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Lucuma Fruit Powder

Sweet and Nutritious Seasoning
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  • Exotic Vanilla Maple Flavor for Smoothies and Treats
  • Reduces Need for another Sweetener
  • High in Fiber, Low on Glycemic Index

Sweet and Nutritious Seasoning


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UHTCO Corporation, Lucuma Fruit PowderUHTCO Corporation, Lucuma Fruit Powder


Lucuma Fruit Powder (from the fruit) reduces the need for other sweeteners. Adds flavors of vanilla, with notes of maple or caramel. Creates a nice creamy consistency.

Benefits from Lucuma Fruit Powder

High in fiber – filling and supports good digestion.

Low on the glycemic index – lower impact on blood sugar than conventional sweeteners.

Apply topically for anti-inflammatory effects that help repair skin wounds/abrasions.

Lucuma fruit has been consumed in its native habitat of Peru for thousands of years.

When the fruit is mature, it’s harvested by hand to avoid damaging the fragile skin. Sent to a nearby facility to be cleaned, peeled and split open to remove any seeds. The pulp is then chopped into pieces and dried until the moisture level is extremely low. Then milled and sifted into a fine powder.

Contains: Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma)

Parts Used: flesh
Origin: Andes of Peru

Directions for Use

Mix into your favorite beverage.

Blend into smoothies and cereals (hot or cold).

Extra topping for ice cream.

As flour for baking.

Recommended Use

Sweet and nutritious seasoning. Reduces need for sweeteners. High in fiber.

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