Live longer with more quality of life. With nutrient-dense, whole food supplements that target deficiencies in a typical diet of cooked and process foods. Your body is an amazing self-healing system, when its needs are fulfilled. Adequate nutrition. Efficient cleansing and pH balancing. Exercise is essential, even if you’re in too much pain to move. Supplements can help solve chronic inflammatory problems that do not respond well to mainstream medicine. Body pain of all types. Heart and circulation problems. Digestive issues. We’re all starving for nutrients that are missing in food. Because our soils have been depleted. Overworked and underpaid. Focusing on maximum production, not nutrition. Then processing and cooking destroys many remaining nutrients. This type of malnutrition causes pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Supplements are now necessary to regain and maintain your health.

  • Algae and Plankton

    Algae and Plankton (15)

    Algae and Plankton are nutrient-dense, whole food supplements. This full spectrum nutrition has a wide range of health benefits. They can counteract the deficiencies in a typical diet of cooked and processed foods. For energy, vitality and optimal performance. Algae and Plankton are at the very bottom of the food chain. They provide perfect nutrition, in its simplest form. Easy to digest and absorb. Improves your energy, enabling all body repairs. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it can reduce pain. It’s an antioxidant to kill free radicals, that cause mutated cell growth. They are undesirable by-products of your metabolic processes. Caused by  insufficient nutrition and  detoxification, and more. Algae and Plankton can boost your immune system. Improve mental focus. Help maintain normal blood sugar. Plankton convert sea water minerals (source of all life) and sunlight, into food. They stimulate your body to create trillions of healthy new cells. And clear your body of toxins. Supplies us with hundreds of essential nutrients. All the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. A broad range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Enzymes too.
  • Aloe vera

    Aloe vera (5)

    Aloe vera is yet another magical creation from nature. It supports your health both externally and internally. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals. But mostly glyconutrients and muco-poly-saccharides. They soothe digestive system discomfort and pain. Bloating and gas. Enable digestive repair from micro-injuries. Caused by foods, stress or disease. Soothes stomach irritation. A gentle intestinal cleanse to boost your immunity for body repairs. Aloe vera muco-poly-saccharides are anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Increases joint mobility. Glyconutrients in Aloe are a powerful immune boost. They have successfully rebuilt tissue damaged by blood clot oxygen deprivation. Supports nervous and circulatory systems. Stabilizes blood glucose levels. Eases breathing problems. Improves circulation. Nourishes skin for quick relief from burns (heat and sunshine) bites and stings. Topically it’s wonderful on wrinkles. Aloe vera in Magnesium Gel will revitalize your skin. And it relieves painful, stiff joints.
  • Amino Acids

    Amino Acids (6)

    Chronic pain has been resolved with Amino Acid (AAs) supplementation. It enables efficient protein digestion. Many people have impaired protein digestion, even though most eat too much meat. They don’t extract sufficient AAs from food. They don’t digest and use protein efficiently. This causes an Amino Acids deficiency, which can further slow or stop assimilation. It stresses your immune system. Results are inflammation and pain. From one or more chronic degenerative diseases. Protein digestion becomes impaired from poor diet. Inadequate nutrition and elimination. Toxicity and stress. Our industrialized society and drugs. Cleaners and cosmetics. Silver mercury dental fillings. Vaccinations and old lead paint. Your body can use Amino Acids for adequate protein digestion. Build healthy tissue. Repair damage from poor digestion. This can stop inflammation, pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Repair spinal disks, where weakness causes misalignments and pain. Restore your immune system and energy.
  • Anti Inflammatory

    Anti Inflammatory (31)

    Many types of supplements are Anti Inflammatory. Inflammation is behind a wide range of diseases. Their names end with -itis or -etes. Inflammation is how your body repairs damaged cells. Symptoms are redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function. Amino Acids have resolved chronic pain diseases. Essenital Fatty Acids have natural and powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Magnesium is an excellent and cost-effective way to resolve pain. Apply to an area of concern. You can bathe in it, or a simple foot bath works also. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplementation enables better oxygenation. Essential for connective tissue repair and maintenance. Silica holds all your connective tissues together. Supports your structure (bones, joints, cartilage, muscles). Your body does not store silica. You must replenish it daily. Adequate Silica intake can help your body move painlessly. Systemic Enzymes enable proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response. They work to heal injuries and fight disease. Turmeric and Curcumin are Anti Inflammatory. For your joints and cardiovascular health. Adequate hydration helps all systems function better. Especially pain from inflammation. Drink Energized Water and you will need less. Vitamin C helps to extinguish inflammation. Most aging people already suffer from inflammation as a symptom of disease. We aim to treat the underlying cause. Our natural supplements focus on rebuilding health. This is the answer to dealing with painful degenerative diseases.
  • Anti Oxidants

    Anti Oxidants (43)

