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E3Live Reviews: Weight Loss

E3Live Reviews: Weight Loss

E3Live Reviews: Weight Loss

43 year-old, Mother of Two Loses Unwanted Fat

“I was introduced to E3 over 4 months ago and am amazed how much my physical and mental state has changed, what seems like overnight. I’m a 43-year-old, mother of two grown boys and have been teaching gymnastics and physical fitness for more than 12 years. Although I was very active, my weight and body shape was still hard to manage.

43 year old motherSince I began taking E3 on a daily basis, my cravings have diminished. As a result, I have lost unwanted fat and my muscle definition has improved. I have more energy to fulfill the physical and mental pressure of a gym coach and trainer. I am especially pleased with the improvement of my skin, hair and nails. I sleep extremely well and found that I’m loving life, stress free. I truly believe this fantastic food has improved my quality of life and my well being!”

Polly Campi – Coolangatta QLD

E3Live Helped with My Cravings

“I am 50 years old and I have not been extremely overweight but have been battling medical problems that make me have to watch my weight carefully. The E3Live helped with my cravings, so I didn’t crave the foods that caused me to gain weight. When I take the E3Live I feel energized and in a good mood, not lazy or tired like before. I noticed that my skin looked beautiful and my hair had a glow. I had better elimination than before. I would recommend the E3Live to anyone wishing for better health.”

Pat Brisco – Baltimore, MD

Dropped Two Dress Sizes, Loves “Green Blend”

“I am not in the habit of writing this type of letter, however, I feel I must tell you how grateful I am to you and your Green Blend (now new and improved formula called E3 Renew Me! Emerald Blend). After the death of my mother this year, I gained 30 pounds and have not felt well since. My sinus condition had worsened to the point I could not think, couldn’t hear, and my vision had declined. I suffered from severe headaches, which I never had in the past, generally speaking, I was in very poor health.

I have been taking your Green Blend for 4 weeks now. I feel that it has given me the nutrition I need. Now, what a difference! I wish you could see it. I have dropped two dress sizes. (I am not sure how much weight because I stopped getting on a scale a while ago). My sinus condition has all but disappeared, my hair, nails, and skin are beautiful. Best of all, my headaches are gone. I feel and look terrific. I would not have thought it possible. You know how long it has taken me to become a believer in this type of living and now I feel I have wasted a lot of time not feeling well. Thank you, thank you, for helping me get back among the living and away from the walking dead.”

Jackie Porter

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Talks About Weight Loss and E3Live

I have been using AFA for 18 years personally and with my clients. E3Live is a qualitative leap. AFA is specific for our nervous system, brain function and the quality of our consciousness. The response to my clients has been wonderful for so many health concerns.

Eating E3Live has the potential to enhance every aspect of our lives. E3Live helps in weight loss by curbing appetite by brain and body being well nourished. When they self regulate and normalize they don’t need to eat compulsively and it balances blood sugar levels, so they’re not eating to compensate for low blood sugar.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H)

Lost Weight and Became a Weight-Loss Counselor

and during that time I was taking several medications. I had changed careers and as a result of the medications I put on 40 lbs. I had also experienced loss of concentration. I was working at Gold’s Gym and a guy walked in with the E3Live and a book. I was the receptionist and was about to lose my job due to my lack of concentration. Gold’s wanted me to get rid of him but I begged him to sell me a bottle. Within 3 days I felt better mentally, and I did not have the bad cravings for junk food like before.

In 2 weeks I lost 13 lbs and lost another 27 lbs in the next two months, due to the reduced cravings and more energy. I got a new job at a nationwide chain of weight loss centers and now I am a weight loss counselor. It is two years later and I have kept the weight off. I now help my clients learn about E3Live an they have incredible success with it as well. I personally would not live without E3Live.

Debra Bellton-Harkley

Naturopath Naturopath Talks About E3 and Weight Loss

“I have patients who suffer from a wide and varied number of ailments. I’m getting extremely positive results with E3Live. People whose energy and immune systems are a bit ‘flat’ respond quite well and quickly. Its also working very well to compliment the diet. E3Live has a high absorbable nutritional value. The live enzymes in E3 aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients at the same time as detoxing the system. It is picking up the metabolism generally because of all the nutrients the body is receiving.

