To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the big question that keeps coming back along with attacks on parents who don’t allow their children to be vaccinated, regardless of the reason. We must find a way to separate the concepts of immunity and immunization from vaccines and vaccination. The objective is to prevent serious harm, and to prevent large-scale infectious disease outbreaks. Martin and Scott have a strong opinion on this subject and they share a story in this episode about parents from California who lost their infant son after he was vaccinated with an inappropriate amount of vaccine and an extra dose of unnecessary vaccine for hepatitis B. It took over a year to actually prove that vaccination was what caused the infants death. But this is not the only family forever affected by the over-use of vaccination, there are many. Many parents are vilified for not getting their kids vaccinated and they are called bad mother or danger to the society. Even in cases where one child in the family was severely injured as a result of a vaccine treatment, it was still mandatory for the parents to have their subsequent children vaccinated, when their time came.

But why is that?

Over 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. We carry around approximately 5 pounds of intestinal bacteria in the gut and these bacteria help us not just to digest nutrients, absorb minerals, and break down food, but also to fight the bad stuff inflammation, diseases, allergies,etc. Our bodies are equipped with their own defense mechanism, right in our digestive tract to deal with viruses and harmful bacteria. A healthy body with a functioning immune system does not need a needle loaded with a questionable substance injected into the bloodstream. Instead we need to keep our gut healthy and train our immune system, because that is the way our bodies were designed to keep us healthy and protected.

Forget using hand sanitizer or a wet wipe every time your kid picks up a bug or chews on a piece of wood. Let those immune cells learn about the environment so they are able to face it later on. At childbirth, it is far more ideal to allow baby to pick up specially colonized bacteria in the vaginal canal. These bacteria are meant to get into baby’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, as well as all over their skin, to form their immune system and teach them friend from foe in their new environment. Early breast milk, called colostrum, is also full of pre and probiotics meant to colonize the digestive system with a healthy bacterial culture, setting up baby for a lifetime of healthy digestion. With all of these marvelous things in place, you should not need to stick a needle into baby’s butt to make it immune to diseases, but rather should place it on moms chest and not be in any hurry to give them their first bath because that is how moms bacteria can colonize the baby, making it protected right from the birth.

Many vaccines come with potentially severe side effects your doctor does not tell you about. The medical system asks doctors to push vaccination on you (as they are pushed themselves to do so), but nobody tells you that your child might end up being autistic, blind, or even dead. Doctors do not have bad intentions, rather they are not well informed about what the actual vaccine can do to a tiny infant body. The medical system is controlled by money and power of people running large pharmaceutical corporations (you may hear this called Big Pharma). Their focus is their company’s health, the bottom line, not yours. Consider smallpox, a childhood disease that is inconvenient, but not life-threatening. Smallpox vaccination can cause encephalitis, which can lead to permanent brain damage. You can say that the chances are not that high, but why risk the health and life of your child? Kids all over the world are forever disabled to various levels and families have to deal with the ramifications. Taking care of a disabled child is much more demanding in time and energy, and can financially ruin a family.

Support and cultivate healthy gut bacteria by eating fermented foods, making sure your diet has enough necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics, and use simple tools like earthing, playing in the dirt or gardening, having reasonable hygiene habits (avoiding anti-bacterial soaps) these things have no dangerous side effects. Instead of permanent injury, you can experience health, happiness, and longevity for you and your offspring without the need of sticking a needle with potentially harmful substances into your veins. If you do vaccinate, please use zeolite and humic acid to detoxify the heavy metals and help reduce the harm the toxins can cause. This is a difficult and personal choice each family must make; take the time to be well informed and choose wisely.

Author: Nina