    Anti Oxidants can prevent and stop tumor growth. Reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. They kill free radicals that cause mutated cell growth (tumors). Free radicals are by-products of your metabolic processes. Caused by insufficient nutrition and detoxification. Stress and exposure to environmental pollutants. When your lifestyle produces more free radicals than your antioxidants can get rid of, you age. And you become a favorable environment for painful, degenerative diseases. Astaxanthin from fresh water algae is a powerful antioxidant. Helps reduce inflammation for natural healing. Excellent for athletes and people with age-related health conditions. Essential Fats are a good source of Anti Oxidants. Hydrogen supplements reduce free radicals. They support immunity and boost physical and mental energy.
  • Cleanse and Detoxify

    Cleanse and Detoxify (32)

    Everyone’s path to better health must include efforts to cleanse and detoxify. Both externally and internally. It’s essential for good health and reversing disease. No exceptions. We’re all constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins. Through the food we eat. The air we breathe. And the water we drink. All chronic disease is a direct result of accumulated toxins. We all need to cleanse and detoxify efficiently and regularly. If not, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface. Every cell inside us produces waste. It’s poisonous and needs effective, regular elimination. There are four ways your body eliminates toxins. Bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin. These are common places to feel symptoms of poor health. Stimulate your detoxification organs to get to the root of disease. Cleanse and detoxify for effective pain management. Supports weight loss to battle obesity. Helps normalize blood glucose too. It takes time to cleanse a body from a lifetime of accumulated toxins. But your health and longevity are worth the effort!
  • Ellagitannins (ellagic acid)

    Ellagitannins (ellagic acid) (7)

    Ellagitannins (ellagic acid) are a specialized antioxidant. This nutrient helps dissolve abnormal cells (potential tumors) within a few days. And replaces them with healthy young cells. Without killer toxic chemotherapy, radiation and scalpels. Cells that are sick and do not naturally die can easily turn into tumors. Ellagitannins (ellagic acid) kill free radicals that cause mutated cell growth (tumors). Free radicals are by-products of your metabolic processes. Caused by insufficient nutrition and detoxification. Stress and exposure to environmental pollutants. When your lifestyle produces more free radicals than your antioxidants can get rid of, you age. And you become a favorable environment for painful, degenerative diseases. Ellagitannins feed and activate your natural mechanisms. Shut-off bad cells. Enable rejuvenation (anti-aging). Reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. Restore normal function in every cell of your body.
  • Enzymes: Digestive

    Enzymes: Digestive (10)

    For comfortable digestion and better nutrient absorption. Digestive Enzymes alleviate symptoms of poor digestion. Bloating, gas and heartburn. Constipation and food sensitivities to gluten, lactose. Low energy and weight problems. Chronic pain from inflammation. Fatigue. If allowed to continue, symptoms can become debilitating. If you eat cooked and processed foods, you NEED more Digestive Enzymes. In your late 20s, your body runs out of enzyme reserves. Supplementation is essential for adequate nutrient absorption. A deficit in absorption can lead to serious, painful degenerative diseases. When you have good digestion, you have strong immunity. Every part of your body functions better. Your weakest link becomes stronger. Proper digestion and elimination of what you eat are fundamental mechanisms for health. Get optimal nutrient absorption from your food and supplements. Beyond digestion, Systemic Enzymes have further benefits. They enable a healthy inflammatory response. It works to heal injuries and fight disease. Not causing run-away inflammation and pain.
  • Enzymes: Systemic

    Enzymes: Systemic (13)

    Systemic means body-wide, and that is where these enzymes work. They enable proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response. It works to heal injuries and fight disease. Not causing run-away inflammation and pain. Excess inflammation can be deadly. Arteries swell-up and blood does not flow easily. Your heart and circulation suffer. Deadly and debilitating blood clots can form. Joints become painful to move. Thousands of Systemic Enzymes work outside your digestive system. Adequate amounts allow your blood to flow free without life-threatening clots. Cholesterol and blood pressure are reduced. Your heart and circulatory system function easily. Reduces joint pain by softening hardened tissues. Scar tissue and fibroids get torn down. Increases flexibility and mobility. Athletes can train harder and recover faster. Systemic Enzymes speed recovery from injury AND surgery. Adequate levels of enzymes are essential to maintain energetic health. They’re critical to activate every process that powers your body. In your late 20s, your body runs out of enzyme reserves. Supplementation is important to replenish and enjoy youthful performance.
  • Essential Fats

    Essential Fats (19)

