whatever it touches implodes with it and simply disappears! It even vaporizes atomic waste reducing its radioactivity to almost zero.

Could it be that certain smug mainstream scientists don’t know everything there is to know about reality after all? Could it be that there are still things left to learn whose potential applications make the word “revolutionary” an understatement? In the next century when these discoveries are developed and applied people will look on our scientists with the same amusement that we look upon Galileo’s contemporaries. Yet those are only a few of the many anomalous experiments and inventions documented and available to the curious investigator whose mind is not closed. There are many more however. William Tiller PhD. for example a material sciences professor at Stanford University reported in 1986 that he had constructed a device that released bursts of electrons in response to focused healing energy from a psychic healer’s hands. The device was in a Faraday cage which shields it from any form of electromagnetic energy such as radio microwave infrared visible light UV X-rays or Gamma waves.

Glen Rein PhD. a biophysicist formerly also at Stanford and now at the Institute of HeartMath has been doing seminal work on detecting subtle energies. He calls this energy non-Herzian or scalar energy (after maverick scientist Thomas Bearden’s theories.) He found that it could cause neurons to fire in their synapses when cultured in a petri dish and exposed to the energy. Tachyon energy is the missing link between mind and brain. A hyperneuron a wave that engages masses of brain cells corresponding to a thought or action begins with the firing of a single neuron at the top of the brain in the Supplementary Motor Center (SMA). No one knows how it fires in response to will or intention but apparently tachyon energy is its trigger. He also found that it could increase the activity of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) by a factor of 20 times. He found other strange properties too such as being influenced by a plastic barrier something electromagnetism ignores. The source of his subtle energy was a technique of canceling-out opposing electromagnetic fields by crashing them against each other in an intertwining caduceus coil. The caduceus coil is one of several methods Rein says can evoke this energy. Among the others are toroid and moebius coils rotating magnets inert gases and homeopathics. Another possible method was not mentioned by Dr. Rein probably because it is even more unknown.

Mineral Infrared Therapy

In 1970 a Mr. W.B. Gow was appointed director of a ceramics factory in a rural area of central China. The working conditions there were abysmal to say the least. Workers spent much of the day in damp cold usually standing deep in mud. Mr. Gow expected to find poor health arthritis at the least among the workers but to his surprise they were much healthier than people who did not work there. Not only did they not have arthritis but no cancer was found among anyone who ever worked there. Their lifespan was significantly longer than the people in the neighboring villages.

Naturally he petitioned the government to find out the cause of this unique situation. Scientists discovered infrared radiation emitted from a black clay deposit on a conveyor belt that was heated by the ceramics kiln to 400 degrees. The clay was analyzed and found to contain 33 different trace elements in 43 biologically useful forms. This was the source of the unusual health of the workers.

Intensive study by scientists all over China led to the creation of a heated lamp made from the black clay material. It was found useful in over 30 different medical conditions. It relieves pain speeds up healing decreases inflammation reduces skin problems insomnia even stress. It sounds somewhat like tachyon therapy in the range of conditions it treats so perhaps there is some connection. (See the book Mineral Infrared Therapy TDP by Tsu-Tsair Chi N.M.D Ph.D.)

The elements in the clay are heated and so resonate together. Because there are so many of them and they range within the biological spectrum it is easy to surmise that in effect a multiwave oscillator has been created. This is another way of creating a Lakhovsky device a machine designed to resonate an almost infinite series of frequencies. As we shall see later this could provide a step-down method of bringing tachyon energy into the physical realm.

All these methods apparently stress the underlying vacuum and cause the subtle energy to leak so to speak into our space/time. Interestingly Dr. Rein found that water will store this energy and speculates that he has discovered why homeopathy works. Homeopathy is unique. It is definitely part of the New Medicine but it has been around for 150 years. Science is now just starting to understand why it works.


A homeopathic remedy has been diluted so many times that after about 23 dilutions not a trace of the original dissolved substance remains. It can’t work says the medical cartel and scientific establishment because it’s only water. Yet it does and the Royal families of Great Britain and the Netherlands both employ homeopathic physicians. The reason that it does seems to be that the water has retained and amplified the subtle energy signature of the herb or other substance that made it. The more it is potentized which means diluted and succussed (pounded) the stronger it becomes which presents quite a challenge to the conventional physicist. To a member of organized medicine it is beyond the pale and contradicts all rationales of therapy based as they are on the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm. That and the fact that the nature of the therapy does not allow the economic advantage of stampeding 60 or more patients a day through the office like conventional medicine are the reasons for its decline over the years according to historian Harris L. Coulter.

It’s not as though homeopathy had no evidence for its claims. Australian physicist Paul Callinan Ph.D. froze homeopathic tinctures to -200 degrees Celsius where they crystallized into snowflake patterns characteristic of each remedy. The more he potentized each remedy by diluting and pounding it the clearer its pattern became! Moreover numerous experiments have shown physiological effects from homeopathic solutions and epidemiological studies have proven its superiority as a healing modality. For example in one study 6.5% of those who received homeopathics instead of flu shots contracted the flu versus 19.7% of those who received the vaccination. Furthermore of those who contracted the flu 8.5 times more working days were lost by those receiving conventional treatment than homeopathic remedies.

