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Generation Plus


Train Hard, Recover Fast, Increase Flexibility
Price: $238.59
  • Enhance Athletic Performance - Train Without Pain
  • Pain Management - Control Your Inflammatory Response
  • Soften Hardened Tissues - Eliminate Fibroids and Scars


Train Hard, Recover Fast, Increase Flexibility

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  • Enhance Athletic Performance – Train Without Pain
  • Pain Management – Control Your Inflammatory Response
  • Soften Hardened Tissues – Eliminate Fibroids and Scars
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Train Hard, Recover Fast

Increase Flexibility

Zymitol Dissolves Hardened Tissues from Fibrosis

If you're having trouble finding relief for your pain, Zymitol may bridge the gap. It redefines pain management with high potency enzymes. The aging human body produces considerably fewer enzymes. Enzymes sustain life: without them, we could not exist. Without proper enzyme balance, you may never be able to experience a pain-free life. Normal enzyme levels may help your body activate internal repair, contributing to a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Enzymes are responsible for each biochemical reaction that makes life possible, including pain management.

Zymitol Enzymes Restore Function

To your body: lungs, joints, back - all sports or surgical injuries, recovery from over-training, and more.

Zymitol Proprietary Blend Contains:
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), G+ Protease Blend (Alkaline, Acid and Fungal Proteases), Bromelain, Amylase, Lipase, Papain, Serrapeptase, Rutin.

Other Ingredients:
Vegetable capsule (hypromellose), milk, soybeans.

NO fillers.

GenerationPlus - ZymitolFacts350.gif

MSM – Organic Sulfur

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplies biologically active sulfur, which is lost from our food by processing, drying, cooking and preserving. Sulfur is a necessary building block for enzymes, proteins, and connective tissues. It may assist your body with many other functions.

Your body utilizes MSM for proper enzyme activity and hormone balance support, along with the promotion of proper immune system functions.

MSM is a component of over 150 compounds, including proteins, especially those found in the hair, skin, muscles, and connective tissue of the joints. It promotes and maintains a healthy stomach & digestive tract, cell vitality, healthy joints & circulation, and nutrient absorption.

Additionally, MSM promotes and maintains your body’s ability to eliminate wastes and toxins at the cellular level, where good health begins.

About Proteolytic Enzymes

The term “proteolytic” refers to all enzymes that digest protein. The primary uses of proteolytic enzymes in dietary supplements are used as digestive enzymes, anti-inflammatory agents and pain relievers.

Each proteolytic enzyme helps in the digestion of food which in turn helps with absorption of those essential nutrients in the diet. In the body, proteolytic digestive enzymes are produced in the pancreas, but supplemental forms of enzymes may come from fungal or bacterial sources, extraction from the pancreas of livestock animals (trypsin/chymotrypsin) or extraction from plants (such as papain from the papaya, and bromelain from pineapples).

There are a number of clinical trials showing the benefit of using oral proteolytic enzymes as a digestive aid. Proteolytic enzymes are also theorized to help reduce symptoms of food allergies and as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Perhaps the strongest evidence for benefits of proteolytic enzyme supplements come from numerous European studies showing various enzyme blends to be effective in accelerating recovery from exercise and injury in sportsmen, as well as tissue repair in patients following surgery. In one study of footballer players suffering from ankle injuries, proteolytic enzyme supplements accelerated healing and got players back on the field about 50% faster than athletes assigned to receive a placebo tablet (1). A handful of other small trials in athletes have shown enzymes can help reduce inflammation, speed healing of bruises and other tissue injuries (including fractures) and reduce overall recovery time when compared to athletes taking a placebo (2-8). In patients recovering from reconstructive surgeries, treatment with proteolytic enzymes significantly reduced swelling, bruising and stiffness compared to placebo groups (9-11).


Protease is a form of proteolytic enzymes, which has the ability to breakdown protein. Its role is critical as incomplete protein digestion creates problems for your body, including the development of allergies and the formation of toxic substances. Undigested proteins have been linked to many health concerns and foreign invaders in the intestinal tract.

Some of these foreign invaders are parasites. Protease is largely responsible for keeping the small intestines free from parasites. A lack of protease increases the risk of intestinal infection, including an overgrowth of the yeast Candida.

Protease also delivers the specific nutrients necessary to promote healthy muscle tissue, and may promote vibrant immune system function.


The Bromelain in Zymitol can help to promote a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most enzymes, Bromelain is active both in the acid environment of your stomach and the alkaline environment of your small intestine.

Bromelain is most notable for its effectiveness in the reduction of inflammation and decreasing swelling, but the scope of its benefits continues to increase. As a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme, bromelain has any uses. Arthritis patients may reduce the swelling that causes joint pain by taking bromelain. Bromelain may also be helpful for the pain, numbness, tingling, aching, and loss of motor and sensory function in the fingers resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) (15,16). Prevention of the adhesiveness of platelets to endothelial cell walls was accomplished with 0.1 mcg/ml of Bromelain (16a). Thus the benefit of bromelain occurs over a broad range of doses, and even small amounts may be beneficial to anyone at risk to thrombotic heart attack or stroke.

Bromelain (also known as bromelin) appears to be essentially nontoxic, and it seldom causes side effects other than occasional mild gastrointestinal distress or allergic reactions.

Bromelain is a powerful protein-digesting enzyme. It is extracted from the stem of the pineapple plant, Ananas comosu .


Papain has acquired the reputation of a “biological scalpel” because it selectively digests dead tissue without affecting the surrounding live tissue. Papain comes to the rescue when your body requires a cleansing of dead cellular material.

Papain is capable of cleaving and splicing proteins and peptides into free form amino acids, which are necessary for many biochemical reactions in your body. It may also be useful in the elimination of parasites in the gastrointestinal tract by simply digesting them.

Papain has been shown to be effective in preventing burn wound infection and helping remove dead cells (17). Papain is also used for the following:

  • Defibrinating wounds in hospitals
  • Preventing cornea scar deformation
  • Used in treatments of jellyfish and insect stings
  • To treat edemas, inflammatory processes, and in the acceleration of wound healing
  • In low doses as an indigestion medicine
  • Treating ulcers
  • Dissolve membranes in diphtheria
  • Reduce swelling, fever and adhesions after surgery

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the papaya plant, Carica papaya.


Amylase refers to a group of enzymes whose function is to hydrolyze (breakdown) sugar and starch (carbohydrates). If carbohydrates are not properly hydrolyzed, the potential for serious health concerns may develop. Amylase will act with Protease to stimulate immune system function. It also works with lipase to digest certain toxins.

Directions for Use

Take 3 capsules/day with at least 8 ounces of water, 60 minutes away from large meals.

For best results, take 1 capsule at bedtime, 1 capsule when you wake, and 1 capsule in the middle of your day, or as recommended by your healthcare provider. It is safe to take a higher dose to start the enzyme cascade as readily available in a growing child’s body.

Recommended Use

Reduce and eliminate inflammation and pain with systemic enzymes. Restore flexibility and mobility. Recover faster from injury, surgery and exercise. Eliminate fibrins, fibroids and scar tissue.

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