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pH Balance

Your pH balance reflects your health. When it gets out of balance, you have an environment where disease thrives. If you balance your pH, your body is an environment where disease cannot live.

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Until recently, health care practitioners believed most of us were overly acidic. Now we know that some people are overly alkaline. Not many though.

Your pH balance is simple to determine for yourself. And it’s seriously affected by the foods you eat. Find your specific metabolic type to learn about your unique digestive system. What foods alkalize you, and those that acidify. When your body gets its required nutrients, it can repair and maintain itself. Let food be your medicine.

Imbalanced pH has been linked to many serious, debilitating diseases. To regain pH balance, your body takes minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium) from food. If you do not get enough, it takes it from your bones and vital organs. This places great strain on your body and therefore your immune system. This can be the cause of many degenerative conditions. Adequate mineral intake will balance your pH. You can even bathe in minerals with Crystal Salt Brine Therapy. It’s a powerful and practical way to balance your pH. It also helps you detoxify.

Drinking alkalized and Energized water will help also.

Most everyone is somewhat unbalanced from poor food choices. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs (prescription, over-the-counter and recreational). Accumulation of environmental toxins and toxic metals. Stress and lack of sleep. Sedentary lifestyle.

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