Cellerciser Rebounder
Total Fitness in just 10 minutes a day!Take your fat burning workouts and strengthening exercises to a new level with this innovative product that is designed with triple-tiered carbon steel anodized springs (better than stainless steel) and all-steel construction to ensure a safe, durable exercise rebounder. This is not a typical rebounder or mini-trampoline. More effective than ordinary exercise, the Cellerciser doesn't lift weight ...
Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD
Specific ExercisesA new and expanded video with David Hall, the inventor of Cellerciser, showing specific exercises for many health concerns and for increased effectiveness of using your rebounder. Packed with nearly 2 hours of information, this DVD includes a new demonstration of balance and strength test that David Hall introduced in the early 90's. The DVD features a Personal Trainer section with a drop ...
Part No: CEL91
Stabilization Bar for Cellerciser
Support Your Fitness ProgramStabilization bar for your half fold rebounder - the one you wish you had bought with the unit and saved on shipping... ...
Part No: CEL11