Michael Quinn a fellow pharmacist who decided to open a homeopathic pharmacy in Albany California told me what can happen when someone takes too much of this “just water.” Homeopathic remedies when highly potentized are used very sparingly. One dose is sufficient. What would happen if a patient took such a remedy every day for several weeks? Quinn found out. One of his patients took highly potentized Rhus Toxicodendron extract of poison oak in such a manner. The poor patient broke out in a poison oak rash whenever he got too warm!

Conventional or as homeopaths like to call it allopathic medicine wants to pigeonhole you with a diagnosis first then having lumped you with others having the same diagnosis give you the cookbook ingredient (usually a toxic synthetic drug) to suppress your symptoms. To an allopath the symptom is the disease. If you have high blood pressure give you something to lower it. If you have difficulty breathing give something to open the airway more. If your stomach produces too much acid then give something to make it produce less and so on. Modern medicine is unable to really cure most of the time leaving that to nature if possible so much of medicine is management.

To the homeopath this is unfortunate indeed. Suppressing symptoms say a rash merely drives the real problem deeper into the body where it emerges later in a more serious form. According to eminent homeopaths such as George Vithoulkas of Greece as discussed in his book A New Model of Health and Disease continual treatment with allopathic medicines especially antibiotics are responsible for much of the degenerative disease prevalent today including AIDS.

In contrast the homeopathic physician will spend more than an hour with a patient (as opposed to the five or ten minutes of the allopathic physician) getting to know the minutest nuance of the patient’s symptoms. This includes such trivia as how heat or cold affect it the time of day it emerges how the weather affects it what different foods do to it and many other of what homeopaths call modalities. Unlike the allopathic doctor this even includes mental and emotional symptoms. In homeopathy like a holistic medicine the human being is considered an integrated unit in which all parts affect each other.

After the interview the homeopathic physician picks the one substance which when given to a healthy person brings on the same symptoms as his or her patient and administers it to the patient. Often it is only one dose. Then comes a wait and see period after which a new symptom may emerge which is treated accordingly. In this way the homeopath gradually peels away like an onion any pathology from the patient’s deepest to most superficial level from mental illness to a rash. Sometimes in homeopathy the symptoms will get worse before they get better. This is called a “healing crisis” and is considered a good sign (though not usually by the patient!) It means that the vital energy has been activated. Tachyon energy also can cause a healing crisis. David calls it detoxification.

Another form of homeopathy called clinical or European homeopathy as championed by Luc Chaltin N.D. D.I.Hom. a Belgian now living in Atlanta Georgia takes a bit different viewpoint. Dr. Chaltin told me that as a young man he had what the doctors told him was terminal tuberculosis. He was told that not only could the allopathic doctors not help him but he was beyond the reach of classical homeopathy. Clinical homeopathy saved his life and so he lived to tell me the tale and became its foremost crusader. Clinical homeopathy uses multiple remedies based upon the clinical diagnosis and a special “drainage” remedy to detoxify the body. Dr. Chaltin says that not only is this necessary for acute diseases but it is essential for chronic diseases. How could a homeopath treat a disease with no symptoms such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis? According to Dr.Chaltin in his last years in Paris Hahnemann himself developed this approach but by that time the original homeopathy was well entrenched especially among the American followers of Hahnemann’s pupil J.T. Kent and no one paid attention to him!

The different schools of homeopathy accuse each other of course of heresy and quackery showing that even alternative medicine practitioners are not immune to prejudice. Water altered by subtle energies is called structured water and it’s different than ordinary water. It has less surface tension it’s more acid and it has an altered spectrum-absorption pattern. Interestingly the water immediately surrounding the cell membrane in the body is structured unlike the rest of the body’s fluids. Rein discovered that he could make cells grow faster or slower depending upon how he structured the water. Certain frequencies accelerated cell growth but when he added other frequencies on top of them it inhibited cell growth.

The difference between Dr. Rein’s structured water and a homeopathic remedy is only that the structuring that nature performs with the exact imprint of one of its own substances is far more complex and exact than the relatively crude output of a laboratory frequency generator. A carefully selected homeopathic remedy resonates exactly with the symptom signature it is designed to correct. Why does a subtle energy resonance from some homeopathic remedy restore health? Like everything else in the universe the body is a dance of energy. When the energy forms are all in harmony health is the result but when they become out of harmony they manifest as symptoms. It’s like an unbalanced tire on your car. The symptom is a shaking of the whole car reflecting the lack of balance in one small area.

Homeopaths believe that a symptom is the body’s Maginot line of defense against disharmony. It is the body’s attempt to restore order and as such is vital to restoring health. A fever cooks bacteria and viruses. A cough or runny nose and even diarrhea expel pathogens from the body. Even symptoms with no apparent usefulness such as pain are the subtle energy body readjusting itself and preventing worse symptoms. Symptom suppression as practiced by allopaths breaks down the defensive line and forces the body to retreat to another line of defense deeper within the body. An otherwise healthy person may have enough life force energy to heal anyway but for a debilitated devitalized person this practice can be deadly.

