Our mission is to help you heal and live a long happy life, with nutrient-dense, whole food supplements that target the deficiencies in a typical diet of cooked and process foods. Your body is an amazing, self-healing system, when its needs are fulfilled: nutrition, cleansing and pH balancing. We can help you solve chronic inflammatory problems that do not respond well to mainstream medicine, such as auto immune disorders (Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Rheumatoid Arthritis), cardiovascular diseases, digestive issues (IBS, Crohns, colitis), migraines, back and joint pain. Civilization is starving for nutrients that missing in our food, because our soil has been depleted from being overworked and underpaid - from focusing on maximum production, not nutrition. Processing and cooking destroys many remaining nutrients in our diets. This type of malnutrition causes pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Supplementation is now necessary to regain and maintain your health.

  • Algae and Plankton

    Algae and Plankton (17)

    Nutrient-dense, whole food supplements to target the deficiencies in a typical diet of cooked and process foods. Algae sits right at the bottom of the food chain and provides perfect nutrition, in its simplest form that is easy to digest and absorb, to improve your energy and performance. E3Live has a full range of algae supplements from AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). See E3 Live Fresh Frozen (dense, full spectrum nutrition), BrainON (improve brain function), Blue Majik (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant), E3 RenewMe! (boost immune system, improve mental focus, increase energy and maintain normal blood sugar). Marine Phytoplankton provides hundreds of essential nutrients, that stimulate your body to create trillions of healthy new cells, and clear your body of toxins. Phytoplankton contains more than 100 specific nutrients, including all the essential amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, a broad pallet of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, rare antioxidants and enzymes. See UMAC-Core CORE Phytoplankton, and Exsula Chlorella Blend and Ultimate Superfoods Chlorella.
  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera (5)

    Another magical creation from nature that supports both internal and external health. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and minerals, but most of all it contains muco-poly-saccharides that support healing both on the surface (skin burns, wrinkles) and in your digestive tract where it can soothe any micro-injury caused by foods, stress or disease. Decrease bloat and other discomforts from a sensitive digestive tract. The glyconutrients in aloe vera have successfully rebuilt nerve function in damaged brains after a stroke, stabilized blood glucose levels, repaired worn out joints, eased breathing problems, and improved circulation. Feel a lot better overall. Try Aloe Vera capsules from either Body Biotics or NHR Premium Health for a gentle intestinal cleanse to boost your immunity and heal. TransDerma Minerals Aloe Vera in gel or liquid will revitalize your skin and relax stiff or painful joints. Health BreakThroughs MPS-Gold 100 (and MPS-Gold 3 X) gives health benefits well beyond Aloe Vera - rebuild tissue damaged by stroke or oxygen deprivation, support circulatory, nervous and digestive systems, increase joint mobility and reduce pain from inflammation.
  • Amino Acids

    Amino Acids (14)

    Surprisingly, a good portion of us are deficient in protein, even though eating less meat is recommended. We are protein deficient because we do not digest and use our dietary protein efficiently. Protein digestion is impaired by poor diet (inadequate nutrition and mal absorption), stress, toxicity (living in our industrialized society, cleaners, cosmetics, drugs, silver mercury dental fillings, vaccinations, old lead paint). Many diseases result when your body does not adequately digest and use the protein you eat, and when your systemic protein production is inefficient or inadequate. Depending on the individual person, the resulting chronic symptoms and syndromes will be vary widely (back pain, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer). Impaired digestion means you do not extract sufficient Amino Acids from your food, causing an amino acid deficiency. Easily get your requirement from Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids (SuperNutrient Corp). They help repair damage from poor digestion, restore your immune system, and eliminate inflammation that causes pain and degenerative diseases. NHR Premium Health single amino acid supplements: Pure Glutamine Peptides (burn fat, build muscle, recover fast, boost immunity) and Liquid L-Carnitine (increase energy and heart health). N.O. Express is a proprietary blends of Amino Acids with more nutrients, taken for improved athletic performance, fast recovery from intense exercise, and more lean muscle mass. And it's a nitric oxide booster for vasodilation (sexual performance).
  • Anti Inflammatory

    Anti Inflammatory (16)

