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What Are ORMUS Minerals?

What Are ORMUS Minerals?

What Are ORMUS Minerals?

The interest in Ormus minerals, especially Ormus Gold, received a great boost in 1995, when David Hudson went on a lecture tour to promote his Science of the Spirit Foundation, and his research into the mysterious minerals, the monatomic elements that included gold, rhodium, iridium, and several others. Hudsons research has started a renewed interest in alchemy, in the process that allows metallic elements to become ceramic, to change their crystalline structure, to become superconductive, and to levitate.

Ormus elements are minerals that appear to be intrinsic to all life and are likely directly associated with consciousness and life-force energy. Because of their misidentification using traditional scientific mineral analysis techniques, the Ormus minerals may be essential minerals that have been misidentified as calcium, magnesium, silica, alumina, and several other minerals.

These minerals are richly present in nature. They come forth from deep underground, in volcanic eruptions. Volcanic soils (such as the soil on David Hudsons Arizona ranch) produce foods that are healthier than otherwise expected. Red wine from France, noni from Tahiti, Aloe vera and agave from Arizona, and so on. They are eventually washed down into the oceans through erosion.

They are concentrated by the sea creatures, such as corals and oysters, and mineral supplements made from them are again beneficial beyond the simple mineral content. David Hudsons research suggests that our understanding of the atomic structure of elements is incomplete, and our analytical tools fail to capture the true nature of what has become known as ormus.

The Benefits of ingesting Ormus, be it directly, or through fertilizing the fields, and eating the products grown there:

  • Greater yield, bigger plants, bigger fruit
  • Increased awareness, spiritual and psychic advances
  • Rejuvenation at the cellular level
  • Accelerated healing, lower inflammationOrmus elements can be concentrated from natural sources sea water, sea salts, volcanic (especially gold bearing) ores, and directly from precious metals using ancient alchemical procedures. The story of Moses taking his peoples gold and burning it, only to feed it to them as Manna is not allegorical, it is literal. The Egyptian records show that alchemical elements were used to increase the priests ability to carry out their mission.

These ormus minerals are now available for your use, to either fertilize your crops, or to use directly.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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