A homeopathic remedy on the other hand is like balancing the tire. If you put a weight on a wheel that is already balanced it would start shaking. But if you put a weight on a shaking wheel and its placement and weight are just right it would balance the wheel. The vibrations would cancel and you’d have a healthy car again. The allopathic approach to the shaking car on the other hand might be to strengthen the shocks or amputate the wheel! David Wagner’s Tachyonized(TM) water has all the characteristics of structured water but he also structures glass and cloth something no one else does except for his Japanese competition. Interestingly he says that organic substances work but synthetic ones do not. Silk is best. Polyester doesn’t work well at all. David says he will tachyonize articles of clothing or other cloth items you furnish him provided that they are at least 50% cotton or silk. How does he do it? Like the Japanese he won’t say.

As it happens Badgley concurs with David’s findings and says that synthetic material does not harmonize with the life field. In other words if you haven’t done so already get rid of that leisure suit you used to wear to disco back in the ’70’s. In harmony is health Badgley says. This has considerable implications for sustaining good health. Not only do we need be concerned with chronic use of synthetic drugs food additives and pollution now we need to be concerned with how various substances that do nothing more than enter our life field will affect us over the long run. Is the key to some chronic disease states hidden here? Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill think so.

Strawberry Colored Fields Forever

Experimenting with Kirlian photography these English inventors noticed that much of the supermarket processed foods that we eat generate a weak or nonexistent field. Fresh fruits grains and vegetables on the other hand have a strong bright field. Some herbs ginseng for example look like a Las Vegas casino. It could be that some if not all the healing effects of herbs are linked to their ability to impart life force energy into the body. The fields of the human body are affected similarly by the quality of the diet. They have noticed that debilitated human energy fields lead to eventual disease.

In their book The Dark Side of the Brain Oldfield and Coghill noted that many epidemic infectious diseases do not seem to be transmitted through human contact. For example the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic struck Alaska in the wintertime. Alaska at that time had only 45 000 people spread out over an area two and quarter times that of Texas. In those days winter travel was of course even harder there than it is today and many villages remained isolated throughout the winter. Despite this the epidemic appeared nearly everywhere almost simultaneously. Such epidemics seem to almost explode and spread faster than can be accounted for by human contact.

This was also proven experimentally by the cytopathogenic or Kaznacheyev (after the Russian scientist who discovered it) effect. Two cell cultures were isolated by an enclosed barrier and a common window made of either glass or quartz crystal. One culture was exposed to a pathogenic influence such as a virus poison radiation or deadly ultraviolet light. The culture of course sickened and died. If the window was made of glass the other culture remained unaffected. But amazingly if the window was made of quartz crystal about 12 hours later the other culture would also sicken and die of the same disease.

Oldfield and Coghill have tried hard to stay respectable and like others attribute the result of this experiment to ultaviolet light transmission and not some subtle energy since quartz crystal will transmit UV but glass will not. They furthermore theorize that the brain communicates with the body cells on the UV channel. Disease begins in the brain and is transmitted to the body they say. DNA is the receptor antenna. This explains the epidemics which are transmitted by brainwaves and not infectious agents like the cell cultures show.

Unfortunately ultraviolet is a form of electromagnetism. A fundamental law of electromagnetism (the inverse square law) is that it diminishes over distance rather drastically. The Spanish flu leaped great distances on the same day for example from Bombay India to Boston Massachusetts. At such distances the electromagnetic transmission would have to be strong indeed. Oldfield and Coghill respond that the resonance of so many cells is more powerful than is given credit for. This argument is a good example of the lengths that some scientists will go to preserve their prejudices. Somehow rationalizing a violation of the laws of electromagnetism is for these inventors preferable to entertaining the notion that their understanding of physics is incomplete and that other forces which have been demonstrated elsewhere may be at work.

What is tachyon energy?

David says echoing virtually every Eastern or esoteric tradition in history that there is an etheric body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It has he says the blueprint of the body as it grew in health. When this energy field is distorted by mental or physical stresses disease will result in the physical body. Infusion of tachyon energy restores the blueprint and natural healing results. This theory has echoes in Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance theory in which the form of a living organism is determined by something called the morphogenetic field. The ancient Chinese evidently had the same idea. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the blueprint is called Li and the energy that carries out its plan is the Chi.

In the case of cancer this has special significance. No one really knows why when an egg is fertilized it follows a particular pattern of structural development. It’s all in the genes scientists say but genes just give instructions for protein synthesis not how to assemble them into say an eye or a hand. The body does this continually too replacing cells in the right places when old ones are worn out. The body is like a river of flowing matter. Hardly a cell remains in your body that was there even seven years ago.