    Your body does not make Essential Fats. We get them from food and supplements. They are an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Technically they're called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Adequate intake of EFAs enable proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response. Excess inflammation can be disguised as many things. Adequate intake of Essential Fats can relieve unexplained aches and pains. They improve a poor complexion and red inflamed skin. Stabilize your blood sugar, slowing the release of carbohydrates. Good for weight loss. Reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose. Lower risk of blood clots. Slow the growth rate of some tumors. For children, insufficient intake of Essential Fats can impair brain development. Attention deficit and learning difficulties. Lack of concentration and hyperactivity. People suffer needlessly, when not getting enough Essential Fats. Premenstrual Syndrome and digestive troubles. High cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose. Obesity and eating disorders. Poor brain functioning and extreme sad moods. Chronic low energy and compromised immunity. Decreased libido or impotence. EFAs are not stored as fat. They’re burned for energy. Easily digested and not deposited into arteries as cholesterol. Please know that too much of any kind of fat is just that. Too much.
  • Fiber

    Fiber (4)

    Most people don’t eat enough Fiber. The recommended amount is 20-35 grams/day. Statistics say most people eat about half of that. Fiber particles are like tiny sponges that absorb water, toxins and cholesterol. It carries them away from your intestinal lining. Then out of your body. Keeps your gut clean of toxic sludge. Harmful yeast, bacteria and parasites. Then you can absorb nutrients efficiently. Your immune system is free to repair your good health. Lowers your risk of tumors. Fiber makes you feel fuller sooner, so you eat less. When you get enough, you have regular and comfortable bowel movements. Better nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Reduced aging and ailments. More energy and lower weight. Loss of fat and inches for better body shape. Sharper mind and better memory recall. Lower blood cholesterol and better circulation. Energized immune system. Fewer colds and infections with shorter duration. Reduce or even eliminate allergic reactions. Steady blood sugar levels. Fiber slows the absorption of fats and sugars. Gives more sustained energy and better endurance. No sugar rushes and cravings that lead to overeating. Fat storage and body bulges. Do you load up on vegetables? Grains, nuts, seeds and beans? If not, Fiber supplementation would improve your life. When you don’t eat enough Fiber, food sits your digestive tract for too long. Days and days. Toxic waste builds up. Your immune system is kept busy fighting the toxins, instead of keeping you healthy. You will be sick more often. Colds, flus and other diseases. Your stools become dry and difficult to pass. You strain to push out hard, dry stools. This can cause painful hemorrhoids and fissures. Decreased immunity and weight gain. High cholesterol and blood sugar. Important to Know that Fiber NEEDS WATER. It must have abundant amounts of water to activate its benefits. Water alone or fiber alone don’t do enough. Drink Energized Water and you will need less.
  • Grains, Nuts and Seeds

    Grains, Nuts and Seeds (10)

    Whole foods including Grains, Nuts and Seeds are delicious and full of essential nutrients. With well-documented and potent health benefits. They contain more than Essential Fats and Fiber. They lower your risk of inflammatory diseases and tumors. The nutrients in Grains, Nuts and Seeds can help control weight by making you feel full. They promote bowel regularity. Can lower blood cholesterol, pressure and glucose.
  • Herbs: Dried

    Herbs: Dried (31)

    Dried herbs are powerful tools that can improve every aspect of your well being. Based on millennia of traditional use, you can strengthen immunity. Improve your memory. Enhance detoxification and elimination. Lose weight and balance blood glucose. Potent anti-aging effects and so much more. Herbs are potent and may have interactions with pharmaceutical medicines.
  • Herbs: Tinctures

    Herbs: Tinctures (71)

    Tinctures of Herbs are convenient and powerful. These natural tools can improve every aspect of your well being. Ease painful joints. Reverse memory loss and improve dementia. Clear up infections and strengthen your immunity. Support tired adrenal glands. Normalize sexual functions. Make menstruation and menopause more comfortable. We also have Tinctures of Herbs to help you fall in love with life. These liquid extracts are usually extracted in alcohol. Some herbs do not release their medicinal qualities to water or glycerin. Fast action when taken directly under your tongue. Enters your bloodstream quickly.
  • Hydrogen

    Hydrogen (5)

    A universal antioxidant, Hydrogen supplies your body with abundant free electrons. Symptoms of aging are caused by a deficiency in available electrons. Hydrogen supplementation can prevent and even reverse symptoms of aging. Eliminate disease-causing free radicals. Antioxidants kill free radicals that cause mutated cell growth (tumors). Free radicals are caused by insufficient nutrition and detoxification. Stress and exposure to environmental pollutants. When your lifestyle produces more free radicals than your antioxidants can get rid of, you age. And you become a favorable environment for painful, degenerative diseases. Hydrogen supplementation is excellent for athletes and people with age-related health conditions. Boost your physical and mental energy. Increase your stamina and reduce pain from inflammation. Improve your memory, hearing and vision. Helps fight the negative effects of alcohol and stress.
  • Oxygen

    Oxygen (9)