    Inflammation is characterized by these symptoms: redness, heat, swelling, PAIN and loss of function. Nature provides us with tools that lower inflammation, the histamine-controlled reaction that makes you ache, hurt, sneeze and feel miserable. Inflammation is behind many illnesses, their names include -itis or -etes such as arthritis, diabetes, gastritis, hepatitis, and every organ or system in the body. We do not try to treat, prevent or mitigate the illness. Instead we focus on building health, THE answer to dealing with painful degenerative diseases. Our objective is to reverse chronic inflammation. There are many supplements that helps us do that, including Black Cumin Oil from Activation Products, and Intense C60 from GaiaThera. You can recover your freedom to move with Recovery ES from Purica that will relieve pain, rebuild muscle and connective tissues.
  • Anti Oxidants

    Anti Oxidants (28)

    They extinguish free radical damage. When your lifestyle produces more free radicals than your anti-oxidants can get rid of, you age and create a favorable environment for painful, degenerative diseases. Free Radicals are the result of stress, inadequate nutrition, and exposure to environmental pollutants. Stop painful degenerative diseases, and reverse aging. Astaxanthin (from Regenurex) is a powerful antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation, so natural healing can occur. Powerful health benefits for performance athletes and people with age-related health conditions. Active H2 from QuintEssential reduces free radicals, supports your immune system, and boosts physical and mental energy. GaiaThera Daylight can neutralize a wide range of health issues with its unique mineral complex of hydrogen ions. MegaHydrate from Phi Sciences is a hydrating antioxidant. NeuroProtek from Algonot is a potent antioxidant from flavonoids. For antioxidants with essential fat benefits, see Activation Products Black Cumin Oil and Matrix Nutrients Conjugated Linoleic Acid.
  • Cleanse & Detoxify

    Cleanse & Detoxify (19)

    We are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. All chronic disease is the direct result of accumulated toxins. Your path to healing must include cleansing endeavors to remove the causes of disease (heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs from plastics, fragrances), through bowel and organ cleansing, and by eliminating toxic products. Stimulate your detoxification organs with Daily Detox from Allegany Nutrition and get to the root of disease. D-Toxol for Adults from Synergistics Ultra Life is effective pain management to deal with toxins from plastics, petroleum products, fire retardants, herbicides and pesticides. RemedyLink has effective ways to cleanse: Endosterol (prostate or ovaries), Glytamins (liver and gallbladder), Medicardium (circulatory system), Lymplex (lymphatic system). Dr. Miller Holy Tea is an excellent liver detox and weight loss program. For a comprehensive 15 day microbial detox, use ParaEnd from NHR Premium Health.
  • Ellagitannins

    Ellagitannins (5)

    Ellagitannins are a specialized Antioxidant nutrient that helps dissolve abnormal (potential tumor) cells within a few days, and to replace them with young and healthy cells - without harsh killer tools of toxic chemotherapy, radiation and scalpels. Cells that are sick and do not naturally die can easily turn into tumors. Ellagitannins (antioxidants) feed and activate your natural mechanisms that shut-off bad cells, and enables rejuvenation (anti-aging). Use Ellagitannin products to restore normal function in every cell of your body. EllagiPlex from Exsula helps your abnormal cells shut down within days. Raspex has Ellagitannin products to shut down tumors: Grape and Raspberry Extract, Raspberry Seeds and Capsules. Ellagica from RemedyLink supports natural cell turnover.
  • Enzymes: Digestive

    Enzymes: Digestive (16)

    For better nutrient absorption and digestion. In your late 20s, your body runs out of enzyme reserves. If you eat cooked and processed foods, your need for Digestive Enzymes increases, or else you don't absorb adequate nutrients. This deficit can lead you down the road to serious, painful degenerative diseases. Take Digestive Enzymes to alleviate symptoms of poor digestion: bloating, constipation, low energy, weight problems, food allergies/sensitivities (gluten, lactose), heartburn, chronic inflammation. If allowed to continue, these symptoms can become debilitating. Allegany Nutrition has Digestive Enzymes HP, Digestive Enzymes AL (for gluten sensitivity) and Digestive Enzymes MF (lactose intolerance). Try 100% Plant based Enzymes in E3 Enzymes Supreme from E3Live. Abzorb from HCP Formulas helps you get optimal nutrient absorption from your food and supplements
  • Enzymes: Systemic