Scientists like Sheldrake believe that the development follows the subtle energy imprint which translates through the coiled DNA (a perfect subtle energy converting device because of its caduceus-like coils and other properties such as inversely sequenced nucleic acids) and gives the formative organism its shape and structures. In the case of cancer the cell either cannot receive the subtle energy message because it’s too weak or its DNA has been damaged so that like a TV with a bad antenna the reception is bad. Maybe Dr. Nieper’s sharks keep their antennas in good shape with their gene repairing substances. Squalene a substance in great abundance in shark liver is said to be a strong tachyon substance in itself.

Another intriguing theory was developed by William Tiller as discussed in Richard Gerber’s excellent book Vibrational Medicine. He believes that beyond the speed of light is a sort of energy mirror of positive space/time electromagnetic energy which he calls negative space/time magnetoelectric energy. This follows logically from Einstein’s famous equation E=MC squared. This equation is as it is known by the public is incomplete. It is modified by something called the Einstein-Lorenz Transformation which divides it by the square root of one minus V squared over C squared. The Einstein-Lorenz transformation means that as the velocity (V) of a particle increases to the speed of light (C) the mass (M) of the particle increases exponentially (it curves sharply upward on a graph) until at the speed of light it becomes infinite. Obviously the energy needed to push the particle toward the speed of light becomes exponential also as physicists have discovered in their particle accelerators.

However if we are not accelerating a particle but merely thinking about the movement of energy then V can be greater than C in this equation. So in the square root equation 1 minus some value greater than 1 becomes the square root of a negative number which is called by mathematicians an imaginary number since it isn’t intuitively logical. As it turns out though such numbers are necessary for calculations in quantum physics. The curve of E for a velocity greater than light is in fact the mirror image or exact opposite of our familiar energy curve. Having opposite properties this etheric energy is negatively entropic. In other words instead of disordering systems it orders them instead. Disease is a disorder of the body and healing is a restoration of that order. Given the dramatic healing effects that tachyon (etheric) energy has on injuries this theory certainly seems plausible.

Even conventional quantum physicists believe that the vacuum is an incredibly seething flux of energy. According to one estimate there is enough virtual energy in the vacuum of a light-bulb to boil the world’s oceans. Another estimate says that you could construct another universe out of a cubic centimeter of it if you converted it to matter. All this energy exists beyond our space/time and the sum of its vectors (direction of the movement of energy) cancels out. Think of football linemen pushing each other to a standstill at the line of scrimmage. No detectable movement within what scientists used to call the ether may take place but no one would argue that energy isn’t being employed. Scientist Thomas Bearden has pointed out that in physics equations if two vectors crash into each other the force mysteriously disappears according to conventional physics and the value of the force is “0.” In other words it disappears! This is not only illogical (where’d it go?) it seems to defy such hallowed precepts as the conservation of energy in which energy cannot disappear but only be converted to another form.

According to Bearden among others Maxwell’s equations the foundation of electrodynamics are seriously flawed. Supposedly Maxwell took into account the left over scalar energy in his original work. Another physicist named Heavyside promoted Maxwell’s equations after removing the offending scalar equations since mathematically they were too hard to work with! Maxwell’s unintended legacy is this abridged version. Highly ordered substances like tachyon products (or crystals to a much lesser extent) are perhaps like ether diodes. Diodes in an electronics circuit act like a gate to allow electrons to flow in only one direction. Maybe tachyon devices do the same thing. They upset the perfect self-canceling balance of the ether and allow it to flow where it is directed.

My own conceptual model is that of dihydrogen oxide i.e. water. Water is not unlike electromagnetic energy. It flows and can do work. When it becomes dense it becomes like matter and forms ice which gives rise to form and structures especially among Eskimos. On the other hand suppose a scientifically unsophisticated culture were told that ice and water came from an invisible substance in the atmosphere that could not be detected. It’s called water vapor. From water vapor the energy of flowing water that carves canyons and the powerful mountain crushing force of glaciers is but a matter of density of degree. Such a proposition would have the scientists of this unsophisticated culture rolling their eyes and looking for ways to have the purveyor of such notions arrested for heresy just like today. “Show us this energy” they would say and hook up their water meters. But the vapor would not push the water wheel and so their meters would register nothing. “Hah!” they would say. “We told you that there is only water and ice.”

Perhaps tachyon energy is like water vapor an undetectable invisible substance from which energy and matter are merely concentrated forms. In other words there is no such thing as nothing. So-called empty space is the substrate of manifestation the mother of all that we perceive. We already know that matter is just concentrated energy. What is energy? Perhaps it is just moving space. Tachyon energy could be part of a spectrum just like the electromagnetic spectrum. Some researchers claim that there are significant differences in tachyon energy and orgone for example. One scientist I talked to who has investigated these ideas and who did not want to be named told me that orgone seems to be relaxing whereas Tachyon energy is energizing. Whatever tachyon energy is it has been used for healing and other purposes for perhaps thousands of years through the power of nature’s own tachyon antenna: the crystal.

