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Use Toxin Free Skin Care

Your body’s ability to detoxify is not infinite. It needs to get rid of all the toxins created by normal metabolic processes. If you are adding to the toxic load with petroleum-based products, there will come a day when you exceed your bodys natural ability to detoxify.

If you have lived through a garbage removal strike, you know what happens in the city. The garbage starts piling up in the back lanes, and it soon begins to rot and smell to high heaven. It is not too long before the city becomes practically uninhabitable.

The more you add to your load with toxic soaps, drier sheets, perfumed laundry detergents, scented candles, air fresheners, fragrances, cosmetics, as well as car exhaust, paint, carpets and furniture gassing off, plastic products and packaging in stores and warehouses the sooner you will reach your breaking point.

Depending on your heritage the toxins are passed on to you from your mother through the placenta and your exposure, you may reach the end of your capacity in your childhood, or it may come later in life but the point comes for almost everyone living in the modern society.

You will know it by becoming sensitive to smells. Some perfumes will give you headaches, cigarette smoke will irritate you, or you will be getting terrible headaches, chronic fatigue, or other inflammatory problems.

You need to avoid inhaling, ingesting or applying all of the problem chemicals. All the time. It is not a question of if you will get trouble, it is when. Styrene, Benzene, Phthalates, Parabens, Glycols they all contribute. In larger concentrations they cause cancer, infertility, infections, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, migraine, allergies and mental decline.

You need to start somewhere, and stop using things that make it worse. Best start with things that you can control personal care items.We bring you toxin free skin care and toxin free bath and body care products. Start replacing all the toxic things in your life with toxin-free products, and live a better life.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff