Master Peace

Zeolite and Marine Plasma
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  • Zeolite Supports Cellular Cleansing
  • Marine Plasma Nourishes and Helps Restore Cells
  • Vibrational Support to Clear Negativity and Build Higher Consciousness

Zeolite and Marine Plasma


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Master PeaceMaster Peace


Master Peace supports physical and vibrational cellular cleansing with Zeolite, and restoration of electrolytes with nourishing Marine Plasma.

Helps reverse effects of our toxic environment, and restore function in all cells and body systems.

Master Peace Supports Cellular Cleansing and Restoration

Powerful combination of Zeolite that binds electropositive toxic molecules, and marine plasma that nourishes cells and replaces removed toxins with optimal nutrients.

This combination is so potent, you may feel it right after taking.

Enhanced with multiple methods that promote harmony: Bio-Photonics, Terahertz, Magnetism and Scalar energy.

Expect profound effects on your healing journey…

How Master Peace Works

  • Binds electropositive ions and carries them out of your body
  • Recharges hydro-electrolytes with mineral ions
  • Regulates enzyme functions and helps to improve metabolism and immunity
  • Regenerates cells by restoring homeostatic balance and providing required building blocks. Homeostatic regulation by physiological law of osmosis
  • Electrolyte Replenishment: natural substitute for synthetic isotonic saline.
  • Ionic Balancing: with extra-cellular fluid balance restored all cells repair themselves.

1. Zeolite (Clinoptilolite)

Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite mineral that has a porous structure and a negative charge. It can bind toxins by attracting and trapping positively charged ions (cations) such as ammonia, heavy metals, and some mycotoxins. Clinoptilolite is a selective binder, which means it does not absorb nutrients, vitamins, or amino acids that are essential for health. Clinoptilolite can also release some beneficial trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, into the body.

Clinoptilolite can bind toxins in different ways, depending on the type and size of the toxin. For example, ammonia and heavy metals can be exchanged with other cations in the clinoptilolite structure, while larger toxins, such as aflatoxin B1, can be adsorbed on the surface or in the pores of the clinoptilolite particles.

Clinoptilolite can also neutralize some toxins, such as C. difficile toxins A and B, by preventing them from binding to their receptors on the intestinal cells.

By binding and neutralizing toxins, clinoptilolite can help detoxify the body and protect the health of various organs and systems, such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, and immune system.

Clinoptilolite can also improve the microbiota status in the gut by reducing the harmful bacteria and increasing the beneficial bacteria.

2. Marine Plasma

Large concentrations of phytoplankton, the primal food chain on Earth, arise in specific locations and at specific times, with the help of specific marine plants that through a process called marine biocenosis transform non bioavailable minerals into bioavailable elements that are fully compatible with the fluids in a human body.

Under very specific conditions of light, temperature, weather and ocean currents the sea forms enormous vortexes, stirring up stored minerals that rarely mix with the upper layer of sea water. In this vortex the plankton blooms, leaving behind a fluid of bioactive minerals, amino acids, unmodified RNA, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids that supports an explosion of sea life.

Experienced staff collect the natural, raw and organic product of sea plankton bloom vortex.

This seawater fraction is called Marine Plasma.

The Marine Plasma contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and organic micronutrients as they develop under natural sea conditions, becoming an excellent source of nutrients.

Maintaining an optimal internal environment or biological terrain is very important to our health. Whenever there is a chronic deficiency or excess of any critical nutrient, pathology is not far behind.

Many nutritional supplements may balance out one polarity while negatively affecting another, the amount of energy it takes to absorb, assimilate, and eliminate a nutritional product is often greater than the energy gained by the product itself. Many mineral supplements are poorly absorbed, leaving the intestines, liver, and kidneys to eliminate the unassimilated portions, which further dehydrates the body.

Marine Plasma is taken up by the intestines through passive diffusion. Since the organic minerals and marine co-factors have been ‘pre-digested’ by the plankton, they do not require active digestion before assimilation.

Marine Plasma gives to the body a gradual replacement, an organic regeneration of the internal environment, with all the minerals and trace elements in perfect synergy, in a natural and active form producing a normalization of electrolytes of the interstitial fluid and the blood.

Structured seawater provides a molecular coherence, restoring its primary function: maximum hydration and assimilation of minerals. The protocol of capture and extraction, along with cold ultra-filtration systems and avoiding materials that change the chemical and physical composition of seawater make it a highest quality product.

The Posidonia oceanica (Neptune grass) fields in Ibiza and Formentera have been recognized by de UNESCO and declared world heritage site in 1999. They have been called “the lungs of the Mediterranean” because it is one of the most important sources of oxygen provided to waters (they produce 14 to 20 liters of oxygen per square meter every day).

The excellent hyper oxygenated seawater above the Posidonia’s Meadows and the marine currents that contribute to the purity and clarity of the water, made the Ibiza and Formentera sea famous, and the Marine Plasma collected there the best you can find.

Micronized nano-sized clinoptilolite (Zeolite), marine plasma.

Directions for Use

Take 5 drops 1-2 times daily. Hold under your tongue for a minute or two.

Recommended Use

Supports physical and vibrational cellular cleansing and with Zeolite and restoration with nourishing Marine Plasma. Helps reverse effects of our toxic environment and restore function in all cells and body systems.

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