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Cell-Ease Support

Organic Herbal Tincture, Support for Cell-Ease ONLY
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  • Helps Reduce Fatigue and Pain from Inflammation
  • Promotes Cleansing, Detoxifying
  • May Restore Normal Cell Function

Organic Herbal Tincture, Support for Cell-Ease ONLY


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Earth Friend Herb Tincture Cell Ease Support 1 ozEarth Friend Herb Tincture Cell Ease Support 1 oz


Very Important… Cell-Ease Support works only with Cell-Ease.

This product will increase the anti-inflammatory effects of Cell-Ease. Please go read its page.

Common Name Latin Name
Safflower Carthamus tinctorius
Coleus Plectranthus Scutellarioide
Da Qing Isatis Tinctoria

All herbal ingredients are certified organically grown, or wildcrafted in ecologically clean environments. Grain alcohol tincture with distilled water and vegetable glycerine.

Directions for Use

Important Note:
Cell-Ease Support works only as a support formula for Cell-Ease. Take both at the same time.

Take 20 drops 3 times per day.
Best taken away from food. Or at least five to ten minutes before meals.
Take directly in mouth. Follow with water.

Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

Make sure to drink an adequate amount of water and fluids every day, to help efficiently flush toxins.

Recommended Use

This formula is to be taken with Cell-Ease, to increase your cell wall permeability, improving many conditions from chronic inflammation.

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