Sea Relief Concentrate

Ocean Mineral Supplement
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  • Helps Balance Cellular Calcium and Magnesium
  • May Reduce Calcification (less pain)
  • Helps Improve Sleep - Feel More Rested

Ocean Mineral Supplement


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EssenceSea Sea Relief LiquidEssenceSea Sea Relief Liquid


Sea Relief Concentrate helps balance your calcium and magnesium. This may help pain and discomforts disappear. May increase your athletic performance. Helps balance your blood sugar. May increase your brain performance.

May Relieve Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Sea Relief, Look Younger and Feel HealthierPeople report:

  • Improve sleep – decrease fatigue
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain discomfort
  • Enhanced performance with physical activity
  • Relax nerves, overcome stress and improve bad moods
  • Improve heart function
  • Increase kidney health
  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Improve bone health
  • Decreased facial wrinkles
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Enhanced concentration and short term memory
  • Reduction in headaches (even severe ones).

Sea Relief Concentrate: Calcification Removal

The principal intention of Sea Relief Concentrate is to remove accumulated calcium deposits from your tissues. This may restore optimum balance between calcium and magnesium, and your cellular pH.

Calcium deposits…

  • In your joints = inflammation and pain
  • In your blood vessels = hardening of the arteries
  • In your heart = heart disease
  • In your brain = senility.

Almost all of the soft tissues in your body are subject to calcification, including your glands. This can cause many serious degenerative diseases.

Sea Relief Concentrate is created with Volixer Technology, that creates biologically preferred molecular structures of water-chelated minerals and nutrients. This increases your nutrient absorption for fast results for de-calcification of soft tissues.

Calcium and Magnesium Must Be Balanced

Since calcium and magnesium depend on each other to be assimilated into your body, they should be taken together. Take them alone only to correct an imbalance.

Too much calcium will block magnesium absorption, resulting in many severe health conditions.

  • Calcium excites nerves – magnesium calms them down.
  • Calcium makes muscles contract – magnesium enables them to relax.

You experience this with every heart beat and breath.

America has the highest rate of milk consumption and calcium supplementation, yet the highest occurrence of bone loss (calcium loss) in the Western world. Quite evident from the statistics, here’s a few facts about high-calcium intake:

  • Taking more calcium will not fix a calcium deficiency
  • Taking more calcium can cause a magnesium deficiency
  • Taking more magnesium will fix a calcium deficiency, and fix a magnesium deficiency too.

Magnesium is a critical nutrient for over 325 enzyme reactions in your body, from energy production to cholesterol control.

Magnesium helps the body absorb and transport calcium into your bones, making them stronger and more flexible.

Magnesium is useful in preventing unwanted calcification in the kidney, bladder and in the joints.

About 50% of total body magnesium is in your bones, the rest is in your muscles, red blood cells and the other tissues.

Superior Bioavailability

Sea-Relief is a unique, high magnesium bicarbonate supplement, providing much greater potency (about 50% bioavailable) than most other forms of magnesium (less than 10%).

Magnesium bicarbonate exists naturally in a few pristine, mountain water sources at about 500 ppm. Sea Relief has a concentration of about 50,000 ppm – more than 100 times the amount of Magnesium Bicarbonate as any other natural source or magnesium bicarbonate water.

What Depletes Your Magnesium?

Our modern lifestyle stresses (emotional and environmental) deplete magnesium reserves far more rapidly than was previously realized.

The following is a list of magnesium depletors – the more dominant they are in your life, the more magnesium you need to supplement.

Alcohol High sodium diet
Pain killers Low thyroid function
Coffee Medical drugs (wide range)
Cola-type sodas Mental stress
Diuretics Physical stress
High calcium diet Sugar
High carbohydrate diet Tobacco
High perspiration Environment (air, soil, water)

Aluminum (in food & drink containers, baking powder, antiperspirants) blocks many normal magnesium functions.

Unfortunately, a staple of our society’s diet is white flour, and 85% of its magnesium has been removed.

How Sea Relief Concentrate Works

Sea Relief concentrate is a 5% solution (50,000 parts per million) of chemically fully reacted magnesium bicarbonate. It has all the healing properties of magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (combined), but without the side-effects of these two separate compounds. With it you can pleasantly treat conditions that require large doses of magnesium and large doses of bicarbonate. Perhaps the most common condition is soft-tissue calcification (hardening). This issue affects the vast majority of people over 40 years of age and surprising also many younger people. By consuming 1500 mg per day of magnesium bicarbonate, many heart conditions and joint conditions will show significant improvements in around 3 months of use at this dose.

The Evolutionary Experience On Land

In order to understand this experience, it is necessary to remember that our ancient ancestors of several hundred million years ago lived in the ocean, where the magnesium to calcium (Mg:Ca) ratio is around 3:1. Later, as these creatures moved onto land, their physiology adapted to the much greater presence of calcium on land and nowadays, wild animals on land consume food where the Mg:Ca ratio is about 3:4, instead of the old 3:1 in the ocean. Higher calcium availability has the advantage of letting the wild animals have much greater agility because the additional calcium provides the muscles with the ability to contract much harder and faster so that they can be more agile than their ocean counterpart.

This is called sympathetic dominance of the central nervous system. This 4-fold increase of calcium in moving from the ocean to the land has a disadvantage in terms of longevity, mostly because at this high calcium ratio, calcium begins to accumulate in the soft tissues so that in old age, it becomes more difficult to move. Old lions in the wild die of starvation, because they are no longer able to run fast enough to catch their prey. Evolutionally, the lion has traded longevity in the ocean for a shorter life on land with more excitement in it, because of the effective sympathetic dominance. Human bodies exhibit similar properties to the animals in the wild. As long as we eat lots of natural raw food, raw and unpolluted.