The reason being is that there are no impurities in E3 like there is in weight gain powders. Most weight gain powders contain a lot of things that are not natural and because there is no enzyme activity, the body finds it hard to absorb the full value of the nutrients in the powder. With weight loss, E3 seems to suppress the appetite because of its high level of nutrients, which are assimilated at a very high level because of the enzymes, which also break down other food being consumed.”

Christine Tompson, ND

“Baby Boomer” Loses Weight, Has More Energy

“After eating E3Live, I’ve lost the cravings that I once had for bad foods. As a result, I’ve lost 10 lbs without dieting. My sensitive stomach is much better, and I’ve got more energy and vitality. As a “baby boomer” in my 50’s, E3Live has really helped!”

Betty “Cookie” Mac – Rutland, Vermont

Experiences of Enhanced Meditation

“I have tried all the various algae products. E3Live is the only one that feels truly alive. It provides profound mental clarity which is perfect for meditation.”

Abba Naraziah, Essene Spiritual Leader

Eliot is the author of Experiencing the Soul, a L.A. Times Best-Seller.

“As an author, public speaker and meditator, E3Live helps keep my mind sharp, my energy high, and my spirit peaceful. I appreciate E3Live’s exquisite ability to bring me back from mental fatigue and help prepare me for meditation.”

Eliot Jay Rosen, Author

Store Owners Share Success Stories

Spartan Health Foods, Las Vegas Nevada

“As a certified nutritionist and owner of health-food stores for over 22 years, I have tried many products. I have always been healthy and energetic, but “Green Blend” (now a new & improved formula called E3 Renew Me! Emerald Blend) has taken me to a new level. I have noticed an increase in my well-being that I have never experienced before. This is one of the most consistent and quick-moving products that we have ever carried.

Ever since your master herbalist was on the radio talking about E3Live, E3Live sales have continued in a steady stream. Our customers come in like clockwork when their bottle is almost empty. And word of mouth brings in new people. It’s the repeat sales that are so impressive, unlike many other health products which start out with a home run and then eventually trickle off. This can only mean people are getting results with E3Live. I wish more products would move off the shelves so quickly and consistently. I’m ecstatic.”

Jeff Haas, Certified Nutritionist and Owner of Spartan Health Foods – Las Vegas, Nevada

Akasha Organics, Ketchum, Idaho

“We’ve expanded our E3Live sales beyond health purists and athletes, to include a sizable niche market of spiritually oriented consumers. People tell us they eat E3Live to support their meditation practice, as well as to enhance mental clarity and inner peace. I call this phenomenon transforming skiing bumps into waves. E3Live sales continue to increase by word of mouth, but I also go out of my way to mention E3Live to customers because I believe in the product so much. We also have prominent E3Live signage on the inside freezer glass which probably helps sales as well.”

Ananda Kriya, Akasha Organics Ketchum, Idaho

East End Co-op, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“As the Health/Beauty/Cosmetics manager of a large health food cooperative, shelf space is always at a premium, and I was at first hesitant to give Vision’s line of products a try. In the year or so after I had initially declined to pick up their line, I would occasionally see Michael and Tamera, the owners of the company, shopping in our store. Of course, I would naturally say hello. They never pressed me again on the issue, yet a quiet confidence exuded from both of them. I now know this is because they’re both living examples of the vitality, poise and youthfulness which are cultivated from faithful use of E3Live.

One day, at a table in our cafe, they were sitting with Sven, the publisher of a regional health magazine. Sven asked me to give some objective input on an ad they were running for E3Live in his magazine. As the conversation proceeded, I understood Michael and Tamera’s depth of commitment and profound belief in the efficacy of E3Live. I spontaneously decided to carry E3Live. They were very pleased and immediately arranged our first store demo of E3Live, which resulted in abundant sales followed by a pattern of repeat purchases. So, I have a message for all prospective retailers: if E3Live and Vision’s other products are properly demo-ed, and your sales people know about the benefits of the E3Live, this product will definitely move off the shelves.”

Dan Denlinger, East End Co-op, Pittsburgh PA

Author: Life Enthusiast
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