Crystals are the most ordered substance found in nature. Though not as powerful as tachyon products they have been used for healing throughout history. They are supposedly reflective amplifiers absorbing the life force energy and reflecting it back even stronger. David Wagner used crystals for healing before he discovered tachyon energy. Others have improved on crystals though and obtained similar results to tachyon technology. Engineer George Yao invented the PULSOR a microcrystalline device and various others have invented aluminum cards sprinkled with microscopic crystals. Supposedly these devices also affect the tachyon field in their vicinity. I tried one set of such cards which the purveyor claimed would lower utility costs in your house and rid any area of noxious pests. He showed me letters from agricultural experts swearing that their crops were rid of harmful insects while beneficial insects were unaffected! That’s quite a claim so being a sucker for such things naturally I had to try it for myself.

The secret here is to place the cards at 90 degree angles exactly at the four corners of the property being treated. This creates the field within the boundaries of the cards. Well one of my friends is a landlord by profession and he has a running battle with cockroaches (actually the cockroaches do most of the running when the lights are turned on.) Naturally like all desperate people he was willing to try anything. We selected a suitable building which he told me could not be sanitized even by pest exterminators. Placing the cards around the building we waited several days. He’s used to my strange investigations but even he was shocked when he told me that all the cockroaches were gone! Of course he promptly removed the cards and put them around his own house. Landlords…

But why would the cards affect only harmful insects? Perhaps harmful insects are like disease a disorder attracted to areas of energy imbalance where harmony does not prevail: environmentally stressed cropland urban dwellings and other unnatural synthetic constructs. As above so below and it is fascinating to consider that an ecology functions just as a body does. Writer Mary Coddington in her book In Search of the Healing Energy surveyed the history of subtle energy and summarized its properties:

  • It can heal.
  • It penetrates everything.
  • It accompanies solar rays.
  • It shares some properties with other forms of energy but is a distinct force unto itself.
  • It possesses polarity and can be reflected by mirrors. [David’s Tachyon beads also possess polarity and conduct energy into or out of the body depending upon which side is placed next to the skin.]
  • It emanates from the human body especially fingertips and eyes.
  • Such materials as metal wires and silk thread conduct it.
  • It can be stored inside of materials such as wood stone and water.
  • It can fluctuate with weather conditions.
  • It can be controlled by the mind.
  • It causes action at a distance and is involved in the paranormal.
  • It can be used for good or evil.


Bio-circuits available from Tools for Exploration are another device that uses subtle energies though rather simply. Bio-circuits are screens made of copper silver or silk that when placed beneath the head and base of the spine and connected to the hands (and sometimes the feet) by copper silver or silk cords move the life force around the body. A double-blind study done by Julian Isaacs PhD. at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda California proved that bio-circuits cause a profound relaxation and sense of well-being. Anecdotal healings have been attributed to the device as well. Oddly enough if a cord is cut and a bottle placed in the circuit with both ends of the cut cord placed into the bottle whatever is placed into the bottle will affect the body. For example aspirin in the bottle will reduce a fever. As an experiment I placed pure tachyon water in the bottle. Not only did a sore shoulder disappear but I left practically walking on air. You can actually feel the energy moving around your body when you use bio-circuits. It feels rather strange like something moving inside of you. Some people feel it immediately but with me it took a few weeks of regular use to be able to tune into something that subtle.

Chinese Medicine

Of course Chinese medicine has known for centuries that subtle energy moves around the body. Bang your elbow hitting your funny bone and you will get an immediate demonstration of the importance of flowingchi to the maintenance of your good health. (OK you don’t really have to. You can take my word for it.) Chi flows through meridians one of which is near the surface of the elbow. Hitting it blocks the flow of chi in the Chinese view numbing and disabling the forearm. Chi underlies and supports physiological processes. You know when your chi is blocked because you feel pain as in an injury or disease. Do tachyon beads relieve pain by letting the chi flow normally again? That’s what David says. Chinese medicine has various means of unblocking and balancing the energy flow throughout the body’s 12 meridians and two governing vessels. The most famous is acupuncture which uses needles inserted into places where the meridians come close to the surface of the body. More importantly though is the use of herbs.

In Chinese medicine the body energy has many different qualities and forms corresponding to five basic symbolically functional phases: wood earth metal water and fire deriving from potential energy (yin) and active energy (yang.) Through gross diagnostic means such as complaints and more subtle means such as tongue and pulse examination the Chinese physician can tell how the body’s energy flow is blocked or misdirected. Often a Chinese doctor can tell just by looking at you whether you are likely to get sick and with what. Tell-tale signs include posture nail strength voice behavior mood and many other manifestations. This is the origin of the story that a Chinese doctor was paid only if his patients stayed well. If he was doing his job he could catch disease before it got the chance to do any damage.

Herbs are to a Chinese physician not merely chemical or drug sources as in the West. Each herb has its own energy characteristics and is chosen for how it will affect the body’s energy flow. Herbs and acupuncture are in effect tachyon devices though of a much subtler variety. The substance bio-circuit as it is called validates Chinese medicine and homeopathic remedies. Apparently only the energy signature of the substance in the bottle is necessary for physiological effects. But the tachyon energy has another possible use related to homeopathy. Homeopaths will tell you that a person who is too devitalized does not respond well to their remedies. They do not have a healing crisis. Their vital energy is not mobilized. If tachyon technology can indeed revitalize its user it can potentially bring the benefits of homeopathy to those who would not have benefited from it before.