    Enzymes: Systemic (13)

    Most think of enzymes as being involved only with digestion, but they do so much more. Adequate levels of enzymes are essential to maintain an energetic lifestyle, as they are critical to activate every process that powers your body. In your late 20s, your body runs out of enzyme reserves, so it becomes important to supplement. Systemic (meaning body-wide) Enzymes enable proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response, that works to heal injuries and fight disease. When not functioning properly, your natural inflammatory response produces excess inflammation that causes painful joints, fibroids, fluid retention, heart disease and other painful diseases. Systemic Enzymes (there are thousands of them) work outside your digestive system, tearing down scar tissue - even in your arteries - increasing the volume of blood that flows throughout your body, potentially eliminating heart disease. LipiCept (HCP Formulas) supports healthy cholesterol to reduce your risk of heart disease. Naticor and Nattalone (Generation Plus) and Systemic Enzymes Natto LP (Allegany Nutrition) all reduce your risk of blood clots. Zymitol (Generation Plus) controls your inflammatory response, softens tissues and eliminates fibroids and scar tissue. Systemic Enzymes are taken in between meals, so instead of expending their energy digesting food, they absorb and go to work.
  • Essential Fats

    Essential Fats (24)

    Technically called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), they need to be part of your food and supplements for natural and powerful anti-inflammatory effects. EFAs cannot be made by your body and must be supplied through diet. When you don't eat enough EFAs, you can suffer with inflammation and resulting pain, weight gain and compromised cellular functions. EFAs are not stored as fat, they activate your metabolism and are burned for energy. They are easily digested and are not deposited into your arteries as cholesterol. EFAs stabilize your blood sugar levels, slowing the release of carbohydrates. Activation Products has many wonderful EFA oils: Amaranth Seed Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Coriander Oil, PanaSeeda 5 Seed Blend and Premium Flax Seed Oil. Exsula Aleipho Elaia Oil is organic high-vibration extra virgin olive oil. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (from Matrix Nutrients and NHR Premium Health) increase your fat metabolism and help reduce inflammation. Reverse chronic inflammation with Pharmax Fish Oil (Synergistics Ultra Life) or Platinum Flax/Borage Oil (SuperNutrient). Please remember that too much of any kind of fat is just that... too much.
  • Fiber

    Fiber (4)

    The recommended daily serving of fiber is 20-35 grams, and statistics say most of us eat only 15 grams a day. Fiber particles are like tiny sponges that absorb water, toxins and cholesterol, then carry them away from your intestinal lining and out of your body. This helps keep your gut clean of toxic sludge, harmful yeast, bacteria and parasites, so that you can absorb nutrients efficiently. When you get enough fiber, you will have improved nutrient absorption and waste elimination, more energy, sharper mind, lower cholesterol, better circulation, energized immune system and optimized weight. And it's economical because fiber makes you feel fuller sooner, so you eat less. Without enough fiber, your toxic waste builds up, you may have constipation (hemorrhoids, fissures), decreased immunity, weight gain, high cholesterol and blood sugar. Improve your bowel regularity with Apple Fiber from Exsula Superfoods. Try ABC Multi-Fiber Blend (NHR Premium Health) for increased dietary fiber and detoxification, lower blood cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Lignan Gold from GaiaThera is organic flax hulls (lignans) to reduce aging and ailments. Promote healthy bowels with Inulation Prebiotic from Allegany Nutrition (contains Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from Chicory Root.
  • Grains & Nuts & Seeds

    Grains & Nuts & Seeds (12)

    Whole foods have well-documented and potent health benefits and healing properties: full of essential nutrients, high in fiber (may lower risk of developing tumors), can help control weight by making you feel full, aids digestion, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, helps regulate blood sugar and can reduce inflammation. Activation has a delicious line of oils made from seeds (Amaranth Seed Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Coriander Oil, PanaSeeda 5 Seed Blend and Premium Flax Seed Oil). Exsula Superfoods Flax Seeds promote bowel regularity, fights inflammation and supports weight management.
  • Herbs: Dried

