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Heart Studies Formula Introduction

Heart and circulatory disease are silent killers stalking every person you know and love… Read More

Heart Studies Formula for Healthy People

Under-nutrition is an easy risk factor to correct quickly and economically, with minimum of disruption to your daily routine… Read More

Heart Studies Formula Directions for Use

If you have difficulty with your heart or circulatory system, seek appropriate help without delay… Read More

Heart Studies Formula is Circulation Nutrition

Help tune-up your heart and clear cholesterol plaque fast… Read More

Heart Studies Formula Bonus Benefits

Virtually eliminate circulatory failure as a cause of death. Lengthen life-span and optimize quality of life… Read More

Vitamin E

Helps reduce narrowing of arteries, slows growth of some cancers, it’s good for liver health and more… Read More

Cayenne, Capsicum, Paprika

All are rich in carotenoids, important red pigments that are extremely effective anti-oxidants… Read More

American Medical Association

The AMA accepted huge sums of advertising fees from tobacco companies to advertise heavily in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)… Read More