The Heart of The Matter

Glen Rein is probably the most knowledgeable scientist in this field and it is worth knowing about this latest research. Dr. Rein believes that the ancient wisdom is correct. The heart and not the brain is the seat of emotions and health. It is the entry point of the soul within the body. Using fast Fournier transformation (FFT) he converted a conventional EKG of the heart into a frequency diagram something no one ever thought of before. Lot’s of mapping of brain frequencies have taken place but the heart he points out is much more powerfully electrical than the brain. Heart activity must be screened out when doing an EEG on the brain. What he found is as significant as it is amazing.

Negative emotions such as frustration unhappiness anger hatred jealousy and the like generate chaotic weak high frequency heartwave graphs. Positive emotions on the other hand such as love appreciation and gratitude generate very orderly low frequency but very powerful waves on the graph. The significance of this is much more than a scientific curiosity as we shall see. A model of the electromagnetic field of the heart shows a perfect fractal toroidal (donut) shape. According to Dr. Rein such a shape is a subtle energy transducer i.e. it converts one form of energy to another because it generates an infinite number of harmonics allowing a step down or demodulation of higher energies such as we have been calling tachyon energy. Energy travels through harmonics with no loss of power. Think of it as a staircase for energies from the beyond.

Only when the heart is coherent as in feelings of love and connectedness can the energy come through in force. Resonance and coherence in an orderly system are the apparent keys to tapping the tachyon field. (And maybe this is why lovers always seem so healthy despite all that tachyon discharge.) This is apparently what Dr. Badgley discovered when he found that different substances affected the pulse (a measure of the heartbeat) whenever they entered the life field. Dr. Rein decided to prove it by conducting experiments in which healers were able to change the absorption spectrum of DNA by either winding the coil tighter or unwinding it according to their intention. This was even done from a mile away when the spectrograph operator had no idea when the experiment was taking place. Most importantly the ability to achieve this feat only took place when the healers changed their heart frequencies to a highly coherent state in other words when they were loving.

From this we can get a good idea about the interface of emotions and health the new field of psycho-neuro-immunology. People are first and foremost their own healers. They are ultimately responsible for their own health whether they know it or not. Anyone who claims to be able to heal you is a liar. A true healer assists the mind/body to heal itself. If the body really does require its own supply of tachyon energy to stay healthy then perhaps much of it does come from the heart a sort of dynamo feeding healthful energy into the body. A chronically negative person depressed angry guilt-ridden anxious or hateful cuts off their own healing healthful source of life energy by disordering and blocking their heartwaves. Sickness follows eventually. Happy people tend to be healthy people. Could this be why? It also explains the fact that holy men throughout history have stressed love as a path to God. Only in loving states does God’s energy become available to mortals to work divine magic upon them.

Experimenters have created free energy devices based upon various technologies such as toroidal coils. These devices actually produce power from the vacuum something which is supposedly impossible. They produce more power than they consume which defies the laws of conventional physics. Still they exist. A Dr. Seiki in Japan has invented such a toroidal device. Photos of it in Dr. Nieper’s book Revolution in Technology Medicine and Society show a wire emerging from it with an emitted energy vaporizing a rock much like Yull Brown’s gas generator. Dr. Rein noted that when he used a toroidal based free energy device it also affected the winding of DNA from a distance. However the absorption spectrum is dependent upon the frequencies used in the device. There is no specific modulation such as the mind of a healer produces. The mind really does affect subtle energy. Incidentally Dr. Rein says he tried applying tachyon water to the DNA to see what it would do. He said the absorption spectrum was like nothing he had ever seen before and he had no idea what it meant!

Life apparently thrives in order coherence and harmony. Disease is present whenever they are absent. Healing occurs when they are restored. This was also corroborated by Dr. Badgley. Using the VAS method he has mapped the “crystalline-like” electromagnetic pattern of the human aura. The perpendicular vectors of electric and magnetic fields make a lattice sort of like a checker board around the body. When the aura is balanced the lines are perfectly perpendicular at right angles to each other. When the aura is unbalanced the lines become distorted and wavy like a fun house mirror. An unbalanced aura is a sign of disease. Dr. Badgley also avers that health is harmony. As he says “Life flourishes in harmonic fields.” Love is the ultimate physician after all. Apparently the perfect coherence of the tachyon materials are the key to their healing powers the physics of love.