    Herbs: Dried (12)

    Powerful, natural tools to improve every aspect of your well being. Based on millennia of traditional use, you can improve your memory (Matrix Nutrients Ginkgo Biloba), strengthen immunity (Astragalus and Immune Support), elimination (Dr. Miller Holy Tea and Miracle Tea), and anti-aging (Rabdosia plus Resveratrol Complex), and so much more. Herbs are potent and may have interactions with pharmaceutical medicines.
  • Herbs: Tinctures

    Herbs: Tinctures (58)

    Convenient and powerful, natural tools to improve every aspect of your well being. Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take by mouth. Herbs are usually extracted in alcohol, because it's a potent solvent, and some herbs do not release their medicinal qualities to water or glycerin. Because they are taken directly under the tongue, tinctures enter your bloodstream quickly, for faster action. Earth Friend has an amazing line of tinctures for your well being: Adrenal-Ease to support tired adrenal glands, Allergy-Ease, Arthritis-Ease and Kidney-Bladder Ease all work wonders. ALZ-Ease can reverse memory loss, and improve dementia. Immunagen to strengthen your immunity. Maca Root to normalize sexual function. Meno-Ease to make menopause more comfortable. Goldenseal Drops from Twilight America helps clear up infections (antibacterial, antifungal). Fall in love with life when you take Meridium from BioActives.
  • Hydrogen

    Hydrogen (6)

    A universal antioxidant, Hydrogen supplies your body with abundant free electrons, to prevent and even reverse aging, and eliminate disease-causing free radicals. Increase your stamina, memory, hearing and vision, and reduce pain from inflammation. Also helps fight the negative effects of alcohol and stress. See both Daylight and Moonlight from GaiaThera. H2 Elite (Quicksilver) and MegaHydrate (Phi Sciences) both reduce free radicals and boost your physical and mental energy. The most effective companion product for electron delivery is C60 (GaiaThera).
  • Oxygen

    Oxygen (4)

    Having optimal levels of Oxygen in your body is required for healthy function. Without oxygen you have about 5 minutes before your brain starts dying. Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to the capillaries, where the oxygen is handed over to the lymph to be delivered to the cells. About 95 percent of the red blood cells are saturated with oxygen. You can increase blood oxygen level through better breathing techniques, or by enriching the oxygen in the air you breathe. You can also increase the oxygen levels in the water you drink, and get the oxygen to your tissues by drinking it. You need oxygen to convert food into energy. To have better aerobic capacity you need to manage the pH of the lymphatic fluids. When your lymph becomes acidic, it decreases its ability to carry oxygen. Either way, adding oxygen to your drinking water is one of the fastest ways to increase oxygen levels in your body.
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics

    Probiotics & Prebiotics (17)

    The term probiotics (meaning for life) refers to supplements that replace or add to desirable bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. Just as bad bacteria can make us sick, good bacteria can protect us from disease. Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria - probiotics - aids digestion and promotes natural immunity (resistance to disease). Before the advent of refrigeration, beneficial bacteria were used to ferment foods, preserving the nutrients for long periods of time. The best probiotic supplements contain soil-based organisms that further help restore and maintain your digestive, immune system and overall health. Prebiotics are food for the continued growth of probiotics. Body Biotics has a powerful line of Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) for your digestive health, to boost your immune system and deal with fungus, yeast, parasites, allergies and inflammation. Strata-Flora (Exsula and Five Provide) can rebuild your entire digestive tract, from your mouth down to your rectum. Genki Foods has an excellent line of organic, fermented grains that are naturally probiotic and prebiotic (GOLD Liquid is naturally carbonated drink, loaded with broad-spectrum nutrients and probiotics for your digestive and immune systems.
  • Protein Concentrates

    Protein Concentrates (9)

    Some people need more protein than others, especially vegetarians or vegans, and the best way to find out your specific requirements is with Life Enthusiast Metabolic Typing Advanced. If you're vegetarian or vegan, you will need protein concentrates to maintain your energy and stamina. Here you will find plant protein powders that provide materials for building, repair and maintenance of your cells, and for proper metabolic function. Combine them with healthy fats for greater benefits. Exsula ZoeTein is an excellent meal replacement and helps build muscle and burn fat (exceptionally high in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients). Life's Green Essentials (Body Biotics) is a great base for smoothies (raw green superfood, rich in enzymes, essential fats, minerals and amino acids). Barley Gold will help you reach peak performance with all your body systems and functions (made from only live, sprouted seeds that are the most enzymatically and nutritionally active).
  • Roots & Fruits & Berries

