Detox and Rebuild MineralsDetox and Rebuild Minerals
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Bundle: FiveProvide Flush Kit

Detox and Rebuild Minerals
Price: $59.00 $49.00
  • Remineralize and Hydrated with Essential Nutrients
  • Powerful Immune Booster and Detoxifier
  • Grounding and Calming Effect (deep sleep, remember dreams)

Detox and Rebuild Minerals

$59.00 $49.00

FiveProvide Opti-MSM

  • Cellular Detoxification and Oxygen Utilization
  • Joint Repair and Maintenance
  • Recovery from Chronic Aches, Over-exertion or Repetitive Stress
  • Relief from Fatigue (temporary or chronic)
Powder: 570g/20.0oz

FiveProvide ElectroLife

  • Oxygenate and Feed Your Cells - More Energy Then You Ever Had
  • Cleanse and Tune-Up Your Body... All Day Long - No Drag On You
  • Supply Enzymes and Amino Acids Required for Cellular Maintenance
Drops: 30ml/1oz

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Detoxify and Rebuild Minerals

The Missing Link for Optimal Health

Bundle: FiveProvide Flush Kit helps you start your day off right with natural elimination, bowel movement regularity, healthy digestion, balanced pH, oxygen absorption, hydration, clarity, mood elevation and energy. Also assists natural daily cleansing of the your, kidneys and entire digestive system.

Enjoy this daily practice for your health and well being, and experience a positive outlook on life!

These minerals are essential – your body does not create them. They are responsible for many foundational biological interactions that create life and growth – an ecological environment that keeps opportunistic pathogens in check.

Use this powerful synergistic elixir to support your body’s natural digestive and elimination processes.

Bundle: FiveProvide Flush Kit

  • Increase hydration, oxygenation and circulation
  • Balance pH, metabolism and weight
  • Purify and remove stagnant toxins and waste
  • Increase vitality, clarity and radiant energy
  • Support sparkling clean digestion
  • Elevate moods.

The synergistic Effect of these ingredients makes them more powerful and effective.

Your body requires five major specific nutrients to hydrate and purify and these are the organic ingredients in The Morning Flush Kit

  1. Water
  2. Oxygen
  3. Minerals
  4. Enzymes
  5. Vitamin C

Each of these ingredients is excellent on its own, but to fully hydrate and properly eliminate waste and toxins, you need them all in one synergistic elixir. Until we have all these ingredients together, the body is wasting vital energy in efforts to pull together enough nutrients to create the biochemical reactions required to fuel your natural hydration, elimination and detoxification processes.

We are no longer eating like our ancestors or living in a pristine environment, considering the industrial waste and thousands of chemicals dumped into our air, water and food supply each day.

The Morning Flush Kit has proven to offer more energy than coffee, while providing essential micronutrients and balancing your pH.

It offers intercellular and extracellular stimulation, which contributes to the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. For those of you looking to kick coffee, this kind of cellular stimulation can be just the thing to get off coffee stimulants.

  • MSM – Bioavailable Sulfur (20oz powder)
  • ElectroLife – Trace Minerals, Nano Cellular Nourishment (1oz liquid)

Electrolife is a supplement that provides well-balanced 131 micronutrients, with a 100% cellular absorption rate to your cells and brain. These nutrients contribute to increasing biochemical activity and they return to the body what modern living and technology is stripping away.

  • 85 electrically charged minerals in a Fulvic Acid deuterium base
  • 18 amino acids
  • 28 metabolic enzymes.

Electrolife contains 3.5% of body friendly sulfur, bringing oxygen, hydrogen, and vitamins.

Directions for Use

The Daily Flush Protocol – Three Easy Steps

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, when your body is in its natural elimination/detoxification phase:

  1. Squeeze juice of ½-whole lemon into a glass of 16-32 ounces room temperature water, preferably Energized Water.
  2. Add ¼-2 teaspoons of OptiMSM bio-available sulfur.
  3. Add 10-25 drops of ElectroLife.

Drink slowly, finishing the flush within 5-15 minutes.

For best results, wait 20-30 minutes before consuming a meal or before a workout.

It is common to have a bowel movement within an hour of the Daily Morning Flush.

Recommended Use

Foundational liquid minerals for deep repair and growth.

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MSM: Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

The best organic sulfur (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) made from DMSO. In the pure, large flake form (not capsules) no fillers, anti-caking agents, or preservatives are added.

Podcast 331 about Opti-MSM Bioavailable Sulfur for Detox, Fatigue, Chronic Pain Relief

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane supplies the body with the ability to access more oxygen and to detoxify more effectively, improving energy levels fast.

Mineral Supplements are Necessary for Health

Bulk minerals include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. These are needed in larger amounts than trace minerals, and their deficiencies & imbalances will quickly cause illness.

Scientific References: Minerals

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