Reducing toxicity can  eliminate almost every chronic disease. Most diseases are the direct result of accumulated toxins from the food we eat (herbicides, pesticides). The air most of us breathe is full of heavy metals, VOCs from plastics and fragrances. The water we drink is usually chemically treated. Take a look at all our Health Concerns Blogs about Toxicity. Your path to health must include endeavors to cleanse and detoxify. Do this with bowel and organ cleansing, and eliminating toxic products. Break down toxic waste and flush it out of your system. Improve your bowel regularity for continual cleansing. Zeolite is a mineral and a fast-acting super detoxifier. Cleansing and rebuilding your damaged liver will speed-up weight loss. Miracle II is a unique line of environmentally safe products including soaps and skin moisturizers.

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    Save on a Bundle of Zeolite

    Natural, Fast Acting, Super Detoxifier A powerful heavy metal binding agent, Ultra Liquid Zeolite is safe for detoxification. Convenient and easy to use to trap mercury, lead, cadmium and more. The most affordable, reliable and easy to take toxin absorbing supplement. Our Zeolite metal detox treatment safely binds and removes toxic heavy metals (including mercury, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, radioactive elements and others) without removing beneficial minerals. It also supercharges your immune system for defense against a broad range of bacterial infections, chronic conditions and viruses. Effects of Zeolite Detoxification Improve your general...

    • Effectively Trap and Remove ALL Electro-Positive Pollutants
    • Powerful Detox & Cleansing Agent – Amazing Immune System Support
    • Convenient, Easy to Take – Simple Liquid Drops