Cellerciser Rebounder

Bifold ship Feb 2021 - Total Fitness in just 10 minutes a day!
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  • Shape Up from Head to Toe - Relieve Stress
  • Lose Weight, Tone Muscles, Slim Waist, Strengthen Your Core
  • Revitalize Your Energy, Rejuvenate Cells, Increase Circulation
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Bifold ship Feb 2021 – Total Fitness in just 10 minutes a day!


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Exercise on a Mini Trampoline

Cellerciser Rebounders take your fat burning workouts and strengthening exercises to a new level with this innovative product that is designed with triple-tiered carbon steel anodized springs (better than stainless steel) and all-steel construction to ensure a safe, durable exercise rebounder. This is not a typical rebounder or mini-trampoline.

More effective than ordinary exercise, the Cellerciser doesn’t lift weight away from gravity, it increases the weight of gravity on every cell of your body over 100 times a minute. Hence a 10 minute Cellercise workout begins to tone and shape your entire body from the inside out, while revitalizing your cells and internal organs.

Cellerciser Rebounders – Effective Exercise

Buying a mini trampoline is a great idea, but before you buy, make sure you’re getting quality. Using an inferior product could cause serious injury. That’s where the Cellerciser home exercise trampoline comes into play.

Many mini trampolines use weak steel springs or bungy cords, causing sinking and pronation of feet and knees that can cause back problems. The Cellerciser offers the new “triple-tiered” tapered spring (patent pending) designed to help avoid the potential nerve damage and lower back problems often associated with typical rebounders.

The Unmatched Quality and Construction

The Springs

Cellerciser Rebounder Springs

Cellerciser holds the patent on the triple-tiered tapered spring. Any company claiming they offer a triple-tiered spring design is either in violation of patent law or purposely attempting to deceive you. Don’t be fooled!! David Hall’s new triple-tiered tapered spring adjusts to the weight of the user automatically.

The Easy-Bounce Cellerciser is not a hard bounce rebounder. Most rebounders use little tube springs that can cause nerve damage, knee problems and lower back pain. When a person alters the angle of their body, this can put them in a very compromised positioned potentially damaging them. The little tube springs generally stretch slightly and come to an abrupt jar at the end of the stretch. The jarring effect can hurt you. The sudden jar can also break the springs.

In 1993 David Hall introduced the jumbo tapered barrel spring. It stretches from the middle and the tapered ends allow the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. These unique barrel springs have reignited the benefits of the mini-trampoline. An ever-growing number of medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, Yoga, Tai Chi masters and health practitioners are using and recommending the Cellerciser to their clients.

The Cellerciser superior quality large fat TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED spring allows for a gentle acceleration-deceleration effect. And since they avoid the jarring effect, they don’t break like typical tube springs can. A 100 pound person will utilize the center portion of the spring and second tier, a 200 pound person will advance to the second and third tier, and a 300 pound person will use more of the third tier. David Hall designed the spring so that the user has a very smooth acceleration-deceleration affect without too soft or too hard a bounce. When the typical barrel spring is too soft, the person using it doesn’t receive the resistance needed to build up the cell membrane (necessary for strength and health) Stronger cell membranes help avoid the effects of viruses and other foreign invaders. Our spring is made of hi-carbon steel wire with the excellent annealing/temper treated finish. The final stage of annealing/temper treated finish plays a key point. Above all, the TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED spring is produced via the newest micro-computer auto-control machinery. Originally the hi-carbon steel wires destroyed a lot of our moldings. In order to produce the very best spring, we were compelled to use tungsten steel moldings to overcome the problem.


  • Cellerciser
  • Carrying Bag
  • Video (DVD) “Don’t Just Exercise… Cellercise”
  • Video (DVD) “The Ultimate Exercise DVD”

The rebounder is 40 inches in diameter, about 8 inches tall, weighs about 30 lbs. he balance bar is another 4 lbs.

30 day trial offer less $50.00 shp/hdlg.

Directions for Use

Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise.

Start with 5 minutes of gentle rebounding per day, with your feet staying on the jumping surface.

As your fitness improves, pick up your feet with each bounce and increase the time you spend on your mini trampoline.

Recommended Use

Recommended for up to 440 lbs of body weight. The strongest mini-rebounder.


Always consult your health care provider before beginning a new exercise. Possible issues for people with artificial joints and with vertigo.

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Cellerciser Construction

The Cellerciser introduces the new superior quality large fat Triple-tiered Tapered Spring (patent pending) that allows for a gentle acceleration-deceleration effect. And since they avoid the jarring effect, they don’t break like typical tube springs can.

Exercise Research Abstracts

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