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Vaccination and Autism Link

Let me restate something very important that I wrote before:

When your body becomes overwhelmed by a viral infection, it attempts to burn it off by raising its own temperature. The body survives, but the viruses do not. There could be other symptoms associated with your body’s immune system trying to overwhelm the invaders with all kinds of unpleasant weapons. Excess fluids, mucus, phlegm, etc. But if this situation lasts too long, we can get all kinds of damage. Seizures are the early signs of brain damage. Some of it can be reversed, but if it lasts long enough, or if the primary cause is not removed, you will end up with permanent damage.

The simulated viral infection is caused by the vaccination: it does not give you the illness itself, but it loads your immune system to such a degree that it can implode. The extreme case of it would be crib death (or SIDS). I would like to share with you a story of one such child. He did not live long enough to develop autism. His name was Ian. If you are contemplating your child’s vaccination schedule, make sure you read about Ian. Most children do not need hepatitis-B vaccination. Or other convenience vaccinations like chicken pox.

Ian’s case was more extreme than others. Most children do not react quite so strongly, but the survivors get to live with the effects for the rest of their lives. I just shudder at the prospect of thousands of children that will grow up not to be independent functioning adults. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey were interviewed by Larry King on CNN some time ago. They made an excellent explanation of the situation. You can watch the other segments of this program to get a better understanding of the push and pull of the system.

The bottom line is this:
Total toxin load is a concept introduced only recently. You can tolerate any one toxin up to a certain level. With mercury it is somewhere around 1 part per million, and the suggested toxic limit for food was set to 0.05 ppm (mercury toxicity is cumulative). If you take too much too fast, you will cause trouble. There is such a limit for every known toxin. If you put together several such toxins at (for example) 50% of their tolerance level, you will create the famous straw that broke the camels back.

Our industrial society experiment is not doing so well. We are introducing more and more toxic chemicals into the environment. Fire retardant in clothing, artificial fragrances in laundry soap, blue stuff for our toilets, unpronounceable stuff in plastics, rocket fuel chemicals that rain from the sky, herbicides that leech into the well water you get the idea. Each generation is arriving into a more polluted terrain. Kids being born today are saddled with the toxins their parents have absorbed in their lifetime.

Our mainstream system tries to convince you that vaccinations are a no-brainer, but you would have to be brainless to not consider the downside. Take a look at the ingredients of vaccines before you decide to go for it. It is not a pretty list. I would not want to put it into my body, let alone my children’s. So what happens in a body that is already saddled with the toxic load that makes it weak when we introduce a toxic payload that used to be OK only a generation ago? It takes you past the breaking point. The immune system caves, or goes into hyperdrive. Whatever you want to call it it is trouble.

You end up with a damaged body. I should know. I live inside one of those damaged bodies myself. Fortunately my big blow landed only when I was 25 years old. It did not kill me, but it made my life difficult for many years until I figured out what to do. It was no thanks to the medical system. Autism is just one expression of a toxin damaged body. Depending on the combination of the virus, metal, toxin, stress and genetic predisposition, you may end up with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, Sjogrens, Hashimoto, lupus, scleroderma this list could go on. Names and symptoms are many, but the cause is shared. Toxic load, virus, stress.

In case of autism your brain is affected, and you suffer from sensory overload. You are unable to pick which signal you want to focus on unlike the way most of us can, like reading while listening to music. It is like being in a noisy room with too many people talking at the same time. The most common abnormal behaviors of autistic kids are their attempts to limit the volume of data coming in. That’s their defensive mechanism. The degree to which this damage extends will be affected by genetics (the toxic load inherited from the parents), viral load (either from vaccines or from exposure), toxin load (again from vaccines or from environmental exposure) and finally stress in the form of nutrient deficiency, emotional nurturing or lack of it, other illness, and so on. That’s why we have the spectrum some get more, some get less.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff