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Scientific References: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More

Podcast 332 about Body Biotics Probiotics in Taghazout, Morocco

Travel puts extra stress on the digestive system. The smart traveler will have soil based micro organisms in their emergency kit. Read More

Podcast 266 about Healthy Babies with Soil-Based Probiotics Part 5

Newborns require the right exposure to microbial cultures to develop a healthy immune system. Read More

Podcast 265 about Healthy Hearts with Soil-Based Probiotics Part 4

Microbes are involved in detoxification processes, and having the right support can make all the difference. Read More

Podcast 264 about Iron Absorption with Soil-based Probiotics Part 3

The intestinal microbes are responsible for the absorption of iron that we need for oxygen transport. Read More

Podcast 263 about Soil-Based Probiotics Part 2

For our ancestors, SBO Probiotics were naturally provided in their diet from the rich soil that coated their harvested vegetables. Read More

Podcast 259 about New Soil-Based Probiotics Part 1

Today, we hear from Kelly Desante, president of Body Biotics, introducing the SBO microorganism products. Read More