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What Comes First – Thoughts or Emotions?

What Comes First – Thoughts or Emotions?

What Comes First Thoughts or Emotions?

Although The Gift from Smart Minerals is no longer operational, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

There is a vibrational component to our existence. Our thoughts affect our emotions, and our emotions affect our thoughts. To have a successful life we must find a way to stay balanced.

One persistent thread that keeps running through my conversations with our health coaching clients: the relationships people have with themselves. How do they talk to themselves? Do they like or love who they are? Have they forgiven themselves and their trespassers? Are they hanging onto things, or letting them go? There is so much power in the simple promise of forgiveness.

Sometimes these conversations get quite lengthy and detailed. The longer sessions usually involve people dealing with well-established degenerative conditions, who have been through many ups and downs with medical care and with self help. Usually its something like Ive tried everything, and nothing works! a cry for help. Can you relate to that? Do you know someone in a similar situation?

I have been taking The Gift (I think its very appropriately named) for years. I enjoy how it keeps me impervious to the disasters all around me and how it helps me keep myself together under pressure. I am far from perfect, but I feel that I can cope with pretty much anything, at least emotionally, with the simple lift of The Gift of Love.

Let me quote from an e-mail that should illustrate the point I made above rather well:

I suffer from degenerative bone disease and need to have my knees replaced. Been putting it off waiting for something better to come along. Anyway, my disease makes me feel tired all the time and almost like I have aches from flu. Last night I cleaned my whole house and although my body ached and I had to rest a couple of times, I usually don’t do that kind of stuff until the weekends.

MOST FABOULOUS PRODUCT I have ever used. I had an artistic block for over a year. Through using The Gift, I now have a jewelry design business on the Internet. I have gotten rid of panic attacks, inability to make simple decisions let alone big ones, inability to go out and meet new people (I had been sick for a number of years and didn’t go out) it could have been difficult re-building my life differently, taking a few drops of the gift every day has changed everything for me. All my life, I am 67 now, I have had problems doing something new, going places, meeting people (I remember not taking a high school class because I had to go there alone and I was too shy) not now-cant get any wilder than going to a Kundalini Yoga workshop -chanting, stretching and meditating which I did last Sunday. Depression get out of my life. I have THE GIFT!

Now that’s a major shift in consciousness, wouldn’t you agree? How about the prescription drugs for shyness? Here is something natural and holistic that you can recommend instead. No withdrawal symptoms! Stories like these make me feel humble how can we truly appreciate one another? I feel grateful that we are able to offer this lift of consciousness to others. I only hope that those who need it will be guided to it, and feel brave enough to start using it. So much more than a simple mineral supplement.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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