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Promotes Stomach Digestive Power
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  • Supports Healthy Digestive Function
  • Helps Optimal Nutrient Absorption
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammation and Immunity

Promotes Stomach Digestive Power


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Healthy Gut, HCL Guard+Healthy Gut, HCL Guard+


HCL Guard+

Your stomach acid may need boosting if  you eat a healthy diet but still experience:

  • Occasional constipation, diarrhea, heartburn
  • Heaviness or fullness after eating
  • Bloating or gassiness
  • Burping and stomach noises
  • Hair, skin and nail complaints
  • Mood issues and lowered energy
  • You’re over the age of 40 (especially over 60)
  • Stressful times and hurried eating
  • H pylori and other infections
  • Low quality food

… then stomach acid disorder is something that might be affecting you.

  • A 2001 study showed 40% of Japanese men and women over 50 years of age suffered from achlorhydria (no stomach acid production).
  • In an American study, 31.5 % of men and women over 60 suffer from low acid production.

Some benefits you may feel with adequate stomach acid:

  • Helps stimulate stomach muscles to regulate digestion speed issues
  • Helps fully digest proteins to avoid full and stuck bellies
  • Helps improve nutrient digestion and energy
  • Reduce after-meal discomfort, burping and bloat
  • Improves comfortable bowel movements
  • Supports stronger immunity
  • Promotes stronger and shinier hair, skin and nails
  • Helps repair mucus layers and stomach cells.

You may start noticing improvements in 7 days.

Inadequate stomach acid may be the #1 most overlooked cause of digestive upset.

With age, your stomach may need help with acid production. HCL Guard+ helps support this critical body process.

Most people don’t know that a healthy stomach produces enough acid at each meal to be more acidic than battery acid. The human stomach is an amazing organ and needs the necessary acid to:

  • Begin the breakdown of your foods
  • Unfold “protein balls” so enzymes can do their work
  • Activate the protein enzyme Pepsin
  • Liberate B12, calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals
  • Kill or sterilize incoming bugs that could harm us
  • Helps jumpstart peristalsis (digestive waves)
  • Signal the digestive hormone CCK to release bile salts and enzymes

The right amount of stomach acid is critical to breakdown food, release nutrients, sterilize foods, speed and quality of your digestion.

Most Doctors Don’t Test for Low Stomach Acid

Despite there being 2,113 research papers listed on, most doctors still fail to understand how poor stomach acid creates so many of our digestive complaints.

Research started in the 1830’s shows that stomach acid needs to be strong in order to properly digest foods. Sadly, a MYTH of high acid was promoted for almost 30 years. Yet when doctors test stomach acid levels they found:

  • Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis (ND) a Professor of Gastrology says that in his clinic 75% of the patients who have reflux have also tested for having low stomach acid.
  • Dr. Jonathan Wright (MD) says in his book that 90% of the patients in his clinic have low stomach acid.

In other words, when doctors actually test those who complain of digestive upset, they find on average more people have low stomach acid production than high acid. Sadly, this means there’s high odds you could be suffering low acid production.

My guess is that your doctor never mentioned the issue OR has assumed that you have high acid production without testing.

7 Reasons HCL Guard+ is Better

  1. Includes Intrinsic Factor
    Which is needed to protect vitamin B12 and allow it to be absorbed in the lower part of the small intestine. While it’s a normal part of stomach juices, it can be depleted in low acid situations causing B12 malabsorption issues.
  2. Most Bioavailable Pepsin
    Pepsin is a powerful protein breakdown enzyme in the stomach that is only activated at proper acid pH levels. Ours is the strongest on the market (pork based – 3000 to 1 strength), which means it could be 40% stronger than beef pepsin.
  3. Powerful Motility Support
    We include a generous amount of organic ginger powder, which is traditionally known to support the stomach but in recent research, shows it helps the lower stomach to produce stronger peristalsis waves.
  4. Asian Stomach Soothing Herb
    DGL is a special form of licorice root that doesn’t raise blood pressure. It is used heavily in Asian countries to help heal the digestive cells and lining. DGL specifically helps soothe the stomach lining.
  5. Powerful Acid Support
    Each capsule of HCL Guard+ includes 550mg of betaine hydrochloride which is the main component of stomach acid and has been shown in research studies to restore proper acid levels.
  6. No Fillers, No Flow Agents, No Junk
    Rest easy knowing we use no added fillers or junk into our capsules. Nothing but powerful ingredients to support your body.
  7. No GMO, Gluten nor Major Allergens
    HCL Guard+ contains no GMOs ever, and it’s hypoallergenic so you can focus on healing, not inspecting your labels for hidden ingredients.

Betaine Hydrochloride, Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (root extract), Pepsin (porcine), Intrinsic Factor.

Healthy Gut, HCL Guard+ Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:
Gelatin (capsule), micrcrystalline cellulose.

Contains NO:
Milk, casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, yeast, rice, artificial colors, GMO, flavor, stearates.

Directions for Use

Take 2 capsules with each meal, or as recommended by your health practitioner.

But You May Need More

Research studies in humans have studied doses of Betaine HCL from 1500mg to 4500mg. Doctors like Dr. Jonathan Wright have said that some patients take up to 6500mg per meal.

Everyone’s body, epigenetics and diet are different. There are a wide range of possibilities.

Stomach acid is like any hormone. You don’t want too little or too much. You want exactly as much as you need to be healthy. Which is why most people need to do the HCL Challenge to find their personal dose that works.

First of all, you must take it consistently for 12-36 months or more. During this time, powerful healing can occur and the body can sometimes return to making its own acid levels.

Please know, this is heavily dependent on age, previous medical history, and root causes.

How to Do an HCL Challenge?
Pioneered by Dr. Jonathan Wright and various Naturopathic Doctors the HCL challenge is simple and works like this:

  1. You take one (1) capsule with your standard lunch or dinner
  2. If you don’t notice anything, increase to two (2) capsules at your next major meal
  3. If you still don’t notice anything, increase to three (3) capsules at your next major meal
  4. If you don’t notice anything yet again, increase to four (4) capsules at your next major meal
  5. You should keep adding one (1) capsule at each meal until you NOTICE something

NOTICE something means:
Your digestive complaints normalize and you feel really good! If this is the case, stay at this number of pills per meal.

You feel a hotness or burning sensation (take ½ teaspoon of baking soda to get rid of this sensation) and use one (1) less capsule for your ideal dosage.

You notice an increase in loose stools (this happens to 30% of people) take one less capsule for your ideal dosage.

If you take 1 capsule and you feel hotness or pain, the HCL Guard+ isn’t right for you. You can return product for store credit.

Most of our customers report taking 2-6 capsules per meal.

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if seal is broken.
Keep tightly close in a cool, dry place in the original container.
Do not expose to excessive heat.

Speak with your healthcare provider before using, especially if you have a health condition, take medications, are pregnant, or are nursing.

Recommended Use

Promotes stomach digestive power resulting in comfortable digestion, increased nutrient absorption, energy and immunity.


Don’t take unless you eat 7 grams of vegetable or animal protein with the meal.

Don’t take if you have active ulcers, gastritis, or are taking prescription steroid medications.

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