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Electric Field Shield
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  • Electric Field Shield to Block Harmful EMFs
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  • Even Hang It On your Wall

Electric Field Shield


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ADR Mats for a Safe and Sound, Good Night’s Sleep

These mats are an electric field shield, which utilizes ADR advanced technology to protect your body from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation during sleep.

When we sleep (and in daily life) we’re constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields that are emitted by electrical cables (within walls too) and electrical devices (even turned off) that are not visible, but can still have a negative effect on your health.

With an ADR Mat – an Electric Field Shield – under your mattress, the negative impact of electric fields are absorbed and minimized while you sleep.

ADR Mats

Common Negative Effects from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMFs)

  • sleeping disorders (and their numerous consequences)
  • bad moods
  • chronic tiredness
  • headaches
  • disturbances of the nervous system (e.g. irritability, dissociation).


ADR TEX is an electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding fabric, which does not need grounding. The method of shielding developed by ADR Technology allows for adjustment of the composite’s dielectric absorption frequency range. Such a solution ensures comfortable and safe shielding from EMF.

ADR TEX gives highly effective protection against harmful EMFs which are emitted by telecommunication devices such as masts and phones, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-fi, etc, as well as fields which are emitted by household electrical cables and circuits, and electrical and electronic appliances.

ADR TEX ensures a proper regeneration of your body when sleeping.
Research shows that the day-night cycle plays important role in DNA regeneration in cellular structure [1-4]. This is related to the fact that during night there is no sun light which has damaging effect on DNA and amount of active products of metabolism, also damaging to DNA, is minimized.

EMFs have a negative impact on the human body mainly due to its interference with basic vital functions. Electrical currents in your body are normal, since nerve signals are based on electrical pulses and many biochemical reactions such as digestion or brain activity are a result of electrical processes. One can expect that long-term exposure to EMF (even low-strength) may result in general unwellness [5]. An alarming American publication implies that “electromagnetic smog” is the reason for many diseases (such as heart, tumors and blood sugar), affecting us much more than changes in our lifestyle [6].

Exposure to EMFs is not a new problem but the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage in the 20th century, coupled with the development of electronics, IT, telecommunication, satellite navigation as well as diagnostic and industrial EMF devices brought us, not only to a need to analyze civilization’s hazards but also to invent methods to screen electromagnetic radiation.

ADR Technology protection (screen) is an answer to those challenges.
The shields are composites (many phase systems) which provide an advance in the design of EMF protection, from a careful selection of constituent phases, their volumetric ratios and the way different phases are interconnected. In this way we can design screens to absorb a desired frequency range of electromagnetic radiation, and degree of screening efficiency.

ADR TEX shield is based on ADR Technology and is a complex micro composite. The basic matrix is a fabric woven from three kinds of threads: viscose, polyamide and thread (PES yarn with metallic filling) in respective weight ratio of 44:36:20. After weaving (broken twill weave) the fabric is soaked with ADR Sol and dried.

ADR TEX Technical Data

Color: Ecru-White,
Composition: Rayan, Nylon, PES/INOX yarn, ADR Sol,
Basic weight: 130 g/sq.m +/- 5%.
Dimension stability: +/- 5%.

ADR TEX Technical Data 1
Dielectric losses are considered as a measure of shielding efficiency of radio frequencies.

ADR TEX Technical Data 2
EMF shielding at 10 GHz. The shielding efficiency at 10 GHz is -35 dBm = 99.8%.

ADR Mats Technical Graph
Distribution of the electric field of a 50 Hz electrical cable source: a) without ADR TEX, b) with ADR TEX under the mattress and c) with ADR TEX under the mattress and above the duvet.

ADR TEX Quality

This shielding fabric is of the highest quality, any observed inconsistencies in the weave do not influence the shielding of EMF. The fabric is cut to size using a ‘hot knife’ which gently melts and fastens the yarns, the discoloration that is created on its edge is a natural feature of this process. This product is available at the manufacturer’s online shop at

ADR MAT is a low frequency electric field screen based on a non-woven fabric matrix with the weight of 80g/m2 embedded with ADR Sol. This method of shielding developed by ADR Technology allows adjustment of the composite’s dielectric absorption frequency range.

Advantages of the ADR MAT Screen

Advantages of ADR Mats

  1. Does not interfere with Wi-fi signals, mobile communications, digital TV signals and other high frequencies.
  2. Effective shielding by dielectric absorption in the frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 10 kHz.
  3. Does not require grounding.

This method of shielding electromagnetic field was developed by ADR Technology and has the patent PAT 221223 and has the patent pending WO2016092399A1.


[1] R.V.Kondratov, Aging Res. Rev. 6(2007)12, A role of the circardian system and circardian proteins in aging.
[2] S.J.Collins, S.J. Boulton, Chromosoma 116(2007)331, Emerging links between the biological clock and the DNA damage response;
[3] F.F.Shadan, Medical Hypotheses 68(2007)883, Circadian tempo: A paradigm for genome stability?.
[4 E.M.Gibson, W.P.Williams III, L.J.Kriegsfeld, Experimental Gerontology 44(2009)51, Aging in the circadian system: Considerations for health, disease prevention and longevity.
[5] Establishing a Dialogue on Risk from Electromagnetic Fields, World Health Organization, Radiation and Environmental Health Department of the Human Environment, Geneva, Switzerland 2002.
[6] S. Milham, Medical Hypotheses 74(2010)337, Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic of “diseases of civilization”.

Made from high quality materials, waterproof, steam-permeable, non-allergenic and does not require a power supply or earth.

Composed of active part containing a composite: a multiphase system based on ADR Technology inserted between two protective layers.

Does not contain metallic parts.

The ADR Mat is durable and will last for a minimum of 5 years.

Note: You may order the ADR Mat is a continuous roll, 2m wide (that’s 80 inches). You need to specify the length. It is a custom order that will be sent to you from the production facility. It is priced by the square meter.

Directions for Use

  • Under mattress
  • In duvet cover or above the duvet
  • Canopies over the bed
  • As curtains or behind curtains
  • As fabric for protective clothing
  • As a shield on walls or built into walls, roofs, floors, etc.
  • On upholstered furniture
  • In protective suits
  • A layer incorporated into the production of mattresses.

At customer’s request, any length can be provided from a 2m wide roll. The minimum length is 110cm, extended up to any length (in 1m intervals).

Use an ADR Mat (apprpopriate size) on your bed, under the mattress, or on top of the mattress (under an additional sheet or cover). To shield against electric fields from above, place it inside your duvet cover.

If it is necessary to wash the fabric, we recommend use of ADR Powder to ensure that it retains its full EMF shielding properties.

Recommended Use

For protection against harmful electric fields while you sleep.

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