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What Is ORMUS and Why Do I Want It?

ORMUS To Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul!

The purpose of ingesting Nano Minerals or ORMUS Alchemical products is healing and enlightenment. By increasing the subtle, natural energy of life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, you can increase your physical and spiritual health. Believed to help cell to cell communication, ORMUS can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, slow or halt aging, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body.

ORMUS elements or Nano particles allow the expression of more spiritual intelligence through your body and mind, enabling a more integrated, holistic state of functioning. In ancient times this Food of the Gods was the key to growing in body, mind and spirit, with compassion, love and light. ORMUS and Nano Mineral materials are a link between our material world & the non-material worlds, and are easily imprinted with the energy of thought forms. Before ingesting, you should use meditation, prayer, or other loving methods to encode your intentions into the medium.

You may also use radionic programming techniques, including writing words on paper that you set your product upon. There are many variations on ORMUS or Nano Minerals. Each one of them varies slightly from the others. It is recommended you try several, in order to decide which works best for you. These products have provided many people with general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement. Let’s hope that you find the one that works for you on the first try, but maybe you need to try several.

Author: Life Enthusiast