    Having optimal levels of Oxygen in your body is required for healthy functions. It’s required to convert food into energy. Without oxygen you have about 5 minutes before your brain starts dying. We’re all becoming more and more oxygen deprived. Three hundred years ago, our atmospheric oxygen was more than 30% at sea level. Today it’s only 18.5%. And we’re losing 0.5% atmospheric oxygen every 10 years. Very serious if this rate continues. It’s difficult to get enough oxygen to keep us healthy. Oxygen deficit can cause fatigue and infections. Overeating drains your oxygen. Stress causes shallow breathing. Fluoride in drinking water adds to oxygen depletion. Oral atomic oxygen supplementation works to increase your oxygen. It’s the active form of oxygen, unlike what we breathe (molecular O2). Works to kill offensive bacteria and other toxins. Even more effective by soaking and inhaling from a steaming bath. Humidifier or nebulizer. Free (atomic) oxygen is needed for your immune system to disable infectious microbes. And for your lymphatic system to clear away metabolic waste.
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics

    Probiotics and Prebiotics (19)

    Probiotics and Prebiotics improve your digestive and immune systems. Probiotic means “for life”. These supplements replace or add to desirable bacteria in your digestive system. Bad bacteria can make us sick. Good bacteria can protect us from disease. Supplementing with good bacteria improves your resistance to disease and infections. Rebuild your entire digestive tract. From your mouth down to your rectum. Kill offending fungus, yeast and parasites. Probiotics and Prebiotics reduce allergies and inflammation. The best probiotic supplements contain soil-based organisms (SBOs). They help restore and maintain your digestive system. Immunity and overall health. Before refrigeration, beneficial bacteria were used to ferment foods. This preserved the nutrients for long periods of time. Fermented foods are probiotic. Prebiotics are food for the continued growth of probiotics.
  • Protein Concentrates

    Protein Concentrates (4)

    Protein Concentrates are an excellent way to maintain your energy and stamina. Especially if you’re vegetarian/vegan or very active. Some people need more protein than others. Find out your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Our plant protein concentrates are in powder form. Enzymatically and nutritionally active. A great base for smoothies. This can be an excellent meal replacement. Helps build muscle and burn fat. Reach peak performance in all body systems. Materials for building, repair and maintenance of your cells. For good metabolic function. Combine them with healthy essential fats for greater benefits.
  • Roots, Fruits and Berries

    Roots, Fruits and Berries (11)

    Healthy supplements to your diet from Roots, Fruits and Berries. They provide a wide range of health benefits that your body will easily use. Enhances your well being on many levels. You’re likely missing important nutrients from Roots, Fruits and Berries. Because we now have less variety of available plants to eat. With fewer nutrients. They have potent health-supporting effects, unavailable in other ways. Concentrated tinctures from plant roots will be absorbed readily. For less pain from inflammation. Great for your heart and skin. Your brain’s moods and cognitive functions. Maca Root helps balance hormones. Normalizes sexual functions in both men and women. Eases hardships of menstruation and menopause.
  • SuperFood Blends

    SuperFood Blends (21)

    These SuperFood Blends are a combination of whole foods. The effects of combined ingredients are greater together, than they are separately. All contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Amino acids, enzymes and so much more. Because of industrial agricultural practices, the food you eat is deficient in nutrients. A daily routine with SuperFoods provides your body with those missing nutrients. Can enable you to regain and maintain your health. And thrive. Exsula Superfoods has an excellent line of SuperFood Blends for every need.  Like nothing found elsewhere. Iridesca is the most complete nutritional supplement you will find. For peak performance and longevity. Excela-50 is enzyme-rich and support for general healthy maintenance. intraMAX is a superfood liquid and powerful tool for health. With a broad-spectrum of nutrients in just one ounce. And there’s intraKID for children.
  • Vitamins: Multi

    Vitamins: Multi (14)

    Multi Vitamins give essential nutrition for the maintenance of your health and vitality. Chemists and pharmacists attempt to isolate and manufacture them. But Multi Vitamins from whole food sources remain superior in every aspect. Depending on your biological individuality, you may need more or less of specific vitamins. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what your body needs. Complex blended Mulit Vitamins give optimal nutrition for your brain and nerves. Support calmness and clarity to cope with life. Give your body all the essential nutrients it need, to reverse regain and maintain your good health.
  • Vitamins: Single

    Vitamins: Single (14)

    Your good health may need an extra push in one particular area, with a Single Vitamin. Many people are notoriously depleted in just one. And need specific supplementation to resolve health problems. Depending on your biological individuality, you may need more or less of one Single Vitamin. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what your body needs. Vitamin A supports your eyes and liver. B can lower your stress. Most of us need more Vitamin C as an immune booster and antioxidant activator. Anti Oxidants can prevent and stop tumor growth. Reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. They kill free radicals that cause mutated cell growth (tumors). It also deals with systemic inflammation. Vitamin D is powerful immune and bone support.