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Pain Relief Drugs Don’t Heal – They Harm

The American diet rich in processed foods and rancid fats is the number one contributing factor towards inflammation. Read More

My Take on Obamacare

we have given the keys to our health to private interests: the insurance companies, and their best buddies, the pharmaceutical and medical industries Read More

Laws of the Pharma Industry

Oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals – all three of which poison the human frame and pollute the environment. Read More

Discount Rx Meds

Take a look at this and you will see where the power is. People think it is oil but it’s Pharmaceuticals Read More

Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse drug reactions are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Read More

Podcast 269 about the 4-20 Day

April 20 is the day for all hemp enthusiasts to celebrate the weed. Read More

Podcast 179 about Politics of Health Part 2

Obesity, just like any other broad health problem, is largely caused by policy. Government financial support for chemical agriculture is promoting the wrong diets. Read More

Podcast 178 about Politics of Health Part 1

Metabolic Syndrome is an unsolvable problem for the mainstream medical practices. But it can be solved using functional medicine principles. Read More

Podcast 100 about Drugs, Herbs and the Medical Establishment

Instead of pointing out that pharmaceuticals cause the deaths each year of over 100,000 people, media attention focuses on the “dangers” of herbs people have been taking to help heal their bodies for centuries. Read More