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$$40.00Minerals \ ORMUSORM060

HumaLife-Doc of Detox

ORMUS Minerals

Trace Minerals to Build All Tissues

Our ORMUS Minerals A.C.E. Liquid is a proprietary product made from the Great Salt Lake salt using the Wet Method precipitation and infused by a proprietary method with additional frequencies that include Sonic Bloom style sound resonances and the resonances of the five noble gases. U
HumaLife-Doc of DetoxORMUS Minerals
David Wolfe at the 2nd Intl. ORMUS/ORME Conference
ORMUS Minerals

HumaLife-Doc of Detox

ORMUS Minerals

Trace Minerals to Build All Tissues

  • Rebranding under way = Doc of Detox
  • ORMUS Minerals to Enhance All Life Processes
  • Focus on Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Connection
  • Repair and Rebuild All Under-Performing Cellular Processes
100 ml = 3.4 oz
100 ml = 3.4 oz
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Our ORMUS Minerals A.C.E. Liquid is a proprietary product made from the Great Salt Lake salt using the Wet Method precipitation and infused by a proprietary method with additional frequencies that include Sonic Bloom style sound resonances and the resonances of the five noble gases.

Use it to build all tissues with trace minerals lacking in our modern industrial agriculture produced food products.

ORMUS stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements that have been taken for variety of reasons, mostly for strengthening the connection between the world of spirit and creative energy, and the world of physical expression and manifestation.

It should be noted that monatomic (chemically inert) rhodium, iridium and gold are found in salty water in great quantities, perhaps greater than calcium and magnesium, the two most common chemically active elements found in sea water.

  • ORMUS Minerals to Enhance All Life Processes
  • Focus on Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Connection
  • Repair and Rebuild All Under-Performing Cellular Processes
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A.C.E. Liquid Chemical Analysis

Below is the summary of data from analyses of the A.C.E. Liquid carried out by 12 labs in 3 different countries over several years. We have diligently searched for the best analytical labs in the world to test our products.

The labs include private, government certified, and university labs and our own in house testing. These tests were carried out in our quest to understand the nature of the product and to validate our quality control and standardization.

A.C.E. Liquid is a product made by natural processes from natural sources, and with it come variations between batches. The variation between tests from various labs exceeds that expectation. The results from the many lab tests have been used to validate (or in some cases, invalidate) each other. No single lab or testing methodology has been able to accurately test for alll elements presently contained in A.C.E. Liquid.

It has been our experience that identical samples sent to different labs, or to the same lab at different times, or even to a single lab as part of a batch sample for the same day testing will yield different results. These variations have been used to establish ranges and margins of error.

In a material as complex and mysterious as A.C.E. Liquid, accurate testing can be difficult, and establishing and determining proper testing protocols can be difficult. For example, “shadowing effect” can be particularly difficult to deal with. Testing Protocols for some elements have been determined, others are still being researched and are all continually being refined. For these reasons, no single test should be considered as absolute. We have concluded that valid technoliogy has not yet been developed to fully and accurately analyze a product such as A.C.E. Liquid. This holds true for all ORMUS products.

Elements: Listed in order of prominence, based on serving size of 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml).

Chloride: 700 mg 62% DV (Daily Value).

Magnesium: 250 mg. Each batch is tested twice for magnesium. On average, most test results vary between 225 mg and 285 mg. Any harvest batch with two separate tests below 250 mg. or one result below 225 mg. is blended with another to standardize at 250 mg. or above.

Sulphur (as sulfate): 55 mg. Sulfate. Need in human nutrition has been established. Test Results vary from 50 mg. to 103 mg. the average is 78 mg.

Sodium: 9 mg., and “low sodium.” US Food and Drug regulation allows a food to be labeled as “sodium free” if it contains less than 5 mg. sodium per labeled serving size, and “low sodium” if it contains 140 mg. or less sodium per serving size and per 50 grams (50 grams is about 8 teaspoons). Most tests indicate that sodium is generally in the 1-4 mg. range. When multiple tests indicate sodium in a particular batch to be above 7 mg. that batch is blended down to lower sodium levels or is used in manufacture of other products.

Potassium: 5 mg. US Daily Reference Value (DV) based on a 2000 calorie diet is 3500 mg. Anything under 35 mg. represents less than 1% of DRV and is not considered significant. Analysis results vary between 1 and 15 mg.

Lithium: 1.5 mg. No US daily values have been set. Test results average between 1.4 and 2.5 mg.

Boron: 1 mg. No US daily values have been set. Test results average between 1 and 2 mg.

We test regularly for a broad spectrum of contaminants, including testing during every major harvest period. Containment tests include organic and petroleum chemicals, agriculture chemicals and pesticides and heavy metals. Heavy metal testing provides data on several addiitional elements. Complete spectrum element testing is done periodically using several methodologies.

Following is a list of those elements that have been found in A.C.E. liquid in descending order. This order is approximate because not all labs agree, even on identical samples from the same batch, and because of possible variation between harvest batches.

When reporting test results, most labs commonly use the term “less than” or some variation of “less than” <, DL, etc.) to indicate the element was not detected or was clearly not readable. When the term is used, it means the element may or may not be present at all, and if present, is less than the detection limit for the element. The following list does not include any element listing”less than”, “<”, “dl”, etc, unless one lab clearly indicates that the element was actually present.

Cl - Chloride
Mg - Magnesium
SO4 - Sulfur as total sulfate
Na - Sodium
K - Potassium
Li - Lithium
Br - Bromide
B - Boron
Ca - Calcium
HC03 - Carbon as total carbonate
F - Fluorine
I - Iodine
Si - Silicon
N - Nitrogen
Se - Selenium
P - Phosphorus
Cr - Chromium
Ti - Titanium
Rb - Rubidium

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Technology required to fully and accurately measure and analyze ormus content has not yet been developed. We are able to provide ICP-MS analysis results, but they do not accurately reflect the ormus content.

The following elements are listed in order of prominence per 1/2 teaspoon.

Chloride - 700 mg 62% DV (Daily Value).

Magnesium - 250 mg

Sulfur (as sulfate) - 55 mg Sulfate

Sodium - 9 mg

Potassium - 5 mg

Lithium - 1.5 mg

Boron - 1 mg


Directions for Use

Use 1/2 tsp in water, and drink.

Can be added to your bath, and also used to fertilize plants, especially hydroponically grown.

Recommended Use

ORMUS for a renewed sense of spirit and energy.

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By increasing the Essence in the body on a cellular level, more spiritual intelligence can be expressed through both the mind and body, thus enabling the body and mind to attain a more integrated, holistic state of functioning.

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