Bugz Off

Enjoy Outside withOUT Bugs
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  • All Natural, Proven Effective Ingredients
  • No Detergents, Preservatives Nor Emulsifiers
  • Good for Itchy Skin Too

Enjoy Outside withOUT Bugs


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Gaia Thera Bugz Off Spray 4.2 fl. ozGaia Thera Bugz Off Spray 4.2 fl. oz


Bugz Off gives you real results in ONE minute. With no harmful chemicals.

Contains the most effective ingredients, proven to repel bugs, especially mosquitos.

Bugz Off contains:

  • Neem Oil
    Traditionally used as a natural insecticide. Repels harmful insects including mosquitoes.
  • Citronella Oil
    Pleasant citrus scent that irritates mosquitoes.
  • Silver Ions
    Relieves itching. Kills pathogens on contact.

Bugz Off is manufactured with Proprietary Advanced Implosion Technology. This allows oil to mix with water. No need for detergents, preservatives nor emulsifiers.

Use Bugz Off to enjoy being outside.

Colloidal Silver 23ppm, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella) Oil.

Neem Oil is a natural pesticide found in neem tree seeds that has been used for centuries to repel insects. It has a bitter taste with a garlic/sulfur smell. It contains Azadirachtin, the active agent that repels and kills bugs. It reduces insect feeding and reproduction. Non-toxic to birds and mammals, but slightly toxic to fish and other aquatic species.

Citronella Oil is often used as an insect repellent. Research indicates  antifungal properties. And helps with wound repair. Compared to DEET, citronella is initially as effective. Because it evaporates, reapplication is necessary.

Directions for Use

Close eyes before applying to face, then spray liberally.

Use all over, including socks to protect ankles.

Spray liberally onto itchy areas as well.

Recommended Use

Repel bugs, especially mosquitos.

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