Airpura P600
Complete Air Purification from Chemicals, VOCs, Odors, Particles and MicroorganismsComplete Air Purification from Chemicals, VOCs, Odors, Particles & Microorganisms Featuring the new TitanClean Photocatalytic Oxidizer The P600 offers the most effective airborne chemical, odor and VOC abatement available today together with supression of microorganisms and particle filtration. The P600 uses the latest discoveries in nano-technology, developed by space research laboratories, ...
Part No: AUP600
Airpura R600
Remove Airborne Chemicals and ParticlesRemove Dangerous Airborne Chemicals and Particles From Your Indoor Air An excellent choice to help bring relief for breathing difficulties and allergic reactions well as overall improvement in indoor air quality for your better long term health. The R600's powerful 560 CFM impeller draws air through an 18lb Carbon Bed and True HEPA filter to clean your indoor air and help protect you and your ...
Part No: AUR600
Airpura UV600
Filters Airborne Chemicals, Particles and MicroorganismsThree Levels of Filtration For Airborne Chemicals, Particles and Microorganisms The UV600 offers complete air filtration Effective against bacteria, antigens, pathogens and mold spores as well as airborne chemicals and particles. The UV germicidal lamp sterilizes bacteria, viruses and mold spores by destroying the DNA of the microorganisms as they are trapped on the filters. 18lbs of ...
Part No: AUUV600
Airpura I600
For Isolation with Antigen and Pathogen SterilizationSpecially Designed for Isolation with UV Option for Antigen and Pathogen Sterilization Large HEPA Filter traps airborne droplets. Optional UV Germicidal Lamp sterilizes antigens and pathogens. Optional Hi-C carbon weave absorbs odors and airborne chemicals and gases. Effective for up to 2000 square feet. Recycles the air approximately every 30 minutes. Optional negative air accessories ...
Part No: AUI600
Airpura V600
Removes Specific Airborne Chemicals, VOCs and ParticlesTrap Specific Airborne Chemicals - VOCs As Well as Particles Enhanced special blend carbon adsorbs VOCs such as ammonia and cleaning products together with true Hepa for particles. Over 4000 chemicals can be addressed. Modern interiors release harmful chemicals Formaldehyde from furniture, carpets. Ammonia from cleaning materials. Pesticides tracked in from outdoors. Benzene, toluene from ...
Part No: AUV600
Airpura H600
Full Scale Particle FiltrationSpecially Designed for Those with Breathing Difficulties and Allergies Trap Particles that can Trigger Breathing Trouble and Allergies With True HEPA Filtration An excellent choice for breathing troubles and allergies - helps remove the airborne particles that trigger attacks, as well as anywhere particles are a major problem Removes pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, asbestos ...
Part No: AUH600
Airpura T600
Removes 4000 Chemicals in Tobacco SmokeSpecially Designed to Remove the 4000 Chemicals, Tars and Gases found in Tobacco Smoke The Airpura T600 is specially designed to deal with tobacco smoke, featuring a special TarBarrier pre-filter combined with a deep carbon bed to adsorb the 4000 chemicals and gases found in tobacco smoke. Tars are trapped by a special tar barrier filter and a large, deep carbon bed removes the harmful ...
Part No: AUT600