Immersion into the unorthodox (a better term might be transorthodox) underground world of inventors like David is like walking through Alice’s looking glass. Controversial scientists like Thomas Bearden an eccentric genius who is poorly tolerated by establishment scientists for among other things his warnings of alleged Soviet scalar energy superweapons talk about engineering the vacuum to create all the neat tricks we marveled at on the starship Enterprise. According to scientists like Bearden free energy antigravity teleportation time travel and yes those healing rays all follow naturally from vacuum engineering. Bearden even hints that some of these have already been accomplished in his circles. Crazy? Had I not encountered an inventor who stretched my limited view of reality into the next century I would have more readily agreed. Breakthrough thinking seldom occurs (at least publicly) to corporate or collegiate scientists on government grants with fragile reputations subject to peer review. Oh yes Bearden has written that a good dose of tachyon energy feels like a whiff of anesthetic thereby validating my experience. Maybe he knows something after all. In fact Bearden and his connections aside there is good reason to believe that someone somewhere knows a lot about this kind of energy and is using it to perform some amazing things here and now that presage the future of technology on this planet.

The Crop Circle Connection

Everyone knows by now that crop circles the designs created in corn or other crops mostly in southern England are hoaxes. Doug Bower and David Chorley two elderly English pub denizens came forth to announce their responsibility for the circles. The press believed them and that was the end of the media interest in the phenomenon and with it the public’s fascination. The riddle was solved or was it? There are a lot of reasons to think that “Doug and Dave” were not the perpetrators of the circle phenomenon. Around 30% of crop circles are the work of hoaxers but the other 70% definitely are not nor could they be created by human agency. Real crop circles are quite distinguishable from fakes even as real bank notes can be distinguished from counterfeit money. The counterfeit circles are not even as good a reproduction as the average counterfeit $20 bill. According to a summary of research by Michael Hesemann in his book The Cosmic Connection(the source of the list and quotes below) real crop circles have the following characteristics:

  • The outlines and designs of the circles are quite precise not jagged as fake circles usually are.
  • The stalks in the crop circles are neatly bent over not knocked down and they are carefully layered. It is almost as though they were all wilted simultaneously in a calculated direction. The usual methods of faking circles by dragging chains for example break stems and uproot plants. Nor are the fake circles carefully layered. Real crop circles are built up layer by layer in an often complex pattern. Moreover a thin “pencil-line” track too thin to be created mechanically connects different parts of a design. It is as though the artist didn’t lift the drawing point off the agricultural canvas while it was created.
  • The stems of the plants in real crop circles show signs of internal heating as though they were microwaved. There are creases and burn marks and holes in the cell walls appear blown out as though water inside the stem was suddenly heated.
  • About 40% of the seeds from the plants in the crop circles became deformed compared with 0% among the controls.
  • 90% of the seed husks in the real crop circles exhibit a rare genetic anomaly called polyembryony. The odds against this happening naturally are equivalent to finding a herd of white buffalo.
  • Soil samples from within real crop circles show a 50% reduction of important nutrient elements such as nitrate phosphate and sulfur while showing an excess of unusual elements such as titanium or plutonium.
  • Radiation anomalies were found in real crop circles such as excess radiation at the periphery and abnormally small radiation at the center or vice versa.
  • The crop circle creators often respond to the wishes of researchers and others and lay down wished-for designs in the location requested. Groups of meditators have invented a protocol for accomplishing this and in fact UFO’s sometimes show up at the meditation gathering place.
  • Unusual lights have been photographed at crop circles including the “tinker bell” a point of bright light that moves around independently. UFO’s are often seen in the vicinity of crop circles just before the circles are formed and witnesses claim to have seen these objects creating circles.
  • Researchers have recorded an unusual 5.2kHz buzzing noise within crop circles. Other unusual problems have occurred within crop circles too such as repeated rapid discharge of batteries and disturbances of recording instruments.
  • Many people who enter crop circles immediately after they are formed feel physically ill. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting and headache.
  • Contests to create crop circles have produced nothing like the beauty and elegance of the real thing. Not even Doug and Dave have been able to reproduce a circle that didn’t look like a hoax. Besides that numerous circles show up on a given evening and many are produced overnight while spotters next to the field remain unaware of any disturbance.

The consensus among researchers who have bothered to look closely at the evidence is that crop circles could not have been made by any human agency that we know about. That brings to mind a lot of speculation about the connection between crop circles and tachyon energy. Crop circles are created by an unknown energy that shows a lot of similarities to what one would expect if a scalar interferometer were used to create them. According to scientist Roy Dutton “None of the energies known to us is capable of doing this. A very strong laser would cause considerable damage and would most probably even burn the corn. Young green corn would especially be in a bad state afterwards. For that reason I don’t think that electromagnetic or laser energies have been used here. If we look at further possibilities – and this is the point where I have to go beyond my own sense of reality and beyond the present level in science – we have here I believe a new form of energy which hasn’t even been discovered yet and which can affect the corn without causing damage. I can imagine that it is a kind of gravitational radiation.”. Gravitational radiation is another name for scalar or tachyon energy.

Psychic Isabelle Kingston who was able to accurately predict the formation and location of crop circles said “I feel that we can learn more about a new form of energy through studying this pictogram which possibly can be used in humankind’s future any energy which won’t have any side-effects like many of the forms of energy which we use today.” Thomas Bearden might have been uncannily accurate when he outlined the principles of a scalar interferometer his superweapon. You might recall that clashing two electromagnetic fields into each other produces scalar or tachyon energy. The opposite is also true according to Bearden. Directing two beams of scalar energy at the same point will yield an electromagnetic effect at the target area. This might very well be the means by which the intelligence that creates crop circles is able to make them. The “tinker bell” light seen around the circles could be a sort of “pilot light” a small “pen point” of EM energy whose power and direction can be adjusted by someone high above the field. Since scalar energy is free and limitless the potential power of this beam defies imagination.

The electromagnetic energy created by the interferometer would probably range all over the spectrum creating the microwave effects buzzing noises and all the other radiation anomalies. Bearden says that excess scalar energy can cause the sort of physical effects felt in fresh crop circles such as nausea and vomiting. Unassimilated tachyon energy could remain in a circle for a period of time after its creation. Since scalar energy is the stuff of creation it can also be used to transmute elements according to Bearden and that might account for the alteration in the composition of soil elements within a crop circle. Assuming that whomever is responsible for UFO’s also create crop circles the mental effects are also to be expected. Whomever has mastered scalar energy has also mastered time-space and the mind. UFO abductees can testify to the mental control of their abductors who seem to communicate telepathically and can create a variety of mental effects in their captives ranging from hallucinations to amnesia the “lost time” phenomenon. The often dreamlike and archetypal quality of the abductee experience may simply be a result of exposure to ambient tachyon energy found around their captors vehicle. Or perhaps it is deliberate. Many abductees report a light beam as their first encounter with the UFO. Their subsequent confused mental condition might be a hangover from this scalar anesthetic.

Interestingly according to Bearden the brain with its two hemispheres is a perfect scalar interferometer. It intercepts tachyon energy and converts it to the electrical impulses of hyperneurons or brainwaves. Properly modulated scalar energy could insert thoughts into the brain just as readily as it can erase thoughts for that matter. It could be used to read thoughts just as easily. Whomever creates crop circles certainly has these powers. David’s tachyon energy appears to be a mild version of this much greater power employed with such precision by these agricultural artists. But recall where David got his information as did the Japanese inventor. In fact David says there are now five sources of tachyon products and perhaps these others got their information in the same way. Channeling might be a way of another intelligence inserting information into our world for our benefit. It might very well be that whomever David channels is also the same power that creates crop circles.

There has been a lot of speculation about why the crop circles have chosen this time to be formed and there has been a lot of speculation about this time being a transition to a new age. If this planet is to survive the ravages of the rather unevolved domestic primates who are trashing it then something has to change. Many psychics and channelers believe that a leap of consciousness will occur very soon in which our species will assume godlike qualities. How this is to happen has never been spelled out though. It is exciting to think that the crop circle formations tachyon energy and the new age are all perhaps part of the formula. Perhaps enlightenment will not come in our sleep some night if it comes at all. Maybe it really will be a zap from above in the form of a carefully modulated scalar beam. There is every reason to suspect that the secret of the awesome power of scalar energy with its total mastery of timespace and the mind of creation itself is being leaked to us so to speak. Crop circles are a small demonstration and David’s tachyon energy is another such small demonstration. These hints are being given to us about the means to create a new age and a new world of enlightenment and abundance. It certainly deserves a more serious look than mainstream scientists perpetually in denial have demonstrated so far.

Who are our benefactors? According to Zecharia Sitchin a researcher of ancient civilizations it is the Nefilim beings who came down from a distant planet a 10th planet in our solar system and literally created us by crossbreeding themselves and the native hominids they found here. They have intervened periodically in our history to guide our development and in fact set up our first civilization Sumer for us almost overnight. It was the writing of the Sumerians who told us this information and started Sitchin’s quest a startling reinterpretation of history. Sitchin believes that the old “gods” are returning again in a sort of second coming. Maybe he’s as crazy as Bearden or maybe not. Masters of tachyon energy should be able to go instantly anywhere in time and space that their telepathic powers direct them. Critics of the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFO’s always site the vast distances and isolation of deep space. How could they find us much less get here? The answer is what our scientists are slowly coming to realize that reality is not nearly as physical as our old physics thought.

Even if none of this is true the potential of tachyon healing alone is staggering in a system in which the technical body mechanic approach to medicine that ignores the mind and spirit of the human animal is generating astronomical costs and another excuse for government intervention. David says matter-of-factly that he wants to train tachyon practitioners to spread his work. Will he suffer the same suppression as his forebears? Will he be shot at by a better marksman someday? He is uncharacteristically subdued. “I have placed my discoveries into a corporation and have hidden video tapes in several locations describing my work. They can’t get to the technology by getting to me.” From Santa Rosa the home of Luther Burbank Charles Schulz Robert Ripley and now David Wagner the future looks good.

David Wagner and Gabriel Cousens M.D. have written a book (12/99) with updated information including new theories and experimental results. Highly recommended! It’s called appropriately enough Tachyon Energy.

Author: Life Enthusiast