    Roots & Fruits & Berries (10)

    Delicious, healthy snacks and concentrated tinctures from the root, these whole foods have a wide range of health benefits that your body will easily use to enhance your well being, on many levels. Industrial agriculture grows less variety of plants, with fewer nutrients, in order to feed the billions of people on Earth. We now have less variety of available plants to eat, so you may be missing nutrients from roots & fruits & berries. There are important nutrients in exotic plants, with potent health-supporting effects, unavailable in other ways. Get the healing properties of a variety of delicious and nutritious, whole foods. Tasty and nourishing - toss into your hand and eat, or mix into cereal, baking, trail mix or even into a veggie burger: Ultimate Superfoods White Mulberries, Golden Berries. We also have concentrated tinctures from plant roots: PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric absorbs readily for less pain from inflammation, it's great for your heart, skin and brain (moods, cognitive function). Maca Root (Earth Friend Herb) helps balance hormones and normalize sexual functions in both men and women (desire, menstruation, menopause). Maca Spagyric Tincture (ORMUS Oils) helps you tap into your libido and subconscious, with a relaxing effect and mental clarity.
  • SuperFood Blends

    SuperFood Blends (19)

    There are so many definitions for a superfood. Here we have SuperFood Blends that are a combination of natural ingredients, with effects that are greater than the sum of the parts. Because of industrial agricultural practices, the food you eat is deficient in most aspects, other than looks. A daily routine with SuperFoods will enable you to regain and maintain your health - and thrive. All contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and so much more. Exsula Superfoods has an excellent line of blends for every need: Iridesca is the most complete nutritional supplement you will find, for peak performance and longevity. Excela-50 is enzyme-rich and support for general maintenance. Life's Green Essentials (Body Biotics) is another enzyme-rich blend for general maintenance and a great base for smoothies. intraMAX (Drucker Labs) is a superfood liquid: powerful tool for health with a broad-spectrum of nutrients in just one ounce (intraKID for children).
  • Vitamins: Multi

    Vitamins: Multi (14)

    Proven to be essential for the maintenance of high health and vitality, vitamins are critically important. Chemists and pharmacists attempt to isolate and manufacture them, but natural vitamins in complex blends remain superior in every aspect, and available in whole living foods. Depending on your biological individuality, you may need more of some, and less of others. To find out what your specific requirements are, see Life Enthusiast Metabolic Typing Advanced. EMPowerplus Q96 (Q Sciences) is optimal nutrition for your brain and nerves, supporting calmness and clarity to cope with life (high bioavailability from 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and vitamin Bs). For a professional-grade Multi-Mineral-Vitamin, SuperNutrient has one, with Minerals, Iron & Copper - all the important nutrients you need to reverse immune system trouble.
  • Vitamins: Single

    Vitamins: Single (12)

    Proven to be essential for the maintenance of high health and vitality, vitamins are critically important. We usually recommend products made from whole foods, or at least a well-combined product. But sometimes we need an extra push in a specific area with a single vitamin, because many are notoriously depleted in some people, and need supplementation to resolve health problems. Depending on your biological individuality, you may need more of some, and less of others. To find out what your specific requirements are, see Life Enthusiast Metabolic Typing Advanced. Vitamin A (Bio-A-eMulsion-Forte from SuperNutrient) supports your eyes and liver. We have B vitamins from several companies: B-12 Methylcobalamin Spray and Bx3 (NHR Premium Health), Liposomal Vitamin B12 (PuraThrive), Vitamin B3 Niacin and Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid (Matrix Nutrients). Most of us need more Vitamin C in reserves to deal with systemic inflammation, and reverse oxidative stress that causes many health issues. See Vitamin C Crystals (SuperNutrient) is an immune booster and antioxidant activator. Vitamin D ( Matrix Nutrients) is a powerful immune and bone support.