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Prevent Emotional Outbursts
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  • Transform Your Home or Office Moods Instantly
  • Temper Control without talking - smells affect your brain directly
  • Free Yourself from Anger, Frustration and Irritation

Prevent Emotional Outbursts


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Prevent Emotional Outbursts, Get BalancedPrevent Emotional Outbursts, Get Balanced


Temperance: Get Balanced

 Fast action to help prevent emotional outbursts.

Temperance aura infusion is carefully harmonized to trigger a profound shift in your physiology and emotional state.

Calming effects to assist the transformation of anger, impatience, frustration and irritation into energy that can be used constructively. Fits great with adolescents in the house, living in a group home, conflict resolution meetings, divorce proceedings, and even those with severe learning disorders.

  • Aura Infusions, TemperanceCalm anger
  • Balance emotions
  • Calm impatience
  • Decrease frustration
  • Prevent outbursts
  • Transform anger
  • Stabilize nerves
  • Tantra work
  • Anger management
  • Getting along

Your subtle fields control your emotions. Your emotions control your thinking. Your thinking controls your physiology. Your physiology controls your existence.

Temperance is a tool that lets you shift your emotions easily and effortlessly.

These complex formulas contain up to 30 flower essences, essential oils, gem elixirs, and alchemically activated gems that saturate energy fields.

Each infusion is prepared using a time-intensive process, combined the ingredients in a unique fashion.

And each bottle is prepared individually and harmonized with the use of alchemically activated gems.

Only after each formula has been thoroughly evaluated by a panel of intuitives on three continents and by extensive testing on a variety of subjects is it considered ready for you.

Directions for Use

Spray two or three sprays into the room. Walk through the mist.

Spray above your head, to infuse your personal energy field.

Also spray throughout your air space to alter the energy of your environment.

Recommended Use

For temper control, to free yourself from anger, frustration and irritation.

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