However, in the last few millennia, humanity has learned to process food for economic and conveneince reasons… One of the major consequences of food processing (cooking, canning, preserving) and fertilizer farming has been a tremendous reduction of the levels of magnesium in the modern diet, so that the Mg:Ca ratio has now become more like 1:4 with dire consequences called degenerative diseases of all kinds. This occurs because most of the complex biochemical reactions in the body were developed during an era where the physiology was immersed in the ocean water where the second most abundant element is magnesium. Some of these degenerative conditions are epigenetically transmitted (across generations, from mother to child) while others develop during the life span of the individual, from birth.

Many of these diseases result as a consequence of both greater calcification of the soft tissues, which decrease the efficiency of the digestion process and also from the introduction in the modern diet (for economic and convenience reasons) of new petroleum-derived chemicals that were not present during our evolution. This debilitates of digestive, eliminative, and all other systems. This is the general situation in the civilized world. Magnesium deficient, additive laden processed foods bind individuals to a health care system that is attempting to replace natural function with chemical drugs, with disastrous consequences. This brings us to the Sea-Relief method of healing, getting out of the dead-end street where the evolutionary experience has now cornered us.

The Sea Relief Experience

The fun we experience as a sympathetic dominated creature comes with the negative side effects of early calcification resulting painful and gruesome degenerative diseases. Instead of early death for hardening and toxicity we would like to a new experience with fully functioning adult stem cell system that knows how to repair your body. The Sea-Relief experience is a two step process; first to decalcify the soft tissues and second to stimulate longevity.

Step One: Decalcification

In the decalcification step consume the Sea-Relief Concentrate rich in magnesium bicarbonate.

Magnesium bicarbonate occurs in nature in rare mountain spring water with a concentration of around 400 parts per million accompanied by very little calcium. Sea-Relief Concentrate has 50,000 PPM (5% by weight, close to the maximum solubility of this compound). Magnesium bicarbonate does not exist in nature in solid state, so that it is not possible to process it into a pill or a capsule.

When we dilute the concentrate down to 1500 PPM (4 oz. of concentrate into a gallon of calcium-free water), we make Sea-Relief Water that will structure iteself as many layers of water clusters surrounding each molecule of magnesium bicarbonate. This process called water-chelation further helps the magnesium bicarbonate enter the soft-tissue cells where it help reduce calcium overload. Magnesium bicarbonate also penetrates into the bones and helps stabilize the bone material to make your bones stronger.

As a side-effect of large doses of magnesium bicarbonate in the decalcification phase, the central nervous system goes into parasympathetic dominance, which can make people sleep a lot, and in its extreme can even trigger temporary depression. The parasympathetic system is also known as the Rest, Repaid and Digest side of the autonomic nervous system. It stimulates the adult stem cell system to speed up the soft tissue repairs needed for the next phase of the Sea-Relief Experience. You can exhance this by using Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel, topically.

Step Two: Active Longevity

The second side of managing your health is to change your nutrition to consist of mostly raw food that contains as few as possible foreign additives.

Since we are used to hot foods, a convenient way to achieve this is to use a high power blender (Blendtec, Wareing, Vitamix, NutriBullet) to first prepare hot soups at the desired level of consistency, flavoring and temperature. Use Exsula Superfoods as base of your smoothies. The starting water for the hot soup is of course the Sea-relief Water. Depending on your Biological Individuality, your Metabolic Type, you will be adding either lots of fruit, or vegetables, proteins and fats (like coconut oil).

The Sea-Relief water greatly increases the ability of the taste buds to enjoy the subtle differences in the sweetness of fruits. Add it to fruit salad instead of sugar. It is important to drink a lot of structured water and a great way to do this is to add about 1 oz. of Sea-Relief Concentrate to 1 gallon of calcium-free water. This makes it easy to drink 8 glasses a day of water but will not generate the drowsiness that can show up during the decalcification phase.

Distilled water, low-sodium concentrated selection of ocean minerals bound to bicarbonate ions, all activated by Volixer technology.

About 230 mg of elemental magnesium per 1 oz

Does NOT Contain:
Yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives or artificial color or flavor. Cruelty free. Vegan formula.

Proprietary blend of high volumes of a rare, but potent magnesium bicarbonate compound combined with low-sodium ocean minerals in a convenient, liquid concentrate.

Created with Volixer technology, invented by nuclear scientist and mathematician Ron Cusson, PhD. Volixer Technology creates biologically preferred molecular structures of water-chelated minerals and nutrients that increase the efficiency and speed of delivery of nutrients to the cells, providing faster results for decalcification of soft tissues.

Directions for Use

Important – Before Opening!
The bottle is pressurized and should be refrigerated until cool, prior to opening.

Refrigerate for 4 or more hours before consuming and keep cold.

For each use, open the bottle without shaking, pour, promptly reseal and return to fridge (conserves carbonation).

Benefits are increased when used in conjunction with Volixer Water Concentrate . It’s most important to stay properly hydrated, to speed the disposal of excess calcium. Take a look at all our Energized Water products for the best hydration.

General Use
Add 1 ounce of cold Sea Relief into 1 gallon of pure, preferably Energized Water.
Drink 8 ounces, four times daily, between meals.

For Accelerated Relief
Add 4 ounces of cold Sea Relief into 1 gallon of pure, preferably Energized Water.
Drink 8 ounces, four times daily, between meals.

Keep refrigerated.

Recommended Use

Helps balance your calcium and magnesium. This may reduce pain. May increase performance, physical and mental. Helps balance blood sugar.

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