World Living Water: Vortex Revitalized (Energized) Water

  • Create instantly-absorbing, great-tasting water
  • Eliminate the need to “digest” water
  • Increase dissolved oxygen in water
  • Prevent slimy bacteria buildup.

Using powerful, natural principles, you can transform your water, making it alive and energized. We bring a wonderful rediscovery of ancient water treatment to our modern world.

Our systems are simple, requiring only a one-time installation and no maintenance or extra costs.

The Many Names for Living, Energized Water:

Living water Revitalized water Alive water Holy water Healing water
Crystal water Oxygenated water Vortex water Structured water Filtered water
Hexagonal water pi-Water eWater Grander water Laser water

Such a multitude of names for the one simple thing – water.

Clearly there must be more to water than the dry chemical description H20 would indicate…

According to Japanese Research:
Just sending a “Thank You” to water will affect its crystal structure when frozen. Water will also respond to different kinds of music. They love many classical music pieces and folk songs as well. Rock and heavy metal does not reflect well in the water.

Vortex Energized Water

These units move water through a double helix spiraling process, creating a vortex energy field. This is how Nature generates energy, and how we create Energized Water.

The Double-Spiral-Flow Pipe

The water masses are conducted along a double-spiral-flow pipe in such a way that the movement of the individual filaments of water at the periphery takes the form of a secondary helical motion along a primary helical path. Through this arrangement both centrifugal and centripetal forces evolve simultaneously in the cross-section of the pipe, which convey bodies heavier than water down the center. Bodies lighter than water are impelled towards the periphery.

Water masses conducted in this fashion are slightly warmed through the interplay of mechanical forces of friction on the vane surfaces, leading to the separation of oxygen in the inner region of the pipe and its subsequent concentration at the periphery. At the same time as the oxygen is ejected, all the bacteria migrate towards the periphery as well, since their living conditions in the more central part of the cross-section have now become unsuitable. In company with the bacteria, all the water polluting particles are also dispatched towards the periphery of the pipe. Thus the water is easily and simultaneously purged of suspended matter.

Flow dynamics of the double-spiral pipe

Once bacteria have transferred to the peripheral zone in search of the required oxygen, and after a certain period of time in water completely cut off from outside influences, they are overwhelmed by a localized concentration of oxygen. In this way precisely those pathogenic bacteria susceptible to an excess of oxygen are advantageously eliminated, whereas non-pathogenic bacteria which are not harmful to human health, but in many cases are actually beneficial, are to a certain extent retained. At the same time as the content of absorbed oxygen is separated from the carbons contained in all water, the inner core of the water surges ahead in a simple spiral movement (vortical movement along the longitudinal axis).

Because the surface tension of the water becomes physically reduced as a result of the above mentioned separation of oxygen from the particles of carbon. The physical reduction in surface tension results in a mechanical acceleration, leading to the self purification and energetic charging of the centrally accelerating water masses. On the other hand this charging of energy gives rise to further processes related to the overall equilibrium between the heavy, centrally accelerating bodies and the energy rich water. With the ensuing simultaneous cooling solid particles are separated and are again directed towards the periphery.

There they combine with oxygen and are reunited with the centrally accelerating water in the form of additional energies. Those particles of matter not drawn into the center will be pressed onto the surface of the pipe walls by the prevailing mechanical pressure, there to combine with the raw materials .from which the timber was originally formed. Thus they seal the pores of the wood, which in this way becomes more durable than iron. Once again we are here concerned with a natural process whose active principle is operative in the formation of all capillaries. The capillaries not only construct themselves, but also protect themselves against harmful influences.

As a result of acceleration of the entire body of water peculiar to the double-spiral-flow pipe, greater quantities of water can be conveyed than in an ordinary smooth walled pipe and, due to the efficacy of the oxygen, extensive self purification and self-sterilization of the water occurs which constantly increases in quality through the uninterrupted build-up of energy as it moves along its path. The reason for this is as follows: as they accelerate, centrally conducted water masses are simultaneously cooled, with the result that gases evolving from the carbons become concentrated in the flow axis, where the lowest temperatures reside. This concentration decreases towards the periphery.

The oxygen on the other hand is concentrated around the periphery of the pipe, reaching its most aggressive state at the interface with the warmer firewall, giving rise to mutual interactions between the two basic substances from the periphery inwards. This subsequently leads to the aforementioned interactions which qualitatively enhance both water and wood. In the course of time the relative spatial distribution of the more central flow of water and the interactions at the surface of the pipe walls arrive at a certain state of equilibrium. These processes then cease – the water is now mature and both wood and water have become almost immune to harmful outside influences.

Whereas oxygen is located in the peripheral zones of the pipe, the free particles of carbonic acid congregate in the boundary zone of the inner core of water as a result of the water temperatures prevailing there. The carbons contained in the water, in bound form, necessary accumulate in the central axis, which is predominantly saturated with carbons. By arranging the in-built, specialty shaped vanes in a particular way, aggressive particles of oxygen on the boundary layer of the outer edge of the inner core of water, are brought into continuous and direct contact with the most aggressive carbon dioxide, resulting in a continuous generation of energies.

These are drawn further towards the centrally accelerating water masses, due to the decrease in temperature towards the central axis of the pipe. Accordingly two types of circulation are created in the cross-section of the pipe: the mechanical circulation of the water and the counter circulation of those energies that evolve when aggressive particles of oxygen encounter free carbon dioxide. This circulation of energy manifests itself in the form of a continuous electrodynamics process. In this instance it does not take place at the walls of the pipe, but at the boundary zone of the water’s inner core, resulting in the qualitative uplifting of its physical, material, energetic and immaterial attributes – but not in the destruction of the pipe walls.

These double-spiral-flow pipes also convey matter heavier than water down the middle of the pipe and at the same time ennoble and refine it, so that oils of inferior quality, for example, will be improved during flow. After smelting, iron ores transported in this fashion yield a higher-grade iron, because in the process of being transported, the oxygen in the ore is consumed in the formation of new carbon compounds (reduction processes), which then contribute towards the materially higher composition of the carbon – iron. When I sometimes have digestive problems I drink one or two glasses of revitalized Water from my OWR and I am fine again.

You can filter or distill the Water before or after as you please. The revitalizing effect is stable even though the filtration sometimes makes the Water taste a little flat, an effect filters often have. You can also store the revitalized Water for long periods of time and maintain its vitality. I was in a Grander-treated home where the water tasted of metals. When I installed the Original Water Revitalizer (OWR) this metal taste was gone.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff